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5th Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



January 28, 2008

In Maria's room, Tabitha finds the doll that Endora hid Miguel's letter in looking rather odd. She sees something is wrong with the neck, and wonders if Endora and Maria were playing hangman again. Endora says yes, and Tabitha is glad they were using a doll and not her friend Tina again. However she soon thinks Endora is fibbing, she sees someone pulled the head off and tried to jam it back on as if to hide it. She thinks Endora is protecting one of her friends, probably Tina. Endora says yes she's protecting a friend, but doesn't admit it's Miguel. Tabitha says she'll let this one slide, beside Maria has a million dolls. However this one was given to her by the sainted Pilar. She doesn't know why she's worrying about this, she has bigger fish to fry. She says she has to find that letter Miguel wrote exposing her. 

In Tabitha's kitchen, Miguel, Kay, Noah and Paloma are trying to get their wedding planned. They all agree they want it at Saint Margaret Mary's, and Father Lonigan to do the ceremony. They've also agreed on colors and flowers. Paloma then realizes they need a date, one that will work for them all. This proves to be an issue. When they finally get a date, the church is booked that day. Tabitha soon joins them and learns from Kay what is going on. Tabitha makes jokes, wishing them luck as most marriages end in divorce nowadays. She suggests they live in sin, they've already turned their backs on the church with the amount of premarital sex they've had. Kay says no they will be getting married, just as soon as they can agree on everything. Tabitha mentions magic could help out. Miguel hears this and won't have it. Suddenly a stuffed bat comes to life and flies around. Noah shouts it's more magic! Miguel is furious, but Tabitha says it must be Endora. They bring Endora in and claim the bat is a remote control toy of hers, which Noah and Paloma seem to believe. Paloma says they still need a date. They either postpone the wedding for over a year, or call off the double wedding idea. Endora uses her magic to help. The church calls back and claims there was a mistake, the date is available. Kay thinks it will all be fine. Paloma and Noah head off, while Miguel suspects Kay and Tabitha used magic to make that happen. Kay says they didn't, and she says they can prove it. Tabitha has a contraption that shows when anyone has done magic. It's a black light flashlight that picks up traces of ectoplasm on one's hands after doing magic. Tabitha bought it to watch after Kay, who promised not to do magic unsupervised. It shows neither Tabitha nor Kay did magic. Miguel is satisfied and says this proves things can and do work out without magic. Endora meanwhile shines it on her hands, they are all green.

At the Book Cafe, Fancy is having a coffee and wondering why she was so mean to Luis and Marty. Pretty spies on her and gloats about how her plan is working. Luis catches her and wonders why she's spying on Fancy? Pretty claims she's just been so worried, she thought Fancy was over these episodes. She says if she had another one in public, she could be arrested. Luis thinks she's amazing for looking out for Fancy this way. Luis goes to talk to Fancy, while Pretty uses the control to make her go bonkers. Luis sits down and wants to understand why she acted the way she did, he doesn't understand. She lashes out saying he doesn't understand because he's a moron. Luis is stunned. When Pretty rushes out and says she should take her home, Fancy says she doesn't need help from the Elephant Woman! Luis says that is mean, but Fancy says she should be used to it. Pretty ends up running off in tears. Luis says he doesn't know her anymore, he doesn't know if he ever did. Pretty listens in and is happy, thinking she's one step closer to getting Luis.

Later Paloma shows up at the Book Cafe to meet Luis. He's worried about Fancy's behavior, as well as others. He says it's like the whole town has gone bonkers. He says Theresa left town, apparently she's had another guy on the side. Paloma finds that hard to believe. Meanwhile Fancy is on the docks and her head is hurting. Noah shows up to check on her. Pretty is spying and uses her remote, causing Fancy to pull Noah into a kiss.

