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4th Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


February 25, 2008
At Eve's, Eve helps Vincent with his lamaze. All Eve can think about as she's doing this is drinking. Little Endora bubbles appear above her head showing booze! Vincent tells her how he doesn't think this will work for him, sitting like this it hurts his man package. Eve says the person who came up with Lamaze didn't think someone with a man package would be doing this. Vincent says he wasn't a very forward thinking man. Eve says he probably didn't think a man would ever conceive. Vincent says worms do it, even some dinosaurs were said to do it. She says well until medical texts are rewritten for his condition, he'll have to have his baby in the most modern way available today. He thinks she wants him to go squat in a field and hope for the best. She says no, that she is just still having a hard time accepting this. Later they finish up their lesson and Eve offers to make him something to eat, he needs a nice healthy diet for the baby. He says he's been following the rules in his books, he won't be drinking and doing drugs like her. She says she was a different person then, she didn't know better. He says she was a drug addicted whore. She wants to just have a pleasant meal. He says he'll eat later. He then pulls out some rope. She asks what that is for. He says he has a date. She says he can't tie women up! He says no, daddy is coming over for a date with Valerie and he can't have her playing chaperone. She says he can't do this, she promised not to tell his secret. He says he can't take chances. He says this way she keeps her word and he gets into daddy's pants. She says he can't keep having sex with his father. He says he's not, Valerie is. Eve says he's Valerie! She thinks she's going to be sick. He doesn't have time to mop up vomit, so he tapes her mouth shut. He then puts her in the closet saying behave or he'll kill daddy and her. 

Later Vincent is dressed as Valerie. She says she's going to let her stay in here and listen to how much fun they have. There is a knock at the door, so Valerie goes to get Julian. Julian apologizes for being late, but there were problems at the mansion. He says there was an attacker at the mansion, the last thing they need is another killer like Vincent on the loose. Valerie tells Julian to kiss her and pulls him into a kiss! Later they are sharing a drink. Julian asks about Eve. Valerie says she's at an AA meeting for the night. Julian says Eve is so lucky to have her, it's almost as if she's become a daughter to Eve. Eve is listening in the closet and says almost but not quite! Vincent says she feels a bond with Eve, and one with him too. As they kiss, Eve wishes for more booze! Julian tries to slow things down. He doesn't think they should get hot and bothered, she is pregnant. She says she can think of several positions safe for the baby. Julian still thinks they shouldn't take any chances. She says she'd never do anything to risk the baby, and her doctor didn't say she couldn't have sex. She thinks it's perfectly safe. Eve thinks it's never okay to have sex with your father! Valerie tells Julian she never understood why Ivy called it Little Julian, as it's anything but little. Julian says Ivy is a bitter ex. He continues to try and tell her they shouldn't be doing this. He tells Valerie to be with her in Eve's house isn't right, and he'd like to get back with Eve as he loves her. Julian thinks it wouldn't be fare to her. Valerie thinks who cares about being fare, this is about feeling good. He suggests he just take her out for a nice dinner. Valerie says she understands and will freshen his drink. She gets him a new drink, which she drugs! Valerie knows he won't be able to resist. Eve continues to listen and knows something is wrong here. Julian drinks the drink down. He says not a MarTimmy, but delicious. Suddenly the drug hits him and he feels tired and dizzy. Eve realizes Valerie drugged the drink. Valerie once again tells Julian they shouldn't go out for dinner, they should stay here. Valerie says she wants him and starts kissing and undressing him. Soon she's on top of him on the table screaming out "I love having sex with you daddy, no one makes me feel like you." Eve is in the closet completely disgusted. Valerie says this little poem about how daddy loves him, she's his son and daughter too!

