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4th Week of September  2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



September 24, 2007
At Tabitha's, Kay is on the couch crying while Tabitha holds a scary little doll. She tells Kay to stop sniveling, it won't do any good. Kay says the man she love has been stolen by the dark side. Tabitha says it was Endora they wanted, he was a fool to rush off after her to try and save her. Kay asks what they'll do to him? Tabitha says nothing good. Kay tells her that she has to think of something to get them back. Tabitha has tried, she can't find them anywhere. Kay thinks there has to be something they can do. Tabitha says what happened tonight is a momentous dark side event. She's been the handmaiden to the boys in the basement for years, but she has disappointed them  so they took Endora and left. They are trying to keep Endora's powers for themselves. Kay tells her not to give up, but Tabitha doesn't know what else to do. Kay asks if she is saying there is nothing they can do. Tabitha says even a witch with super strong powers is no match for this evil. Kay says don't give up, so Tabitha says Kay should tell her what to do. Kay doesn't know what to do, but she won't let her think that they won't ever see them again. Kay tells her now isn't the time to throw in the towel. Tabitha isn't saying that she's throwing in the towel. Kay won't accept that they are lost to them forever. Kay says don't give into despair, it's giving into sin. Tabitha says don't talk about sin to her, she invented most of them. Kay  says hopelessness is acknowledging there is no greater power than themselves. She knows talking about faith upsets Tabitha, but she has faith and faith in her love for Miguel. She knows Miguel isn't dead, if she was she would feel it. She tells Tabitha if she loves Endora then she can't give up. Tabitha says she didn't say she was giving up, but love is the reason they are in this mess. Tabitha says she had it all, she was feared and respected, she had powers beyond imagine. She says maybe she was due for a fall, she was too proud and thought she could control anything. She says then she created her last Timmy and there was something about him that touched her. She says for the very first time she felt attachment. Kay says it was love. Tabitha says it was. Tabitha says when he died she was devastated, then there was the one drunken night with Julian and Endora was born. Tabitha says the love she feels for Endora is no mere mortal emotion. She tells the boys on the dark side to listen up, love is the most powerful force in the universe. She says the idea of love sickened her mind, but I burned in her heart. She says she doesn't even have a physical heart being a witch. Taitha thanks Kay for the pep talk. She says Endora is hers and she's coming to get her! Kay says that's the spirit, what do they do. Tabitha says she still doesn't know. She says if Endora was here, she would ask her. She says Endora is so powerful and in control, she's the first person to stand up to them and win. Kay says Endora inherited the powers from her, so Tabitha must possess them deep inside. Tabitha doubts her powers were ever as strong as Endora's. Kay says they'll have to get Tabitha's to sizzle more. Maybe with their combined powers they can fight back. Tabitha still says they have no trace of them, it just doesn't make sense. She says unless they are being sabotaged. Tabitha feels something odd, she thinks their magic is being drained so they can't follow. Tabitha feels like her battery is almost dead. She says at this rate they won't be able to do anything. Kay tries to make some tarot cards fly around, but she can't. Tabitha says soon she'll become the doughty old woman who lives in the strange house with her cat, what everyone thinks she already is. Tabitha comes up with an idea, a place they can go. She hopes between the two of them there is enough juice. They hold hands and vanish in a flash of light. 


Tabitha and Kay end up in another dimension, which looks like a foggy cave. Tabitha tells Kay they are between the universes, between the dark and the light side. She got the idea to come here because Kay reminded her she hadn't found a trace of them in any known universes or dimensions. Kay says so they are like in Switzerland? Kay asks what they'll do here? Tabitha thinks here they can contact spirits without interference, with any luck someone will have heard something. Kay says let's get started. Tabitha says it's not without danger, the dark side can send in spirits who pretend to be neutral, but would betray them to the dark side in a minute. Tabitha says they must proceed carefully, the spirits are all around and will see them first. Suddenly a beam of light shows up, Tabitha says there is one now trying to make contact with them. Tabitha says the Steven Spielberg retro thing is very fashionable in the spirit world, but it's too high tech for her. Kay asks how they communicate? She begs the spirit of the blue column to speak to them as she bows. Tabitha says she told her it was high tech! A computer shows up with After Life IM on the screen? Tabitha types asking if they've seen a small witch and a puny mortal? They have seen them, so they ask where. The spirit says they'll take them there. Tabitha and Kay think they've found them. They hug each other and jump for joy. Tabitha thanks the IM person and asks them to take them there. They are told to leave this dimension and meet another spirit. Tabitha wonders what dimension they should go to. Suddenly the IM screen goes nuts, Tabitha realizes an evil spirit from the dark side has overpowered the friendly spirit. The computer blows up leaving the words Sorry behind. Tabitha says they have to get out of here. Suddenly Tabitha and Kay fall into some hole. 


Tabitha end up falling back into their living room. Kay asks what the heck happened? Tabitha says no time for that, the dark side is anticipating their every move and are always two steps ahead. Tabitha believes that spirit did know where Endora and Miguel were, but an evil spirit took over or destroyed them first. Kay says they are back where they started, what do they do now? Suddenly and arrow shoots and sticks in the wall. Attached to it is a note. Tabitha says this has been the classic dark side warning signal since American's invited the cinema. Tabitha reads the note, it's from their enemies. Tabitha says it's a ransom note. Tabitha says they must do what they want to see Endora and Miguel again. Kay reads it and says she can't do that. Tabitha says if she doesn't she'll doom Miguel to hellfire for all eternity! 


