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3rd Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


February 18, 2008
Down in Mexico, Ethan and Theresa's little reunion continues. Ethan promises her that Gwen and Rebecca will pay for what they did. Pilar thinks the worst is over, Juanita will go to jail. Ethan turns to Gwen and says she is out of his life for good. He says what she did to Theresa and her family was unspeakable, but what is worse is she was going to let Jonathan die to keep the secret about Little Ethan. He promises he'll get fool custody of Jonathan, it won't be hard to prove she's an unfit mother. He tells Theresa that they will be a family. Gwen cries this isn't fare. Gwen says this isn't over. Luis says it is. He says she and her mother will not be able to hurt Theresa and Ethan again, they'll be in jail. Theresa meanwhile tells Ethan how scared she was out there in the water. She thought she was going to lose him. He says no, they'll be together and happy for the rest of their lives. Luis makes calls, the authorities are on the way to arrest Juanita and Gwen. Pilar tells Juanita this is the end of her madness. Juanita says this isn't over, but Pilar says it is. She says she and her family are safe. She tells Gwen that she will rot in prison along with her sick mother, she'll leave the judgments up to the court and God. Pilar tells Gwen her fatal mistake was underestimating the power of love. She says their love is strong and will last forever. 


Of course this is all a dream! Yes, Theresa is still on the docks where she passed out earlier. She realizes it was all just a dream. Theresa isn't too far from her family. She gets up and continues walking to them. 


Back at the other part of the docks. Pilar tells Luis how she should have told him about Juanita months ago, but she was afraid. Luis asks her to start at the beginning. Why did she and Theresa come down here and what is her relationship to Juanita? Juanita tells Gwen to get ready to run, once Ethan hears what she did then he'll hate her forever. Pilar says first of all, Juniata killed Tia Maria and their cousins. She says she wants everyone in her family dead. Pilar says Juanita lost her family years ago in a tragedy and blames her, she's been searching for years to kill her. Luis says that isn't much of an explanation. He asks how Juanita found her? Pilar looks over at Gwen. 


Theresa makes it to the docks and says she's here, she's alive. Everyone looks over at where Theresa is standing. The men didn't hear anything it seems, false alarm. Theresa runs to Ethan and passes right through him! Theresa doesn't understand why this is happening. She tries to talk to everyone, but nobody hears her. She hears them talking about her. It seems the helicopters have stopped searching. Ethan says they will find her. She says she's right here. Nobody can hear or see Theresa. Theresa says this is Gwen's fault and tries to slap her. Her hand goes through Gwen. Juanita tells Gwen she hopes the little slut is dead. Theresa says she's not dead, she's right here. She keeps trying to talk to everyone, but nobody hears her. Theresa realizes something is really wrong here. Luis tells Pilar to go ahead and finish her story. How did Juanita find out that she and Theresa were here? Suddenly a woman shows up with a blouse they found. It's the same one Theresa is wearing, it's covered in blood. Ethan says he shouldn't have let her go. Theresa keeps saying it's not her blouse. Miguel and Luis are comforting Pilar. The woman, from the coast guard, asks if they can confirm this is Theresa's blouse. Pilar says yes. The woman says she's sorry for her loss. She thinks the person wearing the blouse was probably attacked by sharks. She says the shirt washed up and the rips are constant with shark attacks. Ethan doesn't want them to give up, she could still be out there. He says there is no body. The woman says they might not find the body until, well until the shark is caught and opened up! Pilar is crying that she's gone, but Theresa says she's not gone. Ethan can't believe this is happening. Theresa says she's fine, she's beside him. Juanita meanwhile tells Gwen not to be too happy, Pilar will still expose her. Pilar hopes it happened fast. Pilar says what if she was screaming in pain. She says another child dead. Pilar says it is her fault, all those years of hiding. Miguel and Luis say it's not her fault. She says it is, her secret killed Theresa. Pilar then turns to Juanita and Gwen. She says someone else here is to blame for this tragedy. Juanita tells Gwen this is it! Pilar says her grief will last till the day she dies, and it's only fair that someone with a black heart shares her pain. Theresa tells her mother to tell them everything, expose Gwen! Pilar says she never imagined someone so evil could hurt them so much. Pilar keeps crying that her baby girl is gone, she didn't even get a last confession or last rites. She breaks down before she can expose Gwen. The rescue worker comes over and Luis asks for a sedative for his mother. She takes Pilar with her. Juanita tells Gwen this is her lucky night. Gwen tells her to just shut up. Juanita says she is safe, at least for now. Theresa looks over to Ethan, who is just staring into space over what happened. He can't believe Theresa is gone. Theresa says she's not gone, she's right here. She says she won't leave her. She asks if he can't feel her love. Ethan says he feels like she is near, she can't be gone. He says she'll always be alive in his heart. She says she is alive and won't leave the world without him. Ethan asks God to make sure Theresa is happy in heaven. 