At the hotel down in Mexico, Luis is shocked to find Sheridan waiting for him. He wasn't expecting her. To himself he though it was Fancy. Soon Marty runs into the room too. Marty tells Luis how he's missed him. Sheridan says she didn't know when he was coming back and Marty wanted to see him. Luis says this is a great surprise, it's just what the doctor ordered. Sheridan says he made it sound like something happened. Luis says it's Theresa.  Luis apparently fills Sheridan in on everything going on and what he knows. Sheridan remembers they stayed in Maria's inn, she raised Paloma. Later Luis is talking to Marty about things they can do when they get back home. When he brings up Fancy, Marty rather not be with Fancy. He'd rather do things with him and mom. Luis says he's sorry about how Fancy acted. He wants Marty to know that he wouldn't' fall in love with Fancy if she acted like that all the time. Marty says Fancy went nuts again today. Luis asks Sheridan about this, what set her off? Sheridan says she told Fancy that she didn't want her near Marty. She also says Fancy chased her with a vace and tried to hit her. Marty also says Fancy rolled around on the floor, it wasn't funny though. As Luis takes a call, Marty talks to his mom about how he noticed when he was playing his game, Fancy did the same thing the person on his game did. Sheridan says she thought so too. She tells Marty not to tell Luis about this, he has enough on his mind. She sends Marty off to play one of his games. He says at least here he won't make Fancy do crazy things. Luis returns to Sheridan. He asks why Marty said he didn't want to make Fancy do crazy things. Sheridan realizes she can't tell him what she suspects, as then Luis would marry her when Fancy stopped acting this way. Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is just blaming himself for Fancy's outbursts. She thought that is why she should bring him here, to get him away from the estate. She also says Esme's attacker struck Ivy and Rebecca as well. Sheridan says they are okay though. Luis thinks he has enough on his plate as is.  Luis says he has to get back to the wharf. Sheridan wants to go with him. Luis asks what about Marty? Sheridan says Marty should stay here, she'll call for a sitter. Luis asks if that is safe. Sheridan says the only threat to him is Fancy and she's thousands of miles away. Luis says okay then. 

On the docks, Ethan tells Pilar that the Mexican police have Juanita and are taking her to a holding cell. Miguel says they are taking Pilar's statement in the morning. Ethan wants to see everyone involved in Theresa's death is bound for prison. Pilar says when she testifies at Juanita's trial and their cohorts, they will all go to prison. Miguel asks what her secret is then? Ethan then realize Gwen is missing.  Gwen is near the police van. She tries to figure a way to set Juanita free before Pilar tells Ethan everything and before Ethan realizes she's gone. Later we see Gwen asking God to forgive her for what she did. She says now she has to get back to Ethan.

Pilar soon tells Ethan and Miguel that she and Theresa were here because of her secret, and it's also the reason people wanted her and Theresa dead. Miguel doesn't understand. Pilar says he will when she tells him the horrible truth. Pilar says she Juanita were friends when she was growing up, and remained friends when she moved to the states. She says a tragedy turned her heart to stone. She says her husband and her family were all killed in one night. Pilar says she is to blame for it all. Ethan asks how? Pilar says she killed her husband. Ethan and Miguel are shocked. Pilar says in a botched attempt to prevent more violence, she called the cops who murdered Juanita's children in front of her. We see flashbacks of this. Ethan says is she telling them she committed murder? Pilar says yes. She says she killed Juanita's husband in self defense, but Juanita wouldn't believe her and thought she tried to seduce him and killed him when he rejected her. She says then to see her children killed in front of her, well she snapped. She says she took her husband's place in the Mexican mob. Pilar says Juanita vowed to take away her family, and she has one by one. Gwen soon shows up, wondering how much Pilar told Ethan. Ethan looks at her and says she has some explaining to do! Gwen asks what she missed? Miguel says Pilar was explaining about her past with Juanita. Pilar says she was just about to get to the tragedy of tonight. Ethan asks how Juanita was able to find her when she couldn't before. Pilar says that is a good question and the truth will shock him. Pilar says monstrous people knew where she was and took to opportunity to tell Juanita, knowing the consequences. Ethan asks who would do that? As Pilar is about to name names, Miguel gets a call. It's from the police, Juanita escaped! Ethan asks how the hell that happened? Pilar tells the men to go help find her, her destruction will be unthinkable if she's not caught.