In Mexico, Juanita continues to hold a gun on Theresa, telling her as soon as Pilar gets here she will kill them both, then use Theresa's cell phone to track her family and kill them. Theresa quickly grabs and smashes her cell phone, which infuriates Juanita. She says she should kill her now, but she won't. Pilar soon shows up, telling Juanita to let Theresa go. Juanita can't believe she's finally got Pilar, and she holds a gun on her. She tells Pilar if she knows what date it is? Pilar does. Juanita relishes the fact that it is the anniversary of when Pilar killed her family. Pilar tells her to let Theresa go, but Juanita refuses saying she lied, she will kill them and her entire family. Juanita still remembers Pilar's visit, how she found Carlos dead, with her lipstick and her scent on him. Then Pilar had her children killed, she remembers their screams. She says they were innocent. Pilar says Carlos was not innocent, he was a bad man. She says Juanita just wouldn't face it. Juanita screams at Pilar, saying Carlos had no choice, he was groomed to take over the business. Pilar says the business was drugs, selling death to people. Juanita knows. She says at first she was horrified, but then she accepted it. She also says she has taken over for Carlos, and it has made her rich. Pilar thinks it has made her feared, people hate her. Pilar wonders where her friend went to, saying she's turned her back on God and the church. Juanita says God did nothing to save her family. Juanita gets upset over Pilar's words, so upset she says she can't even enjoy killing them tonight. She says they have a reprieve for one night. She tells them not to think about escaping, the windows and doors are electrified. She then locks them in the room and leaves. Pilar thinks maybe they should just electrocute themselves and get it over with rather than face Juanita's torture. However  Pilar says there may be hope. She says she thought  Juanita was playing her, so she left a letter at the hotel explaining everything to be sent to Luis. Pilar thinks if he gets it in time, they will be okay. Back at the hotel, the letter is sitting on a desk with "important fax" marked on it, but it gets blown off the desk and right into the trash!


January 29, 2008

At the Book Cafe, Paloma and Luis have a talk. Luis remains confused by Fancy's behavior, how she could be so nasty towards Pretty, himself, Marty. He says she acted like this before, but he thought it was because of her headaches and nose bleeds. He has she hasn't had those in awhile though. Luis also says Sheridan claimed Fancy was very angry growing up, comparing her anger to Alistair's. Paloma wonders if she has a brain tumor? She read that they cause mood swings like this. Luis says Fancy is hardly speaking to him, he doubts she'd let him take her to the hospital to be examined. He hopes it's not a tumor, but wonders if he ever really knew Fancy. He changes the subject to her and Miguel and their weddings. Paloma hates that they are so happy when he and Theresa aren't, but Luis is happy for them. Paloma tells him that they are all planning double weddings. Luis is happy for them, and says Noah is a good guy and is crazy about her. Paloma admits at one time she was worried he wasn't over Fancy, but now she knows that he'd never cheat on her.


On the docks, Pretty uses the remote to make Fancy go into seduction mode. Fancy grabs Noah and kisses him. He asks what is wrong with her? She tells him not to be such a prude. He wonders when she became such a slut! He tells her that he's with Paloma, he's engaged to marry her. Fancy says so what, she's supposed to be engaged to Luis. She says that doesn't mean they can't be together on the side. Noah says it does. Fancy wants him to make love to her, reminding him how she called him her marathon man. She kisses him, but he keeps saying stop. She says his body doesn't seem to want her to stop. He says he's a guy, things pop up like that! As she continues to kiss him, Pretty gets the idea to call Luis so he can see this. She thinks Luis will hate Fancy and she'll be one step closer to making Luis hers.


Luis and Paloma show up at the docks. Pretty called Luis and told him that Fancy was down here yelling and screaming at some venders. They are stunned to find Fancy kissing Noah. Paloma screams at Noah, asking him how could he do this! He says he can explain. Luis hopes so, he's two timing his sister. Paloma won't listen to any more of his explanations and runs off, Noah follows her. Pretty meanwhile loses the knob to the control, so Fancy snaps out of it. Luis wants an explanation, but Fancy hardly remembers coming here let alone kissing Noah. Pretty finds the knob, and turns Fancy back on. Fancy then tells Luis he's so hot and kisses him. He asks what is wrong with her, first Noah and now him? She says Noah is not here, he is. Pretty then makes Fancy angry, so she lashes out at him. She says she's caught him with Sheridan a million times, what is the big deal? He asks if this is her idea of revenge? She says maybe, and she will be with Noah or whomever she wants whenever she wants! She then storms off. Meanwhile Noah tries to explain to Paloma, he claims Fancy came on to him. She thinks his excuse is crap and says she never wants to see him again! She then storms off.


