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2nd Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


February 11, 2008

At Tabitha's, Kay is unable to sleep. She's still worried about Miguel. She goes to the kitchen to make some tea.  Suddenly the demon elf appears in the kitchen! He hides from Kay and starts using magic to cause problems. He says the stupid witch didn't know she summoned him back through the portal. He says he'll teach her to interfere, and causes the stove to blow up. The water almost scalds Kay, but she had Miguel's robe on and it protected her. Tabitha shows up, in a face mask and her hair in curlers. She says without magic to stop her body clock, she's using mortal means to stay young. Tabitha asks what happened? Kay says the kettle on the stove exploded. Tabitha finds fingerprints on the knob, and neither witch nor mortal prints. Tabitha tells the evil little lawn gnome to come out. Tabitha tells Kay the demon elf is back. He finally comes out. Tabitha asks why he's here? The demon elf says Kay summoned him with the magic bowl. Tabitha learns Kay did a spell when her back was turned. Tabitha says she summoned him back! Kay says not intentionally. Tabitha says the point is he is here, and now they have to send him packing. The demon elf starts banging pots and pans and singing. Kay tells Tabitha that she used magic, but she didn't mean to summon that off-key smurf. The demon elf says he's hungry and goes looking for food, saying he has a lot of chaos planned for Harmony. Tabitha asks Kay why she used magic? She says to save Miguel's life. He says but she summoned the houseguest from hell! The demon elf starts poking around and looking for Fluffy. He's setting traps to catch Fluffy. Tabitha says stop that, however evil they are, they must be kind to animals. She then gives the elf some devils food brownies. Tabitha then tells Kay this is why she didn't want her doing magic alone, it's her inexperience that's brought the elf back into their lives. Tabitha says they have to find a way to dispatch him. Kay suggests a one way ticket to sin city. Tabitha says they'll need magic, but Kay says they can't. She says they promised Miguel they wouldn't. Tabitha says she already promised Miguel that and broke it. Kay says two wrongs don't make a right. She says she'll get rid of him without magic. Later Tabitha and Kay are doing something with herbs and ingredients. The elf watches and says they are wasting their time. Tabitha says in theory the herbs and incense should send him back to the other world. Kay dumps them on him and says go to hell. He just laughs, but soon starts coughing uncontrollably. However it was all a trick. He asks where his daytime emmy is? He says it will take more than incense and herbs to get rid of him. He can't wait to tell the witches of eastwick what morons they are trying to get rid of him with herbs. Suddenly he seems to be coughing for real. The house shakes and the elf bursts into dust. Kay thinks the elf is gone and they didn't need magic at all.  Tabitha and Kay leave, and the elf returns smoking a cigar! 


At the mansion, Julian is wearing a bullet proof vest. Sam thinks that the killer made a mistake in attacking Rebecca, perhaps they were trying to kill Esme. Sam thinks the killer is upset that she hasn't taken the hint to stop seeing people. Sam hopes this time they'll catch the killer. Esme has made martinis and says she'll drink to that. Sam tells Julian he has nothing to worry about, he has officers in the bathroom and the closet. Esme asks if Julian has to wear this vest, it's a turn off. Sam says it's for his own protection. Sam asks if he's up for this? Esme says she has his blue pills right here. Sam says he meant Julian risking his life to catch the killer. Julian says he is. Esme tells Julian he's such a turn on and kisses him. Sam thinks there are some things he should have to see. He grabs one of Esme's martinis and downs it. Sam decides to take leave. 


Sam sees someone in the hall and runs after them. He bursts into the room they enter, gun drawn. It turns for it that it's Ivy! She says they haven't had time alone lately. He says she came here for a quickie? HE says he has work to do. She kisses him and says she knows, hard work! She tells Sam to just take her into custody. They soon begin making love. Later she tells him how he worked up quite a sweat. He says it wasn't work, it was amazing. She says she loves him. He says he loves her too, but then remembers he's supposed to be on duty! He gets up to get dressed. Ivy tells him to be careful. HE says she needs to be careful too, the attacker is still on the loose. He says he'll have an officer escort her home, he doesn't want to take a chance with her. After Sam leaves, we see someone spying on Ivy. Ivy gets dressed, but can't stop thinking about Sam. The killer is still spying n her though.


