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3rd Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



January 21, 2008
At the hospital, Eve is sleeping when Valerie shows up with a pillow. Eve asks what Vincent is doing! Valerie says Vincent doesn't do drag, she's Valerie. Eve asks what she's doing? Valerie asks if she thinks she's going to smother her? Eve does, Eve says Vincent promised not to hurt anyone else if she broke up with Julian. Valerie says Vincent made that promise. Eve says she is Vincent. Valerie says no she's Valerie, and she promised nothing. Eve says she and Vincent are going to drive her crazy. Valerie says just get back to rest, don't worry about them. Valerie says she has to go spend time with daddy, he is the father of her baby and a free man now. Eve says she is his son! Valerie says they are a loving family. Eve wonders how she can stop this? Valerie says she can't, so don't try.


Valerie puts on some make-up in the hall as Julian shows up. As she gives him a kiss, she faints! He sets her down in a chair, he thinks she needs to see a doctor. She says no. He says something could be wrong with the baby, it's clear she's having stomach pains. Valerie says no and becomes belligerent. Valerie says she is fine, her cramps are gone, but Julian insists they have her see a doctor. Valerie says the baby has a doctor. Julian says Eve is in rehab and can't treat her. Valerie says she trusts Eve to do right by her baby. Julian thinks she needs to see a different doctor. Valerie knows she can't see a different doctor, they'd see she was different. Julian insists she see a doctor, so Valerie says she'll see Eve and get a referral from her. Valerie asks him to get her some herbal tea while she visits Eve.

Valerie goes to see Eve. Eve asks why she's back, hasn't she upset her enough? Valerie says she's in a bind. However her bind is good news for Eve, it seems she'll have to keep her alive after all. Valerie says she needs a doctor, she's been having pains in her abdomen and now she just fainted. Eve says something could be wrong. Valerie says you think? Eve says her body is so complex, she doesn't know how she got pregnant in the first place. Valerie says ask daddy, he was there! Valerie says she can't just go to any doctor, they'll see that she's special and will figure out she's Vincent. Eve says she needs help. Valerie says she needs Eve to be her doctor. Eve says she's in rehab! Valerie says she's right, she can't be here doctor while in here. Julian soon shows up and brings Valerie tea. Julian hopes Eve doesn't mind that he's here. Eve says it is fine. Valerie says she' been thinking, she thinks Eve needs to be out of rehab. Julian says but there is nobody here to help her as TC and Simone are in New Orleans helping Whitney prepare for the new baby. Valerie says she'd take care of her.  Julian says she'd do that? Valerie says yes, Eve is a special woman and should receive special treatment. Julian says she's amazing, but what about the baby. Valerie says Eve is an excellent doctor and would know if something is wrong. Julian is worried that if Eve is home alone she may backslide. Valerie says she'd move in with her if he could arrange a leave of absence from Crane. Julian says of course. 

At the mansion, Gwen talks with Jonathan, who is home from the hospital. She is telling him that she and his dad will be staying married, and it won't be long until Theresa is out of Ethan's life for good. Meanwhile, Ethan decides to call Pilar. Pilar answers hoping it's Theresa. Ethan says no, but he was hoping she could tell him where Theresa is. Pilar says she can't say, all she can say is Theresa loves him beyond reason. Ethan says but she admitted to cheating. Pilar says because she was risking her life for him. Ethan asks if Theresa is in danger? Pilar says all she can say is things are not always as they seem. He asks her to tell him what is going on. Pilar says just don't lose faith on Theresa or her love for him. Pilar says how can he keep faith when she cheated on him. Pilar says they were both with Jared and Gwen while still loving each other, this is no different. Pilar then hangs up on Ethan. Ethan worries where Theresa is and what Pilar isn't telling him. 


Viki shows up in the kitchen and looks at Ethan. She knows Ethan was hugging on Esme, which is very bad. She says her host Alistair wants him dead too. As Ethan is venting about Theresa, Viki approaches him from behind with a knife and stabs him saying he must die! Ethan collapses, but of course it was only a fantasy. Viki says it always starts with hugging Aunt Esme, then they'll be kissing, then taking off their clothes, then shaking on top of each other. As she goes to stab him for real, Gwen's voice says "What is this!" Gwen shows up and has discovered that the baby has spit up on her outfit. Viki hides her knife and realize she hasn't been seen. They talk to Viki, Gwen and Ethan both say they really like her aunt. Viki keeps telling herself that Ethan is a fake, and she is going to kill him and anyone else who comes between her and Esme.  Ethan then gets a great idea, Viki would be a great baby sitter for Jonathan. He knows Gwen needs rest, so he asks Viki if she could watch Jonathan. Gwen says that would be great if she doesn't mind. Viki says sure it's fine. Gwen hears Jonathan on the baby monitor, so Ethan asks if she'd like to give him a bottle and put him down, as a test run. Viki says okay and heads up to take care of Jonathan. 

