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1st Week of April 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


March 31, 2008
Something's Going on Here

As Gwen and Ethan make love, Theresa cringes from her hiding spot behind the curtains and swears vengeance against Gwen for trying to kill her and steal Ethan. Gwen, meanwhile, is sure she's got Ethan back "under my spell" and wishes Theresa could see them now, but her self-satisfied smile dies when she spots Theresa's reflection in a mirror! Ethan says she looks like she's seen a ghost and she gasps that Theresa is there, just like Little E said. Ethan calls out to Theresa, who doesn’t answer, and before Gwen can push him to look further, Rebecca walks in. As they catch her up, Ethan figures, "something's going on here" and continues to search for Theresa, who is now listening from under the bed. He's about to find her spot, when Rebecca gets lucky and stops him. As she berates him for fixating on Theresa and turning Gwen into a "pathetic wretch" who is seeing dead people, Theresa tries to make an escape through the window. Gwen wonders to herself if Theresa's ghost has come to haunt her, but then they all hear Theresa slither onto the ledge. Ethan jumps and reminds them many have returned from the dead thanks to Alistair's machinations, but Rebecca orders him to apologize for Gwen instead of continuing his search. Eventually, he does, but Rebecca doesn't let up. Still on the balcony, Theresa is crushed to hear Ethan tell Gwen he loves her. 

When Little E wakes up and asks after the yelling, Ethan goes to him and Theresa follows on the ledge, planning to sneak in after Ethan finishes. Ethan tries to quell his son's concerns, but Little E is just sorry for Ethan, who didn't get to see Theresa like he and Gwen did. They both wish Little E's dream was real and after hearing Ethan still loves her, eavesdropping Theresa wishes she could tell them it WAS real.

While the boys promise to be there for each other, Gwen loses it with her mom, insisting Theresa is alive. Beccs slaps her, asks if she's crazy and refuses to believe her. Once Gwen finally agrees it could have been her imagination, Rebecca starts giving her sex advice. She surmises Gwen "must be frigid and dull in the sack", but Gwen laughs her off. When she suggests sending the kids away or getting a nanny, leaving Gwen more time for Ethan, Gwen seems to like that idea – and so does Theresa! Ethan returns to the room and apologizes again, taking the blame for Gwen's "hallucination" and talking of moving past Theresa. Rebecca leaves them to make love and after Gwen drops hot wax on Ethan's hot bod, he moans, "I’m all yours now."

Ivy and Sam coo and snuggle after a lovemaking session. Happy Ivy can't help but wish Pretty and Fancy find a love as strong and good as hers. When the couple moves their make out session to the kitchen for a midnight snack, a lip-locked Noah and Paloma stumble in and interrupt. The amorous couples laugh nervously and try to avoid the topic of sex, but the double entendres fly across the table. After Ivy pours some wine, Sam warns the kids not to make the same mistakes as he and Ivy have. They are receptive to the parental advice, but then Paloma accidentally insults Ivy with a backhanded compliment, saying they must know all about love, "if you guys were able to salvage your relationship after what you did for Noah's mother." Ivy tells them plots always backfire and honesty works. "Don't ever lie to each other," she warns, to which Sam adds, "And always be each other's champion." Then Noah asks how Sam got over losing his mom. Sam points to Ivy's explanation that her machinations were all for love AND to Ivy's reminder that it was Grace who decided to leave him, not Ivy who made her do so. They insist love will help get Paloma and Noah through anything and after hugs all around, Noah and Paloma rush off to find somewhere to do the deed. Sam hopes the kids' problems are behind them and then said they too must follow the advice they'd given out and believe in themselves. Ivy promises not to lie or scheme anymore, but it's Sam who looks guilty as they embrace. The couple gets back to making love.