Back in Julian and Esme's room, Esme and Julian try to figure out a plan, how to trap the killer. Julian says it must look natural. He says they'll move slowly, dinner and dancing and then move to the bedroom. She asks how they will have sex with this vest on him? He doesn't know if things will go that far. She says but she's always  wanted to have sex under surveillance. She tries to seduce him, but he stops it. He says he has a lot on his mind, such as Valerie and her baby. Esme says she's sorry, she didn't mean to emasculate him. She says later to herself she'll do that if she marries him. Later Sam shows up and asks if they have a plan? Julian says they'll take it slowly. Sam says when they get started doing whatever they are going to do, and the attacker strikes, they will be here to capture him or her. Julian and Esme soon get started with their romantic dinner.

Down in Mexico, Gwen is on the docks watching the sharks get closer to Ethan. Meanwhile Miguel and Luis talks to Juanita ands let her know Pilar is still alive. She says that woman has more lives than a cat. Luis asks why she wants to see his mother and sister dead? She says they both deserve to die and she will make sure they don't return to the States alive. Luis says she is a pathetic excuse for a human. Gwen suddenly shows up. She says Ethan is out there surrounded by sharks. She begs then to help them. Luis says just keep Juanita away from mama. The men head out.


Gwen is left with Juanita. Gwen won't talk to her, saying she knows who she is. Rebecca calls to find out what happened. Gwen says Theresa is missing in the ocean and Ethan is looking for her. She says Pilar is alive though. Rebecca says if Theresa could be dead, then she must kill Pilar! Rebecca says she has to get rid of Pilar before she tells Ethan the truth. Juanita watches as Gwen is on the phone and tries to figure out what is going. Gwen says she won't kill Pilar, they are in enough trouble as is having brought Juanita into this. She says she loves Ethan and can't lose him now. She says she can't talk now, she's worried about Ethan. Rebecca says worry about the two of them because if Pilar talks they will be in deep doo doo. Gwen won't kill Pilar. Rebecca says she has to, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Gwen says what if Theresa is alive and she tells Ethan anyway. Rebecca says even a bony little like Theresa is a meal to a shark. Gwen can't hear her, she turns her phone up and on speaker phone as Rebecca repeats this. Juanita hears the voice and recognizes it, realizing Gwen and her mother blackmailed Pilar and Theresa. Gwen keeps arguing with her mom, saying if she wanted to kill Pilar, she can't as she's here with Juanita. Rebecca says Juanita Vasquez? Rebecca says it was nice knowing her, it's over for them. She says she's packing her bags and getting out of Harmony. Rebecca then hangs up on her! Gwen looks over at Juanita. She knows who Gwen is, she is Theresa's nemesis and blackmailed Pilar. Juanita says if she doesn't let her go then she'll expose her and her secret. Gwen thinks she's lying. Juanita says Gwen's mother is the one who called her to tell her that Pilar was alive and in the States. Gwen realizes Juanita is trouble. Juanita says she knows from Theresa that she is in love with the same man as Theresa, and she knows what she did to keep them apart. Gwen says so if she lets Juanita go, she won't tell Ethan and Theresa? Juanita says there is no other choice. Gwen says she could kill her, but Juanita knows she doesn't have the stomach for that. She says release her, or she and her mother will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Gwen says nobody will believe her, she's a mob boss. Juanita says but Pilar will back up her story. Gwen knows she's right, she just has to hope they save Ethan. Juanita says she will make sure Ethan hates her, unless she lets her go. Gwen tells her to just shut up!


Back in Harmony, Rebecca is packing all her sex toys and gadgets. She says she is not going to the pokey where she won't get any pokey. Suddenly it seems the killer is spying on Rebecca. The killer however goes back and approaches Ivy from behind. Later Sam hears Ivy screaming!

In the waters in Mexico, Luis and Miguel are out in the boat. Luis is on the phone with the Mexican PD about sending a chopper out to help look for Ethan and Theresa. Unfortunately a tanker exploded off the coast and it's sent out there to search and rescue. The boat stops, Miguel thinks something is in the propeller. Luis says he'll dive down and check. A net is caught up in the propeller. Luis works to free the boat. Miguel keeps a lookout, a shark comes! Miguel tries to signal Luis, but he's under the water. Luis is soon dragged under the water. He struggles to get back to the boat. Miguel jumps in with a gun to save him. Miguel soon saves his brother. Luis is bleeding, he was bit on his leg, but he gets him back to the boat. Luis won't give up the search, he won't turn back. Luis then sees a body in the water.


