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4th Week of June 2008 Daily Summaries

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June 23, 2008
A Little Too Convenient

With Roberto still not answering, Paloma assumes Noah threw him out the window and to his death. Noah doesn't care enough to correct her, until she comes in swinging.  He catches her arm and explains that he only yelled at a towel-clad Roberto and told him to stay away from Paloma. Roberto responded by taking a swing. According to Noah, when Roberto saw he was losing, he grabbed his towel and jumped out the window. "Stupid idiot didn't even wait to see if the window was open," he guffaws. When she crosses her arms and reminds him that she asked him not to fight, Noah reminds her that Roberto took the first swing, but she's sure he could have stopped it. Noah rages that Roberto had the room set up "for a night of love" and demands, "Did you want me to stand in the corner and watch?!" Paloma counters that he should have thought of her feelings, which makes him ask if she has them for Roberto. She insists they're just friends and admits she can't defend Roberto's actions, "but you should have let me handle it." She turns her back as she calls him a "macho gorilla," and when she looks again, he's turned into one! He doesn't realize what he looks like as he rants on and after she squeezes her eyes shut, he's back to normal. She sits down with a relieved laugh and when Noah asks what happened, she suggests they move out sooner than later. "The oddest things just happen in this house," she notes, still trying to shake the image out of her head. Noah apologizes for the fight with Roberto, admitting he may have overreacted. She agrees he was "way out of line", so Noah suggests they drop the subject. Then he realizes they can use the romantic set up Roberto left behind for themselves and the couple is soon making out. In the afterglow, she dreams about their wedding and family world trip, but Noah groans and again worries over ditching med school. He figures Juanita is not in town and may not even be coming, so Paloma calmly reminds him of the people she's already lost. "We can't take any changes," she insists. "She can be here at any time." As if to prove her point, they hear a creaky step outside. Paloma is scared, so Noah goes to check on it, but doesn't find anything. He jokes that since Juanita is not walking around their house, they might as well get back to focusing on their love.  

Tabby searches for her daughter in a panic, but hopes Endora has simply hidden for fun, rather than having been taken. She calls for her daughter to return so they can skip town before Harmony's "great disaster." Then, to be safe, she demands that the dark side give Endora back, "Or there will be hell to pay!" A stuffed pig has a thought bubble, revealing itself as Endora in hiding. Tabby orders her to materialize, but Endora simply refuses to leave town. Tabby reminds her who is the mother and puts the pig in the crib, so Endora pops around the room, showing up as various stuffed animals. Tabby turns all the stuffies that aren't Endora into gorillas and grabs her daughter, now a stuffed dog. Endora makes another escape, confident she is strong enough to stop the evil that is coming. The stuffed animals start flying around the room... which is hard to explain when leopard-clad Esme shows up! Esme pops some pills, but then realizes what she's seeing is not in her head. "If the real world were like this all the time, I would stay stone cold sober!" she cries happily. Tabby's excuse for the flying animals is that she opened up an old joke box, but then fireworks go off, thrilling Esme and convincing her Tabby's lying. After she recognizes and notices the broomstick, it takes a minute, but she figures it out. Tabby figures there's no harm now, since Harmony is set for destruction, and admits she's a card carrying witch. Esme applauds in excitement, but Tabby is set on finding her daughter, who sends a thought bubble out of a bat. Esme babbles about Aladdin and I Dream of Jeannie, and then gets an idea. "I think we can help each other," she says. Then, making a "magical proposition," she asks for three wishes. She wants all her money back; a handsome, kinky, fun man stamina and working equipment; and a third wish for later. Tabby can't imagine why she'd do Esme any favors, so Esme explains she'll help find Endora in exchange. Tabby balks, but then agree. She doesn't like leaving the third wish up in the air, so Esme just promises whatever it is, it will be "well worth it to get Endora back." They shake on it, but only after Tabby clarifies payment only comes if they find Endora.

