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2nd Week of April 2008 Daily Summaries


All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 07, 2008
A Very Delicate Operation.

At Harmony Hospital, manipulative Vincent eggs on Eve, who worries she is too drunk to perform Julian's penis-reattachment surgery. "It's a very delicate operation," she frets, so he promises to stand by her side. Having spiked the coffee that was supposed to sober her up, he wouldn't be anywhere else! After all, he doesn't want to miss seeing her mess up and kill Julian. When a desperate Esme passes, begging Eve to save Julian's "happy place", she doesn't notice slurring Eve's hesitation. Instead, she stumbles away, pulling a flask out and taking a swig.   

Meanwhile, Viki continues stabbing Julian from underneath his hospital bed, only to realize the blade isn't going through the mattress. A nurse enters when Julian's pulse spikes and, finding Julian in too much pain to speak clearly, she gives him some pain meds. He's out cold when Eve and Vincent come in to check on him. Both cringe at the site of the "disgusting" injury and Eve is impressed with her son's "compassion" for his father. As she wonders "what kind of madman" would do such a thing to him, Viki sneaks out and past them to find Esme. After lying that she's been checking out the babies on the maternity ward, she comforts her teary aunt. Much like Vincent, however, Viki is hoping Julian won't survive.

When Esme rushes back to Julian's side, Eve is ogling the removed penis, which is in a cooler on ice. She slurs that Esme shouldn't be in there and Esme orders her to "make Julian whole again." After throwing out a few more euphemisms for his penis situation, Esme empathizes -- in her own way! -- with Eve's position, hoping Eve will help Julian in spite of their past and the "crazy, sick, twisted child" they'd lost. She reminds Eve how close Julian is to his penis until Eve slurs that she will do her best. Meanwhile, an unconscious Julian dreams he's getting sexy with Esme. When he lifts his hospital gown, he's so shocked by his lack of tools he lets loose an extended scream and flatlines in real life. The girls scream "code blue" as they run in panicked circles. When an overwrought Eve throws her hands to her head, Vincent reminds her to focus on Julian's heart. She starts screaming orders about the defibrillator and prepares to shock Julian, but Viki pulls the plug before she can do it. Viki and Vincent calmly enjoy the show while Eve and Esme resort to more shrieking. The nurse finally sees the cord unplugged and Eve brings Julian back with a shock, but then again balks at doing the operation, worried about handing all the "tiny blood vessels" when she's so groggy and confused. She tells Vincent that Julian deserves a better doctor, so her theatrical son tearfully begs her to do the surgery. Eve's pleas that she just "can't do it" make it into Julian's head, where he is having another hospital fantasy, this time about Eve. When he lifts his gown for her, Vincent's head smiles from where his penis should be and the couple screams at the site.

As Julian babbles in his sleep, Vincent continues to plead his case. He reminds her "no one knows the ins and outs of the penis better than you" (because she's a "drug addicted slut", of course). She remembers better times, when she and Julian were discussing all his names for his penis. He'd told her the only time he "feels whole" is when making lover to her and had even admitted he didn't know if he'd want to live without sex. "Alright, I'll do it," Eve tells her son, still unaware he's counting on her failure.

On the way to surgery, butterfingers Eve almost drops the penis, but again promises Esme she'll take care of both Big and Little Julian. Too bad she can't even maneuver her hands into her gloves! When the anesthesiologist arrives, Vincent introduces himself as a special nurse and turns to survey the equipment. The anesthesiologist makes small talk with Eve, joking, "Where there's a willy, there's a way." She shakes her finger at him for talking like that and then stares at her fingers for a moment. When the doc puts Julian out, Vincent suggests he give Julian more anesthesia, but he refuses, so Vincent tells his wobbly mother to get it together. "Scalpel," she says and the surgery begins.