Viki goes upstairs and gives Jonathan a bottle. She says this is weird, even for her. She says Jonathan is a nice baby, and killing his dad isn't her first choice. She says she knows what it's like to have a parent die. She says but a girl has to do what she has to, she can't risk losing her Aunt Esme to Ethan and being alone. She says she has to stop Ethan like the other men, before he takes Esme away from her. She says if Ethan could mind his own business then she won't have to kill him, but he can't. Viki says she's not a bad person, she just wants to hold onto the one person she has left, Aunt Esme. She says she can't lose Esme, not to Jonathan's father or anyone else. She knows Esme likes having boyfriends, but she gets so serious so fast. She fears if she gets married, the new husband might send her to boarding school. She says she has to get rid of any man who comes between them. She tells Jonathan that she's sorry, but she has to kill his daddy. 


Meanwhile back in the kicthen Gwen tells Ethan she thinks having Viki watch Jonathan was a great idea. She says she thinks she'll have some wine, will he join her? Ethan says he thinks they do think they deserve some relaxation. He says they can have some crab cakes in the fridge to go with the wine. They remember how they used to do this in college all the time, and how much fun it was. Gwen thinks there will be more love now that Theresa is gone. As they drink and eat, Ethan's mind wanders to Theresa. He still doesn't know where she is. Gwen says she's probably off with that new man. Ethan says as Jane's father he has a right to know where she is. Gwen talks about how Theresa is so selfish. Ethan says but Pilar told her that Theresa still loves him, not to give up. Gwen says Theresa made her choices and has to live with the consequences. 

In Mexico, the hit man is looking for Theresa and finds her burnt passport. Meanwhile, Theresa has run into Juanita, who offers to help Theresa get her stolen property back. Juanita says she has some pull with the police, and it is fortunate she bumped into her. Theresa says she does need help. Juanita says having her purse stolen is the least of her problems, she is afraid isn't she. Theresa says she is afraid and she doesn't know what to do. Juanita says they will sit and talk and she'll do her best to take care of her. Theresa tells her this is all about a man, a man she has loved her entire life and she is losing him. Juanita understands what it is like to lose the love of your life, and you never get rid of that pain. Theresa says she trying to prevent losing him, that is why she came here. She says the man's ex-wife wants him back, she's being blackmailed by her to stay away. She says she came to Mexico to find someone to help her, but now she realizes she can't reason with this person here.  Theresa says she should have realized she couldn't reason with this person. Juanita is confused. Theresa says this person is involved in what she and her family are being blackmailed over. Theresa says now though she can't leave Mexico without her passport, which she says was stolen. Juanita asks the name of this person, she can help her and maybe talk to them. Theresa doesn't know, this person has a horrible reputation here. Juanita says she wants to help her so she doesn't lose the man she loves. Theresa remembers Pilar telling her not to trust anyone, but she decides to trust Juanita. Theresa says this man's ex-wife has discovered a secret about someone in her family. Theresa remembers a photo her mom showed her of Juanita, she realizes this is Juanita. Theresa panics and says she needs to get going. Theresa gets up to leave and runs off, but not before tripping. Theresa runs off, Juanita thinks she's had too much sugar in her diet like a typical American. Theresa doesn't realize she's dropped  her phone and a photo of her family and left them behind.


Running through the halls of the hotel, Theresa realizes she has to call her mom, but finds her phone is missing. She worries Juanita may have it. Meanwhile, the hetman returns to Juanita and shows her what she has found, a burnt passport from America. Suddenly the phone on the floor rings, the hit man picks it up. Juanita thinks the girl she was talking to dropped it. He gives her the phone and shows her the photo next to it. Juanita is furious when she sees it. She realizes that girl she was just talking to was Pilar's daughter. She tells the hit man to find her and kill her! 


