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5th Week of July 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by
(unless otherwise indicated)

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July 28, 2008
Nothing Can Stop Me

The Demon Elf's shots continue to degrade Endora's pink force field, while he threatens to kill her and Tabby. Tabby begs her daughter to power up, but Endora fears she can't do it without her mother's powers. When the bubble finally fizzles out, Tabby puts herself between Elfie and her daughter, but he insists she's powerless. She counters that a mother's love is as powerful as anything. "You want a bet," he says, and zaps her. Endora rushes to her side as her eyes close and she slides into the chair. Elfi says it's too late for Tabby, but not for Endora, who can still choose between coming to the dark side and dying. "Nobody messes with my mother," she says and zaps him. As he falls back, Tabby comes to and tells her, "Hold nothing back." Endora's in pain and Tabby is crushed because she can't help, but Endora tells her, "Just tell me you love me!" As Tabby repeats it, Endora's zaps quadruple in strength and Elfie disappears, screaming that it's not over. Endora drops to the couch, where she and Tabby embrace. Tabby tears up, upset because the dark side will continue to come after them, while she has no powers to protect her daughter. "You're my mummy: You'll never be a burden," Endora cries.

Having convinced herself that Ethan's finding her at the Warf Cafe and his feeling of connection to her are an act of Fate, Gert-resa is sure not even Juanita can threaten their love. Little does she know, the wacko is hiding under a nun's habit at the next table! Henchy wants to get out of town before the bomb blows, but Juanita wants to be close enough to see the massacre. When Juanita keep staring at Gert-resa, Henchy fears she's going to attract attention, but Juanita is sure she knows the ugly duckling and watches as Ethan makes his way to Gertie. Before he can reach her, Gert-resa wonders if he's seen through her disguise and will sweep her off her feet. Then she shakes her head, angry at herself for "giving into those silly hopes and dreams" when they could put her family in danger. She jumps up and leaves before Ethan can temp her, which Juanita finds suspicious.

As Gertie listens, Ethan asks "Sister" Juanita if he's seen her, so Juanita asks why he's looking for this woman when he's about to renew his vows. He sits with her and, hoping to garner some Godly advice, recounts his story of Theresa and her belief in Fate. After hearing about Theresa's death thanks to some "crazy woman in Mexico", Juanita chuckles to herself about how much worse the bomb will be. Then she tells him to open up to her, so Ethan waxes on about Theresa's love and says only Gertie seems to understand his loss. He asks her if it's "fair" to marry Gwen when he loves Theresa. The "nun" refuses to tell him it's okay to "desert your wife at the altar," and reminds him he's already married to Gwen. He agrees to keep his promise to Gwen and sets off for church.

"Goodbye Ethan," Gertie sighs before coming out of hiding. When Juanita tells her that he was looking for her, she says she has to let him go, "so he can move on with his life." Henchy offers Gertie his seat and leaves her with Juanita, who asks why Ethan was looking for her. "I can trust you, Sister," Gertie says and starts to tell all. Luckily, she catches herself, realizing she can't even trust a nun, and just recounts the same story she told Ethan, explaining she can empathize with his loss and admitting she made some mistakes to win the man she loves but ultimately lost. Juanita realizes Gertie reminds her of Theresa and flashes back to their meeting in Mexico. "But it can't be," she thinks. "Theresa is dead." Gertie goes on to say she's lost her faith in fate, and finally gives herself away to Juanita by saying, "I loved this man my whole life and now I've lost him forever." Juanita jumps in shock, making Gertie worry she's ill. Juanita covers, while thinking to herself that she can't wait to kill Theresa personally. Then she tells Gertie, "When life is most confusing, know there is only one answer to life's problems: Go to the church, right now, and pray." Gertie balks at going there during the wedding, but Juanita convinces her it's the thing to do. As Gertie stumbles away, Juanita considers setting the bomb off early. "You won't find God there," she chuckles. "Tonight you and your family will meet death!"

At the church, Pilar releases returned Antonio from her embrace and Father Lonigan claims, "It's a miracle." Luis can't understand how Antonio survived the explosion, but Sheridan explains it was "one of Alistair's tricks". Antonio goes on to recount how he was taken on a different plane and then kept hostage in Boston until Alistair's pay checks stopped coming. "For some reason, Alistair wanted to keep me on ice," he shrugs. Ivy can't believe her beau isn't getting the whole thing on video and sends Sam to get the camcorder. Then the joy of the moment falters, because they have to tell Antonio his little sister is dead. Pilar doesn't correct them as Sheridan and Luis tell him about the sharks that ate Theresa. He hugs his mother, who says, "It's all right" and cryptically promises to explain later. She asks the Father for a thanksgiving mass for her son's return.