While she waits, Esme finds herself giving Viki a lesson in the size variations that penises come in. Unlike her first boyfriend, a "gherkin," Julian is well-endowed, which she worries means his surgery may take a long time. She doesn't know what to do, so Viki suggests she pray. She agrees, but doesn't get down on her knees, explaining, "I like to save that for another occasion." She gives god some straight talk, insisting that even though she and Julian are having wild sex already, which isn't god's way, she's sure Julian will marry her eventually. She concludes by asking him to save Julian's tool and Viki stands by, while thinking that not even god can stop her from killing Julian.  

As Pilar psyches up to tell Ethan the truth about Little E, she suddenly remembers Theresa's concerns that if Ethan knew, Gwen might take her resentment out on Little E and keep him from bonding with his dad. (Phew!) Before she can get anything out, eavesdropping Gwen interrupts to say Little E needs Ethan. Pilar tries to continue anyway, but Gwen references Theresa's death and how much Little E must need Ethan now. She closes the door behind Ethan and immediately but calmly lays into Pilar, insisting she won't "let" Ethan learn the truth, because if he did he might start asking questions and learn Gwen knew all along. She isn't moved by Pilar's reminder that her secret killed Theresa, but when Pilar refuses to stay quiet, Gwen threatens to call Juanita and hand over all the Lopez-Fitzgerald contact info. She's quite pleased with herself as she laughs at the notion that Sam could protect Pilar from Juanita's private army. Ethan returns and senses the tension, but Gwen pointedly says they were talking about keeping the children safe. Ethan tells her Little E didn't end up needing him and asks Pilar if they can get back to their chat. Realizing Gwen will follow through on her threat, Pilar simply charges him with never letting Little E down and he promised to love him as his own, smiling, "After the adoption, he will be my son." Speak of the devil: in walks Little E. After telling Gwen he's too old for a nap, he agrees to raid the kitchen with Ethan. "You'll get yours, sooner than you think," Pilar promises after Gwen leaves with them.

Theresa starts to panic as it seems Ivy and Rebecca have seen through her "Gertrude" disguise, but is relieved to realize they have only discovered her employment reference was bogus. Ivy assumes she lied about the Wilsons because she's desperate to "cozy up" to a rich family. Gert-resa denies it, swearing she has worked with children, but has gotten all her jobs via word of mouth, so they ask her why the Wilsons don't remember her. When she can't answer, Ivy rescinds the job offer, but Rebecca pulls her partner in crime aside to insist Gert-resa is the perfect beast for the job. Ivy doesn't like trusting a potentially psycho stranger, but Rebecca shrugs, "Theresa was a psycho. The kids are used to it!" Gert-resa interrupts, again insisting she worked for the Wilsons, so Ivy gives her a chance to offer a reasonable explanation. Gert-resa hems and haws and then apologizes for gossiping before explaining the Wilsons don't care about their kids, unlike warm Ivy and Rebecca. (Year, right!) She goes on to explain she was interviewed by another staff member and never even met the parents. After all, there were different wings in the house and the couple was always going out of town. The story is believable, especially as Rebecca notes, "I never bother with the servants. Do you?"

After more discussion, Gert-resa's got the job again. Ivy outlines her responsibilities and tells her no swimming or horseplay without lifeguards or stablemen. That reminds Beccs to request Gertrude teach Little E how to knock, presumably because he's been catching her sleeping around with the help. Then Ethan, Gwen and Little E passed through. After warning Little E not to ruin his dinner, Ivy introduced Gertrude to Gwen and Ethan. Gert-resa shyly promises to keep the kids away from Gwen and shakes her hand. Gwen is not sure how to react, while the mom's gloat at the fact that ugly Gert-resa will never tempt Ethan and Theresa secretly glows at getting to talk to him. She smiles goofily for a moment before taking his hand and after they touch, he asked if they know each other. Gert-resa denies it. Then he unexpectedly flashed back to Theresa's face and after Gwen reminds him to let go of Gert-resa's hand, he realizes she reminds him of an old friend. Gwen is entertained by the mothers' nanny selection, so they explain ugly won't attract Ethan.