In the water, Theresa hears Ethan and shouts to him. Ethan swims to her and they hug. She asks how he knew she was here. He says he got a call she was here and in trouble. He says she is his reason for living, he has to come down here. Suddenly the sharks circle and Theresa screams. Ethan tells her to go to shore and he'll distract them. She won't leave him, she says he's everything to her. Ethan says she's crazy, so hang on and pray.  They keep telling one another how much they love the other. Ethan soon begins fighting off the sharks with his bare hands. After Ethan gets rid of the sharks, he soon realizes Theresa is gone! Ethan shouts for her, but the sharks return and he's pulled under.  

Miguel and Luis pull a body into the boat, it's covered in seaweed and nets and stuff, so we don't see who it is. They soon arrive on shore with a body. Gwen stands there and thinks someone is dead, is it Ethan or Theresa?


February 12, 2008

On the docks in Mexico, Gwen watches as Miguel and Luis try and find out who the body is and if they are dead. Juanita hopes it is Theresa, one less person for her to kill. Miguel tells her to shut up or he'll throw her to the sharks! It turns out it is Ethan. Gwen sees that Ethan is not breathing. Luis calls for EMS, but doesn't know how to tell them to get here. Gwen tries CPR on Ethan as Juanita says even if she saves him, she'll make sure Ethan isn't hers! Miguel again confronts Juanita, asking why she tried to kill his mother and Theresa, what did they do to her? Gwen meanwhile is still trying to save Ethan with CPR. He soon spits up water . . . he's alive! The first things out of his mouth are "Gwen . . .where is Theresa? Is she okay?" Luis and Miguel say they don't know, they didn't find her. Gwen says he almost died. Ethan says but he found her, another shark came by and then he lost her. He says he thinks the current took her out to sea. He says then another shark came and then she was gone. Gwen asks how he ended up in this tarp. Ethan doesn't know. He says it doesn't matter, they have to find Theresa. Miguel says he'll rejoin the search. Luis wants to as well, but Miguel says he's hurt. Luis thinks he's fine.  Luis tells them to stay here, watch Pilar and Juanita. Ethan hopes that they find Theresa, he can't lose her. Gwen just shakes her head.


Out in the water, we see Theresa's body floating. Later she comes to, she's alive! She also sees lights in the distance. She says she is coming. Meanwhile Luis and Miguel are back in the boat looking for Theresa. Luis calls the Mexican authorities to help with the search. The helicopter is back and they have more boats in the water. As Theresa is making her way to shore, more sharks show up! Back in the boat, Miguel and Luis see something out in the water. 


Back on the docks. Ethan keeps telling Gwen that they have to find Theresa. Gwen says they can only hope for the best. To herself she says that she hopes washes up on shore like a dead squid. He asks where Jonathan is? She says with her mom and nannies at the mansion. Juanita keeps listening in. Gwen says she had to come help him, she and Jonathan love him. Ethan just says if he loses Theresa then he loses everything. Gwen looks at Juanita who is smiling. Ethan wants to go help look for Theresa, but he's too hurt to do so. Gwen tells him to rest and she'll get him some water. Gwen wonders what kind of person she's turning into, hoping Pilar doesn't wake up and that Theresa is dead jsut so she can be with Ethan. Suddenly Pilar arrives, slaps Gwen and says she and her bitch of a mother will pay for what they've done to her and Theresa! Ethan hasn't heard the outburst, he's looking out at the water and sees the sharks are circling something. Pilar and Gwen argue, Pilar knows Gwen hopes Theresa is dead and wanted her dead so she and Rebecca aren't exposed. Gwen says she loves Ethan and wants a life with him. Pilar doesn't care, Theresa loves Ethan too. Gwen says whenever Ethan is involved with Theresa, tragedy follows. Juanita says Ethan isn't alone, she'll make sure tragedy comes to both their lives! Pilar tells Juanita if anyone should end up dead tonight it should be her. Juanita says Pilar is responsible for the death of her husband and children, and she says Gwen is no better. Juanita says Gwen will never have Ethan, she'll let him know it's her fault Theresa was eaten alive. Gwen thinks maybe she and Pilar should kill Juanita together! Pilar says Juanita will go to prison for killing her sister and her nephews, and as for Gwen . . . payback is a bitch and she's looking at her! 