Luis keeps getting phone calls from Sheridan. Sheridan is in the kitchen with a knife watching Alistair look for a jar of pickled onions in the fridge. He doesn't know why he can't ever find them, she says he's the only one who likes them. Sheridan puts her knife down as he turns around. She tells him that he will be arrested for Chad's murder and everything else he's done. Alistair doubts Sam will ever arrest him, if he does, he has friends in high places. She says no they just fear him, if she was the president and heard he was arrested, she would celebrate at Camp David. Sheridan brings up the train again, Alistair says the boy is dead and to forget this. He says if she wants a child then buy one. He says that way she wouldn't transfer her madness into any child she might bare. He goes back to raiding the fridge. She knows Marty is alive and he's a liar. She pulls her knife out from behind her back and approaches him again. Alistair turns around and says a knife in the back. Sheridan says she hates him. He says a kitchen utensil? He'd much prefer one of his antique weapons, like a stiletto to show panache. Alistair says he's been reading the journals of their family, patricide has been a staple for them. He says she'd be the first female to take down the head of the family. He also find it amusing in this day and age to be stabbed by a woman, with a kitchen knife in the kitchen. She says she'll do it, so he says do it, stab him in the heart. He knows she won't, she's weak and has no guts. She breaks down crying.


Luis walks in and finds Sheridan holding a knife on Alistair. He asking what is going on here? Luis says she has to stop this. Sheridan says he has to die, he's evil and won't tell them about Marty. Alistair says talk to her, Marty is dead. Sheridan says no, Alistair survived, so did Marty. She says he has to die. Luis agrees, but this is not the way. He says the authorities still consider this man a human being. He says killing Alistair won't bring Marty back, Marty is gone. Sheridan cries and puts the knife down. She says she hates him. As Luis comforts Sheridan, Alistair sits there saying All talk, no action. He thinks Sheridan would do anything to get Luis back in her arms. Luis says shut up. He asks what he's doing back here anyways? Luis talks about how the feds in Europe will be after him soon enough, and he's going to be charged with Chad's murder here in Harmony. Luis says he's placing him under arrest. Alistair says don't be ridiculous, he can't take him alone. Luis says Sam is already here. Sheridan asks why? Luis says this isn't the best way to say this, but Fox was shot and is dead. Sheridan cries in Luis' arms some more, as Alistair looks like he could care less. Sheridan asks how this happened, Luis explains what they know. Sheridan asks why anyone would want to shoot Fox? Are there any other suspects other than Esme? Luis says Julian blames Kay and Miguel, but that is ridiculous. Sheridan can't believe this, two deaths in one day? Luis then goes to arrest Alistair, who of course has escaped while he had his back turned to him. Luis wants to catch him, but she says forget him. She says Marty is alive and shows him the laptop. Luis says it's a trick. She says no, that is Marty, he's older, but it's our boy. Luis asks if this can be true? 


At the hospital, Ethan says she doesn't mean what she said. She says she does, Little Ethan is his son. Ethan doesn't understand this. Theresa says this is hard to take in, but he said himself he's always felt a strong bond with him. Ethan loves him as much as Jane or the new baby. Theresa says and Little Ethan loves him. Theresa says she's wanted to talk to him about this for a long time, but he says they have talked about this. He says he's always been honored that she felt he was a substitute father for Little Ethan, and not to worry, he won't desert him. Ethan says he'll always consider Ethan his first born. She says no he doesn't understand. He won't let her explain, he just says he wants to be a father figure to him. Theresa says yes she's always thought of him like a father . . . Ethan says that is all that matters. He says Julian has seemed to give up wanting custody of him, so he will be the father figure in Little Ethan's life. Before she can say anything, the nurses come in and say there is a problem with his IVs and he needs to rest. Gwen agrees, Ethan needs rest, whatever Theresa has to say can wait. A nurse sees Gwen holding a baby, she ask if this is the son she kept telling Mr. Winthrop about? Ethan says that is his boy. Gwen says he needs to be fed, so she and Theresa will go and leave Ethan to rest. Ethan says he's fine, but Gwen says she knows him better than anyone and can see he's exhausted. Theresa tells Ethan he should get rest. Ethan says they'll talk later, reassure Little Ethan he loves him. Theresa and Gwen then leave.


In the hall, Theresa tells Gwen she will tell Ethan the truth, she can't stop her. Gwen says not to make such statements, every time she does . . . well she proves her wrong! Theresa asks why she came back? Also she wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant. How is this possible? She says a son no less, what Ethan's always wanted. Gwen says it is a miracle, the doctors couldn't explain it. Theresa says every doctor she went to before said it wasn't possible, now she shows up with a little boy. Theresa says she doesn't believe for one second that is her child with Ethan. Gwen says Theresa is so predictable, when things don't go her way she thinks someone is plotting. Theresa says because she usually is. She wonders whose baby that is, dis she rent him? Theresa says she wants DNA tests done. Gwen says she knew she'd be accused of this, so she came prepared. She gives papers to Theresa and says there is no doubt that Ethan is the father of her son. She says have him retested if she wants, she'll even help Theresa swab his cheek. Theresa says Little Ethan is still Ethan's son, but Gwen wonders how he will feel when he finds out he lied to him for over a year. She thinks he'll understand, but Gwen says he won't. She says he'll be furious that he robbed him of years with Little Ethan. She also accuses Theresa of pushing her to divorce Ethan, which caused him to miss the birth of this baby boy. Theresa says what? Gwen says Ethan will hate her and cut her out of his life. Theresa worries Gwen could be right, what if he does hate her.