Luis and Sheridan step aside to go gaga over the big news. When they embrace over their joy, Fancy angrily squints her eyes, sure Sheridan will use this to get Luis back. The new bride charges by Antonio, Pilar, Father Lonigan and the rest and tears Sheridan out of Luis's arms, crying, "Damn you, Sheridan!" Luis tells Fancy she has it all wrong, but she's pretty riled up. She continues to rant until Luis says, "Sheridan was just saying she and Antonio might get back together." Sheridan is all smiles, but Fancy isn't convinced, so Antonio plants one on his girl to "prove it." Pilar can't imagine how the day can get any better. Fancy apologizes, but Sheridan won't hear it, saying, "I have been absolute bitch on wheels for months now." Fancy can't deny that one! Sheridan says they'll start over with a long, drunken lunch and Fancy agrees.

In the bride's room, Gwen rolls her eyes at her mom, who's using her I-phone to check responses to her personal add. After Beccs deletes one from an underage hunk, Gwen grumbles that she should make herself useful, so they're ready for the ceremony as soon as it's her turn. Rebecca can't imagine Ethan isn't waiting anxiously for Gwen, who is the hottest bride of them all. That leads to a monologue from Gwen about having beaten Theresa. "Just goes to show you that deceitfulness, treachery and selfishness will always win out in the end," Beccs coos, noting that Gwen and Theresa's secret war would make a best seller. Gwen reminds her no one can ever know, before sending her mom upstairs. Beccs grabs Sam's camcorder on the way out and watches it, as she recalls making her sex video with Ron Jeremy.

Her reverie stops short when she sees that the camcorder caught her and Gwen recounting all the evil deeds they've pulled off in order to beat Theresa! "We destroyed Ivy's life too," Becc's voice says, just as Sam shows up. Of course, he doesn't hear and figures it's just accidental recording. Beccs says she'll rewind it for him and runs off. He follows her, demanding the camera. "Why don't you come and get it, Big Boy," she offers seductively, suggesting they make a sex tape. When he tries to get the camera from behind her back, she plants one on him... and Ivy catches them kissing! She throws Beccs back and, not needing an explanation from Sam, demands she keep her hands off Sam. Beccs only has eyes for the camera, still trying to figure out how to erase. Ivy says they need it to tape Ethan and Gwen's wedding, but desperate Rebecca says, "Who cares about those stupid movies anyway." Then she slips, letting Sam know she's trying to delete. As the music for the wedding begins, Ivy threatens to use force to get it from her. "I could take you with one hand tied behind my back," Beccs challenges. The ladies struggle over the camera until it goes flying across the room. Beccs smiles, hoping she's done enough damage.

Ethan returns for the wedding and, after a moment of shock over Antonio, he tells Father Lonigan they can get started with the wedding. The priest senses Ethan's lack of joy, but he insists he's happy, but was hoping to find someone. Pressed for time, Father L asks someone to get Gwen, instead of letting Ethan explain which "her" he was looking for. Pilar asks Ethan if he found Gertie and is relieved to hear her daughter's identity is still safe. She's thrilled that most of her kids are finding happiness today, but feels guilty for Theresa's broken heart.

Still alone in the bride's room, Gwen calls her mother to find out what's going on and when her ceremony starts, but gets Becc's voicemail. She leaves a message, demanding an immediate callback, but then Sheridan comes to get her. Gwen's surprised by her best friend's fantastic mood, so Sheridan admits her love for Luis turned into an unhealthy obsession and that, "It seems the man I love is Antonio." Gwen worries for her friend, but then Sheridan catches her up. She's on cloud nine as she recounts how she gave into returned Antonio's wish for another chance. Though no one has seen Gertie, Beccs, Sam or Ivy, Sheridan says they must get the wedding under way. "Nothing can stop me," Gwen sighs.

Ethan wonders about all the missing guests, so the priest again asks after his lack of enthusiasm. He tells Ethan it's not too late for him to talk to "this person," but Ethan insists Gwen deserves this moment and a forever of happiness. As Ethan watches his bride walk toward him, he tells the priest he's sure he's ready, but he's thinking, "If only I could have spoken with Gertrude." He feels something's wrong, but can't put his finger on it. None the wiser, Gwen is glowing, thinking of how she's won.



