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1st Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


February 4, 2008
At Tabitha's, Kay doesn't understand how this has happened. She tells Tabitha to stop eating chocolate, Miguel is in danger. Tabitha says it is the only thing soothing the emptiness inside her. She now knows how people who give up smoking always gain weight. Kay says they have to do something. Tabitha says they should cast a spell to bring them home. Kay says no magic. Tabitha says then let Pilar and Theresa's deaths be on Miguel's head. Kay says what if he gets hurt? Tabitha says he'll probably be dead when he steps off the plane. Suddenly Kay hears organ music. Tabitha doesn't hear it. Kay says it's creepy, like a Vincent Price horror movie. Tabitha says it's a sign, someone close to her is going to die. Kay says Miguel? Tabitha says the church organ music is a sign from the dark side, it signals the death of someone close to her. Kay says the music is driving her crazy, they have to stop it. Tabitha says it will stop when she acknowledges she got the message. Kay yells she gets it, so the music stops. Kay tells Tabitha that they don't know this premonition is for Miguel. Tabitha says it usually means someone who is a friend or family. Kay says so it could be Maria? Tabitha says Maria isn't the dim bulb who took a plane to Mexico! Kay asks what they do? Tabitha says have a chocolate. Later Kay soon hears more sounds, like someone is digging a hole, like the dirt is falling and hitting something. Tabitha asks if it the thing it is hitting sounds hollow? Kay says yes. Tabitha says the dirt is falling into a grave onto a coffin. Kay starts shoving the chocolates into her mouth! Kay says these sounds are driving her crazy. Tabitha says she knows, and because of that stupid oath Miguel made her take, her spectral powers are all backed up. She says spectral constipation is terrible. She has some magic Metamucil, but then realizes fluffy took the last of it. Kay suddenly begins blowing smoke out of her ears. Tabitha says her premonitions are manifesting, this can't be good. Kay eventually passes out because of the sounds. Tabitha tells her to wake up. She feels terrible that she was teasing her. She also damns Miguel for his stupid oath not to use magic. She says she could have brought everyone back from Mexico by now. Kay soon begins to wake up. She asks what happened? She says the sounds are all gone. Kay says that is a good sign right? Tabitha says not really. Kay's ears are bleeding, Tabitha says she burst her magical inner ear drum. She says that it will heal n a few days, but death is coming. Tabitha says death is coming and they know where he's planning to land. A map shows up with some maracas shaking. Kay says not Mexico! Tabitha says Ci! Kay tells the map she gets this message, so it vanishes. Kay doesn't know what to do. Tabitha says she's use her powers to save them all. She says Miguel will be furious, but they'll all be safe. Tabitha says they should do it, but Kay won't. Kay is afraid Miguel will dump her. Tabitha says so it's okay if he dies and his mother and sister? Suddenly the flowers in the house die. Tabitha says that is the forth warning of death tonight. She says someone is going to die in Mexico, the only thing to stop it is magic. Kay says Miguel hates Magic, he wants to eradicate it from Harmony. Tabitha says so what is her plan? She says death is in Mexico waiting to collect. 


On the plane, Luis is reading up on this Juanita Vasquez woman, calling her a female godfather. He doesn't know how his mom is tied to this woman. Ethan says every time they turn around something weird is happening in Harmony. Luis says it's like the whole town is under a curse. Miguel says to himself it is magic. Luis suggests they all get some shut eye. They sleep and all have dreams about the women they love.


Miguel has a Mexican inspired dream about Kay. He's dressed up as some caballero and Kay has followed him. Kay has a wand, Miguel is calling her his little witch. However they are both too hot to touch each other. He thinks it is a spell of hers, but she says no he cast a spell on her. As they kiss, the temperature in the room rises. Kay tells him how he stopped her from using magic, and her life is so much better. She says he transformed Harmony from a place of evil to a paradise. Miguel says she's so hot, they will be married soon and spend their lives together. As they get it on, a sex-o-meter in the corner begins to rise. They soon end up on fire, Kay says it's spontaneous combustion! Kay says they are too hot, but they can't stop now. Miguel gets a fire extinguisher for tonight, tomorrow they'll go to the North Pole. Kay says no, the ice caps are melting too much as is. Soon they begin exploding into fireworks!