At the mansion, Ethan is talking with Esme and Viki. He explains that Esme wants to adopt Viki, if that is okay with her. Viki loves the idea. Esme flirts with Ethan as he's working, which Viki doesn't like. Ethan gets up when he gets a call, it's about Theresa. He's trying to track her down. Esme talks to Viki saying she did have a thing for Julian, but it was more about his money and sex. Viki thinks this is gross and she doesn't need to hear it. Esme says Ethan however, he is smart and a sex machine. She thinks he'd make a great husband. Viki has a fantasy in which Ethan and Esme plan to marry and send her off to Switzerland for boarding school. She says she doesn't want to go, but Esme says what Ethan wants he gets. Ethan says they really need to be able to have a lot of sex wherever they want without worrying someone might hear them. Ethan laughs and Viki imagines him dressed as an old villain from the silent films. She says he must die! Meanwhile back in the real world, Ethan still has no news on Theresa. Esme continues flirting with him, offering to take him out to dinner. He says it's not necessary. She doesn't blame him, all her dates do end up dead. However she thinks he could break that curse, he's already survived poison twice. Ethan still says thanks but no.


In the foyer, Gwen and Rebecca talk about Theresa and how Gwen has won. Gwen says she still feels what they did to Theresa is awful, she's won but lost part of her soul. Rebecca says Theresa got what she deserved. Gwen is just glad they didn't have to follow through on their threat. She says if Juanita found Pilar, it would be a bloodbath. Gwen says she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Pilar or her family. Later Rebecca sees Esme flirting with Ethan. She thinks Esme is trying to steal Ethan! Gwen doubts that, Ethan is just helping her get custody of Viki. Rebecca knows seduction when she sees it, and she talk about how she hears Esme's bed has so many notches carved into the bedpost. Gwen thinks her mom is jealous of Esme, maybe the fact that she's younger? Rebecca says nonsense.


Rebecca and Gwen go into the living room, where Rebecca interrupts Esme and Ethan by butting between them. The two women trade snipes. Esme decides to send Viki up to bed, so Viki leaves. Rebecca then asks Ethan if he's heard from Theresa? He says no. Rebecca thinks she's probably at "Club Bed" with her new lover pounding the sand. Ethan says that's enough, he doesn't want to hear this. Rebecca tells Ethan he deserves a real woman, one with no secrets and who doesn't lie. Esme thinks that will be here! Meanwhile Viki spies on them with a knife. Later Ethan goes back to the living room, after they left, to get some papers. Viki decides it's time for Ethan to take a dirt nap. She stabs through the curtain. We hear someone fall to the floor, Viki's knife has blood on it!



Down in Mexico, Theresa apologizes to her mom for not listening and leading them all into Juanita's hands. Theresa then breaks out into a song about her love for Ethan, complete with flashbacks of them. Pilar tells Theresa, after her song, that this is her fault. Theresa says no, she was raped, she was Juanita and Carlos' victims. She asks her mom why she didn't tell her the whole story? Pilar says she was ashamed, and back then times and the law was different. Pilar feels so ashamed. Theresa asks if she told anyone what happened? Pilar says Ivy and Father Lonigan both know and kept her secret. Pilar just can't believe how one night, the events of that one night changed Juanita so much. Theresa feels hopeful the rest of their family will be safe, Juanita doesn't know where they are still. Pilar thinks she'll find a clue, she'll find them. Theresa and Pilar both hope that they'll be saved by Pilar's letter to Luis. Theresa worries though, it's so quiet, what if the letter didn't get there? Theresa says there must be a way out, what if they could figure out Juanita's code? Pilar says most people use their birthdays. Pilar then knows the code, it's today's date, the anniversary of her husband and children's deaths. Theresa tells her mom to try. She says they have one shot, if it doesn't work, well they are no worse off than they are. Pilar tries and it works! They are freed and run from Juanita's estate, but it appears someone is following them.