Theresa is still running through the hotel looking for a back way out. She also needs to warn her mom that Juanita could be after her. Meanwhile, Juanita uses Theresa's phone to call Pilar. Juanita tells Pilar that it's been a long time and laughs. Pilar asks what she's doing with her daughter's cell phone, where is Theresa! Juanita says she used to have such nice manners, isn't she going to ask how she is, how her husband and children are? Juanita says oh that is right, they are dead because of her. Pilar asks if she has killed Theresa? Juanita says no, well not yet. Juanita says Theresa burned her passport and is now trapped here. Pilar thinks Juanita has done something to Theresa, but Juanita says nothing. She says Theresa left before she found out who she was. However now she knows what she looks like. Pilar begs her not to hurt her daughter. Juanita says she's waited a long time to even the score. She says not only will she hurt Theresa, she'll make her suffer before she kills her! Pilar begs her not to hurt Theresa, she's done nothing to her. Juanita says how dare she beg her after she murdered Carlos and then had her children ginned down. Pilar she killed Carlos in self defense, she didn't know the police would shoot her children. Juanita says the bible says an eye for an eye. She says her children died, so will Theresa. Pilar says do what she wants to her, but don't hurt her family. Juanita says how noble, but her life isn't good enough. She says she'll deal with Pilar after she kills the rest of her family. Juanita says she'll call Pilar when Theresa is dead and hangs up on her. 

The hit man soon catches up with Theresa and holds a gun on her. He says Seniora Vasquez sent him to welcome her to Mexico, she knows she's dying to go back home, the Seniora is happy to oblige! As he fires, Theresa pushes a maid's cart at him and it hits him.


January 22, 2008


At the cottage, Marty thanks Fancy for taking him and his dad to the hockey game. Meanwhile Luis tells Sheridan how great it is that Marty seems so taken with Fancy. Sheridan says Marty still needs a safe and stable home environment, and Fancy is a little high strung. Luis says Fancy is great with him, and Fancy is in his life for good so Marty has to  be comfortable with her. Meanwhile Pretty is spying and has the remote control for Fancy's implant. She thinks Marty won't be too thrilled with Fancy once Fancy goes crazy. Back inside, Sheridan is trying to convince Luis how unstable Fancy is. Fancy begins twitching thanks to the mind control. Marty asks if she's okay? She tells him to go show something to his mommy. Luis sits down with Fancy. He is glad they are becoming friends. He says maybe she and Sheridan can become friends, but that is probably too much to ask for. He says right now Marty needs nurturing and a stable environment, so if they do what Sheridan wants then she'll be happy. Fancy flips and says she doesn't give a damn what Sheridan thinks about anything. Fancy calls him and idiot and says he's with her now, not that tramp Sheridan, get that through his head. Sheridan is stunned and Marty stands by her. Pretty is outside loving this. Luis asks what is wrong with her? Sheridan also asks what has come over her. Fancy says she is the one dating Luis, but all he does is yak about Sheridan. She says she doesn't blame him for being confused though since he takes down his pants and goes to town with every woman in the Crane family. Luis says calm down, he doesn't know what is wrong with her. Fancy says of course he doesn't and calls him a dolt. Sheridan says that is enough! Marty gets scared and hugs his mom. Fancy tells Sheridan to just shut up as she's had her fill of her wining. Fancy says Sheridan and Luis are over, Luis is hers, though why she holds onto him she doesn't know. Marty says she's screaming just like Alistair. Sheridan tells Luis to get her out of here, she's scaring Marty. Luis says Sheridan is right, she should go. Fancy says Marty should be scared, he is stuck with two losers for parents. She says they let him be kidnapped, they thought he was dead and didn't know he was alive. She says Marty probably has nightmares and for good reasons, he'll never know when Grandfather will steal him again. Marty screams. Luis asks what is wrong with her, why is she being so cruel to a child. Fancy says get used to it, it's all a part of growing up Crane. Luis tells Fancy they need to go back to the mansion and talk about this. Marty tells Luis not to leave him, she's right, Grandfather will come take him. Sheridan says this is what she was telling him, Fancy has been so destructive. Marty is afraid of Alistair. Sheridan won't let Luis leave Marty, she wants Fancy to get out of here. Fancy says she's not leaving to let her steal Luis and calls her a bitch. Pretty decides to give Fancy a break and go play hero and  let Luis know she's the only one he can rely on. Sheridan again tells Fancy to go. Fancy says she'll go when she wants to. Her head begins hurting. Pretty shows up asking if she's interrupting? Fancy says she's late to the party, the story of his life. Fancy keeps badgering Luis. Pretty says Fancy has been having these episodes since they were children and she'll help her back to the mansion. Luis says he's worried about her. Pretty says she'll take care of everything. Luis calls her a life saver.  Pretty tells Fancy they should go to the mansion and get some tea, but Fancy wants scotch. Pretty takes Fancy off. Marty tells his mom that she is a bad person. Sheridan says she's gone and never coming back. She tells Marty mommy and daddy are here and aren't leaving him. 