Ethan dreams of a simple romantic evening with Theresa where they are reunited. They dance, Theresa says she feels safe in his arms and that she loves him. Theresa asks Ethan to make love to her, so they move over to the couch. They end up making love. 

Luis meanwhile dreams of being with Fancy on the pier. Luis arranged a meeting. Fancy is afraid Luis can't forgive her for her crazy behavior. Luis says they'll figure it out, he loves her. They hug, she tells him to never let her go. Luis says he loves her and never wants to fight again, but if they do they have to promise to work it out. Luis says he loves her, they should get married as soon as possible. Fancy says that is what she wants! Later in the dream they are suddenly married. They are back on the wharf, where suddenly a bed appears for them to make love on.


Later all the men wake up and feel very uncomfortable! They all throw their waters on their faces. Luis says once they get through customs they'll meet an undercover officer to provide them with some items they wouldn't have been able to bring into the country. From there they are on their own. He says hopefully someone will recognize mama and Theresa's photos. Miguel says they have to be careful, if Juanita is as dangerous as they have heard, they could all end up dead. Luis says they have to do detective work, they can't wave a wand and make them appear. Miguel knows they could. The plane is about to land, the men worry if they'll get there in time to save them all.


Back at Juanita's, the hit man has brought Pilar in. Juanita says she will finally get the punishment she deserves for killing her family. Juanita asks about Theresa, who somehow escaped. Theresa however is outside, saying she's coming to rescue her moma! Juanita demands to know where Theresa is. Pilar says even if she knew, she wouldn't tell her. Juanita says her attempted escape was foolish. Pilar says she hopes Theresa is far far away. Juanita says as long as she is alive, no one in Pilar's family is safe. She says she won't rest until she kills them all. Theresa meanwhile wonders how to save momma and get back to Harmony. Juanita has Pilar tied to a chair. She plans to torture her in order to get her to tell her where her family lives. Juanita brings out a tazer to start off with. Juanita tells her to tell her where her family is, or the pain begins. Pilar says do her worst! Theresa blurts out "No!" Juanita hears this and sends the hit man outside, but Theresa hides from him. She doesn't know if she should run or what. However she hears Pilar being tortured and can't leave. She runs to save her mother and is captured by the hit man! Theresa fights him and screams to her mom that she is coming. Theresa breaks free, runs in, grabs the tazer and tazes both Juanita and the hit man. She then drags her mom out, but Juanita gets up and holds a gun on them. Juanita says that stunt will add an hour of misery to her existence before she puts her out of her misery. Juanita says she has become an expert at torture, she will get them to talk and tell them where their family lives. Theresa says she won't break them. Juanita says she's broken trained killers and undercover agents. Theresa, still holding the tazer, manages to taze Juanita again and her and Pilar run. Juanita is furious and vows to find Pilar and kill her and her family. 


They make it back to the docks. Pilar is in pain, she tells Theresa to just go. Theresa says no. She says there is a boat anchored out in the water, she'll go get the boat for them. Pilar tells Theresa go and not come back for her. Theresa says she will be right back. Theresa jumps in the water to go get the boat.  As she swims to it, Pilar sees a sign warning of sharks! Pilar screams to Theresa to come back. Theresa doesn't hear, and a shark is headed straight for her! Suddenly she sees it circling her.


February 5, 2008

At the mansion, Esme keeps fawning over Viky saying everywhere she looks there is death and destruction. She is really worried about her. She says if they weren't in freeloader heaven then she'd try and get her out of here. Sam shows up and asks Julian to talk. He says these attacks have taken a toll on Julian's family, would he risk his life to capture the killer? Julian would do anything to capture the murderer of his son. Sam has a plan to lure the killer out into the open. Sam says they have to keep this quiet though, they don't want the killer knowing they are after him. Julian says he's in. Esme hears this and asks what they are up to. Sam thinks it's okay that they know. Before Sam speaks, Esme sends Viki to the kitchen to get some ice cream for herself, and maybe some for her too. Viki leaves, Sam tells Esme he has a plan to capture the killer . . . they will use Julian as bait. Esme grabs Julian and says her Julian? Gorgeous, rich elderly Julian? She says no! Julian says Fox's killer must be caught, it's a risk he has to take. Sam says he'll make all the arrangements. Julian leaves and Viki shows up as Esme is telling Sam she can handle this. She says she's been growing up a lot lately. She says she hates it, but protecting Viki is her responsibility. She says catching this killer will keep Viki safe. Viki hears this. Esem tells Viki not to worry, Sam will catch the killer, he always does. Sam says well . . . .Esme makes him say he always does! Esme then tells Viki it's time for her beautify sleep. She takes Viki off to bed. Sam then makes a call for the trap to be set. 