January 30,  2008
In Mexico, Pilar and Theresa are running through town. Someone is following them, and Pilar feels this. Theresa thinks if they were being followed then they would have made a move by now.  Theresa and Pilar soon realize they are being followed, so they hide. They end up cornered and have to run for it, after knocking crates over on whomever is following them. They keep running. Pilar thinks Juanita has the airport and bus stations covered, they can't escape. Theresa says they can via the ocean, they just need a boat. She says they'll take a boat to the shipping lanes and flag down a tanker. Pilar asks where they'll get a boat? Theresa says the wharf. They make it to the wharf and look for a boat. They find one, but it's not working as the motor is broken. Suddenly a boat appears on the water and puts a spotlight on them.


Back at Juanita's, Juanita comes to check on Pilar and Theresa and finds they have escaped. Juanita has her hit man find them and bring them back, dead or alive. Juanita says her justice may be delayed, but not denied. The hit man gets a call, one of his men has them in sight. Juanita ends up looking at a bunch of knives and stuff and says she will torture them before she kills them. Unfortunately the hit man says Theresa and Pilar got away. Juanita says she'll kill his man for failing, but first she'll find Theresa and Pilar and kill them herself. Juanita and the hit man hit the streets to look for them. Later Juanita asks her hit man how his men could have lost them? He says the same way they escaped from her? She shoots at his feet, saying his next remark will cost him his life. Juanita then gets a call that her men have caught Theresa and Pilar. Juanita wants Theresa dead and Pilar brought to her. 


At Tabitha's, Miguel and Kay talk to Tabitha, who is stuffing her face with chocolate cake and pudding. Miguel is gloating that they are making out fine without magic, but Tabitha says one day he'll need magic to help them. Miguel doesn't think so, but Tabitha says he'll eat his words. Kay says speaking of eating, what is with the chocolate. Tabitha says she is stressed over the letter Miguel wrote and her inability to use magic, so she's using chocolate to calm her nerves. Suddenly Paloma rushes in crying that Noah broke her heart! Paloma goes to make some tea to calm down. Miguel and Kay ask Tabitha if she did this? Tabitha says no she did not. Miguel doesn't believe her, but Kay does. Noah then shows up looking for Paloma, and Luis shows up looking for Noah. Tabitha wonders if anyone knocks anymore. Luis asks Noah about why he was kissing Fancy? Noah says Fancy kissed him. Luis asks why he let it happen? Noah says Fancy came on to him. Luis says he disrespected his sister. Paloma walks in and drops her tea when she sees Noah. Paloma says he has some nerve, she told him to leave her alone. Noah swears Fancy came onto him, he couldn't fend her off, it was like she was possessed. Luis wants Noah to admit he took advantage of Fancy. Paloma says no, Fancy was the aggressor. Kay asks Tabitha if she didn't have anything to do with this? Tabitha says mortals screw their own lives up without her. Noah tells Luis to get out of his face, maybe Fancy came onto him because she's tired of finding him with Sheridan. Noah says Luis admits Fancy has been acting strange, he could have made it worse if he went off on her. Luis says oh so you were being noble? Paloma says give me a break. Noah begs Paloma for another chance. Tabitha meanwhile is upset that she can't use magic, so she keeps stuffing her face with chocolate. Kay and Miguel want some too as they can't take the fighting. Tabitha however won't share her chocolate! Kay ends up coming to Noah's defense, but Miguel still wonders if Tabitha had anything to do with this. Tabitha swears she didn't. She says mortals don't need her help to screw up their love lives. Tabitha says she could just fix this all, she could make them all happy again. Kay tells Miguel to let her do it. Miguel says no, magic disturbs the natural order of things. Tabitha says magic is part of the natural order of things. Miguel tells Tabitha that he likes her, but as a catholic he has to stop witchcraft. Tabitha thinks to herself that Miguel is smug for someone about to lose his mom and sister to w witch in Mexico.