July 29, 2008
There's Something About Gertrude

In the church basement, Ivy and Rebecca continue to battle for the camcorder. It soon flies out of their hands and crashes to the floor. An annoyed Sam picks it up and can't manage to turn it back on. He's sure that it's lost everything that it's recorded. Rebecca is quite relieved, which makes Ivy and Sam wonder how she can be so gleeful for destroying the recording of his daughter's marriage. She plays stupid, but they're sure that there must have been something on there that she didn't want anyone to see.

In the dressing room, Kay has arrived to give Paloma her final touch ups before the wedding. Unfortunately, Paloma walks into the wrong dressing room and spots Noah and Miguel. They're only half-dressed. They explain this strange, pantsless scene by saying that they had to switch pants. Paloma starts to go into panic mode. They've just broken one of the oldest superstitions about weddings and she is sure that they are doomed. Noah tries to calm her, but she is confident that doom is on the way. Miguel and Kay add their voices, but Paloma threatens to call off the wedding. Noah reaches a bit deeper and tells her that if there is any couple who can overcome superstition, it will be them. He's sure that they can still have a wonderful life together. He promises her that their wedding, their honeymoon and their life together will be perfect.

Ethan waits at the altar as Gwen walks down the aisle. Although she's looking radiant, all he can think about is Gertrude. Pilar watches, relieved that Theresa isn't there. On cue, Gertrude arrives and a strange smile leaps onto Ethan's face. Gwen notices and wants to kill Theresa. Ethan shocks everyone by announcing that the ceremony needs to stop. Gwen is furious and Pilar is worried that Ethan may have actually figured out the truth. Antonio sits in the audience, baffled as he watches. Sheridan fills him in on everything. "Even blind, I could see this coming," the priest thinks to himself. Ethan finds an excuse for Gwen: They can't do this because their parents aren't there. The priest tries to hurry things along again, so that he can get through the hectic wedding schedule. Ethan offers to switch with Noah and Paloma while he sorts things out. Gwen repeats to him that she can't wait to recommit to him.

Ethan is desperate to talk to Gertrude, although he still has no idea why. He starts towards her, but Gwen stops him, worried that he will finally figure out who Gertrude really is. She reminds him that they are supposed to be searching for their parents. They split up to look. Gwen quickly finds Rebecca who fills her daughter in on how all of their secrets were captured on Sam's camcorder. Gwen starts to freak out but her mother assures her that it's all been taken care of and the evidence has been destroyed. Gwen still isn't entirely relieved. She explains the delay in her re-commitment ceremony and worries about Theresa ruining things. Her mother is optimistic and reassures her: Soon she will be back with Ethan and Juanita will arrive and wipe out Theresa and the rest of their problems.

In the dressing room, things have calmed down between Noah and Paloma. They're sure that the love they feel is stronger than any superstition. Pilar interrupts and explains what's just happened in the chapel. The couple eagerly rush out to start their wedding. Noah doesn't think there could be any greater sign of good luck than being able to marry her quicker.

Ivy and Sam wander the basement, sure that Rebecca must have been hiding something. Sam is sure that they will never be able to figure it out. Ethan discovers them and tells them that he couldn't get married without them there for the ceremony. His parents wonder if that's the only reason. Ethan has to admit that there is another reason for the delay: He feels drawn to Gertrude. Sam and Ivy are perplexed. Ethan explains that something about her reminds him of Theresa. Ivy grimaces; she can't imagine how he could be attracted to someone who looks like Gertrude. Ethan doesn't understand it either, but something about her reminds him of Theresa and he can't shake it. His parents tell him that he needs to let Theresa go and move on. Ethan says that he loves Gwen, but not the way he loves Theresa. Nonetheless, he will still re-commit to Gwen and just try to keep his feelings for Gertrude in perspective. He goes upstairs to watch Noah and Paloma get married. Sam and Ivy still don't understand this, or why Rebecca was so desperate to keep what was on the camcorder from them.

In the chapel, Pilar corners Gertrude and asks her why she's come back. She's come to pray for a miracle that will bring Ethan back to her, she explains. A nun told her to do this. Pilar still thinks that watching Ethan re-commit to Gwen will be too much for her and tells her she should leave. Theresa suddenly spots her brother Antonio and is shocked. Her mother explains that he is alive and Theresa cries as her mother tells her what happened to him. She wishes that she could embrace her brother but knows that she can't. It's painful but then she notices that he is with Sheridan. Pilar explains that they are back together. Theresa's eyes light up. She's sure that if their love can survive Antonio being "dead", Ethan's love for her can too. This is proof that a miracle can happen and she hopes that she gets hers.

