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1st Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


December 31, 2007


At Tabitha's, Miguel says he remembers everything that happened. He remembers demons, creepy demons trying to take Endora into the basement. He says he tried to stop them, Kay and Tabitha were shooting magic out of their hands. He says evil witchcraft, both of them. Tabitha and Kay try to pretend he's imaging this all, but he says he's not. He says the woman he loves is a witch. He asks how this can be, witches don't exist. Kay and Tabitha tell him he's just hallucinating, he's overtired. She says this is post-traumatic stress syndrome. He says from what? She says he needs to lie down. Tabitha says and take a good pill. Miguel thinks maybe they are right, this can't be right. Miguel thinks he's losing his mind. He says this is just like last summer. Meanwhile Kay feels bad for Miguel, he thinks he's going crazy. Tabitha says she's sent dozens of people to the loony bin instead of risking exposure. She says if Miguel blows their cover then they are done for. Miguel doesn't know what's wrong with him, there isn't madness in his family, except for maybe Theresa. Kay says nothing is wrong with him. Miguel keeps remembering hell, he is sure he is right and they are witches, foul fiends of hell! He demands Kay tell him the truth. Kay says okay he's right, it was all real. She says the demons that were in the basement took him and Endora to the darkside. Kay says they looked everywhere and couldn't find him. Kay says Tabitha is a witch and she's a witch.  Miguel says so all that terrible stuff that happened, her house getting sucked into the ground, hell in Charity's closet, the prom boat disaster, that was her? Kay says no she didn't do that, she wouldn't hurt anyone. Miguel says he doesn't know what to believe, he doesn't know who or what she is. Miguel storms out. Kay thinks she's lost him all over again. Tabitha says this is what happens when you tell the truth, and it will only get worse. Kay says it is almost midnight, when the clock strikes twelve the person you are with is who you are supposed to be with for the whole year. Tabitha says it looks like she's stuck with her. Endora offers to conjure him back, but Kay says no thanks as magic is what caused their problems. Tabitha says she warned her not to tell him the truth. She says if Miguel tells anyone else, they'll be burning them alive on the village green. Tabitha doesn't want to go through that again. Kay doesn't care about that, she only cares about Miguel. Kay thinks she's lost Miguel. He returns and says she hasn't. He says he loves her, whoever and whatever she is. They kiss and Endora conjures fireworks above them. Tabitha tells Endora happy New Year. 


At the mansion, Esme is reading a magazine about how single women can occupy themselves. Fancy shows up asking why she isn't dressed? It's New Years Eve. Esme says she's embracing the lonely lifestyle, she can't bare another dead boyfriend. Fancy says if she changes her mind she'll be at the Blue Note with Luis. Esme says they got back together? Fancy says yes, she loves him. Esme says well just be smart and don't trust him this time, the man made love to Pretty and Sheridan, not at the same time of course. Fancy says Luis explained what happened with Pretty, and what happened with Sheridan she thinks has to do with the search for Marty. She is bothered that he didn't trust her enough to tell her that Marty was alive. Fancy says this worries her, she hates secrets. Esme says all men lie. Fancy says Luis loves her, she has to believe love will win out. She asks Esme if she is sure she doesn't want to come out? Esme says no, as soon as she ends up in the club men will flock to her like bears on honey. She says then they'll end up dead, not a good way to start the new year. Esme says she thinks she should just start dating evil people, that way when they end up dead she's doing a service. Fancy says too bad she can't date aunt Sheridan. Esme says she swore off women after Greece, to much motor cycle maintenance and not enough action. Esme says Fancy will have to take care of Sheridan on her own. Fancy gives her one last chance to come with her, but Esme wants to stay here and plan her life as a lonely and bitter old maid. 


Fancy goes to leave when Alistair shows up. She is furious with him for what he's done to her and Luis. She says then there is Chad's death, why Sam hasn't arrested him she doesn't know. Alistair says they have always been close. Fancy says yes, as long as she does as he says. She thinks thinks has all been about trying to control her and keep her from Luis. Alistair gloats about how Luis made love to Pretty and he hears Luis was with Sheridan too. Alistair doesn't know why any man would find Sheridan attractive, but then again she is the mother of Luis' son. Fancy says a son he kidnapped! Fancy says Alistair is jealous as he's never understood love. She says she will end up with Luis and Alistair in prison. Meanwhile, Esme gets the idea to go out with Alistair so he ends up dead. 