September 25, 2007

Ivy is in Fox's room looking through a photo album. She can't even remember what her last words to Fox were, or if they were said in anger. She can't believe that he's dead. Fancy shows up and asks why she's here, it's supposed to be left as police evidence. Ivy says it's the only place she can still feel him. Fancy says this is where he was murdered, she shouldn't torture herself. Ivy says she can't help it, her son is dead and she feels like she didn't know him. She says all those years they grew up, she only ever cared about Ethan, the other kids were left to their own devices. She says they had a father who was absent or intoxicated and a mother who didn't care. She has been trying to make it up to them these past few years, but she was too late . . . now it's too late for Fox. Ivy asks what one of his trophy's were for? Fancy says swimming, he won the individual medley in boarding school. Ivy says she didn't know, it must have been important to him to keep it. She says and she didn't know. Ivy feels so guilty, she did so many things wrong. Fancy says don't blame herself. Pretty walks in and says don't blame herself, blame Fancy, that is what she's doing! Fancy wonders what she did now, she thought they were getting along. Pretty says that was before Fox was murdered and she wised up. She accuses Fancy of scarring her and keeping her away from Harmony, she didn't get to know Fox because of her. She says she knows the servants better than she knows her brother. Ivy tells Pretty not to blame Fancy for this. Pretty tells Ivy not to take her side, she always does. Ivy says that isn't true. Pretty remembers how she reacted when Fancy scarred her. She needed her mother to tell her things would be okay, she would be normal again, even if it was a lie. She says all she saw in her mom's eyes was disgust, and she was telling her not to go to the country club, not to go shopping. She says the bandages weren't even off and she was ashamed of her. Fancy says that wasn't true, was it mother. Ivy says nothing. Pretty says she has her answer. Pretty says she hates both of them and storms out. 


Ivy can't believe this, she doesn't think Petty should blame Fancy for this. Fancy says pure hatred never makes sense. Ivy says she feels sorry for Pretty, but there isn't much she can do for her, she won't listen to her. Fancy says Pretty says she's two faced and sometimes she thinks she's right. Fancy says earlier out of nowhere she blew up at Luis and slapped him. Ivy says she used to slap Julian all the time, it was good for him. Fancy says she and Luis are nothing like them, and she says it was strange, this anger came out of no where and she slapped him. Ivy says she's been under a lot of pressure, it's normal for tempers to flare. Ivy talks about how sometimes she thinks this whole town is under a curse. Fancy doesn't know why she'd slap the one man on her side. She says this is going to sound weird, but for a moment, she felt like Grandfather, only concerned with her own self and what she wanted. Ivy says she is nothing like her grandfather. She asks then why she slapped Luis? Ivy again says she's nothing like her grandfather. Fancy says Pretty and Sheridan says she is, it's why Grandfather liked her so much. Ivy says her two biggest fans . . . not to listen to them. She thinks it's ironic that she, the worst mother in the world, is giving her advice. Fancy says all families are dysfunctional, but Ivy says theirs all stems from Alistair. She talks about how they all know the difference between right and wrong, but they all choose to do wrong as they all think the world's rules don't apply to them. Ivy says look at what she did, she chose to shower her love on Ethan and not her other children because of her hatred for Julian. She chose to stay in a loveless marriage rather than tell Sam the truth. Fancy says they are fine now, but Ivy says Fox has lost his last chance for happiness.


In the hall, Alistair finds Pretty and is not happy with her. He asks what that was? She says she couldn't help it. He says she has to learn to control herself, he has a plan and if she deviates from it then she'll ruin it. He asks if he makes himself clear? She says yes, very clear. Alistair says not to let him down again. He then leaves. Pretty knows she can't let him down, but how will she do what he wants her to do. 

Pretty returns to the room where Fancy and Ivy are. She's glad they are both still here, she has something to say. Pretty feels guilty about the outburst, she shouldn't have yelled at Fancy or her mom. She says it's not Fancy's fault she didn't know Fox and she knows Ivy did the best she could. Ivy says she didn't, but it is nice of her to say. Pretty knows this is a hard time for her mom, she'll do her best not to make things more difficult. Ivy says she knows she has so much to make up for with her and she'll do her best. Pretty then tells Fancy she's lashed out at her so much that it's become a habit. She thinks they should be helping each other through this. Fancy says she would do anything to be close to her again. They hug. Pretty thinks she hopes her being nice to these two bitches is worth it to her grandfather, as it's killing her! They all talk about Fox, and Ivy does believe Kay had something to do with Fox's murder. Fancy doesn't buy it, there is no proof. She also says if she wants a second chance with Sam then keep those opinions to herself. Ivy says the girl is a menace, he's had nothing but pain since she came into his life. Ivy says Fox was in pain when she dumped him. Fancy says she dumped him for good reason, he lied to Kay for months. Ivy says it's just not fair, when things seemed to going right for Fox, someone put a bullet in his chest. Pretty tells her mom they'll help her through this. Ivy tells her daughters that love is the most important thing life, when she turned her back on love it is when she made all her mistakes. She tells Fancy not to give up on Luis. Fancy says she won't. To herself, Pretty says Grandfather will rip him away from her and nothing will stop him. Ivy and Pretty share another hug. Ivy says the one bright spot today was her apology, with Fox gone they really need her here. Ivy decides to go and take a bath to try and calm down. She leaves and we see someone spying on her as she goes. She hears a door close and wonders if someone is there? It's Alistair! She doesn't seem him though, he's hiding. Meanwhile Pretty tells Fancy she does love her and wants her to be happy, but . . . it's Aunt Sheridan. Pretty says Aunt Sheridan wants Luis back and who knows what she'll pull to get him back. Fancy says no matter what Sheridan does, Luis will see thought it. She says Luis is hers, hers alone. Alistair thinks it's time for the primadonna to make her entrance, when she does, Fancy won't know what hit her. 