At the station, we see a replay of Noah falling on the scaffolding as Paloma screams. She cries he can't be dead, she never told him that she still loved him. She thinks Noah, who isn't responding, is dead. She begs God to let Noah be okay. Noah soon wakes up. He says he's alive, sort of. He says he doesn't think anything is broken. She says not to move, the scaffold fell and is unstable. He says he figured that out. She says not to be sarcastic. He says okay, he'll just hang around. She says she'll help him get back up here. Suddenly the ropes begin breaking. Noah is hanging on, but dangling over the side. Paloma, in high heeled boots, climbs out onto the ledge to try and help him She thinks she can get one of the ropes and pull him up. He says it's too heavy and she may fall. She reaches and gets one of the ropes. He begs her not to do this, go back inside and call 911. She says they can't help now. Paloma manages to grab one of the ropes and says she'll pull him up. He says it's too heavy. She asks if he took science, it's a pulley. She begins pulling, but the ropes  are going to snap if she keeps pulling, and she doesn't see this. She soon begins pulling him up. He says it's working. She says of course you idiot, it's simple physics. Noah soon sees the rope is fraying. He doesn't think it will hold much longer. She says don't say that, she just has to move faster. Noah doesn't think the rope will take it, so he has to tell her some things. She says she's no priest. He says he's made some misatkes, he's guilty of loving a woman way to much. He says he loves her with all his heart and there is no room in his heart for anyone else. Paloma thinks he's talking about Fancy. He goes on saying this woman haunts his dreams and makes his waking hours a misery. He says the woman is her, he loves her with all his heart. He says the only woman he loves and wants to marry is her. He says if she doesn't love him then let it fall, he won't want to live in a world where she doesn't love him. HE begs her to tell him that she loves him, he loves her. He says if those are his last words then he can't think of better ones. Paloma just keeps pulling and thinks he'll be close enough to grab the ledge soon. She pulls Noah up to the ledge. He says she saved his life. He says he loves her, believe it. She tells him to just grab the ledge, but he keeps professing his love to her.


At Tabitha's, Kay and Tabitha watch Noah falling in the bowl. Kay thinks her brother is dead. This wakes the sleeping elf, who hopes there is plenty of blood. He spies through some telescope into the bowl to see what is going on. It turns out Noah is okay, which they see. Tabitha says the question is for how long Noah will be alive. The ropes on the scaffolding are breaking! Kay can't stand watching this, but Tabitha thinks it is very suspenseful and even would like some popcorn. Kay says this is her brother's life they are talking about here. Tabitha says there is a way to make sure the rope holds. She says some magic would work wonders. She won't do it. Tabitha says Miguel would want her to use magic to save her brother. Kay doesn't know what to do. The elf keeps spying, saying he'll make sure Noah falls if he has to. Tabitha gets bored and decides to check on those in Mexico.  She thinks this should be good. She talks to herself, recapping what is going on, how Pilar is going to expose Gwen and Ethan will hate her. Kay and Tabitha soon see Theresa is making her way back to her family. Tabitha says she has seen her looking better. Kay hopes Theresa grabs his man and never lets him go. Tabitha says she'd like to see that. Kay and Tabitha watch Theresa pass through Ethan. Kay asks what is going on here? Tabitha says it's not good. Kay asks what is wrong with Theresa? Tabitha explains how when it went black last time they tried to see her, well there was a reason. She says mortals all have to go sometime. Kay says this is awful! She can't watch this. Tabitha says she's beyond help, oh well, let's change the channel. Tabitha puts it back to Noah and Paloma. Tabitha asks Kay if she'll use magic or not? Kay says yes she'll do it, no matter what Miguel says. Tabitha says she made the right decision. Tabitha asks what kind of spell she'll use? Tabitha says she could of course send them off to some icky romantic place. Kay says no, she won't use magic, she won't save Noah. Tabitha doesn't understand why not? Kay asks if she didn't hear Noah's words of love a moment ago? She says if Paloma saves Noah, it could be the start of something new for them. Tabitha says if it doesn't work out, they'll both have to be scraped off the sidewalk. Kay thinks if she uses magic they'll still be apart, and Noah said he didn't want to live without Paloma. Tabitha suggests she look up the word hyperbole. Kay says Paloma will have to save him and their love. Paloma saves him, Kay says she new this would happen and it will bond them together. Kay is glad she didnt use magic. She says things worked out better without it. She says Miguel was right, they don't need magic when they have love. Kay then walks away from the bowl. The elf says no it doesn't. He then casts a spell and Noah and Paloma's images turn black in the bowl, just like it did with Theresa. Tabitha thinks this is not a good sign. The spell hits the ropes, it breaks and Noah plummets again! 


