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2nd Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


January 7, 2008

At the Blue Note, Ethan and Gwen are sitting at a table. Ethan doesn't know how blind he could have been to all her lies. He doesn't know how she could have cheated on him. Ivy says Theresa is a lying scheming bitch and he's so much better off without that skank. Gwen says she called Ivy, she thought having people who loved him around him would help him. Ethan thanks her but says she should just go home and be with dad. Ivy says Jessica is back with the baby, Sam is spending time with them. Ethan tells his mom that he'll be just fine. Ivy says he will with Theresa out of his life, just make sure it stays that way. Ivy orders Champaign to celebrate, but Ethan doesn't feel like celebrating. He leaves the table. Ivy asks Gwen what happened at the cabin? Gwen says Theresa rushed out on Ethan, he followed her and found her there with another man locked in the bedroom. Gwen says she admitted she loved this other man. Ivy knew Theresa was cheating. Ivy says Ethan needs Gwen and she needs to show Ethan that he should be with her. Gwen says she intends to do that. She says with Theresa out of the picture, they should be together forever. Ivy just hopes Gwen can forgive Ethan for all the trouble he's given her for years. She is sure Ethan will just wake up and forget about Theresa one of these days. Ethan returns and says he loves Theresa. Ivy asks how he could love Theresa after what she did to him? Ethan says what she did has nothing to do with what he felt for her. Ivy asks if he's saying he doesn't love her anymore? Ethan says obviously he has to re-examine his feelings for Theresa. He says he won't talk about Theresa anymore, let it go. Gwen tells Ethan that he can always trust her, she and Jonathan love him. He says you still love me? She says of course she loves him. He says but he hurt her so much. Gwen says Theresa was the root of the problem, and she let him go to be with Theresa. Ivy says that is true love. Ethan doesn't know what to say. Gwen says she and his son will always be there for him. Ethan says and he for them, he hugs Gwen as Ivy smiles. Ivy tells Ethan to see the big picture, if Theresa can do this to the man she loved, then it is possible that Theresa lied about who knows what else all these years. Gwen says Theresa would be so mean to her, but he never seemed to believe her. Ivy says Ethan needs to apologize to Gwen for always taking Theresa's side over Gwen's. Ethan says if Theresa said things untrue and he took her side, he is sorry. Gwen says that means so much to her. Gwen says Theresa tortured her for years. Gwen keeps milking Ethan for all she can. Ethan says he sees things differently now. Gwen thinks they can start over and build a future together. Ethan says he didn't say anything about them having a future together, he can't think about that right now. Gwen says she understands. Ivy meanwhile thinks Theresa is finally out of the picture. 


At the cabin, Theresa tells Pilar that she can't believe Ethan thinks she's cheating on him. Pilar knows this is awful, she couldn't tell him the truth. Theresa says Gwen backed her into a corner. Pilar blames herself, but Theresa says she won't let them get away with this. She says she'll find a way to be with Ethan. Pilar says the only reason she lost him is because of her past with Juanita. Theresa says this wasn't her fault. Theresa then comes up with a way she can be with Ethan. Pilar says that look usually means trouble. Theresa says she has to go to Mexico, find Juanita and convince her to end the vendetta. Pilar faints! When she comes too, Pilar asks Theresa if she's lost her mind? Theresa says she hasn't, it's the perfect plan. Pilar says she cannot go to Mexico to talk to her, that woman wants revenge. Pilar says the minute Juanita finds her she'll kill her, then she'll come to Harmony and kill the rest of them. Theresa says running Crane she's dealt with a lot of people, even lunatics. Pilar says Juanita makes Alistair seem reasonable. She says Theresa doesn't know how dark this woman's heart is, to find out would mean her death. Pilar says that woman will kill her, she will not come back alive. Pilar says she tried to reason with Juanita once, her blood still runs cold thinking about it. Pilar remembers trying to call Juanita to talk to her. Juanita said she would never forgive Pilar, she would hunt her down and kill her and her children and their children. Juanita said there could be no peace until her and her family were dead. Pilar tells Theresa she forbids her to go to Mexico. Theresa says maybe time has lesson Juanita's rage. Pilar says it never ceases to amaze her that her brain can turn off the part that reasons. Pilar says Juanita will never forgive her. Theresa says well she can't go on letting Ethan think she cheated on him. Pilar says do something to win Ethan back, but anything but go to Mexico. Theresa says she would rather die then live without Ethan. Pilar says she will die if she goes to Mexico. Theresa says then she will go to see Juanita. Pilar says their whole family will die because of her! Pilar says promise her that she won't go to Mexico. Theresa ends up promising not to go. Pilar is relieved, but Theresa plans to go anyways. Theresa decides to go give Little Ethan his medicine. Pilar says she'll get it. Theresa looks at a photo of Ethan and says she won't give up on them. She makes a call for a flight to Mexico. 