At Tabitha's, Kay is looking through bridal magazines for a dress for the wedding. Miguel wants her to have her dream dress, he'll figure out how to pay for it later.  He wants her dreams to come true. She says they have, like magic . . . well not magic. He says their wedding will be magic, just the normal kind. They kiss and Noah and Paloma show up. Noah jokingly says unhand her, that's his sister! Paloma jokes and says what would mama say about kissing in the kitchen. They all giggle. Noah and Paloma kiss, and begin wondering if something strange or magical will happen. Paloma tries to show Kay this spell book they found here last time. Kay asks what they are talking about? Paloma and Noah say there was a book of magic here and they read some spells, weird things happened. Kay says there was a fake spell book she used for Halloween one year. Paloma is sure this house is full of magic. Miguel says magic doesn't exist. Paloma asks what they are doing here? Kay says making wedding plans. Noah says he and Paloma were doing the same crazy thing. Noah and Miguel both agree that planning this is taking so much time. Kay and Paloma get the idea to have a double wedding, it will save time and money. The boys agree and say they are in. They sit down to plan the wedding, but they each come up with ideas none of the others like. 


Later Pilar shows up having gotten Paloma's message. Paloma tells her mom they are having a double wedding. Miguel says an unlike the one on death row, they'll all be married. Paloma wants the whole family to be there. She wants to call Theresa and have her be her matron of honor. Pilar says Theresa and Ethan have been having problems so she went out of town. They see something is bothering Pilar and ask what is it? Pilar says she's just concerned for Theresa, Ethan has been very upset with her. Miguel says she'll make it through this, she always does. The boys and Paloma go back to the planning, but Kay won't let this go. Kay talks to Pilar and knows something is really wrong. Kay asks if there is anything she can do. Pilar says just make sure no harm comes to Miguel and cherish every moment she has with him. Pilar says goodnight and says she will go. Pilar says she loves them all very much. She says ignore the trivial things, that is what makes a marriage work. Pilar then leaves. Everyone agrees something is bothering Pilar. They get back to planning the wedding, but something seems to be upsetting Miguel. Kay talks to him and asks if he's still worried about his mom. Miguel knows something big is up and she wishes she'd confide in him. Kay offers to use magic to find out, but Miguel says no. He says Noah and Paloma are already suspicious about what goes on in this house. He thinks Mama is just over reacting. They get back to the planning, this time Kay gets upset when she realizes their mom won't be there. Kay excuses herself, Miguel asks if she's okay. Kay says she just got this horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen. Miguel thinks nothing could go wrong.

Meanwhile Tabitha is looking around for Miguel's letter. She gets caught by Endora. Endora asks what she's doing? Tabitha says she's trying to find that letter Miguel wrote. Endora thinks stealing the letter is naughty. Tabitha says she won't steal it, she will just put it somewhere safe until they can convince Miguel that his idea of giving up magic is silly. Endora says Miguel doesn't like magic. Tabitha knows.  Tabitha says she must find that letter, she's not about to give up magic for some condescending mortal. Endora thought they wanted to help Kay. Tabitha says yes, but this isn't the first time she's been asked to give up her powers. She says the prince of Wales wanted her to marry him and give up her magic. Tabitha says she was furious, she canceled the wedding and put a curse on that family that exists to this day. She says wait until they find out Camilla isn't human. She says if she couldn't give up magic for the man she loved, she won't give it up for Miguel. She says Kay can give up magic, but not her. Tabitha doesn't find the letter, but Endora finds some stashed chocolates. Tabitha eats one. Endora says that is stealing again. Tabitha says she needs to raise above these mortal standards, they live on a higher plane. She says mortals are supposed to be here to serve them. Tabitha keeps looking around for the letter. We see it's hidden in the back of a picture frame. Tabitha tears the room up, and decides to put it back together with magic. Endora reminds her that Miguel said that was a no-no. Tabitha says well she's going to be bad, and when she finds the letter Miguel is a goner. Tabitha gives up and thinks the letter isn't in here, it must be somewhere else. Tabitha cleans the room back up with magic. Endora says it's too neat, so Tabitha messes the bed up a bit. She picks up the photo of Kay and Miguel wondering where the letter is. She doesn't see it's in the back of the frame.  Endora however does and gets the letter when her mom's not looking.