At the mansion, Esme, Gwen and Rebecca find Ethan out cold on the floor. Gwen says he's dead! Esme says the attacker struck again. Viki is thrilled and says and they live happily ever after. However it turns out that this is just a fantasy of Viki's. Viki soon hears Ethan's voice, she wonders who she stabbed? Gwen sees Rebecca lying on the ground, she says it looks like her mother was stabbed! Viki, behind the curtain, says Oops! It seems there are drapes and stuff all over the mansion as it's being repainted. Rebecca is alive, Gwen asks what happened to her. Rebecca says she was penetrated by a large hard shaft of steel, and not in a good way! Esme thinks the attacker must be here. Ethan calls 911. Rebecca says call the dry cleaner too as her clothes have blood on them. Sam suddenly shows up with Julian, they learn Rebecca was stabbed. Rebecca tells Sam to come close so she can give her statement, and pulls him into a kiss. Sam says he thinks she'll live. Sam asks what happened? Gwen says her mother came in here to get a drink, someone stabbed her. Sam thinks whoever stabbed Rebecca could still be here. Ethan asks his dad why he's here? Sam was questioning Julian about the attacker. He has Crane Security lock down the estate and patrol the border. He then makes a call to the station to get all personnel here, the killer may have struck again.  Gwen asks her mom if she can get her anything. Rebecca says a drink would help dull the pain. Meanwhile Julian asks why the killer would attack Rebecca. Esme says till tonight they've only targeted people she dated or slept with. Sam and Julian wonder if Esme slept with Rebecca! Esme and Rebecca are shocked by this accusation. Rebecca says absolutely not, but Esme does have nice lips. Esme says and she does like her red hair. Rebecca says it's fiery just like her. Gwen says enough, it's bad enough that daddy is a cross dresser! Rebecca says she's lost a lot of blood and isn't thinking straight! Rebecca swears they haven't slept together. Esme adds not yet! Sam says maybe the attacker changed their MO. As Viki tries to run, she knocks over a paint can. Everyone hears this and thinks the attacker is still here! Sam hears the person run upstairs, so Sam and Julian follow him. Esme worries, Viki is upstairs. She runs upstairs too.


Meanwhile Gwen tells her mother the paramedics are here. Rebecca says if they are cute and she suddenly needs mouth to mouth, just go with it. Gwen asks if she doesn't care who stabbed her? Rebecca says she knows who stabbed her, it was Theresa of course. Later Rebecca was only given a generic sedative by the paramedics, she's disappointed. Ethan meanwhile gets some mysterious call. Gwen asks what that was about? Ethan says he doesn't know, but it was a call from Mexico/ He says Pilar and Theresa are about to be killed by some woman named Juanita. Gwen is shocked, Rebecca says Juanita will kill them both, it's hopeless. Ethan asks what they know about this? Rebecca says if Alistair was a woman, he'd be Juanita Vasquez. Gwen tells her mom to stop, she's upsetting Ethan. Ethan is already upset, how does Rebecca know so much and why is Gwen trying to stop her from speaking? Gwen claims her mom is just out of it, she was surfing the net one night and learned about Juanita, who is the head of the Mexican mob. Gwen says so if they are in Mexico and came in contact with Juanita, well they are in danger. Ethan asks why they'd be there? Gwen says maybe to visit Pilar's sister? Ethan says he'll get to the bottom of this. Ethan calls Pilar and Theresa, all he gets is their voicemails. Ethan asks why this woman would want to kill them? Gwen doesn't know. Ethan says then he has to go Mexico. Gwen asks her mom how Juanita found out about Pilar and Theresa? She thought she took care of this. Rebecca says Juanita may not have got all her messages. Gwen fears if Ethan goes to Mexico he may learn the truth and she'll never get him back. Gwen tries to convince Ethan he can't go to Mexico alone. He says she's right, he'll get Miguel and Luis to go as well. 