At the cottage, Sheridan, Luis and Marty are watching some movie. They talk about the new year, Marty's resolution is for them to be together forever. Sheridan says that is hers as well. They share a family hug. Later Sheridan and Luis put Marty to bed. Sheridan tells Luis how her dream has come true. She says it's so amazing how natural he is with Luis. Luis thinks it is incredible how close she and him are. Sheridan says and he doesn't want to be away from them for a moment. Luis is worried about that, he must be afraid he'll be taken from them. Sheridan is worried about why her father let him come back. Luis says he won't let Marty be taken from them again. Sheridan says there is champagne in the fridge, they could toast the new year. Luis says he can't, he and Fancy have plans to go out. Sheridan says she just thought he'd want to be here for Marty. Luis says he's asleep, he'll be here in the morning. He also wants to bring Fancy by to get to know Marty. Sheridan says great. Luis tells Sheridan happy new year and then leaves. Sheridan damns Fancy for taking Luis from her son and her. 


Later Alistair shows up at the cottage. Sheridan was dreaming of Luis, she thinks it's him coming back. Alistair says sorry to disappoint her, Luis is going to be with his new love Fancy and she will be all alone, get used to it. Sheridan tells her father that she hates him. He asks what else is new? She says no this is real hatred, not the angry lashing out of a child. She says this hate is like a fire burning in her belly, it keeps her warm at night. Alistair says she's giving him hope that one day she'll be worthy of carrying his name. He suggests her hatred is misdirected. He reminds her of his Christmas gift. Sheridan says there must be some motive attached to it, why did he bring Marty home? Alistair wants her to use Marty to tear Luis and Fancy apart. Alistair says he doesn't care about Sheridan, but he does care about Fancy. He doesn't want her wasting her life with the peasant that ruined Sheridan's. He wants Sheridan to use Marty to get to Luis. Alistair leaves and Sheridan decides to do as her father wants to get Luis back. She says who would guess she could work with her father. Marty wakes up and comes out asking if everything is okay? She says yes, everything is perfect. 


Alistair returns to his study and finds Esme there in a sexy dress waiting for him. She suggests he join her for some champagne. He decides to and asks if there is anything else he can join her in, like the Jacuzzi. She says he is a bad bad and evil man. Alistair says this is a delightful surprise. Esme says she's a houseguest, she thought this was much more pleasant than a thank you note. The clock strikes midnight, she says it would be a crime for a girl to ring in the new year alone. Alistair agrees and kisses her. Esme then waits for the killer to show up, she hopes they show up soon as kissing Alistair is grossing her out.

Theresa and Pilar are at the cabin. They are again talking about how Theresa has to give Ethan up to protect this family. Theresa says Ethan thinks she's a liar, Gwen has won. Pilar says maybe she can't spend her life with Ethan, but they can spend New Years eve together. She tells her to go be with him, she'll take care of Little Ethan. Theresa says okay, she can't give up hope. She says maybe they can work things out.


At the Blue Note, everyone has gathered for New Years. Ethan shows up to meet Theresa, she called him. She is glad he showed up. Ethan says he almost didn't. He says she's been so absent lately, and she keeps lying about why. She says she wishes she could convince him how sorry she is. He says that would take some doing. She says it is New Years, she can't stand not ringing it in with him. He says he's not in the mood to party. She says let's just think about the future, focus on the here and now. She asks him to stay with her. Theresa says she does love him, spend the evening with her. She says they can have champagne, tell silly jokes. Ethan says nothing. Theresa says okay, it's too much to ask for. She says she knows he's still upset with her. She says when the clock strikes 12, she'll be thinking of him and wishing they were together. She says she doesn't know how else to say it, she loves him and always will. She says happy new year and goes to leave. He stops her and they kiss. Later they dance with each other. Theresa says every New Years she's wished for them to be together, maybe wishes do come true. Ethan says he's missed her the last couple of weeks. She says she never went anywhere, she always thinks of him, he is the love of her life. Theresa says she doesn't want this night to end. Ethan says it could be like this for the rest of their lives. Ethan says he doesn't want to lose her. Theresa says he won't lose her.  Later they drain a bottle of champagne, so Ethan leaves to get some more. Theresa quickly calls her mom to check in and let her know how great things are going. Pilar is a bit uptight, Theresa asks if something is wrong? Pilar says Little Ethan has a fever again, but it's probably nothing. Theresa says she'll be right there. Pilar says no, just enjoy her evening, the doctor will call back soon. She thinks he won't, it's New Years eve. Theresa runs out, Ethan follows. 