In Mexico, we see a replay of the hitman trying to shoot Theresa and her pushing the cart at him. Theresa gets knocked out as Juanita shows up. She thinks Theresa has been shot and is dead. However when she turns away, Theresa runs off! The hitman gets up and says the little witch knocked him and ruined his shot. Juanita says go find her, she wants to see Pilar's daughter dead! Theresa meanwhile finds a phone and decides to call her mom. Before she can get through, Juanita ../captures her! Her hitman chloroforms her and knocks her out.


Theresa wakes up in Juanita's house. Juanita asks if she had a nice nap? Juanita says welcome to her home, enjoy it as her stay will be brief. Juanita says she made this so easy, she has her and soon she'll have her mother. Theresa tells Juanita to leave her family alone. Juanita says she lost everyone she loved because of her mother, it's time for Pilar to share in that pain. Theresa asks what she will do? Juanita says she must know, Pilar must have told her, she is going to kill every member of Pilar's family beginning with her. Theresa says she has money, but Juanita says does it look like she needs money? Juanita says she'll get revenge on Pilar and there is not a thing Theresa can do to stop it. Juanita says her mother must have had it planned out all along, she never knew her married name and it was hard to find her. She says now though she has Theresa, she'll use her as bait to lure Pilar here and capture the rest of her family. Juanita lets her know the doors and windows are electrified, she'll be killed if she tries to leave. Juanita then calls Pilar back. Juanita says she said she would call when she had Theresa. Pilar asks what she's done to her Theresa. Juanita says no hello? Her manners are not what they've used to be. Pilar says not to hurt Theresa, she did nothing to her. Juanita says her family did nothing to her, she had her family killed. Pilar says she didn't and Carlos raped her. Juanita doesn't believe her lies. Pilar begs her not to do anything to Theresa. Juanita says she'll consider releasing Theresa and the rest of her family, if Pilar comes back home. Juanita says her life for Theresa's. Pilar says it is a deal. Juanita says she must come to Mexico right away, the clock is ticking. Theresa screams out not to come, she's lying, she'll kill them all! Juanita tells her to shut up, she hung up before she screamed and if she tries again she will kill her. Pilar calls back, wondering why it cut off. Juanita doesn't answer and guarantees when it goes to voicemail, Pilar will be on the first flight here. Juanita says she'll come here, she'll realize she walked into a trap, and then they will all die. Back in Harmony, Pilar thinks Juanita will keep her word. She says if she has to sacrifice her life for her family, so be it. She makes a call and books a ticket to Mexico.



January 23,  2008
At the cottage, Luis has calmed Marty down and got him to sleep. Sheridan says she could kill Fancy for what she did, she terrified their son. Sheridan says what she did was cruel and sadistic. She doesn't want Fancy anywhere near Marty again. She says Fancy is becoming unhinged, even he can't defend her. Sheridan says it is too dangerous for her to be around their son. Luis says Fancy was so good with Marty before this happened. Sheridan says that was undone when she screamed at him. She says they need to protect him, they've failed him once, they can't fail him again. Luis tells Sheridan to just blame him for Marty being taken. Sheridan says they are passed that, but they do have a duty to their son. She says Marty must come first. She says he needs a safe environment to grow up in, but he can't when he has a crazy woman saying there are monsters under his bed. Luis says there must be more to this, Fancy doesn't normally act like this. Sheridan says Fancy has always been volatile and self centered, she is so much like Alistair and that is why they get along. There is a knock at the door, Sheridan goes to get it. It's Gwen and Ethan, they wanted to come see Marty. Sheridan says he's in bed, but they can come in. Ethan is glad to see Luis, he asks if he's heard from Theresa. Luis says no, he hasn't heard from her, but he hasn't been around much. Ethan thinks it is odd that Theresa just left town and told no one. Ethan is afraid she's in trouble. Ethan fills Luis in an all her odd behavior, he thinks Theresa is keeping a secret. Luis doesn't believe that Theresa has some other man at all. Luis says Theresa loves Ethan and always has. Luis says Theresa is loyal to Ethan. Ethan says that Theresa admitted there was another man with her at the cabin. Luis thinks something is going on in this town. Luis fills Ethan in on how Fancy flipped out tonight after a great night. Sheridan says she's done it before though, even he said so. Luis says she did and he chalked it up to being stressed out. 