Gert-resa is upset Gwen intercepted her letter, which means Ethan won't read it, which means he won't cancel the wedding. He joins her, baffled by how he managed to lose the letter, but she doesn't tell him about Gwen ripping it up. Ethan chuckles and again thanks her for letting him bend her ear. He realizes he went all Negative Nelly over Gwen in their earlier chat, but hopes she understands. Gert-resa demurs that her opinion doesn't matter, adding, "You are the one who's marrying someone you don't love." Ethan immediately contradicts that, starting to say the loves just doesn't compare to what he felt for Theresa, before he realizes he shouldn't be comparing them at all. He continues to maintain he should marry Gwen for the kids, surmising they'll have a "nice life together". Gert-resa asks if she considered waiting for another woman. Ethan can't imagine any woman in the world will compare to Theresa and before leaving, concludes, "I'll be satisfied with Gwen." After he leaves, Gert-resa comes up with a new plan and sits down to rewrite the letter. She's very self satisfied, until she seals it and realizes making a copy may raise Gwen's suspicion.

Gwen and Beccs go over Gert-resa's first letter, which they've pasted back together. Both are blown away by Theresa's last paragraph, begging Ethan to never remarry. "It's like she left little landmines all over the place just in case she died," Beccs notes. "It's all a little too... convenient." Beccs suggests it's someone else - like Pilar - writing and planting them, so she does a comparison of the writing. It's a perfect match, but the ladies remain suspicious. "Something's not right," Beccs says, unable to put her finger on it. Then she realizes Theresa's letter references Ethan adopting Little E, which Ethan didn't decide to do until AFTER Theresa died. "How could Theresa write about that in this letter?" she asks and they repeat the clues in different ways until they realize, in unison, "She's not dead!" Gwen panics, noting that if Theresa is alive, they better find her and "make sure she's dead again."

Pretty caresses her jar of acid and plots over throwing it in Fancy's face. Sheridan tries to talk sense to her, but Pretty flashes her wackiest smile and insists she knows what she's doing. "I'll get my revenge, and then I'll get Luis, the man I love," she sighs. Then she orders Sheridan to stay out of her way or get the acid herself! Sheridan backs up, insisting hurting Fancy won't work, but Pretty is confident that, "For the first time in my life, I'm going to get exactly what I deserve." When she storms out, Sheridan isn't sure what to do. She knows the acid plan will free Luis up - to be with her and Marty, of course - but shutters at how sick it is, not to mention the fact that she'd be aiding and abetting a criminal. She's ready to run to warn Fancy, but then the pendulum swings back again and she balks. When Ethan shows up, he immediately sees she's upset. Assuming it's Fancy and Luis' wedding that has her in a funk, he empathizes and then starts moping over his wedding. He admits he's still in love with Theresa, but also that he has been too open with Gwen about his feelings. She counters that Theresa is dead, which is why what he's doing is right and "sensible". As for her, "Luis is alive and well, and he's up at the main house with Fancy." When she says she's angry at Fancy for taking her man, he reminds her that she told Luis to move on and even married another man. She remains confident Luis still loves her and will return to her, but catches herself before she says what Pretty is up to. Ethan senses something and demands to know what's going on. He knows it's something she doesn't like and tells her to trust her heart and gut. "The only thing that creates love is openness and honestly," he warns. "Everything else rips it apart." He blames Theresa's lies about Juanita for his true love's death, but Sheridan calls the lecture, "misguided." He's not convinced, so before he leaves, he tells her he's sure she'll do the right thing.

Snuggled in bed with Luis, with grandfather gone and Pretty's faux pregnancy exposed, Fancy sighs that she feels safe for the first time in months. She imagines Pretty must be so mortified that she's already skipped town in the Crane jet, but isn't concerned either way, since Pretty is no longer a threat. Yeah right: The couple gets back to love making, but is soon interrupted by none other than Pretty, who has her jar of acid behind her back! Fancy can't believe she'd show her face and cries, "You are no sister of mine!" Luis suggests she leave them, while Fancy tells her to leave the country and rails into her for her antics, but Pretty just smiles, "All's fair in love and war." She continues to smile as Fancy goes on about how sick she is, makes a fist and threatens to hit her if she doesn't get out. Luis steps in, asking Fancy to just ignore Pretty. That doesn't happen! Fancy instead insists she never wants to see Pretty again, which Pretty agrees with. When Fancy grimaces over how evil and despicable Pretty's actions where, Pretty counters, "It was nothing compared to what you did to me." At her wits end, Fancy does a cruel impersonation of Pretty's "poor me" routine and declares, "I'm sick to death of hearing about your damn scar! If you hate it so much, why don't you just cut off your head." Pretty counters the scar was no accident, but Fancy doesn't slow down, insisting no man would have loved a crazy like her even if there's never been a scar. "You ruined your own life," Fancy groans, noting Pretty's dumb scar doesn't compare to the real challenges some people face. Luis again tries to pull Fancy back, but she goes on, reminding Pretty Luis will never love her. Pretty isn't so sure about that, which makes Fancy laugh, "What are you going to do now?" When she claims Pretty is finally getting what she deserves, Pretty promises, "And so will you," as she unscrews the cap behind her back. Luis suggests she leave, but instead, Pretty throws the acid at Fancy! She screams as it splashes across her face.