In the kitchen, Luis looks at the computer and sees that Marty is alive. He says he thought it was all in her head. Sheridan says but she was right. Luis says he can see that and he's sorry. Luis says he's so different, but he'd recognize him anywhere. They talk about how he could have survived, and if Beth is dead too. Sheridan says Alistair says she's dead, but Luis says they can't know for sure as they can't believe Alistair. Sheridan says Spike showed her this, Luis asks how they know it's not a fake? She tells him about the calendar in the corner, how it keeps changing. Luis sees it is today's date. Luis asks where this room is. Sheridan doesn't know, the only person who does is Alistair. Sheridan says if Alistair finds out they know Marty is alive, he'll move him and they'll never find him again. Luis says she's right. Luis thinks there has to be a clue in the room to tell them where he is. She says as usual this seems all too familiar. She says as usual she knew he was alive, but Luis wouldn't believe her until it was too late. She says how many chances have they had to find their son only to have him taken from them. She says maybe they should never have found out he was alive, given their history they'll probably just lose him again. Sheridan says to this day she's haunted by the fact that Beth took her child, and what is worse is that nobody believed her when she said her child was alive and Beth's baby was hers. Luis knows, he lives with the guilt every day. He says at the time her claims seemed outrageous. She says he should have given her the benefit of the doubt. She says she needs to know he's with her this time, he needs to promise her that no one and nothing will stop him from finding Marty. She talks about the last time how everyone thought she was mad, even him. Luis says but he did finally believe her and almost died trying to find him. Sheridan says and she tried to move on with Chris and James but couldn't. She says now Chris is gone and he won't let her see James. Luis says he said he'll do his best to find Marty. She says that isn't good enough, she needs him to promise her that nothing or no one will get in the way of finding him. He thinks this is about Fancy isn't it. She says it's about anyone who will distract him. Again she brings up Beth, Luis says he apologized for that and he said it would never happen again. Sheridan asks if he remembers the lake? He could have shot her but he didn't, he let her get away. Luis says he couldn't shoot her in cold blood. Sheridan says it wasn't in cold blood. Sheridan says he is a good shot and didn't have to kill her, he just couldn't shoot her. She says if he can't do this then she'll do it herself. She says everything in her life has been pain and heartache and misery. She says her mother deserted her, her father thinks she's weak and stupid. She says maybe she is, maybe she should be like him so she isn't hurt anymore. However she can't find it in herself to do that, which is why she loves children so much. She says they are so honest and tender and easy to love. She says every child she loves is taken from her, she can't do it anymore. She again asks Luis to promise her. She says if they come close to finding Marty again only to lose him, she will go mad. Luis says okay, he promises her that nothing and no one will get in the way of finding Marty. He says finding Marty is the most important thing to him. She thanks him and hugs him. 


At the hospital, Gwen goes in to see Ethan with the baby. He wakes up and asks if it is morning. He says he had a nice dream, but she says it wasn't a dream. She says they have a son, a beautiful boy. Ethan tells Gwen she's made him very happy. He hugs her, and to herself, she hopes Theresa is watching as her lies are catching up to her, and when the smoke clears, Ethan will be hers. Ethan worries about the boy, saying he looks funny. Gwen says he's fine. A nurse comes in the check Ethan's monitors, she too sees something odd. Ethan asks what is it? Gwen says nothing, she's just looking at the baby. The nurse asks if she can look at the boy for a moment. Ethan asks her to, he thinks something is wrong. Gwen says he isn't, he is just getting over a little something. The nurse says very well and leaves. The nurse returns later, she still worries about the boy, asking if he has a local pediatrician. Ethan asks if he is sick? He's sick isn't he? Gwen says the baby is fine, he was sick earlier, and his nurse said he was fine. The nurse says okay. Gwen assures Ethan he is fine. Ethan asks if she's sure? Gwen says she is, if she thought for once second something was wrong, she'd take him to the ER herself.


Theresa stands outside worrying. Pilar shows up, Little Ethan is still in the hospital play room. Theresa tells her mom she's afraid to tell Ethan the truth, what if he hates her. She says they have been over this, who has been talking to her? Theresa says Gwen, and she could be right. She loves Ethan and doesn't want to lose him. They sit down, Pilar knows she's scared, but she doesn't care what Gwen said. Pilar tells her to trust in Ethan's love, the rest is up to Ethan. Pilar says she has told her for years, tell Ethan the truth! Theresa says but . . . Pilar says she knows she's scared. She reminds her of when she was a little girl and was scared to jump off the dock, how they told her she would be fine, but she wouldn't believe them. She says when she finally did it, how did she feel. Theresa says wonderful, free. Theresa says she'll go tell him the truth now. Theresa thinks once the truth is out, Ethan will protect them. She decides she wants Little Ethan here, so she calls the play room to say her mother is coming to get him. She finds out Little Ethan is gone! They begin looking all over for signs of Little Ethan. Later, Pilar tells Theresa she knows where he is, someone picked him up. Theresa asks who took him? Pilar says it was Alistair.