Gwen and Sheridan go aside and have a little talk. Sheridan asks Gwen what is really going on, she doesn't think Theresa would cheat on Ethan. She asks if she or her mother had anything to do with this? Gwen just makes a little face. Gwen says some questions shouldn't be asked. Sheridan ask if she did something to set Theresa up? Gwen says Theresa is just getting a taste of her own medicine, so if she ends up with Ethan then the powers that be have righted a wrong. Gwen isn't proud of what she did, but she knows Sheridan would do anything to get Luis back from Fancy. Sheridan agrees, she would. She wants Luis back for her and for Marty. Gwen asks if she had anything to do with Fancy's blow up. Sheridan says actually she didn't, Fancy is ruining her and Luis all on her own. Sheridan and Gwen toast to their triumph and the wicked being destroyed. 


Meanwhile, Luis tells Ethan he thinks something is going on, cut Theresa a break. Ethan says Theresa had another man, but he doesn't know who it was as he didn't find out. Luis calls him an idiot, saying if he had gone in there and found out then he wouldn't have these questions. Luis tells Ethan not to give up on Theresa. Ethan tells him not to give up on Fancy. Luis decides to go find Fancy and find out what happened with her. Luis tells Ethan now is not the time to give up on the women they love. Meanwhile, Gwen and Sheridan both agree not to give up on the men they love. 

Tabitha is still searching for the letter, but she can't find it. They are in Maria's room, but Tabitha doesn't think it could be in here. Endora has the letter and tries to talk to her mom, but Tabitha keeps saying she's busy. Endora is playing with the letter and her mom doesn't even see it. Tabitha says that Miguel has to go, once she finds that letter of his then Miguel is a goner. Endora remembers being stuck in hell and how Miguel helped her. Endora thinks her mom will really hurt Miguel. She realizes her mom can't find this letter. She ends up hiding the letter in one of Maria's dolls as Tabitha is deciding how to best do away with Miguel. Tabitha thinks the letter isn't here and they should go, but then she sees the doll that Endora moved and hid the letter in. She knows it wasn't there before.


In the kitchen, Noah, Paloma, Kay and Miguel all discuss the wedding plans. They can't agree on anything and Miguel thinks this might not be as easy to plan as they thought. They can't agree on music, on dinner, on anything. Paloma suggests they move on to the cake . . . they can't agree on it either. Kay wants tomato soup cake, but they say it's revolting and not a wedding cake. Miguel says they have to find something they can all agree on. They don't know if they can, maybe they should back out of this double wedding. The girls still want it, but Miguel says they can't agree on anything. Kay says they need to compromise. Noah says she doesn't know what letter of the alphabet the word starts with. Kay says they'll have to give up something to get their way on another thing. Kay says instead of a cake, they have a cupcake tree with different flavors. Paloma likes that, and it will save money. The men however say no! They say this is their wedding, they want to make memories that will last the rest of their lives so money isn't an object. Paloma says every time they get their credit card bills they'll remember their wedding. They then start arguing over whether they should be spending so much money on the wedding. Kay doesn't want Miguel to throw his money away on this wedding, but he says it is his money and he can do what he wants with it. Kay asks if this will be his attitude when they are married? Noah accuses Kay of trying to control him. Noah doesn't know how they will make this work. Miguel says by doing the one thing they agree on, romance. Miguel puts on music to dance with, saying as long as he can hold the woman he loves in his arms then he'll be okay. Noah likes the sound of that and asks Paloma to dance. Noah then asks who chooses the first dance? Kay jokingly strangles him. 