June 24, 2008
My New Role Model

Still not thrilled with Esme's deal, Tabby reminds her that she will only get her three wishes IF they find Endora. When she recaps that Endora is hiding because she doesn't want to leave town, Esme is distracted by Tabby's age. She is impressed with what she assumes is amazing plastic surgery, but Tabby brags that witches just age slowly and asks her to get to it. Esme has an idea and calls for a delivery that will surely draw Endora out of hiding. Tabby warns her plan better work and then calls out for Endora, reprimanding her for getting her into this mess with Esme. "If her tongue is as loose as her morals, the whole bloody town will know our secret soon," she worries. Esme takes offense, insisting she's not a floozy, even if she enjoys the company of men, and reminding Tabby it was her decision to accept the deal. Tabby goes on about their having to leave town and begs Endora to return without Esme's help, so Esme starts calling for her too. Then she accidentally kicks over a box of Tabby's old love scrolls (aka letters), discovering a clay tablet from King Amu Rabi of ancient Babylon, a papyrus from King Tut ("He was my very favorite of all my Toy Boys") and letters from Fu Manchu and Attila the Hun. There's even a poem from Shakespeare and a rose from Jack the Ripper.  "He was very upset when I dumped him, but I never thought he'd snap like that," Tabby sighs.

Esme is duly impressed with Tabby's list of lovers and when Tabby calls Esme a minx, she counters that unlike Tabby, none of her lovers have been world famous. "How'd you get a veritable Who's Who of history to fall in love with you?" she asks, figuring it was magic. Tabby grumbles that contrary to human assumption, magic doesn't solve everything. Esme is giving her a headache. Esme offers the witch some pills and takes a few herself, but Tabby declines. She then brags that there was no magic in her courting. "All I ever did was smile," she demurs. Esme imagines she must have shown some skin at least, but Tabby denies even that, repeating herself. When Esme flatters her by calling her "my new role model," Tabby admits she hasn't had many female admirers, aside from Cleopatra, Catherine the Great and Maria Callus. Esme brags that like Callus, she's pretty skilled in the sack and Tabby shivers to realize they've both slept with the same man - Julian! To change the subject, she orders them to get back on track, so Esme promises her plan to lure out Endora will work. Then Tabby warns Esme that she should skip town too, but Esme shrugs that her meds keep her in denial, so she'll probably stick around. When she asks why the Lopez Fitzgeralds are heading out of town, Tabby gives her a quick account of the Juanita situation. Esme shakes her head at Harmony becoming "the epicenter of murder and mayhem". "Funnily enough, for once, I have nothing to do with it!" Tabby marvels.

Esme skips out downstairs when her delivery arrives and returns with a brown bag filled with makeup. When Tabby peeks in, she's grumbles, "How is all that supposed to help find my daughter?" Esme counters that as a girl, she must be interested in "girly things." Tabby sniffs it may not work, since Endora's not mortal. "I don't see you skipping on the eye shadow and lipstick," Esme shoots and then sets up the makeup, hoping it will lure Endora for playtime. Tabby wonders why Endora would want to play adult when she has used her magic to TURN into an adult, but she still convinces Esme to follow her out for a Martimmy, so Endora will fall for the trap. When Esme peeks back in, they can see that she's playing with the makeup. "I may be an overly medicated, always inebriated sexaholic, but I know what makes little girls curious," she brags. When the makeup stops moving, Esme says Endora is looking at herself in the mirror. They quietly come at the invisible girl from both sides, hoping to catch her while she's distracted.