Back in the water, the sharks circle Theresa, but for some reason leave her. Meanwhile Luis and Miguel have only found more debris in the water. Luis is frustrated, there is still no sign of Theresa. Luis decides they need to head back to shore and check on the others.  They return to the docks to tell Ethan there is still no sign of Theresa. Theresa meanwhile climbs back to the docks somewhere and is alive! Meanwhile Luis gets a call, it's not good news. The search has found nothing. Luis is worried they'll call off the search soon. Ethan knows she's out there. He yells for her. Theresa is in the distance and says she's coming! 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Kay find the demon elf back and destroying all their dishes. Tabitha tells him to stop breaking her dishes unless he wants to share Fluffy's breakfast bowl. He says fine, so turns to doing things with her curtains. Tabitha says not them, Betsy Ross sewed them for her. Kay then sees Noah and Paloma are headed this way. Kay says if they see this, they'll know they are witches. The demon elf says in that case . . . he makes the dishes and curtains fly. Tabitha tells Kay this isn't good, they'll be revealed to Noah and Paloma as witches. Tabitha tells the elf that if he doesn't stop, when he and Kay are burned at the stake she'll make sure he's a fire starter! Kay looks out the door and sees Noah and Paloma are still coming. Tabitha warns the elf to stop this or suffer her wrath! Fire blows out of her nose.


Noah and Paloma storm in. Paloma wants Noah to stop following her. Noah has flowers, he is saying Fancy was the one chasing after him. Noah and Paloma both use Kay to play the "Tell Paloma" "Tell Noah" game. Tabitha tells the elf as he can see, they have plenty of Chaos around here without having to add to it. Paloma threatens to take a restraining order out against him. He says he's trying to prove he loves her. Paloma says flowers and chocolate won't help. Tabitha says chocolate? She says she'll take it if Paloma won't have any. Paloma gives it to her and Tabitha digs in. Noah continues to beg Paloma to forgive him. Paloma thinks to herself that she wants to believe him, she wants to forget this happened, but she can't. Paloma tells Noah that even if she wanted to forgive him, this is the second time she found him with Fancy. Noah says strange things do happen, remember what happened to them here in the attic? He says even Luis says Fancy is acting strange. He says maybe something like a bug is going around. The elf meanwhile makes the table levitate and Tabitha tries to hold it down. Noah continues to beg Paloma to look into his eyes and believe he loves her. He says he'd never intentionally hurt her, he loves her. Kay tells Paloma that she went through this with Miguel when he thought she was cheating with Charity, but it was one of Fox's schemes not to lose him. She thinks maybe Noah is a victim of Fancy being weird too, so give Noah a chance. Paloma thinks maybe Kay has a point. Noah says then she'll trust in his love for her? Tabitha and Kay continue to try and keep the table down. He finally stops when Tabitha offers to make him some delicious pygmies in a blanket for him. Kay opens her mouth and is glad he's stopped, he could have caused trouble for Noah and Paloma. That gives the imp an idea! The elf casts a spell on Noah. Paloma says she'll forgive him if he can swear that he loves her and kissing Fancy meant nothing. Noah says he loves her, he doesn't care that Fancy is a better kisser. Paloma doesn't want to hear this. He says don't be insulted, with practice she can become a better lover. He is just trying to help her, he knows she wouldn't want him to be bored for the next fifty years. Kay interrupts, she says Noah doesn't know what he's saying, he's just exhausted from trying to convince her that he loves her. Noah snaps out, he says something weird happened, of course he loves the way she kisses. Paloma wonders why all these weird things break her heart? Noah says no one in their right mind would say what he did to her. He asks if they are okay? The demon elf says this is a loosing battle! He causes a fruit bowl to blow up, as Tabitha yells to everyone to duck! Paloma asks what just happened? Tabitha can't say. Noah says this is just another weird thing to happen here. Paloma tells Noah she just can't do it anymore. She says leave her alone and storms out. Tabitha tells Kay that Noah and Paloma is in jeopardy because Kay won't use magic to send the elf to the other side. 