Pilar begins venting as to how Juanita got away. Gwen tells Pilar that she did it, she helped her escape. Pilar asks how dare she! She tells Gwen she is a piece of work, what kind of monster is she? Gwen says she is no monster, she fighting for the man she loves. She says Theresa stole him and she wants Ethan back. Pilar says does she think that man would look at her if he knew the truth? Gwen says Pilar forced her to do this. Pilar says only in her sick world would she believe that. She says she is disgraceful and pathetic. Pilar says if Juanita isn't caught then her family's blood will be on her hands. Pilar says don't tell her that she's not a monster, she's the worst kind there is! Gwen says at first the whole thought of this was too grizzly for her, but after years of what Theresa did to her, it got easier. She says she wants Ethan back. Pilar says she won't have Ethan, she will tell him the truth. She says she helped Juanita escape for nothing. She says she'll burry her! Gwen thinks not if Juanita buries Pilar first! Gwen says she wouldn't dare tell Ethan. She says she'll deny it and Ethan won't believe her. Pialr says stupid naive girl . . . Gwen has forced her hand. She says she must tell everyone, she's unleashed evil on innocent people and children. Gwen says Juanita wouldn't kill a child, she can't be that cruel. Pilar says she would, she's glad no grandchildren are here as they'd be first on her hit list.

Meanwhile Little Marty is with his sitter. He's playing a game and has headphones in. There is a knock at the door, the sitter answers and gets clobbered. Marty looks up and asks who you are?


February 26, 2008

At Eve's, Eve is still stuck in the closet, bound and gagged and forced to listen to Valerie and Julian. Valerie is on top of Julian, who is on the kitchen table and feeling the effects of the drug. To torment Eve, Valerie loudly yells things like "Give it to me!" and "You're my daddy!" However Julian ends up grabbing her hair and off comes the wig! Vincent is now straddling Julian and both scream. Vincent quickly grabs the wig and runs off. Julian is left dumb struck, he doesn't understand this. He says Vincent is supposed to be dead, and he was just with Valerie, where did Vincent come from? Eve hears Julian talking to himself and realizes this is bad, Vincent may hurt Julian now. Eve makes noises so Julian finds her. He's still drugged so he's asking her what is going on here? Eve is freed and as she is about to tell Julian what is happening, he passes out at the table! Outside Vincent is pacing trying to figure out what to do. He is afraid Julian will have him locked up and take the baby from him, or worse, that he'll abort the baby. He says he won't let Julian or Eve take his baby . . . he'll have to kill them both.  

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Kay discuss the demon elf. Kay thinks he's gone, but Tabitha isn't so sure the herbs did the trick. She thinks they need to use magic, but Kay keeps reminding her of the promise to Miguel. Tabitha doesn't care about that promise and lets Kay know she has no intention of giving up magic forever. The demon elf meanwhile has shrunk himself and is hiding on their shelves and watching this whole thing. Noah soon shows up to see Kay. He tells her how Paloma still wants nothing to do with him. She thought for sure they'd get back together after Paloma saved him. Noah wonders how she knew about that? Tabitha realizes Kay opened her big mouth. Kay claims she saw it on the news. Noah didn't think he saw any news people there though. Noah starts talking to Kay about how Paloma doesn't trust him because she's caught him with Fancy. He doesn't even understand how he ended up with Fancy those few times, saying it was like Fancy was possessed. Kay shoots Tabitha a look, but she says don't look at her. Kay decides she might be able to help. She calls Paloma and asks her to come over and talk. She thinks she may be able to help them work things out. While they are waiting, Kay gets a call from Miguel, who informs her of Theresa's death. He says he misses her so much and can't wait to get home. He also asks her not to tell Paloma about this yet. Kay is shocked after her phone call, and confides in Tabitha and Noah. Unfortunately Paloma walks in and hears Kay say that Theresa is dead. She cries this can't be. Kay says she didn't mean for her to find out like this. Paloma says she can't be here and runs off. Noah decides to follow her, thinking she shouldn't be alone.

After Noah is gone, Kay and Tabitha discuss the danger to Pilar's family. Tabitha fears they could all be in for it, not just Theresa. Kay and Tabitha return to discussing their demon elf issues. Tabitha is sure the evil imp is still around here, if he's gone then may monkeys fly out of her knickers. The elf thinks that is his cue. He conjures up an monkey grinder organ and starts playing. This casts a spell and toy monkeys fall out of her pants. He then conjures up a barrel of live monkeys. The monkeys start breaking dishes, throwing things on the stove to catch fire and putting things in the microwave to make them explode. Tabitha soon sees the demon elf on her shelf. She and Kay realize they have to stop him. 