Pretty throws the acid in Fancy's face. Fancy screams, but Pretty smiles. She laughs as Fancy's face goes bloody, throwing the last drips at her sis for good measure. Luis pushes Pretty away and she happily plops down, announcing, "Fancy's lost her looks and now we're even." Fancy doesn't stop screaming. Luis gets a towel and calls 911, telling Pretty she won't get away with it. She says she already has. Fancy begins to shake and stutter over the pain, while Pretty talks about how they can have a real baby now and professes her love. She pushes Fancy aside and continues to make her case, until Luis suddenly agrees Pretty is "probably right." He throws his arm around her and figures they can make a go of it. A shocked Fancy finally stops screaming. Then Sheridan comes in and when she hears what happened, she screams that with Luis as a witness, Pretty will never get away with it. Luis throws the towel over his head, chuckles and gives his "new" girl a squeeze...

Ah, but it was all just a dream! Sheridan interrupts Pretty's fantasy by catching the glass she has behind her back before she can throw it. Pretty turns to face her, still hiding the acid from Luis and Fancy. After Luis' two wacko ladies exchange looks, Fancy demands to know why they keep barging into her room. Luis grumbles over Pretty's attack on Fancy, while Fancy asks what exactly Sheridan thought Pretty was doing when she, "blew in here saying Pretty would never get away with this." Fancy surmises her aunt knows what Pretty has in mind for her. The two ladies step aside, as if to confer, but Luis demands an answer. Sheridan whispers to Pretty that she's come to stop her, but Pretty is still set on throwing the acid and insists Sheridan wants her to win. "Win what?" Fancy asks and orders them to stop whispering. Pretty whispers to Sheridan that she wants to see her plan play out, because she wants Luis for herself. Fancy and Luis again demand an explanation, but then Luis changes his mind and tells them to just go. Sheridan agrees, but Pretty refuses and screams out her whole acidic revenge plot. Fancy shivers and looks to Luis as her sister goes to open the lid. He moves in, but she threatens them with it. Fancy insists again that scarring her was an accident and then tells her to get real. "Your scar is barely noticeable!" she cries, insisting people don't even notice it until she shows it to them. Pretty howls that she's a bitch. Luis tries to step in again, but Fancy is on a roll. With the acid inches from her face, she rails against her sister for "using the scar as an excuse for being miserable and pathetic" and orders her to leave them alone. Then Luis chimes in again, being a bit more empathetic about the scar and noting Alistair's treatment must not have helped. He also agrees that people have survived worse fates and asks her to put her anger behind her. She listens as he goes on about her beauty and her Crane-ness and seems to be hearing him. "Not a chance," she says with a smile. She's as sure Luis loves her as she is that Fancy hurt her on purpose. "I swear when I finish with you, no man will love you. Not even Luis!" As Luis, Fancy and Pretty go in circles, Sheridan is not doing much better battling her conscience, but when Pretty finally throws the liquid, Sheridan does the right thing and puts an arm up to stop her. Unfortunately, she's too late. She hits Pretty's arm and the acid goes flying!

Gert-resa realizes she can't give her re-written letter to Ethan, as that will only raise Gwen's suspicions. She would tell Ethan all if it didn't put him and her family in danger... which is just what Ethan arrives to hear! She hides the note and battles her desire to tell him the truth. He is thrilled to be her confidante, but she doesn't want to "burden" him with her problems. He pushes her to get it off her chest, so she starts talking about her "struggle to cope with losing the man I love." She sits down and says that not being with her man is tearing her apart inside and that she can't survive being separated anymore. "Maybe you won't have to," he says, suggesting there's still hope, but she's given up hope. Her true love is alive, but another woman came between them. "What about later on?" he suggests. She hopes that's possible, and so does he. She tells him she prays daily on it, because giving up on a future with this man would kill her. He feels for her and apologizes for venting about his problems instead of realizing Gert-resa is, "a woman that has feelings and sensitivities." Looking into his eyes, Gert-resa goes on about how kind and gentle he is, sure he wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose. He's drawn to her, but pulls away. "Am I the man that you're talking about?" he asks.