Gwen just hopes she's got the skills to actually care for the kids and as if on cue, Pilar enters with a grumpy Jane. Gwen apologizes for Jane's "thing with strangers", but Gert-resa asks to hold Jane anyway. Everyone is amazed at how naturally the pass off goes and how easily Jane is in this stranger's arms. Not only does Jane normally cry with strangers, but Ethan starts to say Theresa was the only one who ever put her at ease like that. He suddenly realizes that's the friend she reminds him of, which makes Gwen laugh, considering Gert-resa's looks. "Same nurturing quality," he considers and Gwen is sold. Then Pilar stepped in to introduce herself and after shooting Gert-resa a look, she takes Jane out of the room.

Then Little E returns with a sandwich and Gwen introduces him to Gert-resa. He's sure he's seen her before, so Gert-resa suggests she must have worked with one of his friends. Rebecca tells the nanny to pay special attention to her grandson, but Ethan insists all the kids need attention and Gert-resa says she doesn't play favorites. Little E interrupts to again, insisting he knows Gert-resa. Gwen chides him for interrupting, while Ethan tells him to join the group if he wants to participate in the convo. Little E only repeats his claim, but the mothers ignore him and again welcome Gert-resa, or "Gertie", to the family. Ivy leaves, while the others continue filling Gert-resa in on the kids. Gwen says Jonathan is a "sweet wonderful boy" and Ethan warmly warns that Jane is a pistol who needs to be the center of attention, which Rebecca attributes to her mother. Gwen reminds them she is now Jane's mother. After Ethan tells Gert-resa that Little E and Jane just lost their mother to a tragedy, Little E suddenly makes the connection, gasping, "Mom!"

April 8, 2008
Daddy's Never Been Better.

Gwen tells Gert-resa Baby Jonathan is a sweetie, while Ethan warns that Jane is a pistol who needs to be the center of attention. Rebecca attributes that to her mother, so Gwen reminds them that she is now Jane's mother. After Ethan tells Gert-resa that Little E and Jane just lost their mother to a tragedy, Little E suddenly makes the connection, gasping, "Mom!" Ethan asks why he called her that, but Theresa jumps in and says he's answering a question she'd asked earlier. As she walks toward Little E, she winds a story about asking Little E where he got his big brown eyes and explains his outburst was his belated answer. Little E gets the message to go along with it, and does so. Then Ethan sends Gert-resa out so they can discuss hiring her. He's sold, like everyone else, but first makes sure she has Little E's approval.

Gert-resa is thrilled when Ethan hires her at $1000 a week and accepts Rebecca's offer to start immediately. They step out to make a list of her responsibilities, leaving Little E to question her. She admits it's her and that she'd sung to him the night before. She promises to explain eventually, pushing him to keep her secret for the moment. He's just glad to have her back. When Ethan returns with her list, he's impressed with how she's hit it off with Little E. Little E skips off to grab a card he was making for his mom, which he can now show Gert-resa. Ethan then explains he's adopting Little E and that his real mother was lost off the coast of Mexico. He admits it's been awful, especially for Little E, who needs a lot of attention and support. "I'll give him extra hugs and kisses," she promises with a laugh, but her smile fades when her true love admits the kids are "pretty much all I have left". She comforts him and when her hand touches his knee, he again flashes to Theresa's pretty face. Gert-resa jumps back, stuttering an apology for crossing a line. He admits he's still hurting over losing Theresa, which is about the best news she's heard all day. "Could you tell me about her?" she begs. He recounts their love story and admits "her steadfast belief in love" was often destructive, but suspects he'll always love her. When he apologizes for sharing too much, Gert-resa, who is on cloud nine, shrugs that sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers. He says he feels he's known her for a long time. "Imagine that," she smiles. Then Little E returns and Gert-resa is touched to tears by the card he made her. She promises to love and take care of his kids as if they were hers. Then she asks Little E to show her the way to check on the other kids.