The wedding march starts and Luis walks Paloma down the aisle. Antonio is amazed to see how his little sister has grown into a woman. He only wishes that Theresa could be there too. His mother tells him that miracles can happen. If he can come back from the dead, maybe his sister can too... Gertrude catches his eye and he can't shake the feeling that she is familiar. His mother stops him from asking too many questions and focuses him on the wedding. She only wishes that her sister could have lived to see the girl she raised be married. Ivy and Sam arrive as the wedding winds down. He's amazed to see that his son has finally settled down. Paloma has been a good influence on him and steered him away from his wild ways. Ivy tells him that true love changes everyone.

Ethan and Gertrude trade stares throughout the ceremony. He still can't stop feeling drawn to her but tries to rationalize it, assuming that he is only reminded of Theresa. Pilar catches her daughter staring and tells her once again to stop, reminding her of what could happen if her true identity is revealed. Theresa just wants her dream of being a family with Ethan.  Pilar is sure she can find another man. Theresa admits that she loved Fox and Jared, but it wasn't the same. Noah and Paloma are pronounced man and wife. As they kiss, everyone claps until the church begins to shake. It's an earthquake! 

July 30, 2008
Rock n Roll Wedding

Tabby and her daughter are trying to get Fluffy packed up so they can get out of town before destruction hits and go hang out with Precious. When an earthquake hits, the cat jumps right into the cage. Tabby thinks the demons in the basement are stirring things up, but then realizes, "It's the beginning of the end of Harmony!" Endora isn't so sure, especially after things calm down, but Tabby remains dead set on getting out of town ASAP. Unfortunately, they're locked in! Tabby fears they've missed their window of opportunity, so Endora suggests they look to the magic bowl. Of course, it doesn't work for Tabby anymore, since she's not a witch, so Endora gets it bubbling. When she asks what trouble is afoot, the bowl erupts in fire. Once the fire's out, they can see Mt. Harmon, a local volcano that has awoken after a long, inactive sleep. When Endora asks who's behind it all, the bowl shows a man with the initials J.Z. sitting behind a desk, de-pluming a dead peacock. She efforts to find a way out, while her mother bemoans Harmony's end, fearing it will end up like Pompeii.

At the church, Gwen is very upset her special day is being further postponed by the quaking. She and Beccs also fear it may cause another tsunami, but Gwen really loses it when Ethan runs to Gert-resa's rescue. She begins to fear Ethan may end up with Theresa after all. When the power goes out, Father Lonigan tells everyone to trust in the Lord and the shaking stops. Paloma is relieved, but Pilar feels like it's the end of the world, while Luis and Fancy and Gertie and Ethan reminisce about the tsunami. Ethan promises Gert-resa he'll protect her, but then he and Gwen prepare to get the ceremony back under way. Theresa prepares to lose Ethan forever, while Gwen fears he will choose Gertie over her without even knowing she's Theresa and Little E watches from the pew, wishing he could stop the ceremony before it's too late.

Up at the altar, Father L asks Ethan about that conversation he wanted to have before the ceremony, but Ethan is resigned to his fate, insisting he must accept he's lost someone forever. As Gwen walks down the aisle, her fears diminish. She's sure she's finally won the battle. Ethan knows he must move on, while Gert-resa feels she's watching her own funeral. There's lots of other mumbled thoughts about the union, until an upset Gert-resa can't wait anymore and leaves. Beccs gloats over the win, as Ethan also notices the early exit. Then Ethan and Gwen say their vows, but Ethan knows he would do anything to be up there with Theresa instead. Ivy thinks her son is doing the right thing. Sam hopes she's right, but Little E knows only Theresa can make Ethan happy. When Little E learns about Sam's video camera breaking, he asks to take a look at it. Beccs is grateful she broke it, so she and Gwen can get away with all their nasty acts, but then Little E fixes the camera for Sam!

When Juanita feels the quake at the wharf, she's thrilled, sure her bomb has gone off and if her enemies aren't dead, they soon will be. She's less than thrilled when there's no sign of pandemonium, especially when she gets closer and realizes the rumbling was nothing but a coincidence. She tries to detonate the bomb again, to no avail, and realizing the remote isn't working, heads to the church to make it happen in time. When she arrives, she finds Gert-resa saying a prayer, hoping for a way to get Ethan back, but Juanita is focused only on setting that bomb off. Gertie recognizes the "nun" from their earlier chat and follows her to the basement, hoping she'll have advice for her about winning Ethan back. Instead of finding the nun, however, she finds the bomb! Gert-resa begs for the nun's help. Instead, Juanita pulls a gun, revealing herself and calling Theresa out. Gert-resa rips off her wig, prepared to fight her family's archenemy.

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