Fancy and Luis go to the Blue Note. Fancy is upset and crying. Luis tells her to sit down. Fancy says she's not in a romantic mood, he hurt her badly. Luis says he doesn't blame her for being angry. She says it's more than angry. He says he is sorry he didn't tell her about Marty. He explains he's known about Marty for months, they didn't tell anyone as they knew Alistair had him. He says they were afraid if Alistair found out that he'd move him. Fancy thinks Luis didn't trust her with this, that she'd tell Alistair. He says no. Luis says it was Sheridan who was worried. Fancy says that she believes. Luis says Sheridan made him swear not to tell anyone, she was afraid of losing Marty. Luis says Alistair finds out about everything, that is why they couldn't tell anyone. Luis says he wanted to tell her, but he couldn't risk not seeing Marty again. Luis says he wants to move past this, if she can forgive him. Fancy says yes. Luis is glad, life would be lame without her. They kiss. Later Luis and Fancy dance. Luis thinks about their future, their marriage, their family, their careers together. He says nothing will come between them. Fancy excuses herself to check her make-up. Luis says hurry up, it's almost midnight and she wants to be with the woman he loves. Fancy leaves and Luis gets a call from the cottage. Marty is on the phone crying that he needs him right now! Help me daddy! Sheridan then takes the phone and says come quickly! She then hangs up on him. Luis realizes he has to get to Marty. He wants to tell Fancy he's leaving, but she hasn't come back. Back at the cottage, Sheridan is all smiles thinking part one of her plan is complete. Back at the Blue Note, Luis leaves Fancy a note on a napkin and heads out right at Midnight. Unfortunately a waitress  clears the table. Fancy shows up looking for Luis to kiss him, but she can't find him. She ends up standing on the napkin note, which fell to the floor!


Theresa returns to the cabin. Pilar says everything is okay, the fever broke and he's fine. Pilar thinks she should have stayed with Ethan. Theresa thinks it will all work out for her and Ethan. Pilar says it can't, she shouldn't have encouraged her to see Ethan. Pilar got a call form Mexico, Tia Maria's sons have been killed too. Pilar says they have to be careful, they must do as Rebecca and Gwen want. Pilar says they must be so careful. Pilar says she can't tell Ethan the truth or they will all die. the clock strikes midnight, Theresa was supposed to be with Ethan. Theresa decides to go find him, but Pilar says Ethan can't find them here or he'll figure it all out. Meanwhile Ethan is outside the cabin wondering why Theresa is here?