At Tabitha's, Tabitha makes Endora some breakfast. Kay and Miguel show up, they say they need to talk to Tabitha. Kay thinks Tabitha won't like this, Miguel thinks she'll hate it. Kay says she has agreed to stop the woowoo for Miguel. Tabitha says what about her happiness, she is a witch, magic is in her blood. Tabitha asks how she'll be happy denying her true nature. Kay says she loves him, if this is what he wants then she will do it. Tabitha says neither witch nor woman should subjugate herself to a man. She thought Miguel was more evolved than this, she zaps him into a caveman uniform. Miguel says he was hoping Tabitha would give up magic too. She says what! Steam comes out of Tabitha's ears.  Tabitha starts laughing and says she hasn't laughed this hard sense she convinced Jefferson to buy Louisiana. Tabitha won't give up witchcraft. Miguel says then they can't get married. Tabitha says the way she lives her life doesn't impact their future, this isn't France, the three of them aren't in a relationship. Tabitha says putting conditions on Kay's life before marrying her is controlling enough, but to think she'll go along with it is ridiculous. Kay says so she can live with herself knowing she's ruined her happiness? Tabitha says blame Miguel for holding her to an unreasonable pre-nup. Tabitha zaps Miguel back into his clothes. Miguel just wants the magic to stop, then the evil here will stop. Theresa says the evil will never stop with all the mortals making such misery here. She says people do enough mean things without magic. Tabitha says now she only does magic on an as need basis, and Kay only does good magic. Endora says like her, she conjured up a party. Tabitha says she's not helping. Miguel says Maria can't grow up like this! Where did this come from? Tabitha says it's magic, Endora made it. Miguel says this is too crazy, he can't live like this. He says he loves Kay but they can't be together. He says this magic isn't natural. Tabitha says the world is full of magic, it is just that she can focus it better than mortals can. Miguel says she's a nice witch, but what she does is evil. Tabitha says all jobs have their dark side. She says slaughtering animals for food, raping the planet for resources, giving people credit cards they can't pay off. Kay begs Tabitha to just stop using magic for her sake. Tabitha says magic pays their bills. Kay says perhaps they should start working. Tabitha says her last job was as Henry the 8ths marriage councilor. She says magic cleans the house, it keeps the yard tidy. She says if she and Endora want to take a trip, she won't stand in hours at the airport and stuffed into a flying tube. Tabitha says she will stick with magic. Kay begs her, for her. Miguel also says he wrote a letter about her being a witch and hid it, so if anything happens to him, she'll be exposed. She says she applauds his sneakiness. Tabitha tells Kay that she will take the oath to stop using magic. Tabitha promises not to do anymore woowoo, but she has her fingers crossed behind her back. Miguel says this is for the best, Endora and Maria will grow up in a normal home. Tabitha says she and Endora will live their lives the best way they can. Tabitha says to herself the witchcraft way! As Miguel and Kay plan their wedding, Tabitha is trying to make food the old fashion way. She tells Endora they can't let mortals tell them not to do magic. She says she'll find Miguel's hidden letter and then punish Miguel a bit. 


Jessica returns home with her new baby. Sam is so glad to see her, he meets his grandson. Sam says he's so adorable. Jessica was afraid he wouldn't love him because he has Spike for a father. Sam says Spike has been out of the picture and he won't let Spike hurt them again. Sam says they are both safe and loved. Sam asks what his name is. Jessica says Samuel, she named him after him. Sam is honored. Jessica wants her son to identify with good noble men. Sam asks if Spike tried to get to her while she was away? He says no. Sam was afraid he might. Jessica says she didn't mean to stress him by going away, but she felt judged here. Sam understood. Jessica ended up going to be with Charity and the nuns. She says being home though is better. Sam says he and Noah set up a crib and changing table in the room, and Ivy has stocked up on everything they might need. Jessica says Ivy? Sam says they are back together again. Sam then goes to get baby Sam his bottle. 


Spike shows up and grabs Jessica. He tells her not to scream or he'll take his kid and she'll never see him again. Jessica nods that she will stay quiet. Jessica says her dad is in the kitchen, he'll get arrested if her dad sees him. Spike says he no longer has a rap sheet, and she won't tell him that he was here. Jessica says he buried her alive, he can arrest him for that. Spike says the last time he was in jail he managed to escape. He says Alistair won't let him stay in jail. He says if Sam does arrest him, he'll get out, he'll track her down and then he'll sell his baby on the black market. Spike sneaks off and hides behind a corner. 