Downstairs, Gwen and Rebecca have finally realized Theresa is alive and are intent on finding her. "We gotta make sure she's dead again!" Gwen frets. Beccs marvels over how Theresa has survived electrocution, lethal injection and now a shark. Gwen reminds her mother that she'd known all along, but that Beccs had made her doubt herself and "made me feel like some pathetic, neurotic mess." Beccs counters that her daughter IS just that, but gets Gwen's point. They must find Theresa, and Gwen knows her nemesis must be nearby, keeping her eye on them. She recalls seeing Theresa in the mirror while making love with Ethan and then seeing Theresa actually making love with Ethan. "If Ethan thought that Theresa was alive, he certainly wouldn't be making love to you!" Beccs gasps, noting Ethan has said as much himself. She begins to doubt Theresa is alive, but Gwen is convinced. Based on what her mom just pointed out, she's also convinced Ethan doesn't know. That can work in their favor. After a bit more theorizing, Gwen tells her mother that Theresa must have disguised herself - and not in Rebecca's sex costumes. When she flashes back to finding Gert-resa's false teeth in their dessert, she finally puts it all together!

June 25, 2008
Stick to the Business of Killing

When Tabby and Esme peek into the attic, Tabitha is thrilled to see Esme's plan to lure Endora out with makeup is working. "I may be an overly medicated, always inebriated sexaholic, but I know what makes little girls curious," she brags. When the makeup stops moving, Esme assumes Endora is looking at herself in the mirror, so they quietly come at the invisible girl from both sides, hoping to catch her while she's distracted. No dice. Empty handed, the ladies start to bicker - especially as Esme keeps making double entendres that Tabby doesn't want Endora to hear. There's a noise and Tabitha begs her daughter to come out. As Esme and Tabby move toward the noise, Esme blows kisses at Endora and offers her flask and Tabby goes on about the coming danger. They grab for the child again, but Endora isn't there. They run in circles until Endora makes it out the door. Down in the living room, Tabby admits her stubborn daughter will come back when she feels like it and makes them Martimmies. Esme is thrilled over her new friend and empathizes with how worried she is. She'd be beside herself if she knew evil was coming and she couldn't find "poor, sweet, innocent Viki." Tabby raises an eyebrow, knowing just how poorly Esme has described her niece, and asks if she has any kids. "Not that I know of," she sighs, adding that before Viki, she didn't think she had it in her. When Esme frets over all the murder and mayhem Viki has been exposed to since showing up, Tabby suddenly realizes the evil child may have something to do with the impending disaster as well. When Esme reveals she feels guilty about not protecting Viki, Tabby chuckles and says she knows something about Viki "that will curl your toes." She paces the room and after much set up, simply says, "She's a serial killer!" Esme snores in response. "For a party girl, she sure can't hold her Martimmies," she chuckles. She covers Esme with a blanket and with great affection, she poofs her back to her own bed and sends Brad Pitt after her. Then she begs her daughter to show herself so they can leave before disaster hits and kills them, like everyone else.

Ethan stuns Gert-resa by asking if he's the man she's in love with. She wants to tell him, but is afraid of the Juanita situation. She takes his hand and asks why love is difficult, instead of answering, so he asks again. When she says no, he laughs it off, a bit embarrassed. "I've officially lost my mind," he says. After a round of apologies and compliments, Ethan leaves to find Gwen. Gert-resa knows she's done the right thing, since Juanita - and thus Gwen and Beccs - can't find out she's alive. As she finishes packing up Little E, she recalls the video of better times that her son recently made for Ethan. Chocking back tears, she calls to tell her mom they're ready to go.

Of course, it's too late. Gwen not only knows Theresa is alive, but is convinced she's disguised as Gertrude and that Little E's recent behavior proves he knows, which means Pilar knows. They can't believe they missed it and can't wait to make Theresa pay. "She's gonna wish the sharks had eaten her by the time we're done with her," Gwen swears. Then she turns on her mother, saying it's all her fault for hiring Gert-resa. Rebecca reminds her no one saw through the disguise, so Gwen apologizes for getting mad. When Rebecca tells her daughter it's time to call Juanita, Gwen insists she doesn't want a bloodbath and won't see innocent kids murdered, but her mother insists, "There's only one way to deal with Theresa!" Enter Ethan, as if on cue. He demands an explanation and then Gert-resa enters into the room. "I'm so happy you're here," Beccs coos as she and Gwen move toward her. Gert-resa isn't concerned, until Ethan demands to know what they meant by, "dealing with Theresa." The ladies' stares make her nervous, but her Spidey-sense goes off the charts when Beccs suggests SHE has the answers for Ethan and asks her to share all she knows about Theresa. "Or if you'd rather, I can do it for you," Rebecca offers coolly.