January 1, 2008
No Show


January 2,  2008


In Alistair's study, Esme is trying to seduce Alistair, knowing the killer will kill him. She tells him how older men turn her on, she subscribes to the AARP magazine for the centerfolds. Alistair says he never expected to find such a tempting surprise waiting for him. She says the surprises are just starting. They kiss some more as Esme waits for the killer. She says she hopes Harmony gives her the keys to the city for this. Later Esme does this sexy dance for him with a red boa. He says take it off, take it all off. She says patience, gypsy rose lee could do it for hours. Alistair says so can he, she'll find out soon. Alistair grabs her and says lets stop playing these games, he thinks she might be avoiding him. She says she's not stalling, she just likes to spice things up before the main event. He says something about his son and her, how Julian could never make love to a woman without a Halloween costume. He knows about her and Julian, and her and Fox. She says he must think she has a thing for Cranes. He says he's the only real Crane, and he knows something important about her. He says every man that comes to her bed ends up dead. She says he makes her sound like a Black Widow. He says she is. She says but she didn't kill anyone. He says he knows that. She asks if he knows who is killing them? He says no, and he wasn't interested until now. He knows her plan, that she threw herself at him to get him killed too. She says don't be ridiculous. This is when the killer shows up with a knife! Alistair tells Esme that she thinks by sleeping with him, the killer will kill him too. Alistair says there are a lot of people who want to kill him, they'll have to get in line, but her plot turned out to be nothing. She says he misunderstood. Alistair says they could do part of her plan  though, several times. Esme says she's not in the mood anymore. Alistair fights with her, she ends up falling to the floor and getting knocked out. He thinks she's play acting, but soon finds out she's not. Alistair says she really knocked herself out. He gets on top of her and says she's not dead, one way or another he will have her. He says this way he doesn't have to listen to her jabbering. Suddenly the killer throws the knife at Alistair, who keels over. However he of course isn't dead. He gets up and starts crawling around. He looks out the door and says "you!" 


At the Blue Note, Fancy is in tears as Luis has disappeared. Fancy calls Luis and gets his voicemail, asking where he is? Why did he run off? Call her back and let her know if he's all right and where he is. She tells herself it's just a silly superstition, but she was with no one at midnight, does that mean she'll be alone this year? She asks where Luis is and who is he with? She says Luis has to come back. Fancy remembers Esme telling her that now that Marty was home, Sheridan would have a bigger lock on Luis. She remembers Luis made love to Pretty too. She wonders why she immediately thinks the worst of Luis, oh maybe because he's betrayed her over and over? She says he wouldn't' go back to Sheridan would he? Fancy calls Crane security and finds out Luis went to the cottage tonight. She wonders why Luis would leave her to go to Sheridan?


At the cottage, Luis shows up looking for Marty and Sheridan to find out what happened. Marty runs into his arms, Sheridan is smiling. Luis asks what happened? Marty says everything is okay now, he's here. Sheridan tells Marty to go get some cookies. Marty leaves and Luis asks Sheridan what is going on? He's confused! Sheridan remembers her father telling her to use Marty to get Luis back and break him and Fancy up. Sheridan says Marty woke up, when he learned Luis left, he threw a fit. She says she couldn't calm him down, he was hysterical. She says she didn't mean to disrupt his evening with Fancy. Luis says Fancy will understand, she did the right thing. Sheridan says she's trying to be a good mother and the first crisis she was useless. Luis says that is understandable, all his memories are of him. Sheridan says and Beth. Sheridan says he's afraid of being taken away from them again, they have to be with Marty constantly until he's more sure of himself. She says the three of them have to be together around the clock. Luis doesn't think he can do that. She says he has to, Marty has some major adjustments to make. She says they have to be with him at all time. Luis says what she's asking is impossible, he has to work and spend time with Fancy. She says this isn't forever, just for a bit. Sheridan says they have to build up his self confidence and Fancy will understand. Luis says he needs to think about this. He says he'll do whatever he can to help Marty. However Marty has to realize he can't be with them all the time, it sets a dangerous precedent. Luis also thinks they shouldn't make any decisions until he sees a child psychologist. Marty returns with cookies and says he's so glad daddy is here. Later Luis goes to call Fancy, but Marty is ready for bed and wants them both to tuck him in. Luis tells Marty tomorrow football is on all day, they plan to watch it. Sheridan smiles and thinks it is only a matter of time before Luis is back with them for good. Later when Marty is asleep, Luis plans to go. Sheridan begs him not to leave, if he wakes up he might get upset. Luis says it will be fine and he goes to leave. Sheridan starts crying, Luis asks what is it? She says she's just worried about Marty. Luis says he seems okay, but Sheridan says kids hide their pain. She's afraid he's been affected for life. Luis tells her that Marty will be okay, they'll see him through anything.  Fancy meanwhile shows up outside the cabin to see what is going on. She looks in and sees Luis holding a crying Sheridan. She says after everything he said . . .. Luis you liar! 