Upstairs, Sam and Julian begin searching the rooms one by one. Viki returns to her room and thinks she better pretend to be asleep, she just hopes she gets another chance to kill Ethan. Esme later shows up to check on Viki. Viki pretends to be scared by the sirens and asked what happened. Esme says Gwen's mother got cut and passed out, but will be okay. Viki is glad, she doesn't want to kill people she doesn't have to, that is just wrong. Meanwhile Sam and Julian find a trail of blood in the hall that leads to Viki's room.  The trail of blood leads to a door to the terrace that is open in Viki's room. Esme says this is just like when Fox was shot. Esme asks if Viki saw the attacker? She claims she did. Sam asks if she can describe them? Viki says she woke up when she heard foot steps. She says she saw the glint of something shiny, she thought it was a knife. She says she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, it worked and they left. Sam and Julian have not heard Viki talk and are shocked. Viki says she was starting to feel comfortable here. Esme says don't let this clam her up again. Sam asks if it was a man or woman? Viki doesn't know. Esme says don't push her. Viki tells herself if they push, she'll push back. Sam thinks they must be out on the grounds, so he and Julian leave. Esme gets a chill like the attacker is close by. Viki looks over at her pillow, the knife is under it.


Back at Tabitha's, Noah and Luis are still arguing about Fancy and Sheridan. Luis says he and Sheridan were looking for Marty. Noah says it didn't look like that to  Fancy, just like what they saw between him and Fancy wasn't what it looked like. Luis admits Fancy was acting odd after they left. Paloma says she still can't look the other way again. They fights continue. Noah tells Luis maybe Fancy came on to him because Luis isn't giving her something she needs. Kay tries to break it up. She tells Noah he doesn't mean that. Noah does, Luis needs to take a good look himself in the mirror. Luis says he's going to kill Noah! Miguel stops them from beating each other up. Paloma says she can't deal with this anymore and leaves to start her shift.


Ethan calls up Tabitha's to find Luis. Tabitha answers and says he is here, Miguel is trying to stop Luis from killing Noah. She asks him to hold on. Tabitha knows why Ethan is calling, this should get everyone's attention. Tabitha tells Luis that Ethan is on the phone, something about Theresa and Pilar being marked for death in Mexico. Luis talks to Ethan. He also calls the station and asks to see if his mother and sister flew to Mexico. He learns they did. Ethan says he's taking the next flight to Mexico, he loves her too much to let anything happen to her. Luis says he and Miguel will join him. Miguel thinks mama and Theresa need all the help they can get. Ethan says he'll book the three of them on the next flight out, this Juanita is bad news. He doesn't know how Juanita is connected to them though. Luis calls Paloma and leaves her a message about going to Mexico with Miguel and Ethan, he wants her to stay and look after Kay and Theresa's kids. Noah also calls and leaves Paloma a voicemail, hoping they can work this out. Meanwhile Kay and Tabitha both tell Miguel they can solve this with magic. Tabitha says his family is spinning out of control without the help of magic. Miguel says no, it's not right. She says if he's going to Mexico then promise her that he'll be careful. He says he will, they hug. Tabitha again asks to let her use magic, but Miguel says no. He says he'll bring them home on his own. Tabitha tells herself that he won't. Noah offers to go too, but Luis says they don't need his help. 

Back at the mansion, Gwen asks Ethan why he'd want to go save Theresa after what she did to him. Ethan thinks this might explain why Theresa has been acting so odd, and he loves her and has to save her. Gwen says he can't put Theresa ahead of Jonathan, he needs him safe and sound. Ethan says he needs to set a good example for Jonathan. He says he will be fine and he'll see her soon. Ethan then leaves. Rebecca says Gwen better hope Theresa and Pilar are dead, otherwise Ethan will find out the truth. Rebecca says they need to have positive thoughts . . . . Theresa and Pilar are dead! She repeats this over and over like a mantra.



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