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3rd Week of June 2008 Daily Summaries

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(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 16, 2008
I Think it's Too Late

At the church, Juanita is back to planning her explosive revenge on Pilar and family, thrilled that her time is finally coming. A flashback to the violent night that stole her own family only gets her more riled up and ready for vengeance. Her sidekick barely hides his disgust as she fantasizes about Pilar watching her children die and then having to dig them out of the rubble, only to be killed herself once she's finished. Juanita is quite satisfied with her plan, until her henchman realizes how close they are to Harmony Hospital, which means help won't be far behind the explosion. With his boss's frustration sure to turn to fury, he quickly suggests a little stake out and recognizance at the hospital. He's hoping they can figure out how to slow the rescuers down by jamming their frequencies, and Juanita warns it better work.

At the manse, Luis asks Miguel if he and Fancy can jump in on the big day and make it a quadruple wedding. Miguel is thrilled at the idea, but eavesdropping Sheridan and Pretty sure aren't! Sheridan figures Pretty will finally give up, but no such luck. Intent on winning the game (ie Luis!), Pretty conjures up faux abdominal pains. Needless to say, Luis is at her side in seconds. A hyperventilating Pretty claims all Luis' wedding planning is stressing her out. Perhaps he should wait till after the baby arrives? A frustrated Fancy immediately suspects the pain is a scam, so her sister just lays it on thicker. That backfires when Luis decides Pretty needs to be checked out by a doc immediately. She stalls, searching for any excuse not to go, but Luis isn't swayed.

There is more wedding planning going on downstairs, where an eager Gwen showers Ethan with talk of marital bliss. It's an appalling scene to spying Gert-resa, who is desperate for Ethan to read her letter and call off the wedding. Having spotted the letter sticking out of his pocket, Gwen stops that from happening. She gets Ethan out of his jacket and sends him off for champagne. Then, left alone, she reads the letter. She's sickened by the sappiness of Theresa's declarations of love, but even more upset that her nemesis still manages to be a threat from the grave. She vows not to give into that threat, while Gert-resa continues plotting over the letter. When Pilar finds her daughter eavesdropping, she again begs her to go on the big family "Juanita Escape" trip. Of course, to Gert-resa, there is no life without Ethan, but Pilar counters she's putting more than herself at risk by staying. Gert-resa refuses to give up on her plan, confident her letter will stop the wedding. Pilar isn't so sure... but then she's convinced it won't happen. "I think it's too late," she sighs as they watch Gwen tear up the letter!

To make matters worse, Ethan walks up to the pair, celebratory champagne in hand, and reveals they're moving up the ceremony. After Pilar congratulates him, he promises her Theresa will always be in his heart. Then he returns to Gwen's side and as the couple toasts their future, Gert-resa finally gives into her mother's wishes... but she as quickly takes it back, intent on staying to fight for the man she loves. Pilar loses her patience and the duo dissolves back to the same argument, with Pilar threatening Theresa's choice might cost her Little E's life and Gert-resa confident all will be perfect when she gets Ethan back.  


June 17, 2008
Shoot to Kill

Eve enters Ivy's hospital room just in time to hear Sam's "shoot to kill" order on Vincent. She immediately protests, revealing she is the wacko's mother and begging Sam to take back the order. Julian enters and Sam demands answers about where Vincent is. Eve offers to tell all if Sam will rescind the order and is relieved when he agrees. She's pretty sure he and Ivy aren't going to believe their story, but after all the murders and mayhem, Ivy can't imagine how much worse the story can get. Ha! She and Sam are horrified as the full Vincent/Valerie saga is laid out for them. "Why do you think I started drinking again?" Eve guffaws. Ivy and Sam are floored, but the story doesn't change the fact that Vincent must be found. While Sam agrees to do his best to keep Vincent unharmed, he remains dead set on bringing the murderer down before he strikes again.

Little does he know, Vincent already has his next target - or targets - in site! He's with his new sidekick Viki, listing which rehearsal dinner guests they'd like to see dead. After the two excitedly exchange ideas for a quick, messy mass murder, Viki realizes there may not be a rehearsal dinner at all. She starts to mourn their plan, but then Vincent saves the day, suggesting she get Esme to throw the party. Viki is sure Esme will love the idea, even if the dead bodies will be no fun for her. She immediately calls her aunt, convincing her to be "hostess with the mostest", suggesting she get Julian to pay and offering her own help - to "repay" locals for the kindness they've shown her. Needless to say, Esme goes for it and when Viki tells Vincent, he cheers there won't be a wedding because everyone will be dead! They toast their murderous plans and then get back to discussing the specifics. Vincent isn't into guns or knives, because then their "victims" would be able to fight back, so Viki asks for his suggestion. "Wait till you hear. It's perfect," he coos.