At the cabin, Pilar tells Theresa that she can't go to Ethan. She says her cousin were murdered, Juniata won't stop until she gets her revenge. She says Ethan can never find out she's up here with Little Ethan. Theresa knows, and she is sure Ethan doesn't know there are here. Theresa says she'll have to come up with an excuse as to why she ran out on Ethan. Ethan meanwhile is right outside wondering why Theresa came here? Theresa still plans to head back to see Ethan and try and make this up to him. She goes to leave and  finds Ethan standing at the door. He asks what the hell is going on? Theresa goes outside and Pilar hides. Ethan barges his way into the cabin. She asks what he's doing here? He says that is his line. He followed her, why did she run out of there and come here? She says it's hard to explain. He says that he thought they were having a great time. She says yes, it was wonderful. He says yes, so wonderful that she forgot to say goodbye? He asks what is going in, is she meeting someone else here? Is someone with her? Theresa says there is nobody else, there never could be. She says she's alone. Pilar is in the bedroom with Little Ethan. Ethan asks why she ran out of him then? He says they were doing so well, so what is the big secret this time. She says they were having a wonderful time and she felt so close to him, it was perfect. He says that is why he was stunned when she deserted him. She says it was her fault, she panicked, she was afraid. Ethan asks of what? She says whenever things are so good between them, something always happens. She says like their wedding night, they were so happy and then the poisoning happened. Theresa says she just felt like something awful would happen, so she ran out. She knows it's silly to be so afraid. She says she loves him, but she felt that something bad was about to happen and they'd be separated, that she'd spend her life without him. He sees she's serious. He says he loves her, she doesn't have to worry. He says she won't lose him. Theresa says he said they were over. He says he didn't mean it. He says he was angry, he was hurt, he thought she had lied to him. They hug, Theresa knows she is lying to him. Ethan thinks this is his fault, she doesn't have to worry about losing him. Ethan says they missed being together at midnight. Theresa is worried about that. Ethan says he can fix that. He winds the clock back saying Albert Einstein always said time was relative. Ethan says they drove here so fast they beat midnight. The clocks strikes midnight and they kiss. 


At the hospital, Gwen is with Jonathan wondering why Ethan isn't here, saying they already missed the new year. Rebecca shows up with booze and cups. She says Theresa has beaten Gwen to the punch yet again. Gwen doesn't have time for this, she is worried about Ethan and where he is. Rebecca says last she heard, Ethan and Theresa were together at the Blue Note. Gwen asks how she managed to get beaten by Theresa again? Rebecca says Gwen is here and Theresa is throwing herself at Ethan. Rebecca says her bartender friend did say that Theresa ran out of the Blue Note on Ethan, and there is only one thing she'd leave Ethan for . . . Little Ethan. Rebecca says she never understood a woman putting her children above a man. Gwen says remind her not to send her a mother's day card. They both worry if Ethan follows her, she'll find out the truth about Little Ethan. She says this can't happen when she's so close to getting Ethan back. Rebecca bets Theresa set this up, she ran off to make Ethan follow her. She says Theresa set it up so Ethan accidentally would find out the truth. Gwen says it sounds like something Theresa would do. Rebecca says they told Pillar that if Theresa told Ethan the truth that they'd tell that nasty women in Mexico where they were. Rebecca gets her phone out and thinks it is time to make that call. Gwen stops her, she doesn't want the death of a family on her conscience. Rebecca says get rid of her conscience then, it seems to always get in the way. Gwen says maybe one day they will make the call, but not now. Gwen decides to call Ethan and get him back here using their son. 


Back at the cabin, Ethan's phone rings. He says he should get it, it could be about Jonathan. It is Gwen calling, she asks where he is? He says he's celebrating with Theresa, he thought Jonathan was fine. Gwen says yeah but he's not completely better. Ethan says Jonathan will be fine, and that he hadn't left the hospital in days. He says he wants to spend the night with Theresa, he'll see her in the morning. Theresa realizes Ethan can't stay here or he'll find Little Ethan. 

Back at the hospital, Rebecca tells Gwen they have to get to the cabin. Gwen says what about the baby? Rebecca says the only thing she'll see of the baby the next few years is it screaming, crying and pooping anyway. They then leave.