Tabby starts reading a letter from Edna and Norma, who are off having a blast with the ladies in Berlin, but the Demon Elf interrupts her. She demands to know what he wants, so he warns her to back off and let him cause his trouble in Harmony. She sniffs that she and Endora are "off limits" to him, giving the house a little shake to remind him of her powers. He agrees to steer clear of her and tells her his first target is Noah and Paloma. He teases that a threat to their relationship is closing in on them and Tabitha is shocked to see what he's got in the works, but also wonders if the Demon's mystery man is actually any threat. Meanwhile, Noah and Paloma are finally getting down to business in bed when they hear a noise. Paloma panics, sure it's her mother, and throws her clothes back on. Then they hit the street in efforts to find another spot to be together. As they cuddle at the wharf, someone is watching…  

April 1, 2008
This Just Might Work

After Theresa's memorial, Gwen plays the empathy card with Ethan by saying it was a lovely service and looking after him. When he asks where the kids are, she tells him Pilar and Sheridan have them and suggests they go home. Ethan balks at leaving and reminisces about the service, having been moved by Luis and Miguel's childhood memories of his ex. Gwen continues to comfort him, but needless to say, the dialogue in her head is quite different! After an interchange with Noah and Paloma, Ethan promises to meet them at the house "soon". Then Julian and Esme offers Ethan kudos on the service he pulled together, though Julian has to hush Esme up after she commends Ethan for choosing not to have a "depressing" coffin. Next up is the moms, Ivy and Beccs. Ethan immediately notes Rebecca's shark skin shoes and handbag. Even Gwen is horrified that her mom is wearing the skin of Theresa's murderers and tells her mom not to antagonize Ethan, while Ethan confesses to his mother that his pain over his loss is only growing. Ivy suggests he focus on Gwen. Instead, he dwells on there not being "a trace" of Theresa's body to mourn. When Gwen pulls him home, Theresa comes out of the shadows, wishing she could tell Ethan she is alive.

Locals trickled back to the manse for the reception. Esme comforts Viki, apologizing for all the death in Harmony, and then sends her niece up to her room to read so she can have a moment alone with Julian. Big mistake! Viki agrees, but isn't happy. When Esme convinces Julian into mourning Theresa in their "own special way" back in the mausoleum, Viki follows. Knife in hand, she is intent on keeping her aunt for herself. Esme uncovers a skeleton costume for Julian and a mummy wrap for her, but they are distracted by Viki's phone ringing. Esme brushes it off and the two start giggling and sex-playing as Viki takes a call from Alistair. She insists she'll get to killing Ethan, but only after she handles her own business – killing Julian! After Julian and Esme's romp, they discuss the nanny search going on at the manse. Esme reveals that since taking on Viki, her feelings on nannies have changed and she thinks maybe parents SHOULD raise their kids. (gasp!) Eavesdropping Viki's moment of happiness is ruined however, when Julian mentions choosing a boarding school for her. He's confident a good school can teach her to depend on herself, but Esme is concerned Viki won't like the idea. (Duh!) Julian notes it will provide them more time for their sex games, which gets Esme in the mood for another one. Murderous Viki can barely control herself and after another pestering call from Alistair, she sneaks into the mausoleum, where her aunt and Julian are asleep. She raises the knife and takes a stab that leaves Julian screaming.

Ethan is not up for the crowd at the reception, so Gwen distracts him by reminding him he's promised to focus on her and their family. She again asks if he is ready to put Theresa behind him. He turns away, saying it's "Not that easy." Ready to leave, Paloma and Noah interrupt the chat with hugs for Ethan, as Gwen rolls her eyes at their sentiments over Theresa. The Demon Elf wanders into the party, excited over the fate awaiting Paloma and Noah. He freezes Rebecca and steals her drink, telling her he'll be back for her later and walks away humming porno music. She's confused when Ivy snaps her out of it, but immediately gets to business. As Theresa listens in, she plots to keep Gwen in Ethan's heart by hiring a nanny. Then they gang up on Ethan about his "obsessions" with Theresa and beg him to let her go. Theresa's teary mantra outside is that he not let her go, but he promised the ladies he will do just that, warning it may take some time. Then Ivy and Beccs reveal their nanny plan, but Ethan again balks, saying he and Gwen can take care of the kids themselves. Of course, the ladies talk him into their plan before he excuses himself and Gwen. Alone, he promises Gwen he'll focus on her and insits they have "a shot." Gwen starts planning their future, perhaps in New York or Boston, but Ethan is not willing to leave town. She assumes it's about Theresa, but he insists it's about keeping the kids with their extended family.