In the mansion, Sam looks for where the scream came from. He rushes into the room where Ivy was, she's on the floor out cold. Julian and Esme are with him. Sam calls EMS, it seems Ivy has been stabbed. Julian wonders why the killer would attack Ivy? Viki is spying and says to distract Sam!  Viki runs to hide as Esme bandages Ivy's wounds. She was only cut on the arm, then she fainted before she could see the attacker. Julian says if Vincent wasn't dead then he'd expect him. They then hear a sound, like someone dragging something. Julian says what if the attacker struck again and disposed of a body. 


Sam rushes out in the hall chasing someone. Viki hides around a corner from him.  Sam tackles someone, it's Rebecca! Rebecca says normally she'd love a strip search, but she doesn't have time. He asks what is with this trunk? She says she's going away on a trip, last minute. He looks at her toys and says normally he'd ask where she's going, but he thinks it is best he not know! Sam tells Rebecca Ivy was attacked. She says sexually? She heard grunting and groaning earlier. Sam says he meant she was stabbed like Rebecca. Rebecca says with a long hard shaft of steel, and not in a good way? Sam says yes. Esme looks into the hall to see what is going on. Rebecca says she's on her way out of town now, sorry but she doesn't have time, well maybe just a quick make out session. Viki soon approaches Esme, having left her knife on a nearby counter! Viki runs to Esme's arms and pretends to be scared. Esme offers her some ear plugs to stop all the noise. Meanwhile Sam thinks she's not bringing many clothes for a trip. She says she's going to a clothing optional resort, would he like to come? Sam wonders why she's in such a rush to leave? Rebecca remembers her call with Gwen. Sam asks if she stabbed Ivy and decided to run? She says of course she wouldn't stab Ivy, she was stabbed by the same attacker. Sam says he believes her. He says about her trip, he doesn't want her leaving Harmony. She asks why not? He says he's the chief and he says so. She says can they at least do the clothing optional thing? A hot oil rub? He says no. She says he's ruined her vacation! 


Julian and Ivy talk about Sam's plan to catch the attacker. Ivy thinks he's brave to do this. Julian feels he let Fox down, so he's trying to atone for it. Ivy thinks Fox is proud of her and Esme. Sam comes in and updates them on Rebecca trying to leave. He thinks Rebecca is afraid for her life. Sam wants to go through with the plan still. Esme, who is there, thinks she should get Viki back to her room.

Outside Viki holds the knife behind her back as she talks to Rebecca about how strange she is dragging that trunk around. Rebecca decides to go get a drink. She says sweet dreams and runs off. Viki says her dream is for everyone to leave her and Aunt Esme alone, she's hers! Rebecca returns and wonders who she's talking to? Viki says just to herself. Viki says she wants Aunt Esme to come with her to her room so she knows it's safe to go back to sleep. Rebecca understands, having been an innocent victim of that attacker. Viki says to herself she made a mistake, get over it. Esme comes out and takes Viki back to her room. Rebecca tells herself that kid gives her the creeps. 

Esme and Julian return to their dinner, as Viki sneaks around outside with a knife watching. Julian is telling Esme how he hopes they catch this killer. Viki tells herself that no one will ever catch her. Later Sam comes to see Julian and Esme. He's taking Ivy to the hospital, but there are plenty of men here to help capture the killer. After Sam leaves, Viki returns to spying on Esme and Julian. Julian and Esme are worried about going on with this plan. Viki says nobody will catch her, Julian will be dead and she'll be with Aunt Esme. 



February 13,  2008

Down in Mexico, the helicopters are still searching the water. Pilar tells Juanita and Gwen that Theresa could be dead because of them. She slaps Juanita and says she'll pay for what she's done. Juanita says she'll regret that, her last hours will be painful. Pilar says she is not afraid of her anymore, she'll see her rot in hell. She then tells Gwen that she claims to have this great love for Ethan. Pilar says when you love someone, you protect them from harm. She says look at Ethan, he's in agony because of her. What kind of love is that? Meanwhile the men are discussing finding Theresa. Ethan says he has to have hope that Theresa is alive. Miguel says it wouldn't hurt if they prayed. Ethan says they don't need to pray, they need to have hope. He knows she's out there. Pilar joins the men as Ethan says Theresa is out there and they have to find her. Ethan soon sees someone is coming.  It's not Theresa though, it's just a rescue worker. 