September 26,  2007
At Tabitha's, Tabitha is looking through her book as Kay says this is just unbelievable. Kay says kidnappers usually ask for money, not evil. Kay reads the note, saying they must become bad witches to see their loved ones again. The more lives they ruin, the closer they get to getting Miguel and Endora back. Kay says she can't do this. Tabitha asks if she's sure, she seems to have done a good job of ruining lives in the past. Tabitha says if they don't obey the dark side then they'll never see their loved ones again. She says it isn't so bad. Tabitha says despite what anyone says, she's evil through and through. Kay says keep telling herself that. Tabitha says causing mayhem and destruction can be fun. Tabitha decides to get stared and conjures up Jamie McMurray the NASCAR driver. Tabitha says the darkside loves celebrities, they'll give them extra points for bringing them a real life dare devil. Jamie asks where he is and who are these people. Kay tells Tabitha she can't kill him, Endora is his number one fan. Tabitha realizes she can't do that to Endora. Jamie doesn't know how he even got here. Tabitha tells Jamie he can't barge in on people like this, drink more responsibly. He says he was only drinking soda. Tabitha then zaps him away. Kay doesn't like this, she can't cause pain on purpose. Tabitha says she is prepared to sacrifice the whole eastern seaboard to get Endora back. Tabitha says they'll start her off with something easy. There is a knock at the door, so Tabitha tells her to hide the note and tidy up.


Sam shows up, he has bad news for Kay. Sam says there is no easy way to say this, Fox is dead. Kay says that is impossible. She cries as Sam comforts her. She asks how it happened, was he in an accident. Sam says he was murdered. Kay asks who would want to do that to him. She says could things get any worse. She says though they weren't together, he was still her husband and she loved him. She says he was always so good to her, he made mistakes, but he did love her. She says he was so good to Maria. Tabitha says and Endora, Endora adored him. Tabitha says she has to tell her this when she sees her next. Sam asks if Endora is away? Tabitha says no just upstairs asleep. Sam says he hates to ask her this, but where was she earlier tonight? Kay says she was here. Sam asks Tabitha if they were both here? Tabitha says yes. Kay says what you think I did it? You think I killed Fox? She says he didn't come here as her dad but as a cop. Sam says he is here at both. He knows she is in pain. He says whenever anyone dies under suspicious circumstances, the ones closest to the victim often are the suspects. He's just glad they can confirm each other's alibis. He needs to speak with Miguel now, to ask him some questions. Kay says he isn't here, he stepped out. Sam says this isn't good, he has to clear Miguel's name. Kay says Miguel didn't kill Fox. Sam asks how he can be so sure? Kay says she doesn't know where Miguel is, but he didn't kill Fox. Sam says he'll drive around and find out if he can track him down. Tabitha tells Sam she thinks she knows where Miguel is. Sam asks where? Tabitha says she doesn't know his exact location, but she does know where he was goin. Tabitha says she's sorry, but her duty is to tell the truth. She says Miguel was upset when he left and he was muttering something about Fox. She says that is all she knows. She doesn't know where he went, and all she can say is her departure was very mysterious. Kay tells her dad not to listen to this, Miguel didn't kill Fox. Sam says sorry but Miguel is now his number one suspect. Kay says Miguel didn't kill Fox, she knows it. Sam says he's sorry but this is suspicious, he has to put an APB out on Miguel and bring him in for questioning. Kay says good luck with that. Sam leaves, Kay then asks Tabitha why she did that, she thought she was her friend. Tabitha reminds her of the note, they have to be evil if they want Endora and Miguel back. Tabitha says get used to being a bad witch or Miguel will be in a lot more trouble than being a suspect in a murder he didn't commit. 


At the mansion, Pretty tells Fancy that she really wants to forgive and forget the past. She says if she can never find a man, she can at least live through Fancy. She says that is why she is worried about Sheridan. Pretty then tries to put the idea in Fancy's head that Luis could be with Sheridan right now. Fancy decides to find out where Luis is and heads off. Alistair comes in and applauds Pretty's performance. She asks where he was? He says if she's very good then one day he'll show her all the secret passages in this place. He is proud of her, she says she only wants to please him. He says she has. To himself he says it's a pity she's too stupid to see he's using her to destroy Luis and Fancy. 


In the kitchen, Sheridan hugs Luis and thanks him for making this vow. He says he meant what he said, nothing an no one will be more important than finding Marty. He says they should call Sam, but she says he can't! She says trust her instincts here, in the past he didn't and that is where it always goes wrong. She says they can't tell anyone about Marty, if they do then her father will find out and he'll be moved. Luis can't keep this from everyone, especially not Fancy. She says he can't tell Fancy or anyone about Marty. Luis fine, he won't tell anyone, their search will be their little secret. Sheridan thanks him and hugs him. Fancy then walks in on them hugging! Fancy clears her throat, they see she's here. Sheridan mouths to Luis not to tell him anything. He knows. Sheridan claims Luis was comforting her over Fox's death. Fancy says she sees. She asks to speak to Luis alone. Luis says of course. Sheridan says she'll speak to Luis later. Fancy asks what about? They shouldn't have secrets. Sheridan says they were just going to talk about losing family members, Luis was giving her some advice. Fancy says get a therapist, but Sheridan says they are still friends and she turns to her friends in times of need. Fancy again asks to talk to Luis in private. He says yes, but first he needs to do something on this computer. He starts up a search through Interpol on the PC. He says they can't do much until it's finished, then they'll try the Crane Database. Luis then leaves with Fancy. Fancy again apologizes for earlier when she slapped him. He says it's okay, she's going through a lot and he's here to help her. Fancy suggests they go upstairs and she'll make it up to him. He says if she's sure. They then leave. Sheridan says as soon as they find their son, Luis would totally forget Fancy's name. 