Meanwhile, the moms start interviewing nannies. "This just might work," Theresa gloats as she listens in on what their looking for. The biggest criteria – the new nanny must be UG-LY! After many hotties are turned away, Ivy and Rebecca are finally startled by an interviewee. "She's perfect," Rebecca insists without asking any questions and the camera pans up an incognito, "uglified" Theresa!

Paloma and Noah search for a place to BE together. He jokes that teens make out under the pier and then they start making out on the wharf. Elfie pops up and calls in some help. He sips a cup of evil and leaves the couple to bitch about having nowhere to be alone. When Noah has a brainstorm on a place, he rushes off to make a few calls. With Paloma alone, Elfie sends in his trump card: her hunky ex Roberto, who surprises her with a deep kiss! She says he scared her, so he asks why she's alone. She hedges answering, so he just flirts some more before announcing he's returned to Harmony for good to be with her and plants another kiss. Noah returns, pulling Roberto off his girl and punching him. Roberto doesn't hide his intentions and Noah is upset when Paloma doesn't immediately tell him they're engaged. She stutters while Noah steams and then finally tells Roberto. Roberto's congratulations are empty--or rather full of contempt--and Elfie is confident Paloma still has feelings for her ex. She even invites her ex to have coffee, but Roberto excuses himself to apartment hunt. When he hugs her goodbye, he teasingly asks Noah not to hit him. Once alone, Noah questions Paloma's hesitation at revealing their news. Before she can deny her feelings, Elfie sends her a black heart that fills her head with images of good times with Roberto, including his proposal, but she still insists Noah is the only man for her. Relieved, he apologizes for being insecure. As they embrace, however, the look on her face spells trouble. Then, to Elfie's pleasure, Noah reveals he's procured a room at Tabby's for her. When they arrived, someone is in the shower. They figure it's Miguel, but Elfie is thrilled to know it's someone else all together. Noah is less thrilled when a wet Roberto walks out wearing a towel. The Latino stud stretches his body suggestively before telling them he's moved into the next room.

April 2, 2008
We Know Exactly Who You Are!

Julian screams in pain as Viki cuts into him, while sleeping Esme complains he's being too loud. Viki sneaks out before blindfolded Esme uncovers her eyes and begins screaming at the blood in Julian's groin. Sam comes to the rescue, calling in help and locking down the building to catch the attacker. Julian is unable to answer their questions and Viki plans to keep it that way. She stumbles in, saying she's scared by all the action at the manse, and screams at seeing Julian. Upset at having put Kind Julian in harms way, Esme cried into Viki's arms. The group rushed to the hospital, where the docs promise to do all they can and Viki prays for Julian to die. After checking on him, the doctor tells the crew that Julian's penis is completely severed. While Sam and Esme react reasonably, Viki smiles in the background. The doctor then explained Dr. Eve is the only qualified surgeon to do the job. Viki doesn't want Julian healed, so she sneaks in to finish him off. Sam enters just in the nick of time, but leaves when Julian still can't communicate with him. From her hiding place under Julian's bed, Viki takes another stab and Julian cries out in pain.