In the hall, Gwen worries that Gert-resa is so ugly she'll scare the kids and give them nightmares. Rebecca says the kids need to learn not everyone's as hot as they are, while big Ethan can use a nightmare or two. Better than him fantasizing about "nocturnal noodling"! Gwen's confident her man won't cheat on her now that there's no Theresa and swears she's got what it takes to please him. As Rebecca is going on about Gwen making Ethan forget Theresa, her phone vibrates with news of Julian's attack. She drops to the stairs when she hears what happened and can barely bring herself to tell Gwen, "Someone slashed my Pookie's hot poker in two!" Like Eve before her, she frets that Julian's lost his best friend and wonders why it couldn't be something less necessary, like say and arm or leg. Gwen suggests they'll be able to reattach it just fine, but Rebecca's empathy disappears when she realizes this may be her key to getting Julian back, since no other woman will want him that way. What more, she'd be happy to help Julian maintain his manly rep, even if she has to hire someone else to feed her libido. Excited Beccs heads out, while Gwen returns to Ethan and decides not to tell him about Julian. Instead, she raves about Gertrude and getting some private adult time, but Ethan reminds her they're still the parents. He hopes Gertrude will help Little E find happiness again, while she hopes they can find it again too. Gert-resa is not pleased to come down and find them in an embrace. She swears karma is coming to get Gwen.

Eve teeters across the operating room with a scalpel, ready to cut into Julian, when a nurse finally asks if the doctor is up to the task. Eve counters that the hospital specifically requested her for the penis reattachment, but the nurse worries she's too "out of it". In answer, she wanders to the cabinet. Vincent insists the doc is like an actor getting into character, to which the nurse quips, "She looks like a drugged out surgeon on TV." Vincent says her behavior is par for the course and challenges the nurse to check with former patient John Wayne Bobbit. Then Eve comes back to the convo and asks what she is doing! Vincent laughs it off as O.R. humor and then quietly reminds Eve her first step is cleaning Julian's wound for a smooth reattachment. While she shakily starts on Julian's groin, Vincent eyes Julian's member, which his still on ice, and gets an idea "better" than murder: "People think I'm weird down there? Wait till they get a look at the new and redesigned Julian!" he plots.

Eve announces the wound is clean and ready for the reattachment, and then asks Vincent, "Isn't it?" Vincent uses large pincers to bring out Julian's member, making the nurse utter, "Wow." Eve recalls that's the last thing she said about it too, back when she and Julian were still an item, but Vincent clears his throat and gets her on task. In his head, he notices it looks bigger than he remembers and says there's a problem. The nurse insists that's Eve's call, but the doctor slurs that she's, "open to input." Vincent says the penis needs to be sized down for successful attachment, which even offends the nurse, who says that would be like cutting the Hope Diamond. Eve agrees, but then Vincent "reminds" her that reattachments require a fresh cut. The nurse says that's news to her, so Vincent pulls rank as a penis-reattachment expert and tells her to hush. Eve takes her "old friend" in her hands and Vincent asks if she wants a cleaver or a saw. She chooses the cleaver and the nurse can't watch as Eve takes a chop. "How's that?" Eve asks. Vincent is pleased with its smaller size and offers the scraps to the nurse -- for her dog! The horrified nurse walks out, so Vincent holds Little Julian in place and Eve starts the procedure.

When the nurse returns, she gasps that the penis is upside down! Vincent hushes her and tells mom to get to work. Eve wonders why things aren't lining up, so Vincent reminds her she cut quite a bit off. She gets Julian's urinary tract connected, but still doesn't think it looks right. The nurse again says it's upside down, but Vincent insists that's the only way the reattachment works and threatens her job. After the nurse wipes her brow, Eve asks, "Now what?" Vincent tells her to suture the parts together. Eve hopes Julian doesn't get aroused and pop the stitches, which would leave him detached from his member again. Vincent is sure Daddy won't be in the mood. When Eve again says it doesn’t look right, Vincent again reminds her it's just smaller. Eve calls the surgery complete and Vincent commends her, while the nurse shutters and again points out the now smaller penis is upside down. Vincent sits his mother down for a rest and the nurse lays into him, but he just excuses her and tells her to keep her yap shut. He threatens a malpractice report and pushes her out after she says it's their mistake made. He then tells Eve, "Daddy's never been better," as he gloats over how Julian will now fare in the men's locker room. After Eve admits her concern for Julian is personal, Vincent sends her to rest up.