Juanita is wishing everyone would speak up, but Gwen has heard enough. Juanita says always get as much information as you can, that way you avoid mistakes. Gwen says she isn't the one tied up. Juanita says Gwen is in more trouble than she is, saying Ethan is soon about to find out what she and her mother did, that she's to blame for Theresa's death and that Ethan will hate her. She says even in death, Theresa wins! Juanita says if Theresa dies, Pilar will have her locked up and tell Ethan what she did. She says if Theresa lives, Pilar will still have her locked up and Theresa will tell Ethan what happened. Ethan confronts Gwen and asks why Theresa came here, who Juanita is and what is her connection to the family, and what does Gwen know about all of this? He says he's waiting for an explanation. She claims she only came here because she was worried about him. She says he is her son's father and still her husband, this woman has done everything you can think of from kidnappings to murder to drugs. Juanita says nobody has been able to convict her of anything. She tells herself Gwen will still lose Ethan.  Meanwhile Miguel and Luis ask Pilar about who this woman is, how they are connected and why did she try and kill them? Pilar explains that this is all her fault, for years she tried to protect them, but it was for nothing. Miguel says they deserve the truth. Pilar says okay, she'll tell them everything.


Theresa is on a dock somewhere and she sees Ethan in the distance. She is trying to get to him. She keeps trying to scream she is here and not to go. Theresa however is weak and is on the verge of collapsing. Theresa stops to rest for a bit. She keeps making progress to get to her family. She keeps getting closer and thinks she sees them, but soon passes out. Later we see Theresa get back up and continue crawling to Ethan. She crawls out to them and calls out to Ethan. Ethan rushes to her and holds her. Ethan thought he lost her. She says she has to tell him everything. He says it doesn't matter, all that matters is that she's here and alive. 


Meanwhile Juanita tells Gwen that Mexico is a vast country and it's easy for her to lose herself here. She says Gwen better start running as Theresa is going to start talking soon. Meanwhile, Theresa goes to hug her mother and brothers. Luis needs answers, as does Ethan. Theresa says ask Gwen how she put them all in danger. Juanita tells Gwen if she's going to run, now would be a good time. Theresa asks Gwen if she's having trouble speaking? She didn't when she was threatening her family. Theresa says then it is up to her then. She says it all started when Gwen came back to Harmony, she wanted Ethan back and set out to tear them apart. She says she and Rebecca found something awful about mama's past, something to do with this woman. Theresa explains Juanita blames mama for a tragedy that happened to her family, she has been on a vendetta to kill Pilar and her whole family, including the children. She says Gwen threatened to tell Juanita where they were if she didn't stay away from him. She also says she had a secret she's wanted to tell him, but Gwen hasn't let her. She says in the cabin there was no other man in the bedroom, he is the only one she loved. Ethan is in shock over all of this, he just can't believe it. Theresa says there is plenty of proof. She says the nights Jonathan was so sick, he thought she didn't care about him. She says she however saved Jonathan. Ethan asks how. Theresa says the donor was Little Ethan. Ethan says that is impossible, it had to be a family member. Theresa finally tells Ethan that Little Ethan is his son, Gwen wouldn't let her tell him. Theresa says she didn't know for years, and she wanted to tell him, but she had to protect their family. Ethan asks Gwen if this is true? Gwen says yes! Ethan says he loves Theresa  and he is so happy. Ethan tells Theresa that he owes her everything, she saved Jonathan and gave him another son. He says he's always loved him like he's his own son. Theresa says he can't wait to call him daddy, he knows and is so proud. Ethan as well as Luis and Miguel, confront Gwen. Ethan can't believe she risked Jonathan's life to keep him from knowing about Little Ethan! He calls her a pathetic excuse of a woman. Gwen says she was going to tell him. He says when, when Jonathan was dead? Ethan says he will get full custody of Jonathan, he won't know her name or be a mother to him. Ethan tells Theresa it is over, he'll be with her forever. Theresa says her dreams have come true, and they kiss. (Why do I have a bad feeling this is a fantasy?)