Back at the cabin, Theresa and Ethan dance and kiss. Theresa realizes she has to get Ethan out of here. Theresa asks him if he's sure Jonathan is okay? Maybe they should go to the hospital. Ethan says he is fine, he wants to concentrate on them. Suddenly Gwen storms in telling Ethan hew has to come to the hospital now! Ethan asks what is wrong? Is Jonathan okay? Gwen says he needs his father. She can't believe he's celebrating while their son is near death. Ethan says he's on his way to a full recovery. Gwen says he's so pale, he just lies there. Ethan says the doctor assured him that he would be okay. Gwen says it's New Years, she thought he'd want to be with their son. Ethan says he's asleep. Gwen says she can't do this without him, she needs him. Gwen pulls Ethan into a hug, she then smiles at Theresa. Gwen says Jonathan knows when they are both there, he looks sad when Ethan isn't there. Ethan says he knows she's been through hell, he has too, but he needs a break just for tonight. Ethan says it's time for Gwen to go. Ethan says tonight is about Theresa, she needs him tonight and Jonathan doesn't. 

In the bedroom, Rebecca sneaks in. Pilar asks what she's doing here? Rebecca says she warned her to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Maybe it's time to call that widow in Mexico and tell her where the woman who killed her husband is. Pilar says they've done everything they've asked, Theresa hasn't told Ethan anything. Rebecca says this is dangerous, Little Ethan is here and Ethan is in the next room. Pilar says Ethan showed up here on his own, and she can't keep Ethan and Theresa apart forever. Rebecca says she will save Ethan from Theresa, even if she has to kill her to do it. Pilar says keep your voice down, Ethan doesn't know they are here. Rebecca says another lie. Pilar says she's doing what Rebecca asked. Rebecca says she will make sure Ethan ends up with Gwen. Pilar calls her a bitch, which makes Rebecca attack her! 


Back in the other room, Gwen tells Ethan he is a complete fool! She says Theresa has been lying to him for weeks and everyone knows it. Gwen says guess where Theresa has been sneaking off to when Jonathan was sick. She says Theresa is seeing another man, that's why she came up here. Ethan says Theresa is alone. They hear a sound in the bedroom, Gwen asks what that was?



January 3, 2007


At the cabin, Gwen again tells Ethan that Theresa has been playing her for a fool, Theresa has been cheating and probably snuck up here to meet another man. Ethan says no one else is up here. Suddenly they hear sounds coming from the bedroom. Rebecca attacked Pilar, this made the sound. In the bedroom, Pilar blames Rebecca and says Ethan can't come in here, he'll see Little Ethan is the donor. Rebecca says they can't let that happen, Ethan will figure out Little Ethan is his son. Meanwhile, Ethan demands Theresa tell him who is in the bedroom. When Theresa won't say, Ethan knocks on the door and asks who is in there? Rebecca doesn't know what to do. Pilar says if her brain works then think of something. Ethan meanwhile has decided to just break the door down. Theresa tells him to stop it, so Ethan asks who is in there? Rebecca tells Pilar they have to get out of here, but Pilar says they can't move Little Ethan. Rebecca says then they have to get Ethan out of here. Meanwhile Theresa tells Ethan that she is supposed to be alone, she doesn't know who could be in there. Ethan says it could be burglars, they should call the police. She says no. He says then what is going on, tell him the truth? Theresa says she can't do this anymore, if he wants to go in then go in. She says then this will be over once and for all. Rebecca tells Pilar that she's blown it, she hopes her estate can pay for all these funerals. Gwen tells Ethan not to go in there, this will kill Pilar and her family. Ethan asks what she's talking about? Gwen says there is another man in there. She tells Theresa to just admit it, this will just kill her mother. Ethan says he doesn't believe this. Gwen says then he's a fool. Gwen tells Ethan that it explains everything, there is another man in there. Ethan asks Theresa if this is true. Theresa says nothing. Gwen says Ivy was right for once, what other possible explanation is there. Back in the bedroom, Pilar is furious that Gwen is calling Theresa a whore. Rebecca thinks it is marvelous. Ethan demands Theresa tell him that Gwen is wrong.  Ethan says say something? Gwen says maybe there isn't anything to say, when your number is up it is up. Pilar says she thought Rebecca was evil, but Gwen is the devil! Rebecca thinks her Gwen is a genius. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa came up here for a secret rendezvous with another man. Ethan begs Theresa to defend herself, but Gwen says she can't lie her way out of this one. Gwen tells Ethan to face up to it, she has another man stashed here. Pilar feels bad for Theresa, Rebecca wants to break out champagne. Ethan tells Theresa to tell him if Gwen is right, is there another man in there? Theresa says yes there is, Gwen is right. Ethan says this can't be true, she wouldn't do this to him. He says after everything she said, after all those promises. He says so the man in the bedroom is a lover? Theresa says yes. Ethan asks the guy in the bedroom, does she love him? Theresa says yes. Pilar says of course she does, the guy in here is Little Ethan. Rebecca says Gwen set this up perfectly. Ethan says he doesn't understand, how could she stab him in the back? Has she been playing him this whole time? All the times she told him she loved him, it was a lie? Theresa says it's not what he thinks, but he can't give him answers. Ethan asks if he wasn't man enough for her? He doesn't understand it, unless she's been lying for 8 years. Theresa says she just can't explain, all she can do is ask her to trust her. He says he should go in there and kick that guys head in, but he won't do that. He thinks she's made her choice and he's not it. She says he doesn't understand. He says now he does. He understands that she's lied and cheated and made a fool out of him. He says he gave her his heart, his trust and his hopes. Ethan says he's leaving and he walks out. Gwen smiles and follows him. Pilar comes out to comfort Theresa. Theresa says he's gone and he's not coming back. 