Pretty continues to insist she doesn't need to see a doc, but Luis, Fancy and Sheridan aren't hearing it. When Luis and Fancy go to find one, Sheridan marvels over Pretty's newest tack, but also warns it could backfire if (and when) the doctor and Luis find out she's faking the pain. Pretty is more concerned she'll get caught for faking the pregnancy! At the same time, she's quite impressed with herself for stopping the wedding, but Sheridan counters that it's just a temporary fix. Once the baby's safe, the wedding will be back on. Pretty is sure she can come up with more reasons to delay the wedding - as long as she's having his baby. Meanwhile, Fancy and Luis argue over Pretty, unaware Juanita and her henchman are eavesdropping. No surprise, Fancy accuses Pretty of faking the pain... and Luis just wants to be sure. Before Luis returns to Pretty, the couple agrees they'll marry on the big family trip. Pretty may have won the battle, but Fancy is confident she'll win the war, because Luis is hers. Juanita is less satisfied. Pretty is destroying her plan by stopping the wedding, so, "The pregnant woman and her unborn child are slated to die tonight!" She follows Fancy and Luis back to Pretty. Luis talks doctors, while Pretty continues to stall. Then, at Juanita's instruction, her henchman makes a noise, distracting Luis, Fancy and Sheridan so the fiend can grab Pretty! Her plan is to "accidentally" bump into her and stick her with a deadly needle, but instead, she knocks off Pretty's fake baby bump... and it lands at Luis' feet! Pretty panics as Luis' shock quickly turns to anger. With bump in hand, he rails at her, calling her a sick freak for not just pretending to get knocked up, but also pretending to want an abortion.

When Luis runs into Juanita later, he showers her with thanks. She plays shy and after she leaves, Pretty coos about her being "an answer to our prayers." Luis admits Fancy was right all along, but Fancy demurs that Pretty's actions went even lower than she thought possible. The good news? Now they can get married! The couple goes in for a kiss, leaving Sheridan feeling quite dejected. Juanita is no less happy about Luis' good mood. Pilar's son should be miserable! Her henchman cheers her slightly by reminding her the wedding - and their plan - is back on. She grumbles that Pretty better show at the wedding, because she deserves to die for making her look the fool.

At the manse, Gwen and Ethan talk wedding, until Gwen suggests they head upstairs for some celebrating. When he says he'll be up after her, Gwen knows he's looking for Theresa's letter and is glad she's gotten rid of it. While they kiss, Gert-resa is nearby, having a whine session with her mother. Sure the wedding will seal Ethan's fate with Gwen, she vows, as always, to never give up Ethan. Pilar counters that keeping Ethan will put her kids in danger and again begs Gert-resa to come on the family's "escape from Juanita" trip. Amazingly, Gert-resa agrees, crying that protecting her kids must come before protecting her love with Ethan. Then Little E storms in, wanting the charade to end so that his mother can be happy. Instead, Gert-resa just gets more upset when they walk in on Ethan and Gwen smooching. When the couple announces they've moved up the wedding, Little E is upset, but Pilar just asks about taking the kids on the family trip. Gwen wins over Ethan by noting it will coincide with their honeymoon. Ethan doesn't do as well convincing Little E it's a good idea. The kid storms out of the room, refusing to go.

When Theresa follows, he is relieved to hear she is coming too and agrees to go, though they are both heartbroken at having to leave Ethan behind. Little E returns to the room and announces that he'll go if Gert-resa joins them. It's agreed and when Gwen glows over getting married, Ethan promises. "This time it's for keeps." A devastated Gert-resa tells her mom she will go on the trip and never come back to Harmony.



June 18, 2008
It Takes a lot of Energy

Tabby packs up the basement, while an unseen Endora rests in the bed nearby. Tabitha empathizes that it's scary moving, but reminds Endora she's survived hell. Endora "thought bubbles" her to leave her alone, but Tabby carries on about how much fun they'll have, especially with Precious and the snakes, after they move. Then she wishes her daughter a good night sleep, promising, "When you wake up, everything will seem much brighter." Before getting back to packing, she hopes Endroa gets out of this funk, but knows either way, they must go. Then the "hourglass of destruction" flashes, which Tabby fears is "the darkest warning the dark side has ever sent us...  When the sands in that hour glass run down, the worst hell this town has ever seen is going to be unleashed!" Needless to say, she's even more intent on getting out of town. When she finds Timmy's clothes, she recalls her time with Timmy and all he taught her about love and life, but the hourglass interrupts her reverie before she even gets started. She cries a bit over her doll-son as she packs up one of his outfits. To her thrill, Timmy's light shines down on her for a moment and she gets a chance to talk to him.