Eve is at home boozing it up yet again. Vincent comes in and says mommy it's time for his gynecological exam. Eve says she should send a letter to her med school alumni magazine, how to give a gynecological exam to your dead son. He asks why she's drinking, she just got out of rehab. Eve says when Britney started drinking they took her kids away, maybe she could be so lucky! Vincent asks if we are down in the dumps? He take the bottle away and won't give her the booze, she shouldn't be drinking. Eve begins recap what is going on between them, saying why would anyone want a drink in this situation? Vincent says enough with the booze, she needs to be at her best to exam him. He says most doctors would love to look at what he has, besides this is her grandchild. Eve says that is what they are calling the little freak? Vincent says he doesn't like that word. Eve says get used to it, once news gets out he'll have to put up with worse names than that. Eve wonders if grandchild is even an accurate description? She says it will be her grandchild, but also Vincent's sibling, that makes it her child? Her half child? She says it's more simple for Julian, he's the father and grandfather. Vincent says he'll explain it carefully so they are all on the same page. Eve says just forget it. Vincent says what they have to hope for is that the truth never comes out, if it does then his plan will be ruined. He says if it is ruined, then he'll have to kill daddy and everyone else in Harmony. 


Later Eve gives him an exam on her kitchen table! Eve makes jokes she's going in, to boldly go where no man has been before. She says then she remembered, Julian has been down here. Eve asks if he can at least dress as Valerie, this is disconcerting to be giving this exam to a man. Vincent asks his mommy if child birth really that painful? She says it's the most excruciating pain any woman will experience, and since he's a man and a woman, it could be twice as bad. Vincent says he can have drugs right. Eve says normally yes, but with his body being one of a kind, the drugs might do harm to him or the baby. Vincent says so it will be a natural childbirth, he can do that. Vincent think the baby will be so much fun. He talks about walks in the park, taking him or her to school. Eve says yes, the baby taking him to school for show-n-tell and Halloween. Vincent tells her to just finish up. She says she's seen all she needs to see. He asks how the baby is? Eve says nothing. He asks if something is wrong with the baby? Eve says no, the baby looks fine. Vincent asks why she's not happy then? Eve says because she's not happy. She says forget his criminal record, the rapes and the arson. She says think about this baby, their life will be sorrow and shame. She says remember how everyone thought Chad and Whitney's baby was a product of incest? She says it was all over the media in a few days. She says he's part Crane, so it will happen to him, but be so much worse. Eve says the one who will suffer the most is the poor child. Vincent says he'll protect the baby, nobody will know the truth. He says everyone will think Julian fathered a bastard with Valerie. Eve decides to check a few more things, to get some samples and send some things to the lab. He yelps, saying that hurts. She says shut up or she'll give him a prostate exam as well! 


Julian soon shows up in Eve's backyard. He hopes that rehab has given her clarity and she'll talk to him. Back inside, Eve is telling Vincent to move that stuff out of the way, she doesn't need to see that in a gynecological exam. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Eve realizes it is Julian. Vincent says daddy can't see him this way, or he'll have to kill him. Julian meanwhile looks in through the window. 