February 19, 2008

At the station, Paloma is in tears, she thinks Noah has fallen to his death. She says he was just here and now he's gone. She says she loves him so much, but she'll never see him again. As it turns out, Noah is alive and has grabbed the ledge outside! He's climbing up to the window. She wonders why she was so cruel to him. If only she had one more chance to tell Noah how she feels. Noah climbs into the window and says he loves her too. She sees him and pulls him in and they hug. She thought for sure he was dead. Noah says he was able to jump a few floors down and grab the ledge. He says she saved his life, she risked her life to save him. He says he'll never forget that. She says it was nothing, but he says it was everything. He says she's his hero, he loves her so much. He says this incident has brought them back together. She says no, they aren't together and never will be again.  She says nothing has changed. He says he almost died out there, he opened his soul to her. He says he saw how devastated she was, he heard her confess she still loved him. She says she does. He asks then why is she pushing him away? HE says if she loves him then why can't they be together. Paloma says she loves him, but it's not enough. She says Fancy dumped him because she didn't trust him, she doesn't trust him either. She saw what infidelity has done to her family, to his, to this whole town. She says she won't be in a love triangle like Gwen, Ethan and Theresa. She tells Noah that they can't be together. Noah says she's breaking his heart. She says better now than later, she won't be set up for a life alone like her mom. Noah says he loves her, and Fancy is the one who came onto him. She says he sounds sincere, but her father probably was too. She says he left behind lonely and hungry children. She won't change her mind, she says let her go. He says he can't. Paloma says he has to and walks out. 


Ivy is giving Sam a back massage. She says his muscles are like iron. She says she talked to Ethan earlier, he still can't find Theresa. Sam thinks that is bizarre, her behavior as of late has been bizarre too. He knows Theresa would never do something like this. Ivy says she would, she's selfish. Sam tells ivy that Theresa may not be her dream daughter in law, but Ethan loves her. Ivy says daughter in law? Over her dead body! She hopes Ethan will soon see Theresa as the scheming tramp she is. She says Ethan can't end up with her, something has to happen to split them up. Sam's phone rings, so he takes it. Sam later tell Ivy that it was the Mexican police, Pilar and Theresa are in Mexico and in danger. Ivy worries, she knows the secret Pilar has been keeping about Mexico. Ivy then learns Luis, Miguel and Ethan are all down there. Ivy says Pilar would never go to Mexico unless . . . . She says this is Theresa's fault. Ivy says this is what she was talking about, she's no good for Ethan. Ivy says if Ethan gets hurt then she will kill Theresa. Sam says she might be too late, Theresa is missing and presumed dead. Ivy is shocked. She says she's said she wanted her dead, pictured her dead, even fantasized about killing her . . . but she never meant it. She wanted her gone, not dead. She wouldn't wish that on Pilar. Sam says he knows and holds her. Sam says he knows what it is like to lose someone. He's lost Grace, he also remembers how it felt to lose her years ago. Ivy says missed him all those years too. Ivy talks about how every time she heard a siren, she dreamed it was him to come and rescue her. She says she used to play their song over and over again. Sam says it's hard to believe someone as beautiful as her is capable of such treachery. He says they both know what she did, she destroyed his marriage to Grace and ripped apart his family. She knows, because of her Grace is dead. Sam says she's always wanted him, and it's easy to justify things to have your own selfish needs achieved. He says he never thought he'd forgive her. She asks if he has?  He says yes he does forgive her. He says he understands why she did what she did, even though she was wrong. He says a love like theirs comes around once in a life time, it has survived so much. He says something or someone wants them to be together. Ivy tells Sam that she loves him and always will. Sam says he loves her too, she's a part of him. They kiss and Sam takes her to bed. Afterwards Ivy worries about Ethan. She says if Theresa is dead, Ethan will never get over it. Sam says he'll be a changed man, Theresa was the love of his life and he'll never recover. Iv says but he loved Gwen before Theresa. Sam says not the way he loved Theresa, they had a love like theirs. Ivy doesn't want Ethan to be alone and unhappy. Maybe Gwen can make him happy. Sam says she has to let Ethan make his own decisions, if she pushes she'll make it worse. He is just glad Gwen is nothing like her mother. Sam says Gwen could be good for Ethan, however he says Ivy needs to let Ethan choose this. Ivy knows Gwen would never do anything to hurt him. 