Fancy and Luis head back up to her room to make love. Pretty and Alistair are outside spying. Pretty tells her grandfather to use the device, make her stab him. He says doesn't she know anything about finesse or subtlety. Of course not, her generation thinks Japanese cartoons are high art. Pretty tells Alistair to do something, but he says patience. Luis then gets a call, it's of course Sheridan.

Back in the kitchen, Sheridan is on the PC doing some searches. She is convinced they'll find Marty, he'll be at their wedding and standing by them at the altar. The computer returns something. She says she can't believe it, she has to tell Luis. Sheridan calls Luis and says she has a lead on Marty, come back. He says he's in the middle of something, but she reminds him of his promise. He says settle down, he'll be right there. 


Back in Fancy's room, Fancy asks who that was. He says it's just work. She asks if it is about Fox? If so she wants to go with him. She says she's back on the force, she wants to help. Luis says actually this is something else, and he can't tell her, it's very hush hush. He says he has to go and leaves.

In the hall, Alistair tells Pretty he told her, his plan is working perfectly. Fancy sees Luis left his phone behind. She looks at the caller ID and sees it was Sheridan who called him. She says now she understands why the case was so important. She damns Sheridan. Fancy begins breaking things, which Alistair and Pretty hear. Pretty says he was right, he always is. Pretty asks if he's happy with her, she did all right. He says yes, but right now he has to deal with Theresa. Pretty says why, she's with Ethan now. He says Theresa left him and no one ever leaves him.  Back in the kitchen, Sheridan hugs Luis and says she found Marty!


At the hospital, Ethan asks Gwen if she's sure the baby is okay? Gwen says he is fine. Ethan says he knows he's over protective, but he makes him so happy. Ethan again asks why she didn't tell him about this sooner. Gwen says when she first found out she was pregnant she didn't even believe it. She also says she thought he and Theresa would think she did this on purpose to come between him and Theresa. She didn't want her son to become a way to keep score in this Theresa vs Gwen competition. Gwen says anytime anything good happens to her, Theresa is there waiting to destroy it. She wanted to enjoy this and be able to enjoy telling him. Ethan says she has given him a great gift. She says it isn't from her, it's a gift from God. Ethan says he is a miracle, the greatest gift a woman could give a man. Ethan says he didn't think anything could make him happier than marrying Theresa, but this guy has brought him such joy. He says he remembers in the coma he felt like he was sinking into nothingness, but when he heard Theresa saying he had a son, that gave him hope. HE thinks it is ironic that he almost died from poisoned guacamole for Alistair as well as poisoned strawberries from Alistair. Gwen says Alistair being back changes a lot of things. Ethan finally figures out with her dead husband alive, then he's not married to Theresa. Gwen says actually it is a bit worse than that, Theresa is committing bigamy. She says he's going to have to be careful. Ethan knows, Alistair is very possessive of his things and who knows what he'll do when he finds out he married Theresa. Ethan thinks he needs to warn Theresa. She tells him not to even think about getting out of bed. Ethan is worried as to what he will do to Theresa. He says look what he did to Rachel and Katherine. He says Alistair will take what is most important to Theresa and destroy it, then he'll torture her. Gwen says to herself  from his lips to God's ears. Ethan says Alistair will do whatever he has to to hold onto Theresa, because he thinks Theresa belongs to him. Ethan says let him bring it on, nothing will break them up. Ethan says Alistair won't win this time. He says Alistair will divorce Theresa and they'll get remarried. Gwen says she'll help anyways she can. He thanks her and says she has changed. To herself, Gwen knows Alistair always wins, and if she helps him, Theresa and Ethan won't have a chance.

In the hall, Theresa calls hospital security to say her son has been kidnapped and she wants the hospital locked down immediately. Theresa think this is her fault, she should have anticipated this. She doesn't understand why Alistair is still interested in Little Ethan, he's all about pure Crane blood. They continue looking around, nobody has seen them. They soon see Gwen making her moves on Ethan. Pilar tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan or she will lose him forever. Theresa says she can't tell him now, she has to find Little Ethan first. She says if she tells Ethan the truth, he'll want to see his son. If he doesn't show up, Ethan will want to go look for him. She begs her mom to just help her look for him. Later Pilar tells Theresa that Little Ethan is fine, Alistair let him go after giving him a present. He's back in the playroom. Theresa wonders what Alistair is up to here. Pilar doesn't know, but she can be sure it is evil. Pilar says she has to be careful with Alistair. Theresa says she's starting to get that feeling of fear again, of being trapped in a box by Alistair and Gwen and she doesn't know what to do.