Sam returns and asks Jessica if she's okay? She says she's just a little light headed. She asks her dad to make her a garden burger, so he leaves. Spike returns, she tells him to leave. She says she'll send him photos of the baby and divorce papers. Spike says she should have finalized that when she had the chance, because he likes having her as his wife. Spike says he wants to be a part of his son's life. She says no way!  He says if she rats him out, with Alistair on his side then the baby will disappear after one call. Jessica says if her dad sees him, she can't help him. Spike says whatever. Spike says one more thing, he wants the kid named after him. Jessica says she can't change his name, people will be suspicious. Spike wants his middle name to be Herbert, that is his real name. Sam soon walks out with her garden burger. It seems Spike has been caught, but he somehow slipped out. Sam is blown away by how much she reminds him of Grace. Sam says she never told him his middle name? Jessica says it's Herbert. Sam says that sounds great. Sam says they are family and they'll take care of him. Spike motions to her from around the corner to keep her mouth shut.


January 8, 2008

It's a new day in Harmony. At the Crane cabin, Theresa and Pilar are having breakfast, Pilar continues to tell her how it would have been such a mistake if she had gone to Mexico, how Juanita would have killed her and then come for them. Later Little Ethan shows up out of bed, he's well enough to walk. The phone rings and Pilar answers, it's the airlines calling to confirm tickets for Theresa. She asks if she lied to her about Mexico? Theresa says the tickets were for March for Ft. Meyers. Pilar asks why she'd be going there. Little Ethan hears and is excited, mom got them tickets for the Red Sox spring training after all. Pilar apologizes for doubting Theresa. Later though Theresa talks to Little Ethan to tell him the truth. She says she hasn't got those tickets yet, but she will. This is about a trip to Mexico, which grandma can't know about. She explains Grandma doesn't want her to go, she's afraid the person she needs to see will be mean. However Theresa says if this trip pans out, they can tell Ethan the truth about him. However until then, he can't tell the truth about Ethan to anyone and he can't tell anyone about this trip. Pilar returns and hears Theresa asking Little Ethan to keep these secrets. Pilar demands to know what is going on. Theresa says she was again explaining how he can't tell anyone about his father. Pilar tells him this is important, there are people who would hurt them all if Ethan learned the truth right now. Little Ethan promises not to tell. Later he asks his mom if she's going to see the people grandma is worried about? She says yes, but she'll be okay. He thanks her for being brave for them. Theresa goes to leave, but Pilar catches her and asks where she's going? Theresa claims to find a way to hopefully be with Ethan. Pilar shows her a photo of her and Juanita long ago, saying not to be fooled by her smile, the woman is evil. Theresa leaves and feels bad that she's lied to her mom about Mexico.

At the Crane mansion, Ethan is going through mail as Gwen asks how he is doing. She continues bringing up how Theresa has been cheating on him, having her lover up at the cabin, continuing to bad mouth Theresa. Ethan is stunned when his and Theresa's wedding certificate arrives in the mail. He says they were so good, so happy, how could she do this to him. He says at least he doesn't have to divorce her, their marriage is null now that Alistair is alive. Gwen then has her own news for Ethan, and she doesn't know how he'll react to it. She tells him they are still married. He asks how this can be, they signed the papers, they were filed. She says it's due to a technicality, you see when they divorced she was pregnant and he didn't know. He says so failure for full disclosure means they are still married? Gwen says yes. Ethan can't believe this and has to wonder if she didn't know about this. Gwen says you caught me, I planned it all. She says she planned to get pregnant, thinking she was barren. She also planned for Theresa to get caught having an affair so she could spring this on him when he dumped her. She also has been killing Esme's boyfriends on the side. He says okay point made. He says he'll have papers redrawn up. She asks if he wants a divorce still? She says they could stay married for Jonathan. Ethan doesn't want him growing up with divorced parents, but he also knows Gwen loves him and he doesn't know how he feels right now. He may not be over Theresa and he doesn't know if he'd want them to try again. She says she has no problem waiting as long as he needs. Ethan says okay, they will stay married. They hug as Gwen smiles. She says she won't pressure him, but she knows she can make him happy and in time he'll see that.  

Esme and Viki have breakfast in the library. Esme reads an article about Alistair and gets fired up over who is killing her boyfriends. She is sure Sam has to solve this case sooner or later, this killer will slip up somehow. She doesn't know who would want to do this, calling them a psycho. Viki knives the butter! She reads how Alistair is in the hospital and says he will name his killer when the time is right. Viki suddenly acts like she's sick and decides to go back to bed. Esme realizes she needs a man to take care of her and Viki, they have bills to pay. She sees a photo of Julian and gets an idea to be with him.