When Fluffy growls, she realizes she's forgotten about dealing with him. She can't take him anywhere, but insists she'll find him a temporary home until the madness is over. She rubs her hands together and zaps up a phone and phonebook. She tells her someone on the other end of the line that Fluffy is a few hundred years old, at least, having falling into Tabby's custody when he snuck aboard the Mayflower. "Our eyes met and he's been my kitty ever sense," she sighs, noting he was much smaller then, but always with the appetite. After she says she suspects he ate some of the pilgrims, she has to backtrack. "Of course he's not a few hundred years old," she chuckles, explaining she was talking cat years. Her caller asks for a photo, so Tabby puts down the phone and zaps up a fax machine. Then she searches her album and faxes over a photo of Fluffy "playing" with the postman. As it comes through, there's a scream on the other end of the phone. "That is exactly the same reaction as I had from the woman at the SPCA," she says with exasperation, surprised these animal lovers won't help. Fluffy growls and moans off screen, but she promises she'll find him a home and is relieved when she gets the job done. She tells Fluffy to behave for "that nice witchdoctor" on Skull Island who will take him in. "Only eat the villagers who are actually tied up for sacrifice," she warns, before sending him off to his new home. Fluffy touches her cheek and she watches him go. When she turns back, the sands have run down quickly, inspiring another rant about how quickly they must escape and how incredible the impending disaster will be. As she shuts her trunk, the ground starts shaking and the lights go out. Tabby begs the spirits to hold the evil at bay until she gets Endora out of town. To her relief, they seem to listen and the lights come back up. Ready to leave, she goes to wake Endora. She's nervous at her witchy daughter's tendency to wake grumpy and sweet talks the child, but when she pulls back the lace covering, Endora is no where to be found!

Paloma is thrilled to get red roses from Noah and embraces him when he arrives, but Noah didn't send them! He hands her the card, asking her to read it, even though he's sure they're from Roberto. Then he reads it: "My beautiful Paloma, I love you. I adore you. I will always love you. Sent with a kiss, Roberto." She begs him not to be mad, but it's too late. Somehow missing her man's growing fury Paloma smiles that she should put the flowers in water. Noah storms she better put them in the trash. He reigns himself in, but is no less adamant. Paloma insists Roberto can't help how he feels, though she understands why Noah's "a little upset." That understatement pushes him over the edge, sending the furious fiance up stairs to kick some butt. Paloma stops him, empathizing over his response to the cards and flowers, but insisting, "What does it matter? I don't care about him. I love you." Noah shrugs her off, saying this is about Roberto, who's been asking for a fight since he arrived, not about her. Before letting him go up, Paloma asks him to promise they won't get into a "big fight." Noah counters that's up to Roberto and heads up, leaving Paloma to pace the kitchen. She realizes she should have gone with him, but sticks around to mope over things and hope Roberto will talk some sense into him. "They'll talk like two civilized human beings," she says, but quickly realizes she's kidding herself. She turns to go intercede, only to realize she'll just make things worse. "But how could things get any worse?"

Noah finds Roberto's room empty, save for a table set for a romantic dinner. When the shower turns on, Noah knocks on the door and screams through it. Hearing the screams, Paloma yells upstairs for them to stop it. Then she hears glass break and runs upstairs, thinking someone's gone out the window. The room is in disarray and the window is in fact broken open. Noah comes from the bathroom, so she demands to know where Roberto is. When he doesn't answer, she gasps, "You killed Roberto?"

Luis and Fancy return to her room, where her bags are packed and waiting in the corner. She's relieved Pretty's lie has been revealed, but Luis has to admit he's a bit sad at losing his faux child. Fancy sits in his lap and says she's glad there's no baby. "Now that she's been exposed, there's nothing she can do," Fancy says, and Luis agrees before kissing her. She later sighs that she never wants to see Pretty again. Luis agrees her plot was "cruel," but reveals he doesn’t hate her, "hate always being a two way street and nothing good ever comes of it. Besides that, it takes a lot of energy," he explains, insisting he feels bad for her. Fancy is "not as charitable," and rants about Pretty's lies, but he suggests she try to empathize with the "root of her unhappiness." Fancy goes on the defensive, sure her man just suggested it's her fault for scarring Pretty. She rants about Pretty getting away with murder based on the scar, but Luis meant the problems went beyond those scars. "Whatever's going on inside with that girl is a lot more painful than what you see on the outside," he notes, suggesting again she show some pity. He talks about how, as a cop, he's seen plenty of folks who were just lashing out in pain and reminds her of how Alistair treated Pretty like dirt, while treating Fancy like a Princess. "Can you imagine what that did to her?" he empathizes. He's unwilling to put all the blame on Pretty, but Fancy maintains Pretty's not just a victim. She's committed a crime against them! Luis won't deny that, but maintains his strongest feeling is pity. Fancy apologizes that he's a better person than she and continues to blame Pretty, not Alistair, for everything. She wants nothing to do with Pretty, but Luis is sure Pretty is too ashamed and horrified to show her face again anyway. "Wouldn't that be wonderful," she sighs, noting she just wants to marry Luis and live in peace - an easier task without Pretty or Sheridan around. "Nothing's ever going to come between us again," he promises, before kissing her.