September 27, 2007


Drunk Eve is on the couch hugging a bottle of booze. She says it's impossible, Vincent is dead and ghosts are just something to frighten kids on Halloween. Vincent's projected ghost shows back up. He says he's not ghost, he's alive. He says mommy I love you, how could you let Alistair take me from you. Eve cries Alistair is powerful, and she's sorry. He says he as to go. She says don't go. Vincent says she should have helped him. Julian shows up banging on the door, Eve says come in quickly. Julian says the door is locked. Vincent makes the projection disappear, but it returns and isn't working right. He says Julian can't see this. Eve lets Julian in, she says their boy is here! Vincent's image finally disappears, Julian doesn't see it. Eve sees Vincent is gone. Julian soon realizes Eve is drunk. Eve says it doesn't make any sense, he was right here, she saw him, he spoke to her. Julian tells her to sit down and listen, this isn't helping her. He says she's under such stress. He says they did all they could to help him, now it is too late. She says it's not too late, Vincent is here. Julian says he'll search the house if it will humor her. Vincent tries to leave and makes a sound. Julian hears that and says if anyone is here he'll find them. Eve says Vincent is here, she knows it. Julian looks behind the curtain and says good god! He hasn't found Vincent, he's found a bunch of empty booze bottles. He didn't know she was drinking so much. Eve says she has to cope somehow. Julian says she's seeing things. Julian says Vincent is dead, but she won't believe it. He grabs her and says get a hold of herself, their son is dead! She tells Julian to stop it, leave her alone. He won't as he cares about her. He says they both saw him go over that cliff, he is dead. Eve says he was here, how if he was dead could he come here to see her. Julian says it is grief, grief made worse by drowning herself in this booze. He takes the booze from her, she says give that to her, he doesn't know what she's going through. Julian says he was his son too. Eve says she is the one who carried him and he was stolen from her arms. Julian says fine, he'll get drunk with her to understand how she's feeling. Then when he's drunk they'll both have a cry over their disgraced dead son. Eve says okay, she'll admit the booze doesn't help. Julian tells Eve to listen to him, what happened to Vincent wasn't her fault, Alistair tortured him and turned him into a serial killer. Eve feels she should have been there for him. They both end up continuing to drink up. Eve talks about how Whitney left town because she hates her. Julian says no, she left as she was tortured by the memories of Chad. Eve says some mothers have a great connection with their kids, but not her. She thinks she should have known Vincent was in trouble and needed her. She says she didn't, and it's enough to make her hate herself for life. Julian says he doesn't hate her. Eve says he should, so get out and leave her alone with her grief. Eve says they've both lost sons, maybe they should look for oblivion together. Julian then kisses her. She tells him to stop it, she doesn't deserve to be loved. Julian says she does, she is the most perfect human being he's ever met. She says everyone who has loved her has had their lives ruined, don't waste your time. She says no one should love her, she let her son die. Julian says love is what is important in life, it's taken him years to realize that. He says he's lost two sons and wants to be with the woman he loves. She says she's horrible, but he doesn't care, he's going to take her anyway he can get her.


Vincent leaves the house and takes a walk. He says he has so many fun things for both mommy and daddy, they destroyed his life, it's time for him to return the favor. He returns to Valerie's place and says it's time for Valerie to pick up where she left off with daddy. He holds a wig and says Julian's always wanted her, now he's got her. 


At the mansion, Fancy looks at Luis' phone and realizes Luis lied to her, the call was from Sheridan. Esme shows up in black and with booze. She wants Fancy to share in her grief. Esme talks about how she's learned so much about herself going through the grieving process. Fancy says Fox just died tonight. Esme doesn't want to be reminded of that image in her head. Fancy has her own images in her head. Esme drinks up and asks why her? She finally finds a man she can love and he's taken from her. Fancy says she knows and she's sorry, they would have been a good match. Esme says he was handsome, sweet and good in bed. Fancy says too much information. Esme says and he could afford her. Fancy says he was living on salary, he blew through his trust fund. Esme says he would have been back in your grandfather's good graces in time. Esme says they could have had several family homes and mansions. Esme wishes she had snagged Fox years ago instead of flitting around between all those men. Esme also doesn't know what she's going to do about Viki, she's strange enough as is, who knows what will happen when she finds out about her parents. Also she only talks through her, what will happen when she starts dating? Nobody wants to go on a date with an interpreter. Fancy then hears something, she thinks someone is eavesdropping on them. They go to check it out. They find nobody in the hall spying on them. They go back into Fancy's room, Fancy says maybe she is just paranoid. She says she has reason to be given her grandfather came back from the dead. Esme says she hopes her grandfather stays dead, he never forgave her for when she took out his Mazurati when she was 7 and totaled it! Esme says poor her, Fox is gone, Viki's parents are dead, what is she going to do. Esme asks Fancy what is so great about that phone, does it have a vibrate setting or something? She explains it is Luis phone and he ran off after getting a call. Esme asks if Luis is still gay? Did he run back to the prison to wrestle with a love stud? Fancy says no, the call came from Sheridan. Esme says when she was downstairs looking through the liqueur cabinet she heard Luis and Sheridan talking to one another. Fancy says she knew it, Luis is lying to her. Fancy and Esme discuss what could be going on here. Esme says if Sheridan has her claws back into Luis then she can't let him go. Fancy says she needs some air, Esme says she'll come with as she needs someone sensible to look after her. 