On the docks in Mexico, Theresa is still trying to get Ethan to hear her, but he won't. Her hand passes through his. She tells Ethan to listen to his heart, she is here. Ethan promises if Theresa can hear her, he'll take care of her family and her children. However his strength comes from her love. Luis and Miguel return. They all talk about how Theresa is gone. Theresa listens and says she is here. Luis says the rescue workers are pretty pessimistic that Theresa will be found. Ethan doesn't want to hear it.

Juanita and Gwen are still with one another. Juanita can't wait to see how Ethan reacts to what she did. She says Ethan is devastated and it is all because of her. Gwen reminds Juanita that she will spend years in jail. Juanita doesn't think so, Mexican justice is much more bendable than US justice, she has some judges on the payroll. She says however the legal system in the US isn't as easily bendable. Gwen says she has judges on the take too, she won't go to jail. Juanita says but once Ethan learns what she and her mother did, he won't want anything to do with her. Juanita says she's lost Ethan to a ghost.  


Ethan confronts Juanita and says this is her fault. He asks how she even knows Theresa and Pilar? Juanita suggests she asks this young lady Gwen. Gwen claims she's just been talking to Juanita to find out more, but she's not telling her anything. Ethan asks if she's sure? Gwen says of course, what does he take her for. Theresa says a lying, scheming blackmailing murderer! Ethan tells Juanita not to blame others for her crimes, they saw her fire that rocket at the boat. He says she'll pay for the murders of Pilar's sisters and nephews, he'll make sure she pays for Theresa's death too. Juanita says she didn't kill her, does she look like a shark? Ethan says yes, she took the love of his life from him. He says get on her knees and pray that Mexico doesn't bring back the death penalty. He says he'll see her rot in jail until she's dead. Luis makes calls, he learns where Theresa's blouse was found. Ethan wants to go look. Luis says they can't cling to false hope. Ethan says he just can't believe this. Theresa begs them not to give up, she is right here. Ethan insists they go look for Theresa, or at least a body. He wants to bring her home. He want to bury her by the cemetery on the cliffs, she loved it there. Luis and Miguel say they'll go look for her. Theresa says they can't give up, she can't be dead. Ethan ties Juanita up tighter. Juanita says not to bother looking for Theresa, she's probably been eaten up by now. Ethan tells her to shut up. Luis asks Gwen to watch Juanita, they are going to the other side of the harbor. Gwen asks Ethan if he wants to do this. Ethan says yes. He wants to do this, it might help him accept that she's gone. Theresa says don't accept it, I'm not dead! 