On the docks, Noah finds Paloma crying. She can't believe this has happened. She says Theresa was a pain, always lecturing her, but she loved her and now she's gone. She says she lost her family when she was little and was just getting them back. She's lost Antonio, Papa and Katherine left her, and now Theresa is gone. Noah promises her she won't lose anyone else. She says but she's lost him too. He says she hasn't, he loves her and will never leave her. She says her sister is dead and all she can think about is him, may God strike her down.

Down in Mexico, Luis and Sheridan have left Marty with the sitter and head down to the docks. Little do they know Juanita knocks the sitter out and approaches Marty. Luis and Sheridan find Pilar with Ethan, Miguel and Gwen. Pilar was just about to explain who told Juanita where she was. Luis wants some back tracking, how does she even know Juanita. Miguel gives him a brief summary, but Pilar says she'll fill him in later. They tell Luis the main problem now is that Juanita has escaped! Luis can't believe this. He wants her and anyone who helped her in jail or worse. Ethan agrees, he vows whoever helped Juanita won't have a long life ahead of them. They again ask Pilar who would do this? It would take an evil person. Pilar says they are evil, and they will all be shocked by who aided Juanita. Ethan wonders why Gwen looks nervous? Why is Pilar looking at Gwen? Suddenly they are interrupted, Luis gets a call. It's Marty calling from the hotel. Pilar is stunned, Marty is here in Mexico? Sheridan says yes she brought him down here with her to be with Luis. Pilar is panicking, knowing Juanita would kill him first and delight in it. Marty is still at the hotel, but tells his dad he's bored, everything on TV is in Spanish. He also says he has a new baby sitter now. Luis asks the person's name? Marty says she says her name is Tia Juanita, a friend of Grandma's. They are disconnected. Luis and everyone panic and rush back to the hotel. Pilar tells Gwen if anything happens to him then his blood is on her hands! 

At the hotel, Juanita talks to Marty, telling him she's an old friend of his grandma's, they met when she was about his age actually. She tells Marty she knows of a game they can play, you can play it in English or Spanish . . . it's called Hangman! He says he knows that game. He asks her if she knows anyone else in his daddy's family? Juanita says no, but she plans to know them all very well. Later Luis and the others arrive and find the room empty. Juanita and Marty are gone!


February 27,  2008
Due to being pressed for time this week, I've not been able to make screen caps. I'll attempt to make some though by week's end.

At the motel, Sheridan is devastated that Juanita has Marty. Pilar is too, she turns to Gwen and says if anything happens then Marty's blood is on Gwen's hands. Pilar promises her that everyone will hate her, she'll lose Ethan and her best friend Sheridan. Gwen swears this isn't what she wanted, she didn't even want Theresa to be hurt. Pilar doesn't believe her. Suddenly Marty runs in, he's fine. Juanita lurks in the hall watching as he goes back to his family, thinking her message will be received. Marty tells everyone how Juanita showed him around town, she bought him Churros, she also took him to a place that meant a lot to grandma. Pilar asks what place? He says the docks to see the sharks, apparently a boat exploded and something terrible happened there. Pilar knows this is a message from Juanita, a message she won't stop until they are all dead.

The men leave in search of Juanita. She's hiding on the docks now and they almost find her, but think a noise they heard was just a rat that runs out. Luis gets a call from the police, they have a lead on Juanita so the men leave. Juanita says it's good she's paid off the local cops. However she's a fugitive now, but still vows to destroy Pilar and her whole family.