Ethan talks to Gwen outside. He says he's never felt so betrayed. He doesn't know how it came to this. Gwen says she's sorry. Ethan asks if she is? She says she is always on his side. Gwen tells him that it will be okay. She says she's sorry he's feeling this pain, but in the long run it's better to know the truth. She says maybe the woman he loved was a figment of his imagination. Ethan says he never imagined she could be so cruel. Meanwhile Theresa is in tears telling her mom that it's over, she's lost him. She says she had to break the heart of the man she loves. Rebecca shows up and says nice job sweetie. Rebecca then looks outside and sees Gwen with Ethan. She says Ethan is where he belongs, in Gwen's arms. Theresa thinks Ethan will never forgive her. 


At Tabitha's, Kay and Miguel are in the bedroom kissing. Kay zaps the lights off and some romantic music for them. Miguel says they have the rest of their lives ahead of them, this is real. The clothes come off and they make love.  After Kay says she can't imagine what he went through in hell, but life around here was no picnic. She says it feels like a heavy burden has been lifted off her. She says she feels so light she could float. He says she might be able to. She says no, levitation is advanced stuff, maybe one day. Kay talks to him about being a witch, how she thought she lost him because of it. Kay says he's back and they can finally be the family they want to be. She says everything is perfect. Miguel says perfect isn't the word that comes to mind for him. He says something is wrong. He says they can't be together if she's a witch. He says he can't live with magic, if she keeps using magic then they are over. He says magic causes nothing but unhappiness. She says that isn't' true, she is a good witch. Miguel says he may think she's a good witch, but she's part of a world filled with evil. She says here in Harmony there are good and bad people, she is one of the good ones. Miguel says this isn't the Kay he knows and loves. He says maybe it makes a difference that she's a good witch, but it is unnatural. She says she was born with these powers, she says this is racial profiling! Miguel says all the bad things that happened in Harmony have been because of magic. Kay says she just can't change, she is a witch. Miguel says just stop, don't do it anymore. He says she has to make magic happen, so just don't. He wants her to take a sacred oath that she won't use magic, or they have to say goodbye.  Kay says she's never to known him be like this. She says she can make their lives so much better. Miguel says he wants a normal life, one he earns. He doesn't want a wand waved to make everything easy. Miguel says it's up to her. Kay says her love for him is the strongest magic she knows, so if he wants her to give it up then she promises not to do magic again. Miguel says she'll see it is worth it. He says he'll work hard and make sure she's always taken care of. He then asks about Maria, will she be a witch? Kay says she doesn't know, she may be. He asks what about Jessica or Noah? Kay doesn't know about Jessica, but as far as she knows only the females in the family get the gift. Miguel says some gift. His baby could be a witch. Miguel says this is a lot to digest. Kay knows, but she loves him and wants to spend her life with him. She says she will understand if he wants to walk away. Kay says she can promise him she won't do magic, but she can't promise magic will be out of her life. She says she understands if he doesn't want to be married to a witch. She says this marriage could be difficult. Miguel says loving her has never been easy, but easy is boring. He says she is the most exciting woman he's known. He says he loves her and their daughter. He says if Darren can do it then so can he. They kiss. 