At the police department, Paloma is working on the computers. She hopes everyone in Mexico is okay, why haven't they left her a message. She looks at a photo of her and Noah. She say she loved him so much. Suddenly she hears music. She goes to look out the window. Noah is standing outside with a radio going and holding a sign that says he loves her and can't lose her. Paloma says she does love him, but it's just too late. She ignores him and goes back to work, trying to find any news on her family down in Mexico. She is worried sick about them. Noah soon shows up with flowers, begging her to hear him out. He says they can't let it end like this. She says they are beautiful, why doesn't he find Fancy and give them to her. He begs her for a chance, but she says she's tired of listening to his excuses over and over again. She says her family is in danger and she doesn't know where they are. She tells him to just get out. He doesn't leave, which upsets Paloma. She says this is a major investigation, he needs to go. Noah won't, he can see she's upset and shouldn't be alone. He says maybe he can help her. He says he wanted to help but Luis wouldn't let him. Paloma says Luis caught him kissing Fancy, Noah isn't his favorite person right now. Noah keeps saying she was kissing him and he doesn't love her. Paloma says just admit he still loves her and maybe they can work it out (him and Fancy). She says leave her out of it though. Paloma says she doesn't have time for Noah's nonsense, she needs to track her family down. Noah says let him help out, he says she shouldn't be here alone. He says he's worried about her family too, one day he wants them to be his family, for her to be his wife. She cries at him to just go, she will call another cop if he doesn't. He finally leaves. Later thought Noah returns outside on the ledge with balloons! He's on a window washer scaffold. She tells him that he's making a fool of herself and will only hurt himself. She says go home. Noah begs her to talk to him, but she won't. She tries to close the blinds, but the fall down! She's stuck looking at Noah. Noah ends up cleaning the windows and singing for her. Paloma tells him enough, leave. Noah says if she says so, but he won't give up on her. Noah goes to leave, but the scaffolding he's on is stuck. Paloma says then jump. Noah says he'd kill himself. She says well don't make a mess. They continue bickering when the scaffolding he's on plummets to the ground!


At Tabitha's, Tabitha is looking in her bowl. She thinks Amy Winehouse needs a good exorcism and a good hair dresser. The elf says people who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones! Kay shows up and finds Tabitha looking in her bowl. She says she's breaking her promise! Tabitha says using the bowl isn't technically using magic. She tells Kay it's no big deal, it's just a little peak. Tabitha says doesn't she want to know what is happening with everyone? Kay says yes. Tabitha says well it is all in front of her. Kay resists looking, say she has to keep her promise. Tabitha looks in her bowl and is shocked. Kay soon runs over to find out what is going on. Kay looks in the bowl and is shocked, what is her brother doing? she sees Noah going to talk to Paloma. Tabitha says if they just did one little spell then they could be back together. Kay says no, she can't. She says she saved Miguel's life and the demon elf showed up. The elf is trying to sleep and they are disturbing him. Tabitha says if she could use magic to get rid of him . . . Kay won't lose Miguel. She says when Miguel gets back they'll work things out, for now it looks like the demon elf is gone. He's actually under a table sleeping, they don't see him. Kay asks Tabitha if she can check on Miguel, it wouldn't hurt would it. Tabitha says no. Kay convinces herself it's for his own good, it would be stupid for her to stay up all night worrying. Kay uses the bowl to see Miguel. Tabitha knows that no matter how much Kay loves Miguel, she'll never be able to give up magic for him. Tabitha and Kay look in on everyone down in Mexico, they see everyone seems so sad. They see everyone but Theresa. Kay asks to see Theresa, but the bowl won't show her anything. Kay asks Tabitha to try, so she says show me Theresa, the conniving little bed hopper! Theresa still isn't shown to them. This scares Kay. Tabitha says maybe the signal is weak. Kay says or the bowl is on it's last leg. The bowl shows them Paloma just fine. Tabitha says the local signal is fine. They end up watching Noah pretending to wash the windows. Kay says he's just going to hurt himself, and she doesn't know why Noah would cheat on Paloma with Fancy. Tabitha assures her that it wasn't one of her spells, there must be a mortal behind this.  Kay asks who would want to break up Noah and Paloma? Tabitha says Alistair hates Luis being with Fancy, maybe this is about someone who wants to break up Luis and Fancy. Kay says so Noah is an innocent bystander? Tabitha says a little woo-woo will fix this. Kay says no, she's sure Noah and Paloma will work this out. Suddenly they see the scaffolding fall, Kay thinks Noah is dead. 


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