Viki follows Vincent to the wharf, wining about why they're carrying sacks and how they're going to kill everyone. Vincent tells her to be patient, but reveals they're going to use poison. "What a horrible way to die," Viki smiles. "But so fun to watch," Vincent adds. When he explains they're going to pick poisonous mushrooms, she rolls her eyes and ridicules his plan, since there aren't any 'shrooms in the city. She throws her bag down in disgust, calling him crazy, stupid and delusional. "Next are we going to hunt for deer in the harbor?" she sneers, but Vincent keeps his cool as he shows her some fungus growing on the nearby organic material (aka wood). "Still think I'm stupid?" he challenges, so she apologies for doubting him and calling him names. He demurs that they will have disagreements, but from now on, they must "stick to the business of killing". As they pick mushrooms, he says the fungus will help them fulfill "the main goal of our partnership." He also tells her they're going to pair the poison with filet mignon. "A mushroom sauce to die for," he winks. She's worried cooking the 'shrooms will make them safe, but he says that actually brings out their potency. He adds that they're going to be living legends after this murder, but all Viki cares about is keeping Esme for herself. Vincent puts a comforting arm on her shoulder and points out that with everyone dead, there will be no one to take away Esme. 

Pretty brandishes her flask of acid at Luis and Fancy as Sheridan struggles over whether or not she should intervene or let this play out. The latter would surely land Sheridan Luis in the long run, but when Pretty finally throws the liquid, Sheridan does the right thing and puts an arm up to stop her. Unfortunately, she's too late. She hits Pretty's arm and the acid goes flying (off screen)! Fancy screams and covers her face, so Luis runs to get water and Sheridan calls for help. Pretty watches the acid eat a table and is thrilled to think that's what's happening to Fancy's skin. Luis and Sheridan order Fancy to show them her face so they can help her. When she raises it, she smiles beautifully from an unmarred face. "You're okay," Luis marvels, and Pretty dissolves into screams and whimpers of denial. While the couple hugs in relief, Sheridan cancels the call to 911 and Pretty becomes unhinged, muttering to herself and insisting things were supposed to go differently. Even Fancy is shocked by the display when Pretty pulls her and Luis apart, crying, "He's supposed to be mine!" When Pretty mutters that she can't imagine how she missed Fancy, Luis tells her Sheridan knocked her arm. Fancy and Luis call her a hero, so Pretty reveals Sheridan knew all along what she was up to. Of course at this point, Pretty seems nuts - even without the wild eyes - so Luis asks Sheridan for the truth. Sheridan reveals Pretty had in fact ranted to her about different vengeful plans, but she'd thought her niece was "blowing off steam." Luis and Fancy give her a free pass, which Pretty can't believe. "She is just as bad as me!" she cries in disbelief and then dissolves back into muttering incoherently.

Upset for her sister, Fancy asks what they're supposed to do. Luis says they need to wait for her to calm down, but Sheridan shrugs she needs a straight jacket. Then Luis asks why Fancy cried if she wasn't hit by the acid. "I wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine," she explains regretfully. "But to see my sister hate me so much, to see her living in such a twisted reality, thinking I would do something to her on purpose, thinking I wanted to hurt her... I did this to her. I made her this horrible monster!" Fancy tries to apologize and again insists the burn was an accident, but Pretty says Fancy is lying. Then Luis tells her she went too far by throwing acid, but Pretty insists it was her right. She begs them to stop taking Fancy's side, so Sheridan yells at her and says it's time to fess up to the truth! Pretty looks scared, but plays dumb, while the couple wonders what's up. Sheridan goes on about the pain caused by secrets and lies, so Pretty rolls her eyes and tries to leave, but Luis stops her. Pretty then points the finger at Sheridan's scheming, but Sheridan says she learned her lesson about trying to come between true love. She adds that Pretty is going to learn that keeping secrets and playing victim don't work. Fancy is almost scared to hear, but asks what Sheridan is talking about. "I'll show you," Sheridan says and then asks Pretty if she's ready to fess up. Pretty tries to run, so Luis grabs her. Sheridan rages at her about manipulating Fancy and Luis and choosing to be angry and unhappy. Then she steps in and PEELS OFF the scar! Luis and Fancy are speechless.

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