Sheridan returns to her cottage and is not thrilled to find Pretty pacing there. When Pretty says she has nowhere to go, Sheridan storms that with Father dead, there's no one left to protect Pretty. What more, she can't imagine how Pretty can bear to show her face anywhere near the Crane family after her stunt. "You're as crazy as Luis' ex-girlfriend Beth," Sheridan snorts, reminding her of Beth's fateful end. She sends Pretty away, telling her to "crawl in a hole" and stay away from Luis. "You just proved to the world how ugly you are on the inside," Sheridan concludes, and Pretty actually looks hurt and near tears. She storms that her aunt is wrong; scaring Sheridan as she continues to insist Luis will be hers. She just needs a new plan, but Sheridan calls her "delusional." Pretty insist their union under Alistair, however forced, was also magical, "like two souls connecting!" Luis made her feel beautiful for one moment and Sheridan seems to get it, even hoping it happened the way Pretty remembers. "I will never forget being with Luis," she says knowingly, which turns Pretty back to the dark side. She shoots that Sheridan is pathetic because she'll continue to, "wallow in your memories of you and Luis while Fancy steals the man you love right out from under you! But not me. I will do anything to get Luis back - and I mean ANYthing." She seems completely batty and ecstatic as she babbles about Luis loving her and Fancy spewing lies in Luis' ear. She is confident she'll find a way to get rid of Fancy forever. Although she's blown away by this display of crazy, Sheridan stays calm and tries to talk sense to her niece, but that doesn't help. Pretty goes on, asking what one does when there's a big rock in the road. "You flatten it! Blow it up!" Pretty cries, giggling psychotically as she hatches a new plan, calling it "the perfect way to get Fancy out of Luis' life forever!" Sheridan shares her concern over her niece's fantasies, but Pretty says it's a done deal. "You're not going to kill her, are you?" she asks. Pretty's plan isn't lethal, "It's just deliciously perverse." She claps her hands and then shows Sheridan a container of acid. "An eye for an eye; a face for a face!" she cries, planning to throw acid in Fancy's face. 

As Gert-resa packs up Little E's stuff for the trip, she sadly mutters about never returning to Harmony again. When Ethan comes in, Gert-resa says they'll be ready to leave right after the wedding. "Yes. The wedding," he sighs, making Gert-resa note his lack of enthusiasm. He admits he's not as excited as he "should be", because as wonderful as Gwen is, she's just not Theresa. "A love like that doesn't dissipate. It lasts forever," Gert-resa empathizes, going on to talk about all the pain Theresa must feel being separated from him. Ethan marvels that she sounds "like a mystic" and wonders how she knows so much. "Isn't it obvious?" she asks, but that's as close as she comes to revealing her identity before catching herself. Ethan realizes "he knows why" - never a good sign in Harmony. She's nervous as he goes on about their connection, calling it "possibly mystical" and noting it is similar to the one he had with Theresa. Then he says his connection to Theresa was gone forever, but Gert-resa insists she can still have her future. "The love of my life is gone. She's not coming back," he challenges. He fears he'll never be able to create the life with Gwen that he dreamed of having with Theresa, so Gert-resa asks why he's going ahead with the wedding. "It doesn't seem like it would even be fair to her," Gert-resa notes, but he insists Theresa would want her children to have a mother. "Any mother?" Gert-resa challenges. He prattles on, concluding Theresa would trust his judgment and agree Gwen is a good mom. "Not anymore," Gert-resa thinks to herself, before again suggesting he's wrong. With Pilar around, "Perhaps Theresa didn't want you to marry at all," she says, but he can't imagine that's true. Then he remembers the letter, which he's now lost. Not knowing Gwen has torn it up, he runs up to the attic to search for it again and finish it. Gert-resa wishes she could tell him the truth, that he'd find the letter, that they could be together. "I guess our days are filled with 'if onlys,'" she sighs after him.


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