Fancy and Esme take a walk down on the pier. Esme talks to her about how if Luis is lying to her, maybe it is because Sheridan is lying to him. She says Fancy needs to find Luis and demand he's honest before it is too late. She says find out what Luis is hiding, even if she has to kill him to get it out of him. Fancy says she doesn't want to kill him. Esme says the bottom line is don't let him go, don't lose them as she loves him. Fancy says she's right, she's going to go find Luis now. 


In the kitchen, Sheridan and Luis hug. Sheridan says the computer searches worked, they've found Marty! Luis asks where is he. Sheridan says well she doesn't know his exact location, however she knows he's here in Harmony. Luis says they need to tell Sam and Fancy, but Sheridan again says they can't tell anyone. Luis says he hates lying to Fancy. Sheridan asks what is more important, finding their son or a temporary lie. Luis hates lying to her, he never lied to Sheridan when they were together. Sheridan says that isn't how she remembers it. She tells him that if he insists on bringing Fancy into this then leave, let her find Marty on her own. Luis tells her to calm down. Sheridan says Luis made a promise, and you can only have a secret between two people. She says Fancy tells everything to Esme, and telling Esme is like telling the media. Sheridan says she knows Fancy, once they bring Marty home then she'll understand why he kept this from her. Sheridan says Fancy would want him too look for Marty, she'd lose respect for him if he didn't. Sheridan asks  what it will be? To herself Sheridan knows he won't turn his back on their son. Sheridan asks what he's gong to do? He says fine he won't tell Fancy about Marty. He asks why Sheridan thinks he's in Harmony. She says every time she's seen Marty, he's been wearing these certain sneakers. He says that same company has delivered the same sneakers to Harmony several times. Luis says is she kidding him? That is it? What is this, an elaborate plot to keep him from Fancy. She says she wouldn't use Marty to take him from Fancy, she's doing her best to find Marty. Luis says no she's being ridiculous, she is telling him some ridiculous story about shoes. Sheridan says listen to her, that shoe company has been closed down for 2 years. She says Marty loved those shoes, and Father always made sure they always got what they wanted. She says someone has made sure that company opens up a few times a year and makes shoes and delivers them to Harmony, shoe sizes that match Marty's growth. Luis thinks this evidence is very thin, but she says look for himself. Her father is hiding these shoes in secret files. Sheridan says Alistair knows Marty has Crane blood, and he will give him whatever he wants. Sheridan has narrowed it down to three addresses in town where the shoes have been shipped. Luis suggests they check them out then. He hopes they do find Marty, he can introduce him to Fancy. Sheridan says to herself once they have Marty back, he'll forget all about Fancy.

Fancy and Esme return to the kitchen, Sheridan and Luis are gone. Esme says maybe he went to the prison, but Fancy says for the last time he's not gay. Esme is pretty sure wherever he is, he's with Sheridan and she's up to something. Fancy agrees, she's trying to get him back. Fancy tries to call him but gets no answer.

Luis and Sheridan are on the wharf checking out some places. Fancy calls his phone, but he misses the call. Sheridan again says he can't tell Fancy about this. He says he won't, but it doesn't mean he has to ignore her. 


At the hospital, Gwen talks with Theresa, she heard Little Ethan was missing. Gwen asks what happened? Theresa says Alistair took him and gave him a gift, then let him go. Gwen says Alistair called her earlier, this is making sense now. Gwen says Alistair was sending her a message when he took Little Ethan. Theresa asks what he said, her son's safety is at stake. Gwen says Alistair doesn't want anyone to know the truth about Little Ethan, that Theresa deceived him. Theresa doesn't care, she's telling Ethan the truth. Gwen says if she does then Ethan is as good as dead. Theresa thinks this is a sick plot of hers, she doesn't believe her. Theresa gets a call from her mom, she is shocked and says she'll be careful. Gwen knows Alistair called Pilar and threatened her too. Theresa says yes. Gwen says she told her, Alistair doesn't want anyone to know the truth. Theresa doesn't care, she's going to tell Ethan the truth and they'll be a family. Gwen says hello, she is still Alistair's wife. Theresa says she'll divorce him. Gwen says he won't let her, she's Mrs. Alistair Crane now and for good. Gwen says he owns her and Little Ethan, she let him adopt her son. Theresa says she didn't have a choice. Gwen says of course she did, they all have a choice. She says if Theresa goes up against Alistair then she will lose, and who will keep her warm at night when Ethan is cold and in the grave. Theresa confronts Gwen and says she still loves Ethan. Gwen says of course she does, she always will. Gwen says if Theresa would stop and look ahead then she'd see what would happen, Ethan will die and Theresa will say It's not my fault, I didn't know it would happen. Theresa says she's a liar. She thinks Gwen is afraid she'll lose Ethan if she tells him the truth. Theresa says telling the truth is the right thing to do and she's going to do it now. Gwen tells Theresa she can't do this, but Theresa says this is another one of Gwen's plots. Gwen says she loves Ethan and wants him to be safe. Theresa says here is how it will go down, Alistair will go to jail, she'll divorce him and then she'll be with Ethan. Theresa goes into Ethan's room and says she has something to tell him, she should have told him a year ago and hopes he forgives her. She stands at the foot of his bed, we don't see him and she says Little Ethan is his son, he is your biological son. She asks if he remembers the night on the beach, when they made love for the first time. She says they made a child, Little Ethan is their child. Gwen listens and thinks Theresa did it, now she'll lose Ethan for good. 

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