At the mansion, Alistair sees who attacked him and says they will pay for this! Esme begins coming too, she wonders what this awful feeling is? She says she must have knocked herself sober. Sam shows up guns drawn. He thinks he finally caught Alistair and in the act too. Sam thinks Alistair tried to hurt her. He says Alistair is under arrest for murdering Chad and for attacking Esme. He goes to cuff Alistair, who still has the knife in his back! Alistair says Sam can't arrest him, he's been stabbed. Alistair says he thinks he's dying here. Sam says he looks pretty healthy to him. Alistair says he's in need of medical attention. Sam says the prison doctor will check him out. Sam ends up pulling the knife out of his back, Alistair screams in pain. Sam says this looks like a simple flesh wound to him. He says he can see how deep the wound is. He presses it, putting Alistair in more pain. Sam tells Esme when she is called to testify, just say the arresting officer was trying to determine his condition. Esme says he's old though, wasn't that a little sadistic? Sam says the only sadist here is him. 


Later Esme asks Sam where he came from? Sam says they all knew Alistair was back in town, but hiding. He says one of his staff called to tell him that he was here, so he came here to arrest him for Chad's murder. Alistair says they won't pin that on him. Sam says he has four witnesses, and now he was attacking Esme. He assumes Esme stabbed him in defense, but Alistair says she didn't. Esme says actually she doesn't think she did stab him. Sam wonders then who did? Sam asks Alistair if he saw who stabbed him? Alistair doesn't know, he was stabbed in the back. Sam asks Esme what about her? What happened here tonight. Esme says it's hard to explain. Sam says when he came in, she was on the floor, Alistair had a knife in his back, something led up to that moment. Sam asks asks if Alistair attack her? Did he try and rape her. Esme says no, she fell and hit her head. Sam thinks she's lying out of fear. Esme says nothing happened. Sam says someone stabbed Alistair, if it wasn't Esme then who? Esme doesn't know, she was passed out and doesn't remember a thing . . . She then remembers something, Alistair cried out something, she remembers hearing him being surprised by the killer. Sam says he heard Alistair saying something to. Sam says Alistair knows who stabbed him, why isn't he saying? Alistair says he won't say anything except to his lawyer. Sam says fine, he came here to arrest him, that is what he's going to do. Alistair asks what about Esme? He says she set him up, she is an accomplice to this. He says Esme is the Black Widow, she set him up to die! Sam asks if he has any proof? Alistair doesn't. Esme says she had nothing to do with this. She says Alistair said he knew about her history and he didn't mind. Sam says so she did try and seduce him? She says she couldn't' help it, she has a thing for old men. Sam doesn't want to hear it. He's going to take Alistair to jail and then try and find out who attacked the old bastard and give them a medal. Viki then waltzes in, asking Esme what is going on. Esme explains that Alistair was attacked. Sam asks Viki if she saw anyone running around in the last 10 to 15 minutes. Alistair gives Viki a look. Viki whispers to Esme and Esme says Viki didn't see anything unusual. Sam again asks Alistair who attacked him? Alistair still won't say. Sam says when he finds his attacker, he'll put them in the cell together so he or she can finish the job. Alistair has flashbacks to the attacker. He asked why they were killing Esme's boyfriends? It's Viki! Alistair still won't give up Viki's name for some reason. Viki whispers to Esme, Esme says no the killer won't come after her, she'll make sure she's safe. Sam says killers don't always follow patterns, but Alistair agrees the killer won't come after her. 



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