Having heard of Julian's attack, Luis and Fancy rush into the police station to get the story from Sam. Pretty shows up just as Sam is trying to delicately reveal what "organ" was severed. They trio push him until he less then delicately spits out it was Julian's penis. Sam backs up, outlining the story from Julian and Esme's sexy encounter at the mausoleum to the attackers strike after. He tasks Fancy with finding the culprit while he and Luis handle Julian. With her brother murdered and her father dismembered, she doesn't need to be told twice. Pretty, who was horrified to hear druggy Eve is performing the reattachment, wishes she were a cop so she could help too, but Sam tells her to be strong for Julian. He notes he plans on questioning Julian after the surgery, as Esme was passed out during the attack and has nothing on the attacker. Pretty wants to go to the hospital, which Fancy assumes has to do with getting near Luis, but she insists she wants to be there for Julian, since she can relate to "being hideously disfigured." Sam asks her to stay with Fancy and notes Julian probably won't be seeing visitors, so Luis promises to keep them posted on Julian's prognosis. Before leaving, he asks them to put aside "whatever issues" they have, but as soon as he's gone, Fancy turns on Pretty and asks what's she's doing there. Pretty reminds her Julian is her father too and rolls her eyes when frustrated Fancy insists Luis is hers. Later, at the hospital, Fancy lays into Pretty, telling her take "oozy the scar" home and stop trying to score points with her fiance. "You're right," Pretty agrees, leaving Fancy stunned. Pretty is in fact silently licking her chops over the fact that Luis doesn't want kids with Fancy till he knows she's not insane, but she goes on to "admit" she never had a chance with Luis after all and that he was just leading her on to get out of Alistair's trap and because he pitied her. Fancy is relieved, but hesitant to believe her.

Nearby, Luis and Sam can barely discuss their investigation for the distraction of what Julian has lost. Luis asks if Ivy's happy about it, but Sam doubts it, since Alistair was the cause of her and Julian's problems. Then Luis wonders if the reattached penis will work. Sam can only hope, for Julian's sake. When the chief goes to check the mausoleum for evidence again, Luis stays with Fancy to await Julian's statement. He asks where Pretty is and empathizes with Pretty's concern over Julian, so Fancy shuts him up with a hot kiss. He asks her why the kiss and she says she feels the dark cloud and threats to their happiness are gone. Not likely! Pretty is actually busy paying off a nurse who promises to "take care of it right away." She reminds herself her future depends on her plot playing out right! Meanwhile, Luis suggests Fancy hit the commissary while waiting for Julian to come to. She decides to instead get Julian a gift, noting that learning about Alistair's deeds helped her forgive her father. Then Pretty returns and when they call her over, she collapses mid-step.

Beccs shows up at Julian's bedside. He's still out, but she promises she'll help him back to recovery, noting there's no one better qualified for the job. She tearfully empathizes with Julian's injury and admits she still feels attached to Little Julian (even if big Julian doesn't. ha ha). She even swears, repeatedly, that she'll stand by him and maintain his rep if Little Julian doesn't work after the surgery. Eavesdropping Vincent isn't so sure she'll feel that way after she sees his work. He may be right. Rebecca takes one peek and immediately notices it's much smaller... and upside down! She passes out in his lap, which looks mighty strange when Eve walks in. 