At Juanita's Mansion, Theresa throws a drink on the door knob to test it. Sparks fly everywhere. She realizes she is trapped. She wishes she could have warned her mom not to come. She wonders if she'll really die here. She says she didn't get to tell Ethan goodbye. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Gwen tries to convince Ethan that Theresa ran off with her lover, she doesn't want him and he has to move on. Ethan says he won't believe it. Gwen says she's always known how selfish Theresa was. She tells him that she and Jonathan are her family and they'll always be here for him. Ethan says she is right, she always is. She then kisses Ethan. Of course this is just Theresa's fantasy. Theresa hopes her mama will bring the police, but they are probably on Juanita's payroll. She wonders what will happen to her. Juanita walks in with her gun drawn. She thinks it is obvious what will happen to her. She says it's a lovely night to die. Theresa begs Juanita not to kill her, to leave her and her family alone. She says they have suffered enough already. Juanita asks what she knows about suffering. Theresa says a lot. Theresa says when she was young her father disappeared, they didn't know if she was dead or alive. She says her mother hoped one day he would return, and he did a few years ago. She says he ran off with another woman. Juanita says Pilar must have been heartbroken. Theresa says she was, she had to work 2-3 jobs to support them, she had to send her youngest daughter to live with her sister. Theresa says the one she killed along with her children. Juanita thinks Paloma was lucky not to be raised by Pilar, and calls Pilar selfish for giving away her child. Theresa says here mother didn't want to give her away. She also says her older brother was killed. Theresa says her mother has suffered more than Juanita could know. Theresa begs her to give up this idea of revenge. Theresa says her family has had enough trouble already and things are finally looking up for them. Juanita says her family's happiness has never been her priority. She wants to know what else has happened to her family, what has happened to Theresa? Theresa says she had the chance to be a family with the man she loves, the father of her children. She begs Juanita not to take that from her. She says killing her family won't bring hers back. Juanita asks how long her papa was gone. Theresa says 20 years. Juanita asks how her older brother died. Theresa says a man blew up the plane he was on. Theresa begs her to change her mind, she's going after a family who has suffered. Juanita asks how she is not with this man she loves. Theresa says it's a long story. She says she only found out recently he was the father of her son, like she said, it was a long story. Juanita says she has time, and Theresa has some left. Juanita wants to be amused, she wants to hear the whole story. Juanita says she might spare her. Theresa begins back when she was a little girl, how she fell in love with the man through a magazine photo. We skip ahead up until Rebecca and Gwen's blackmail. Juanita says that is quiet a story. Juanita says she has a much deeper understanding of her now. Theresa says she knew she would, she understands the power of love. Juanita says she understands everything a great deal better. Theresa thinks it's all over, but Juanita says what she understands is like Pilar, she is a lying scheming slut and deserves to die! Juanita says she stole another woman's fiancé, she killed her baby and stole her chance for another one. Theresa says that wasn't her fault. Juanita says she stole this woman's embryo, she drugged this woman's fiancé and disguised herself as her to sleep with him. Juanita also says she got so drunk she thought she married a man and got pregnant with his son, but when she learned the truth she didn't tell him the truth. She also accuses Theresa of marrying Alistair for his money and power. Juanita says Theresa has made this so much easier for her. She says even if there were no connection between their families, she'd be doing the world a service sending her to her grave. She says all of Pilar's children must be rotting apples that didn't fall far from the tree. She says they all deserve to die, it's a gesture of harmony promoting good will between Mexico and the US. Juanita says she is just like her mother, her mother came after her husband and seduced him and then killed him. Theresa says no not her mother. Juanita says her mother used Carlos for sex and then killed him. Theresa says not her mother, she lives by the teachings of the church. Juanita says after she killed her Carlos, she called the police and the police opened fire and killed her children. She says every flower in the garden was red with their blood. Juanita holds a gun on Theresa and says she should kill her now. She would love to see the look on Pilar's face when she sees her daughter lying in a pool of her own blood. Juanita is about to kill Theresa, but stops. She says now isn't the right time, she'll wait until Pilar arrives and kills her in front of her eyes. Theresa says Pilar will realize this is a trap and won't come here. Juanita says no, Pilar will come here to save her, she is praying that she'll live up to their deal. Juanita hopes she's not too surprised when she kills them both. Later Juanita sees Theresa praying and just laughs at her. Juanita says her prayers have been answered, she has her and soon her mother. Theresa's phone rings, it is Pilar calling. Juanita says as soon as she gets here she'll release her. Theresa again tries to scream it is a trap, but Juanita has already hung up. Juanita says Pilar is in town and will be here soon. Juanita can't wait for them to see the hospitality for which she's become famous. he shoots, Theresa ducks and Juanita hits a vase.




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