The men go looking for Theresa, but they find nothing. Ethan just gets this feeling that Theresa is here. Theresa says she is here. Theresa soon begins to feel a little strange. She wonders if they are right. She thinks she's dead! Theresa says if she's gone then she has to leave Ethan, and she doesn't want to do that. Ethan feels like he could reach out and touch her. Theresa tries to hold Ethan, but she passes through him. Ethan suddenly seems to sense Theresa. She wonders if he felt that. She does it again. Ethan seems to sense her spirit. She begs God to let Ethan know that she's here. Ethan asks Miguel and Luis for some time alone, he wants to say things to their sister he doesn't want anyone else to hear. They leave him. Ethan hopes Theresa is listening. He says he doesn't know if he can go on without her. She says he must. Ethan says he's looking at the world, it's dark, ugly flat and cold. He says for it to end like this, it's not right. He remembers when they first met, how he thought she was crazy and insane. However she made him see he didn't have to live the life laid out for him, the life his parents wanted him to live. He says he showed her fun and danger. He never knew those things before, she made him feel alive for the first time. Ethan says he is who he is because of her. He says the Ethan she met, he was afraid, not strong, not commanding. He says when he met her, he saw the man he could be, he knew he could be. He says She gave him the strength to be that man. He says not to worry about Little Ethan, he'll raise him right. Ethan just doesn't know how he'll do it, he feels like half the man he was. He says he loves her and can't believe she's gone. Luis and Miguel talk, they think about Theresa's kids. Luis says this doesn't make sense, why did it happen, why did they come down here. Luis says he needs answers. Ethan meanwhile tells Theresa goodbye. He says they'll have a service in Harmony, but he'll remember this place, the place where his dream died. He hopes she looks down on them and keeps sending them her love. Ethan says he will always love her. He doesn't want to say this to her, but he has to say goodbye. He says goodbye my only love.  Theresa says goodbye to him and then sees a bright light. She realizes she's going, she doesn't want to though. We see Theresa float up into this bright light and disappears! 


Juanita and Gwen are still stuck with one another. Juanita says Theresa is dead, which should normally be good news, but this only makes Gwen's life worse. Juanita tells Gwen if things don't go her way, she could go to prison for once. She says the judge might be more lenient if she makes a full confession, implicating her and her mother. However if she somehow managed to escape, she doesn't have to tell anyone what Gwen has done. Juanita says untie her, look the other way and Ethan can be hers. Juanita says it would be so easy. Gwen says no, it doesn't matter if she tells or not. She says Pilar will be around and tell everyone. Gwen says she's not one of the idiots who work for her, she won't be manipulated. Juanita assures Gwen if she lets her go, she'll get the man she loves. Juanita says se doesn't make offers to people when she can't deliever. Gwen says tell her more. Juanita says it's simple, so pay attention. We don't hear the plan, just Juanita telling her to follow those instructions and they'll both win. 


February 20,  2008

In Mexico,  Ethan, Miguel and Luis talk. They can't believe Theresa is gone. Luis says this whole night seems unreal. Ethan thinks he should have held on tighter. Luis and Miguel say this isn't his fault. Luis blames Juanita, he wants to know why she did this. Miguel wants answers too, and says they'll get them. Ethan asks what he's supposed to do now, Theresa was everything to him.  Meanwhile Gwen asks Juanita how she knows she can trust her? Juanita says she is many things, but she is a woman of her word. She says if she goes to jail then Pilar will think she's safe, so she will tell her family everything. She says Gwen will lose everything, but if she helps her then they will both win. Juanita asks if she will let her go or condemn them both? Juanita tells her to free her before the others come back. Gwen says this is the only way out.  Gwen begins to untie her, but the men soon return! Luis asks what she's doing? Gwen says she was just making sure she wouldn't escape. Luis suggests she keep her distance. Pilar soon arrives. She says she's too upset to rest. She asks what happened with Theresa. The men say they found no trace of her. Juanita tells Gwen she took to long to untie her, now they'll both lose everything. Gwen says she'll find a way to free her. Luis gets a call, the search is officially called off and Theresa has been declared dead. Luis tells Pilar they'll be okay, but Pilar says no they won't. She says she won't get over this ever. She says Theresa didn't deserve this. She says those two innocent children don't have a mother. She vows that those responsible for Theresa's death will pay. She screams at Juanita and Gwen that Theresa's death won't go un-avenged! Ethan says he'll also help the Mexican prosecution to maker this case airtight. He says whoever is responsible will pay.