April 9, 2008
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Little E is glad his mom is back, but asks her why the disguise. She doesn't answer and asks him to keep her secret, as well as the one about Ethan being his father. "This is the only way I can stay close to you and your sister," she pleads and he promises to stay quiet. They hug it out as Ethan and Gwen arrive, having just discussed how excited and comfortable they are with the new nanny. Gwen smiles to Ethan that of all the nannies she and her mom interviewed (cough, cough), Gertie was the best. At seeing the embrace, Ethan again says he somehow feels he's known Gertie forever. He asks Gwen if she sees the familiarity, but Gwen quips, "Other than reminding me of a freak you'd see at the House of Horrors, no." She swears she's not being mean, but then compares Gertie to a wildebeest. Seeing them, Gert-resa coos that Little E has something for them. He shows them some of the magic tricks she taught him, while she silently gloats over Gwen's impending downfall. All are impressed with Little E's magic trick, but he gives Gertie the credit for teaching him. She refuses the praise, but agrees to be his assistant for the next show, "as long as you don't saw me in half!" When Gwen tells him it's time for bed, he says he's not tired, but Gert-resa backs her up. He gives hugs as he follows Gert-resa to the door and then asks Ethan to tuck him in.

Rebecca takes another peek at Julian's surgery and immediately notices his detachable penis is much smaller... and upside down! She passes out in his lap, which looks mighty strange when Eve walks in. Eve shakes her awake and asks about the flashlight, which clears Rebecca's head. She jumps up and slaps the doctor, demanding, "How could you do what you did to Julian's penis?" She ridicules Eve, who is still slurring a bit, and insists, "Whatever it is you attached to Julian is not his penis," but Eve doesn't get it. She says that's impossible, so Rebecca lifts Julian's blanket, noting she's an expert on Julian penis. Eve pulls rank, claiming to have far more experience with it and shoots that Rebecca must be confusing Julian's member with one of the many that's passed through her doors. She swears it's Julian's penis. Then she looks at what Rebecca is showing her. "What?" she stutters in horror. Rebecca starts by pointing out the shrinkage and Eve recalls taking off "a little" to make the reattachment stick, but Rebecca insists she took off "more than most men start with." Eve demurs that she tried, so Beccs asks why she put the penis on upside down. Eve has to take another look and says it's just off the side, but Rebecca convinces her it's worse than that. Eve covers her face in horror, but is saved by the bell when she gets paged to the ER. Rebecca yells after her, questioning whether they need to redo the procedure before it's too late. When she goes back, she's just relieve Julian isn't awake to see his condition.

Later, Gwen calls to report that Gertie is working out great and, with Little E heading to bed, she and Ethan are about to make the most of their evening. An upset Rebecca tries to explain the "complications" with Julian's surgery, calling his penis a "toothpick" that's "topsy turvy to boot." The upside, of course, is that Julian will need her more than ever to keep his reputation safe, which will mean tons o' money. Satisfied, Beccs turns talk back to Gwen and Ethan. "Pull out all the stops," the sex fiend tells her daughter, but Gwen assures her she's planning a "major seduction." She's ready to sex Theresa name right out of Ethan's head. Her mother is impressed and supportive, especially when she says she'll get as dirty as necessary. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," Gwen sighs.

Eavesdropping Theresa does not like the sound of that! She knocks on the door and asks to grab Little E's magic kit. Gwen lets her in, asking her to tell Ethan she went to get their midnight snack. Left alone, Theresa comes upon Little E's itchy powder, which reads, "A little powder goes a long way." She shuts the door, mimicking Gwen's statement that, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." By the time Gwen returns with the tray, Theresa has poured out the powder and remade the bed. She helps with the tray of Ethan's fave foods and coos that she's sure Ethan and Gwen's romantic night will be "unforgettable." Gwen slips into the bathroom to slip into her nighty, so Theresa pours some powder into the Mignonette dip for the oysters. On her way out, she runs into Ethan. He tells her the kids are down for the night, so she asks for permission to leave the grounds and get her things. Obviously, this isn't a problem. He even promises to listen for the kids while she's out.