Back at the mansion, Pretty sneaks into Fancy's room as she sleeps. She sits on her bed and looks at her. Fancy wakes up and asks what is it? Pretty was checking on Fancy after everything she did tonight. Fancy says she doesn't remember anything. Pretty says she was horrible to Aunt Sheridan, Luis and Marty . . . then she tried to seduce Noah. Fancy says she wouldn't do that. Noah shows up telling Fancy they have to talk. Paloma walks in too saying me first . . . you bitch! Paloma asks Fancy what is wrong with her? Pretty says she's having memory problems. Fancy says no it's coming back to her, somewhat. She doesn't know what she's done. Paloma says they used to be friends. She asks Fancy what is wrong with her? Pretty says to herself she knows! Fancy says it sounds crazy, she doesn't have very clear memories of what happened. Fancy says for what she did, she is so sorry. Paloma says it's a little too late for her apologies. She also doesn't want to hear Noah's excuses of magic and other things. Noah says he loves her. Paloma says he has a funny way of showing it. She says she thought Fancy broke up with Noah because he's a liar, but they are both liars. Pretty says there is enough grief in the world, they don't have to add to it. Pretty says Fancy is sick, let her explain. Paloma says every time she turns around Fancy has her tongue down Noah's throat and her hands all over the man she loves. Noah says you still love me? Paloma says she could never love anyone who keeps getting caught with another woman. Fancy tells them both she's sorry, she doesn't know what came over her. Noah tells Paloma it doesn't make sense, he wouldn't go running after Fancy when he's happy with her. Noah says think about all the crazy things that happen here. Paloma says here we go with the devil made me do it. She says more like the blond slut made him do it. She says she won't marry Noah, she hates him. She tells Noah it's over, and she tells Fancy how her brother got mixed up with a selfish witch like her she'll never know. Pretty meanwhile wonders if it's too soon to plan her and Luis' wedding. Fancy begs Paloma not to end things like this. Paloma says Fancy will regret this, you reap what you sow. Paloma says it will come back to her tenfold. Fancy says she can hardly remember what happened. Noah says she has to believe his apology. Paloma doesn't, she's found them both together too many times. She tells them both to go to hell. Paloma leaves. Fancy then tells Noah she doesn't understand what is happening to her. What is she turning into? Pretty tells herself anything she wants her to.  


In Mexico, Luis, Ethan and Miguel plan to show photos around to see if anyone has seen Theresa and Pilar. They all split up and begin searching. However they meet up later, they've found nothing, everyone is terrified of Juanita. Eventually Miguel gets some information on Juanita out a drunk, who told him where Juanita's house was. They go off to check it out. The men end up at Juanita's house, but it's empty. Ethan soon finds Theresa's watch on the floor. Miguel says so they were here. Luis sees sand all over the place. Ethan says there was no beach but there was a wharf. They take off.


Juanita and her hitman have packed a bag of guns to take with them to find Theresa and Pilar and kill them. Juanita decides to call the bus station, train station and police, shut down all roads and all ways out of town. Everything is shut down, and the hitman learns men are in town looking for Theresa and Pilar. Juanita says they'll deal with them when they can. Juanita then thinks they must have returned to the harbor, they have to find them.


At the docks, Pilar tries to warn Theresa of the sharks, but she's too late. Theresa soon screams as a shark circles her.  She says she won't let the shark kill her or take her from her children. She splashes around and the shark just leaves!  Theresa gets into the boat, but then the sharks come back. Theresa struggles to get the boat started, and it finally starts. Theresa gets back to the docks and to her mom. Theresa says they have to go. he then takes her mom to the boat.


Pilar and Theresa get into the boat, the sharks are still around. The boat won't start again. Meanwhile the men arrive at the docs and see them all out in the boat. Theresa finally gets the boat started. Pilar hears the men calling, but the motor soon drowns it out the sounds of them. Juanita and the hitman then show up.  She looks through her rifle out at the water to kill Pilar and Theresa.  Juanita hears the men yelling, she wonders what the racket it, it's ruining her concentration. Juanita shoots at the women, but misses. The men hear the shooting as well. Juanita  They try and signal to them to get out of here. Theresa and Pilar try and take cover and make it to the other side of an island. Juanita tells her hit man to get the rocket launcher! Juanita aims and shoots and the boat blows up! The men see this and think it's over. Juanita says she did it for Carlos, vengeance is hers. 