Later Gwen talks to Ethan and says she's so sorry. Ethan asks if she really is? Or is she happy to finally be rid of her. He thinks it's true, she's happy that she's dead! Gwen says she hated Theresa and Theresa made her life a living hell, but she didn't actually want to see Theresa dead. To herself she hoped that sounded sincere! Ethan says he's sorry, he's just not thinking straight right now. Ethan says he just doesn't understand why this happened. What was she and Pilar doing in Mexico? What was their connection to Juanita. Ethan says he lost the love of his life, he will make sure everyone involved will pay. HE says he's going to start with Juanita and find out why she wanted everyone dead. Gwen tries to stop him from doing that. He wonders why she doesn't want him to confront Juanita? Gwen says Pilar is talking to her right now, she might be able to find out what is going on. Ethan says fine, he'll let Pilar have her time with Juanita, but then he will deal with her.


Pilar is alone with Juanita. She tells her she is awaiting fate like the rabid dog she is. Juanita says Pilar is the one foaming at the mouth. Pilar says shut up, she killed her sister, her nephews and Theresa. Juanita feels this is payback, Pilar is getting what she deserves. Pilar tells Juanita she is an evil woman. Juanita feels this is justice. She says every member of her family is going to die. She says her children, her grandchildren and finally her! Pilar doesn't know how the Juanita she knew could grow up to be such a wretched excuse of a human being. Juanita blames Pilar, saying she did this. She says she loves torturing little children, their screams are music to her ears. Pilar says the devil himself must fear her. Juanita says one day she might find out, but not this day. Pilar says Carlos was a horrible man, she called the police to stop the violence. She had no idea the police would kill her children. Juanita says they did because of her. Pilar says she never set out to hurt anyone, but Juanita has. Juanita says everyone she loves is dead because of her, and now she'll return that favor. Pilar says she won't get a chance, she'll tell her sons everything and Juanita will rot in jail. Juanita says she's served her time, life without her family is something she wouldn't wish on anyone except her. Pilar tells Juanita that she'll never feel the pleasure of killing her family again as she'll spend her life behind bars.  Pilar hopes she rots in a horrible prison. She also plans to make Gwen and Rebecca pay too, and not just prison time. She has something else in mid for Gwen. She says she'll tell Ethan what Gwen and her whore of a mother did. She says Ethan will hate Gwen, and she'll be left with nothing. Pilar says Theresa's death will kill any chance Gwen had of being with Ethan. Pilar tells Juanita her threats are empty, she will expose her along with Gwen and Rebecca.

Luis and Miguel are talking. Luis says hearing Theresa declared dead was so hard. Luis remembers how when Theresa was little and would play with her little dolls while he had his friends over. He says it would drive him nuts and he'd yell at her to get out. He says it wouldn't have killed him to play with her. Miguel says he's being hard on himself, he was doing what all brothers and sisters did, fight over silly stuff. Luis feels like he just let Theresa down. Miguel says he was there for all of them. Luis says where was he tonight? When Theresa needed him? Miguel feels for Ethan, he doesn't know how he's going to deal with this. This reminds Luis of Fancy and how she's been acting. He can't bare to lose Fancy. Luis then gets a call from the hotel saying a woman is here asking for him, she's very nice looking and in love with him. Luis asks if she's blond? The man says yes. Luis thinks it's Fancy so he decides to go to the hotel and see her. Luis heads to the hotel and is shocked by who is there, but smiles.

Miguel returns to his mama. He tells her that Luis went back to the hotel, a woman was there to see him, he thinks it is Fancy. Pilar hopes Luis and Fancy work things out, especially after Theresa and Ethan ran out of time. Ethan and Gwen soon show up. Ethan tells Pilar she should be resting, but Pilar says she's fine. She says she wants to tell them all about Juanita's involvement in what happened. Gwen asks if she should wait for Luis? Pilar says no, they'll tell Luis later. Pilar says she has a secret from her past that has come back to haunt her. She says tonight it robbed her of her Theresa. She says had she come cleaned sooner, her sister, nephews and Theresa would still be alive. She says she won't lose one more person and the truth will come out. Gwen begins praying for lightening or a tsunami. 