In the room, Gwen doesn't hesitate to get on Ethan, while Theresa listens through the door. Gwen toasts to them and Ethan toasts to Gertie making their alone time possible. Then Gwen seductively feeds him an oyster and he returns the favor. Theresa does a little count down from outside and suddenly both scream, but Ethan's is more desperate. He guzzles water from the pitcher. It's far too spicy for him and Gwen empathizes, feeling the kick too, but then it hits her full steam too and she grabs the pitcher from him. They figure the chef made a mistake and Ethan decides he'd rather just skip eating anything on the cart tonight, so Gwen offers him dessert. She's offering something new, but he can't imagine what they haven't already done in bed. She whispers in his ear. He laughs, asks if she's serious and says it sounds "extreme" and "enticing." She leads him to the bed, throwing back the covers and throwing him down. Then she climbs on him and things are going well, until he has an itch. It hits Gwen too, but then they both feel better and continue… and then the itching pops them out of bed. Ethan's so desperate he's knocking things over trying to scratch his back. The two even try to scratch their backs against each other. Theresa laughs in victory from outside as they make a mad dash for the shower. Before they can get in, Little E opens the door, saying Jane is crying. Ethan agrees to check on her while Gwen showers. On his way to the bed to get his robe, he trips, hurting himself As Jane starts screaming, he teases Gwen, saying he's certainly gotten the "unforgettable evening" she promised. 

Luis carries Pretty into an ER room, while Fancy explains that her sister fainted while walking toward them. The nurse sends them out after Luis tells her they couldn't stir the unconscious Crane. They walk out to a concerned Sheridan, who quickly goes from asking about Julian to asking about Pretty. She's relieved to hear Julian's penis is attached, since it's so important to men. "And to us," Fancy smiles, taking Luis' arm. Meanwhile, the nurse tells Pretty the coast is clear. She sits up and says, "So far, everything is going according to plan. You know what to do next?" The nurse does, and walks out to tell Luis and crew that Fancy is conscious but week, so she's going to get a doctor to examine her. Then she warns it may be a while, since the ER is packed. Luis correctly guesses that the lobster shack had an all you can eat sushi night. "When will they learn," Fancy sighs. When the nurse leaves, they go into Pretty's room to find her crying. She tells Luis she's scared and doesn't want to be there and collapses into his arms. Her performance is so good Sheridan and Fancy actually buy that she's petrified. They both felt guilty for being mean earlier.

When Doc Eve shows up to check on Pretty, Sheridan asks whether she's back on staff. She explains she was called in for Julian's surgery and then asked to stick around due to the shortage. Luis wonders if she's too "beat" to be working, but she shrugs she's tired from the surgery. She says it's too soon to say how the penis is faring and warns Julian's base may reject the reattached shaft. Luis, who lets a few nervous smiles slip, asks when Julian will be up for giving his statement. Eve says he's still out, but she too hopes Julian can shed some light. "It's frightening there's a butcher on the loose," she says, before heading to check Pretty out. Her vitals are normal and Pretty reveals she's eaten, but has felt queasy and "odd" all day. She claims she'd written it off as nerves over her father. Eve asks the nurse -- the one in Pretty's pocket -- to put a rush on Pretty's blood test. Pretty shoots the nurse a knowing look before she leaves and after Eve suggest she may just have the flu, Pretty reminds herself to look surprised when she hears otherwise. Then she asks for Luis, so Eve sends him in.

Left with Fancy, Sheridan wonders how she feels about her man being alone with Pretty. Fancy admits she doesn't love it, but says it's okay. Sheridan is surprised at how she's changed her tune, so Fancy tells her about Pretty's promise to walk away from Luis. Sheridan just laughs and rolls her eyes. Fancy concedes she'll still be keeping an eye on Pretty, "And on you too, for that matter." She suggests Sheridan follow Pretty's lead and realize Luis is Fancy's. "Never say never when it comes to me and Luis," Sheridan warns, adding the same goes for Pretty, who is too much like Alistair to give up. Ever confident, Fancy reminds her she blew her chance with Luis, who's with her now "for keeps". Sheridan suggests Fancy spend less time protecting her ground and more time taking care of her man. Fancy doesn't let Sheridan ruffle her feathers, so Sheridan goes to check on Julian and Fancy goes to get coffee for her, Luis and "everyone."