Pregnant Vincent reprimands Eve for getting drunk when he wants to spend some mother-daughter-son quality time. She figures she'd rather stay sloppy than deal with quality time and then rants about how Julian will react to learning Vincent and Valerie are one and the same. She slurs that it's time to tell Julian that Vincent/Valerie is having his grandchild/child, but Vincent stops her. He reminds her that if she talks, he'll have to kill her and Julian, so she sits down and pours another drink. When Vincent's in-utero baby moves, he's thrilled and refuses to let his mother dampen his spirits. He promises his baby the love his parents never gave him. The tension evaporates when Eve gets the call about Julian's condition. Eve goes into a panic when they ask her to do the surgery to replace it, but Vincent grabs the phone and says they're on the way. Shaky Eve insists she's too drunk to perform, so Vincent offers to sober her up with coffee. She's confused by Vincent's desire to help his father and assumes he's getting soft. Not quite. Vincent is just angry someone other than him attacked his father! He spikes the coffee he makes her and when she passes out, he wakes her and gets her into her coat so she can go kill Daddy during a drunken surgery. She can barely walk as they make their way to the car.

Thrilled at Ethan's promise to focus on their future, Gwen gloats over finally beating Theresa. Then she makes the mistake of talking vow renewal and Ethan balks, noting they've JUST come from Theresa's memorial. "I don't think now's the time to start planning your big day," he says and even after correcting it to "our" day, he won't be swayed. She pretends to be understanding, while internally grumbling over Theresa's continued presence. Pilar, having brought the kids home, interrupts to thank Ethan for the service, but her mood changes drastically when she spots Gwen's champagne. Gwen denies any wrong doing before downing her glass. Pilar asks about Little E's adoption, noting pointedly to Gwen that she already thinks of him as Ethan's son and that having him around will serve as a reminder of his love for Theresa. (Bulls eye!) She digs deeper by noting Jane will likely grow to look just like Theresa and hopes it won't be too hard on Ethan. In tears, she turns to leave, but Ethan stops her and goes to get her a tissue for her tears, leaving her to attack Gwen for celebrating and playing a part in Theresa's death. "I'm going to use every chance I get to remind you that you're the reason my Theresa's dead," she promises. Gwen orders her to keep her mouth shut, but Pilar insists karma would take care of this. Gwen tries to blow her off, but then accidentally breaks the champagne glass in her hand. When Ethan returns to see the blood, he leaves again to get a Band-Aid, so they get to bicker some more. Pilar notes Ethan only loves Gwen because he doesn't know her and is confident they won't find happiness. She then asks Gwen if she can survive the guilt, especially when Little E's face reminds her she had to kill Theresa to get Ethan. When Ethan returns, he and Pilar remember Theresa. An annoyed Gwen goes to check on the kids, while the two discuss Little E. Pilar begins to tell him the truth, until she recalls Theresa's concern that Gwen would send Little E away.

Unbeknownst to Gwen, Theresa is in her ugly suit getting a job as the new nanny, Gertrude. Rebecca and Ivy can't contain their laughter at how perfectly hideous she is as they shake her hand, so Theresa gets the goat out of them by saying she just had a makeover. Pleased with their work, the mothers hope Gwen is handling her side of the bargain, but Theresa internally insists that only she belongs in Ethan's heart. The gig is almost up when Theresa calls the kids by their names before being given those names, but she covers, saying she read about them. The moms apologize for their suspicion and explain they've long been on their guard thanks to a horrible, sneaky "woman in his past". She asks them for the 411 on the woman so she can protect the children, but the ladies happily report she's no longer a problem. Then Ivy finally actually asks about her qualifications. Theresa plays the shy/nervous card to stall, so Ivy says a resume will do. She stammers that she doesn't have one, but before she can explain, Rebecca insists she's perfect. Then Theresa explains that her previous employers, The Wilsons, are unavailable for reference because they are on safari in Africa. The ladies recognize the name from the country club and agree to look into her reference while she gets started. Theresa panics that she'll be caught in her lies and considers running. Before she can get out, they return and accuse her of being dishonest. "We know exactly who you are," Ivy says.


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All photographs are courtesy of Soapoperafan.com

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