Back at the hotel, Gwen and Pilar are still arguing. Pilar tells Gwen not to be proud of herself, it will be all over once Ethan knows the truth. Gwen keeps saying she didn't mean for this to happen. Pilar says just words, if she didn't want this to happen then why did she let Juanita go! Gwen says she'll tell her why . . . Pilar knows, for Ethan. Pilar says when Juanita is found, she will confess and turn Gwen it, it will be over for her. Gwen reminds Pilar that Juanita still doesn't know her last name or where she lives, so unless she wants Juanita to find out, she better keep her mouth shut! Pilar says she may have won, but someone will find out and tell Ethan the truth. Sheridan walks in and asks what truth? The men soon follow. They say Juanita got away. Luis turns to his mama and says she was about to tell them who could be evil enough to do this? Pilar keeps quiet and says the only monster she knows is Juanita. However anyone who helped her, she will get revenge on them too for Theresa's death. She wants the boys to promise to help her. Gwen says that's sounding a little mob boss like for Pilar. The men however all promise, Juanita and anyone who helped her will pay for Theresa's death.

Back in Harmony at Eve's, Julian has passed out at the kitchen table. Eve begs him to wake up, saying this is no time for a nap. Vincent returns, saying sorry to break up the reunion, but they both have to die. He has a gun in his hand. He can't believe daddy passed out, maybe he needs AA too. Eve tells him he can't do this, he can't kill his parents. He thinks he can, if all children killed their parents then there would be no social security problems. He says Julian knows he is alive, he'll want to take the baby and he can't have that. He says that would make the baby very unhappy. Eve tries to convince him this would be a mistake, he could need her around if Alistair came after him again. She could protect him. He says she can live, for now, but daddy can't. Eve says what if she convinces Julian he's really dead? Vincent says she has one shot, he'll be hiding in the closet. He goes to hide and Julian wakes up. Julian is convinced Eve was right, Vincent is alive. She says what is he talking about, no Vincent isn't alive. Julian says he saw him here in a dress, he was alive. He says Eve has been right all along. She says no that was the booze and the pills. She tells Julian he was drunk. Julian didn't have that much to drink. Vincent thinks she's blown it and is about to blow away Julian. However Julian asks Eve why he feels odd, were there drugs in that booze? Were they hers? She says yes, she's been putting pills in her booze to get higher quicker. He can't believe her. He says no wonder he thought he saw Vincent. He feels like Valerie must have run off after how he acted, he should go find her and apologize. He leaves. Vincent comes out and tells his mommy she did such a good job she should make herself a drink and celebrate. However he says if daddy ever learns the truth, he'll kill them both, but daddy first and make her watch.

At Tabitha's, all the monkeys are still going nuts. The elf says when the monkeys are done here, they'll go terrorize the kids.  Kay says absolutely not! The elf says she can't tell him what to do. Tabitha says they must use magic and get rid of him, but Kay says she can't. She won't lose Miguel. Tabitha says she won't lose her house! Tabitha doesn't care about the stupid promise Kay made, it was her magic that brought the elf here in the first place. Tabitha soon casts a spell and sends the monkeys and the elf away and cleans up her house. Kay says it worked. She thanks Tabitha for doing that. Tabitha says she hasn't used magic in so long because of that stupid promise she was afraid she'd be a bit rusty, but she's still got it. Kay decides to go find Paloma and Noah and check on them. They don't see black ooze bubbling in the bowl and sneaking out. Later though all the lights go out and Tabitha realizes she's not alone. She tells whoever is here to show themselves. The ooze shows up on her floor and morphs into the demon elf, who is now dressed all in black and in a black trench coat. Tabitha realizes this is not good at all. He says he's back and much stronger now, he's been given new powers and can do anything. He blows black breath and turns a bowl of fruit into dust. He says he was given these gifts for a mission. He says she disobeyed the dark side by using good magic to take Endora back. He says that must be fixed. Tabitha tells him to leave Endora alone. He says he needs her permission to do nothing, and he has been reborn. He then vanishes. Tabitha says all hell is about to be unleashed upon Harmony and she doesn't know how many of those mortals will survive this time.

On the docks, Noah is comforting Paloma. He says they will be there for her mother and Theresa's kids through this. He knows they have problems, but it's nothing that can't be fixed. He says Theresa missed out on her chance at happiness, he doesn't want that for them. Paloma says she loves him, but she can't. She ends up saying he must forget her and runs off. Kay shows up, Noah tells her Paloma is still upset and ended it . . . for good. Kay tells him that she knows Paloma, Paloma loves him. She tells Noah not to give up on her.


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