Elsewhere, the nurse doctor's Pretty's lab results while Luis supports Pretty. She talks about her discomfort at hospitals ever since her accident. Then she apologizes about the terrible things she said about Fancy, including the comparisons to Grandpa. He tells her no apology necessary, considering how terrible Fancy was behaving. Pretty laughs in her head, remembering how she'd controlled Fancy with the chip. Out loud, she confesses she's worried about Fancy, but more concerned about overstepping with Luis by speaking against his girl to him. He says no apology necessary. Then Eve returns, followed by the nurse. Upon reading the chart, Eve gasps, "Oh my God!"

Noah swings by the station, where his dad is just wrapping up a call about Julian's case. Both men recognize the other looks frazzled, but Noah is blown away by the Julian attack story, from snip to reattachment. "Makes my problems seem so trivial," he says as he crosses his legs. Then he opens up about the return of Paloma's ex, Roberto, and his concern about Roberto living next door to her at Tabby's. He insists he trusts his girl, but not Roberto. He grumbles over Roberto's habit of walking around half naked, so his dad asks if he feels threatened. He wonders if Roberto was "strutting his stuff" or just happened to be getting out of the shower. Noah suspects it was for effect, but has no proof. While he's sure Paloma has no feelings, he recounts how Roberto followed Paloma from Puerto Arena, proposed and was then turned down. He can't imagine Roberto is there for anything other than getting his girl back. Sam empathizes, but warns him against pushing Paloma away by "giving Roberto grief." He suggests his son stay close to Paloma and spend some time at Tabby's. "I'm not going to lose Paloma," Noah says with confidence.

At Tabitha's, Roberto stops by Paloma's room in his boxers to lay a kiss on her. She says she shouldn't, but gives in and they make their way to the bed…. Ah, but it's just Roberto's fantasy. He is in fact fully clothed when he knocks on her door and there is no kiss when she opens it. He says he "gets" that she's with Noah and won't jeopardize that, but reminds her she matters to him. He recounts how her decision to not marry him left him hurt, but hopes they can be friends now. After a hug, he asks if she's sure about Noah. She is so sure that she suspects the boys will become good friends. Roberto's up for that -- if that's what it takes to get her back! Later, she struggles to fix a fallen curtain rod and falls backward. Luckily, Roberto is there to catch her and she's still laughing in his arms when Noah walks in. She hops down, hugs Noah and tells him about her slip and fall. Then she says she made them a bedtime snack and heads to the kitchen to get it. On her way out, Roberto teases Noah in Spanish and they laugh, leaving Noah feeling left out. Noah smiles and tells Roberto he and Paloma are "spending the night in." Roberto says he's going to check out a dance night at one of the clubs near the wharf. Noah warns that some of those spots are sketchy and asks which one. When he says he's going to Nightcrawlers, Noah laughs that it's not the best part of town, but not the worst. Roberto thanks him, saying he doesn't want to go anywhere where there's trouble.

When Paloma returns, Noah is in bed with the candles lit, his clothes off and roses in his hand. She climbs into bed and he welcomes her to Tabby's. When she worries what her landlord will think of them bunking together, he notes Miguel and Kay lived there in sin. He adds that it's her first night in her new home and they can finally get to it without disruption or distractions. She coos that she can get used to them living together and he promises they will -- once they're married. They get into making out, but the phone interrupts. She answers in case it's her mother, but it’s Roberto calling from the police station. He was arrested at the club and needs bail. She hangs up and tells Noah, who asks, "What about our evening?" She apologizes that she has to go help and leaves him with a kiss and love.

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