Julian goes to see Eve at the hospital. She's glad he came as she has something important to tell him. She claims she's been wanting to tell him this for awhile. He says she can tell him anything. Eve is about to tell him the truth about Vincent and Valerie. However she sees Vincent looking in and remembers he told her that if she didn't dump Julian that he'd go on another killing spree. Eve chickens out and tells Julian his tryst with Valerie was the last straw. She says she can't deal with him, he has to get out of her life for good. Julian leaves, Vincent then sneaks in. He tells her she did very good and kisses her in a passionate way. Eve tells him he shouldn't kiss her that way, it's not right! She says she did as he said, now he has to keep his promise not to hurt anyone else. He says he promises. He then drugs her to pass out. He pulls out a gun and says she should never trust a psycho, he will kill whoever he wants. He says unfortunately by time she wakes up, daddy will be dead!

Viki shows up at the hospital dressed as a candy striper. She fills a syringe with bleach and then looks at a list of patients to find out what room Alistair is in. She heads there.

Julian returns home and sees Esme. He asks if she really set his father up to be killed? She says well maybe, no, not really. He says too bad, he could never be with someone who was with Alistair. He had hoped she had tried to kill him. She says he's been with many women his father has. She lists all the maids, the secretaries, then there is Rebecca and Theresa. Julian says he means he couldn't have a relationship with someone who finds his father attractive. She says she doesn't find him attractive at all, he is so ugly inside. She then asks if Julian is saying . . . . . Julian says Eve wants nothing to do with him, he definitely doesn't want to marry Valerie, he thought they might give it a try since they were good together. She says yes, but Julian says before they consummate this they'll have to wait until her boyfriend killer is found. Esme is sure Sam will arrest him or her soon, he had better as she has needs. Julian says and he wants to fill them! 



January 9,  2008
Reminder! I'm on vacation for the rest of this week and next week. My summary for today won't be up until late tonight, possible tomorrow morning.. For now I'm using the official NBC recap. This will be updated as soon as I'm able to see the show, which at this point will probably be sometime on Thursday (I have to watch via NBC Online).

update: I've added some addition comments of my own after seeing the show to add a few further details. I had 3 hours of soaps to do, so these aren't as detailed as my usual summaries obviously.

At the hospital, Sam shows up to question Alistair about who stabbed him in the back, unaware that the killer is in the hospital room with them! Viki is there disguised as a nurse with her back to them. Alistair refuses to tell who killed him. Later, Viki goes to kill him with her bleach filled syringe, but he grabs her arm and knew she'd return. She screams "Let me go!"

Esme arrives at the hospital and Sam confronts her, saying he is beginning to think Alistair was right and she set him up to be murdered. He says he could charge her for that, but Esme says she would have to know the killer's identity to be their accessory wouldn't she? He says not necessarily.

Ivy meets Ethan at the hospital, worried something has happened to Jonathan. He says no, that he need to talk to her and Sam about both Theresa and Gwen. Ethan admits he still loves Theresa. Ivy begs him to just dump her and be with Gwen.

Ethan talks with Sam and Ivy as Esme listens in. He tells them about the technicality, how he's still married to Gwen. He doesn't know what he will do. ivy wants him to stay with Gwen, but Sam drags her off to let Ethan decide on his own. 

Esme has a talk with Ethan about his love life. She can see he still loves Theresa and she is who his heart belongs to. He admits it is true. However he has to stop chasing the dream of a life with Theresa and start planning a life with Gwen, whom everyone wants him to be with. Esme wants him to think long and hard. Ethan thanks her, saying she's really helped him. They hug.

Back in his room, Alistair demands to know why Viki wanted to kill him, because he kissed Esme? She says he did more than that. She says her parents are dead, they were taken from her. All she has is Esme, she won't lose her too. She is killing the men who might try and take Esme from her, saying they are bad. She wants it to be her and Esme together forever. Alistair promised not to tell anyone, as he likes her. He sees true evil in her, unlike in his own children. he wants her to work for him, to kill for him. She doesn't think she can. She asks who he wants her to kill? He says Ethan. She won't, saying he is a nice man. However when she looks outside and sees him with Esme, anger overcomes her and she says Ethan is a bad bad man!

Sam takes Ivy home, telling her she can no more tell Ethan to stop loving Theresa than she could stop loving him or him her. They then make love passionately.

At the mansion, Gwen goes out of her way to look extra sexy for Ethan, ready to make him forget Theresa for good. She sets up a dinner and plans to lure him into her bed. Rebecca talks with her ands urges her to get pregnant to hold onto Ethan. Gwen says it was a miracle she got pregnant the first time. Rebecca says miracles can happen twice.

Theresa takes a flight to Mexico, determined to confront Juanita and make everything right with Ethan. When she falls asleep on her flight, she fanaticizes that her life is a cheesy Mexican telenovela, where she's able to tell Ethan the truth about everything. Ethan kicks Rebecca and Gwen out of the mansion in the fantasy, and he and Theresa live happily ever after. Theresa is determined to make it come true.



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