February 6,  2008


At Eve's, Eve and Vincent are hiding under the kitchen table as Julian is screaming to Eve to let him in! Vincent says he will kill Julian if he has to, he wants this baby and Julian won't let it happen. Julian is yelling at Eve to let him in, he knows what she's hiding. Vincent thinks he knows about him, but Eve says he may not have seen anything .She tells Vincent to hide and she'll get rid of Julian. Vincent says fine, but if Julian did see him, he hopes Eve has a nice black dress! Vincent grabs a knife and hides in the kitchen closet. Eve then goes and lets Julian in. Eve asks why he's here hammering on her door? Julian says he knows, he knows her secret, he saw. Eve says she's been trying to tell him the truth for months but he wouldn't listen. Julian says look at it, right out in the open. He points to the booze, he thinks this is her secret. He says she just got out of rehab and she's drinking again. Eve breaks out into laughter. He asks how she can live with herself? Eve says she hasn't been drinking. She says she hadn't just had a chance to clear things out since he kidnapped her and locked her in rehab. Julian doesn't believe that at all. Vincent moves around and is heard. Julian asks who that is? Is someone in the pantry? Who is she hiding in here? Julian yells whoever is in there come out. Julian goes to open it, the door is locked. Eve says leave it alone, maybe it was a mouse. Julian knows that was not a mouse. Julian keeps yelling he knows someone is in there so come out. Eve tells him he's not wanted here, leave. Julian says she may not want him here, but he still loves her very much. Julian goes to break open the door, which he does. Out walks Valerie! Valerie says Eve doesn't have to protect her from Julian. Julian is shocked. He asks why she was in the pantry. She says making her rounds trying to make sure Eve doesn't smuggle in any alcohol. She says the door closed behind her and locked her in. She says Eve has been such a good girl and hasn't had any alcohol. Julian asks then what this booze on the table is? He says Eve says it's been there since she came home from rehab. Valerie says that is true. She says she made Eve keep it around as a symbol. She says she can't be with Eve every moment. She says the bottle is a temptation, Eve has to learn to resist. Julian says in Eve's case keeping this here isn't a good idea, they should pour it out. Valerie says if he says so and pours it out. She says she's so happy her baby has such a wise daddy, and she kisses Julian. Eve thinks she gave birth to a monster! 


Later Julian is gone and Vincent is back in his regular outfit. Eve of course is drinking again. She tells Vincent he's disgusting, that kiss . . . . Vincent says can't he show his father affection? Eve says Julian doesn't know he's alive and he thinks Valerie is a real woman. Vincent says he is a real woman. Eve says the kiss was sick, it was a kiss for a lover. Vincent says he is his lover. Eve says and his father, this is sick. Vincent says they are a loving family. Vincent tells Eve he knows they won't agree because she doesn't understand. He pours her another drink. He says get hammered, maybe it will make her forget their own little Peyton Place. Eve tells herself this has to be a dream, but why can't she wake up?

At Tabitha's, Kay is not sure what t do. She thinks it would be okay if she used the bowl to just look in and see how Miguel is doing. She looks in the bowl, but it's empty. She wonders if that means the magic has evaporated too? Kay decides to fill it up. She does and tells the bowl to show her Miguel. Se sees Miguel facing off with Juanita down in Mexico. She knows she promised not to use magic, but this is an emergency. She sees Miguel needs to be saved and says this has gone far enough. She goes to the spell book to find a spell to use. 


Gwen is on a plane headed to Mexico. She knows if Ethan finds out she and her mom were blackmailing Theresa and Pilar . . . She says this is what she gets for listening to her mother. She then asks God for a little help here, it would be nice if Pilar and Theresa were already dead by time Ethan got there. Gwen has a fantasy of Ethan confronting her, asking if she blackmailed them, is she the reason they were almost killed? Gwen says almost, damn! Ethan demands Gwen explain herself, was she blackmailing them, is she the reason Theresa went down there and almost died. Gwen claims she doesn't know what he's talking about . Ethan says he was giving her a chance to confess, he already knows everything. He says Pilar and Theresa told him everything. He says she was going to let their whole family die, not only the adults but the children. Ethan says Juanita has nothing on Gwen, she's sick, how does she live with herself. Gwen snaps too. She says she can't lose Ethan, she's basically sold her soul to keep him. Back to her fantasy, Gwen tells Ethan she loves him, she never hurt anyone, everything she's done has been to protect him. Ethan says you admit it then, you were blackmailing her. He says she is despicable and evil. Gwen says she's still his wife. Ethan says not anymore. Ethan says he's been in Mexico, land of the quickie divorce. He says as soon as they rescued Pilar and Theresa, he went to get a divorce. He says it was the best five hundred dollars he spent, he even got a shot of tequila with it. He says after he divorced her, he married Theresa. He says he doesn't want to see her face anywhere. He says he's never hit a woman, but he might make an exception for her. He says she's an evil woman, he doesn't want her in his or Jonathan's life. He says he's taking Jonathan from her and Theresa will raise him. Ethan walks out as Gwen screams not to leave her, she can't live without him. Gwen says she can't lose Ethan, she's worked too hard to get this far. The plane begins its decent, Gwen just hopes she can find Ethan before he learns the truth.