At the mansion, Sheridan tells Marty she's so glad he's getting along with Little Ethan, who is his cousin. Marty misses his daddy. Sheridan says she does to, but he had to go to Mexico to help his Aunt Theresa and Grandma Pilar. Marty hopes when he returns they will never be separated. Sheridan says she wants that too. Marty says she loves Daddy doesn't she. Sheridan says very much. Marty says daddy says he's going to marry Fancy, but he's afraid of Fancy. He says she yelled at them, like Alistair. Sheridan tells Marty not to worry  about that, Fancy won't be near him and they'll make sure daddy is with them.


Fancy is laying down in the living room when Pretty brings her some herbal tea to calm her nerves. Fancy wishes she knew what was happening to her. She thinks she's losing her mind. She says if she keeps this up then she'll lose Luis. Pretty tells herself that is the plan, to lose Luis to her. Fancy keeps going on and on about why she is having these odd outbursts. Fancy says she's decided to get help. Pretty knows the doctor might find the implant, that won't do. She tells Fancy to try yoga or meditation first. Fancy says she'll think about it, but she has to do something before she does something else crazy. Sheridan and Marty walk in. MArty is afraid, Sheridan tells Fancy to stay away. Fancy says she won't yell, she just wanted to say hello. Marty says no! Sheridan says Marty doesn't want to talk to her. Fancy knows she lost control. Sheridan says she went crazy! She says Marty is traumatized and with good reason. Sheridan says what she did was unforgivable. She says Marty is scared of her and she told Luis she didn't want her near him. Fancy says she is sorry, and they had so much fun at the hockey game. Marty says that was before. Sheridan tells Fancy to just stop this. Pretty tells Fancy to let things calm down a bit. Fancy just wants to talk, she doesn't want things to stay so tense. Sheridan says she should have thought about that before she went off. Fancy again says she doesn't know why she did it. Fancy tells Marty she's sorry for how she behaved and she promises it won't happen again. Pretty decides it's time for an encore performance. She goes to get the remote, but drops it. Sheridan sees this and asks what that was? Marty picks up the control, he knows what this is. He says it's a remote control, it controls something. Whenever you push the buttons, it makes something do something. Pretty thinks she's been busted. However he thinks it's a videogame control. Pretty says it looks like she's been busted, she admits it, she's addicted to videogames. Marty says Little Ethan has a videogame upstairs, he thinks he can control it from the TV down here as all the TVs are links. He turns on the game, which we hear is Pac-Man! As he starts playing, Fancy begins ticking. Sheridan tells Marty to go upstairs and play with Little Ethan, Pretty agrees. Fancy says no, let's talk about this. Sheridan says no, she doesn't want her near her son. Pretty tries to get Marty to go upstairs, but he's into the game. Fancy meanwhile goes berserk and can't control her arms. She tries to punch Sheridan. Sheridan says Fancy needs help! Fancy starts chasing Sheridan all over, trying to even throw a vase at her. Pretty watches, but Marty has yet to noticed as he's so engrossed in his game. He soon hears a vase smash. Marty stops playing, so Fancy asks what just happened. Sheridan says like she doesn't know. Marty returns to his game though, he's close to wining. This makes fancy start walking into walls and she knocks herself out, which Sheridan watches. Marty finishes his game, so Pretty grabs the remote. Fancy stands up and doesn't know hat is wrong with her. Sheridan takes Marty out of the room. Fancy wonders what is wrong with her, maybe she has a blood clot or a tumor. Fancy says it was like she had no control over her brain or body. She says she feels like she's losing her mind. Sheridan returns and tells Fancy something is wrong, that much they can agree on! Sheridan then leaves. Fancy wishes Luis was here, she can't wait for him to come home. Pretty tells herself she's the one that needs Luis. 


Meanwhile Sheridan talks to Marty. She says she's sorry that Fancy upset him. He says watching her hit the wall and fall down was funny. Sheridan says it wasn't, something is very wrong with Fancy.  Sheridan says until she's better, she doesn't want Fancy near him. Marty says he wants to like Fancy again, but he's afraid of her now. He also thinks Fancy is afraid of how she gets too. Sheridan wishes Luis was here, the three of them need to be together. 


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