On the docks in Mexico, we see a replay of Juanita firing the rocket and exploding the boat as Ethan, Luis and Miguel watch. They can't believe this. This ship is burning, Luis can't see anyone in the water. Luis and Ethan decide to swim out, Miguel goes after who fired the rocket. Juanita meanwhile looks out in the water to see what she can see, hoping Pilar felt some pain as she died. A body is floating in the water. Juanita sees this and is overjoyed. She can't tell who it is though. She thinks Pilar and Theresa are dead. However she soon realizes Pilar is out there and still alive. She grabs her rifle to shoot at her again. However smoke from the explosion blocks her view. Before she can shoot, Miguel shows up and tells her to freeze, holding a gun on her. However he hears shots elsewhere, and the hit man knocks his gun out and grabs him. Juanita plans to kill Miguel for interfering with her vengeance. Miguel screams she can't murder anyone she likes. Juanita begs to differ. She tells him to stop struggling and moving around, it will be over in a moment. Miguel yells go to hell! Suddenly green smoke hits them from Kay's spell. It comes out of her mouth, goes into the bowl and hits them all. They all wonder what that is. The hit man says it's demons, the work of the devil. The hit man screams and runs off. Juanita tells Miguel to say his prayers. She goes to shoot him, but her gun is jammed. Miguel grabs his gun and then holds it on Juanita. She asks who he is? He says Pilar's son Miguel. Juanita thinks another target. Miguel makes her get up and move. He ends up tying her up. She says his ropes won't hold her. She wonders where that dust came from, she doesn't understand. Miguel thinks he knows. He asks Kay if that is her? Did she use magic? Kay is watching and thinks she's in trouble. Juanita asks Miguel who he's talking to? Who is Kay? Miguel tells Juanita to shut up.



Back at Tabitha's, Kay watches as in the bowl as Miguel wonders if she's watching him. Kay says Miguel knows she used magic, soon Tabitha will too. She needs to empty the bowl, but it's too heavy to lift. She looks for a spell to help her. Suddenly the green smoke comes out of the bowl and conjures up a pair of demonic eyes. Kay realizes she could empty the bowl with a pan, but why bother. She casts a spell to turn the water into steam. It seems to work, but makes Kay's hair all frizzy. She says she guesses it could be worse. The bowl is dry, Kay thinks the evidence she performed magic is gone. She decides to go to bed. Suddenly she thinks someone is in the kitchen. She feels like she's being watched. She asks if someone is there? She then thinks she's just paranoid. She says when Miguel returns he'll find no signs of magic here.


Meanwhile in the ocean, Ethan and Luis swim out to the boat, but end up seeing the sharks in the water. Ethan asks if they should punch it in the nose. Luis doesn't think that will work. Luis has a gun and hopes it still works. He fires at the shark. Ethan also has a gun and tries to shoot. More sharks show up, so they swim for it. They eventually get to the debris site. Luis finds Pilar floating on her back. Luis says she's barely breathing. Ethan wonders where Theresa is. Suddenly the sharks return! Ethan says he'll distract the sharks, Luis should go with Pilar. 


Luis gets back to the docks with Pilar. Miguel leaves Juanita to check on them. Luis says she's not breathing. Juanita says excellent! Luis tells Juanita he'll deal with her later. They work to do CPR on Pilar.  Juanita says give up, if they save her she'll just have to kill her again! Juanita tells them to give up, throw her to the sharks. They keep trying to save Pilar, but it doesn't look good. Soon however it seems to be working. Pilar soon spits up water. She's alive, which makes Juanita scream. Pilar asks where Theresa is? Juanita says she is dead, the sharks are tearing her to pieces. 


Meanwhile Gwen finally shows up on the wharf looking for Ethan. She wonders what is going on, there is explosions and gunfire. She then spots Luis and Miguel trying to save Pilar. She wonders where Ethan is. She soon sees he's in the water with sharks. Back in the water, Ethan's gun is stopped working. He yells and says if Theresa can hear him to swim to shore now! Ethan starts smacking the sharks with boards. Meanwhile Gwen is screaming for someone to help Ethan. She thinks Ethan will die and it's all her fault. Ethan is trying to scream to Theresa if she can hear him to get to shore. 


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