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1st Week of March 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


March 3, 2008
Everyone returns home from Mexico where the families are all awaiting at the mansion. Ivy says they organized a buffet in case anyone was hungry. Sam tells Pilar he knows she'd want a more formal service later, but maybe she'd like an informal memorial right now. Pilar thanks Sam and says that is a lovely idea.

Ivy talks with Gwen. Gwen says she feels bad for Ethan, she's never seen him this hurt. Ivy tells Gwen she could help him out. She says unless Theresa comes back from the dead, there is nothing standing in the way of making Ethan hers. Gwen says she could be right.

Fancy is in her room in her bathrobe. She wishes Luis would come back. She also says she has to find a way to make things right with him. Pretty comes in to check on Fancy, who has decided she should see a doctor. Fancy says she was out of control. She can't explain this to Luis when she doesn't understand it herself. Pretty says it's probably too late, Sheridan went to Mexico with Marty to see Luis. Pretty tells Fancy that it sounds like she's missed the boat with Luis. Fancy tells Pretty she knows they've been getting along, but she suspects this is a mind game of hers. She knows Pretty has the hots for Luis, but she and Luis love each other. Pretty tells Fancy to stop worrying about the competition and worry if she can get Luis back at all. Fancy tells Pretty she doesn't know what happened on the wharf with Noah, but she knows Pretty will never get Luis. Fancy says she doesn't want to hook up with Noah, she doesn't know why she was kissing him. Pretty says she can be mad at her and Sheridan all she wants, but Luis saw her with Noah. Fancy then gets a call, she learns Luis and everyone are back from Mexico . . . however Theresa isn't back . . . she died. Fancy and Pretty are both shocked. Fancy says the whole family is downstairs, they are going to have an informal memorial service. Fancy says this makes you think. She says they lost Fox, not Luis' family lost Theresa. She says you never know when your time is up, they shouldn't waste it on fights and feuds. Fancy suggests they make a fresh start with a hug. They hug. Pretty thinks she's such a sap. Fancy says she needs to go downstairs. Pretty tells her she just woke up and frankly, she isn't dressed and probably needs a shower. Pretty tells her to put on something nice. Fancy says she's right and she'll go get ready. 

Back downstairs, Luis is looking around to see where Fancy is. Sheridan says she was surprised she wasn't at the airport to meet him. She says you would think she'd be first in line to offer her condolences. Luis decides to call Fancy, but Sheridan tries to stop him. She thinks she knows why Fancy isn't here. Sheridan says if a woman had real feelings for him, then she'd be here to comfort him. She thinks Fancy is purposely distancing herself from him. Sheridan tells him that perhaps Fancy is going back to Noah, he saw them together himself. Luis says he's going to call Fancy anyway. He's interrupted by Sam though.

Sam and Ivy talk to Ethan. Ethan says the authorities don't think they'll find Theresa's bodies. Ethan says he had her, he was holding her. He says in one second she was gone. Ivy says his grief will past, he will move on. Ethan tells her not now. Sam says he knows he loved her and did all he could to save her. Ethan says everyone says they are sorry, but it's not helping. He lost the woman he loves more than anything.

Kay talks with Miguel and says she's so sorry about his sister. Miguel however knows he should be dead too. He asks Kay if she used magic while he was gone? Is there something she has to tell him? Kay asks why would she, she spent all that time worrying about him. Miguel thought he was going to die, but it seemed a magic wind came out of nowhere and saved his life. She says maybe it was like those Santa Anna winds in California. Miguel says it wasn't natural. Kay says she doesn't know anything about it. She says she didn't use magic. He says good, magic only causes problems. Kay says he doesn't have to tell her that. 

Pilar asks Gwen if she's enjoying herself? How can she even stay for this memorial. Gwen says she didn't want Theresa to die. Pilar says well her blood is on her hands. Gwen says she never forced Theresa to go to Mexico. She also tells Pilar to keep quiet or she will call Juanita. Pilar says blackmailing her at her daughters memorial. Gwen says if she keeps quiet they both get what they want. Pilar tells her she is stupid if she thinks Ethan will forget Theresa for her. She says he may stay with her for Jonathan, but she'll never replace Theresa in his heart . . . she'll never compete with a ghost. Gwen says Theresa is gone, she'll make Ethan forget about her, she'll get the life with Ethan that Theresa stole from her. Gwen says Ethan will fall in love with her over again. Pilar says she may have some sort of life with Ethan, and he is polite and won't mention Theresa, but he'll always think about her. Pilar says Gwen will always be second best, and one day Ethan will learn the truth that Ethan is his son. When Ethan realizes that, he'll hate her. Gwen says it won't happen, she won't let it.

Sam explains to Pilar that Juanita is on the international watch list. He promises her that they will catch her and be ready should she come here. Gwen says Juanita won't come to Harmony, she doesn't know Pilar's last name or where she lives. Sami and Ethan wonder how she knows that? Gwen says well if Juanita knew, she would have come back years ago. Sam says that makes sense. Gwen tells Ethan she knows this is a sad day for him. She says she's here for him, and she's sorry Theresa died.

Noah shows up and talks to Paloma in the kitchen. He came to give his condolences. He also says he loves her and won't stop saying it to her until it gets into her thick head. Pilar walks in as Paloma tells him to stop bothering her. She asks her mama to make him stop. She runs out. Pilar tells Noah to let her go. He says she doesn't understand. He then stops, saying he's being rude and that sorry for her loss, he shouldn't be bothering her with this. Pilar asks if it wasn't a sad time, what would he say to her? He wants her support trying to win back Paloma. Pilar says dhe will do what dhe can to help  if he thinks he can make her daughter happy. Noah thanks her and give her a hug. Pilar asks what happened with him and Paloma? He explains how Fancy just came onto him and kissed him, like she was possessed. He says Paloma saw it and thinks he's cheating with Fancy. He says he would never hurt Paloma. He says he doesn't know what it is with this town, the people you love and trust suddenly turn evil on you. Pilar says it isn't always the town, the evil in people's heart is beyond belief sometime. Pilar says she'll talk to Paloma for him. 


Sam and Ethan talk with Luis. They say that someone has to tell Little Ethan about Theresa. Luis doesn't know how you tell a kid his mother is gone. Ethan says Julian should be helping his son through this. Luis says he is right, it should be his father telling him this. Luis says that is why Ethan should tell him. Gwen remembers Luis knows about Ethan, he might spill it. Ethan thinks this isn't his place. Luis says it is. Pilar returns and Gwen gets her to stop Luis. Pilar takes Luis aside and says he can't tell Ethan the truth. Luis asks why not? Pilar says Ethan just lost Theresa, this is too much and too soon. Ethan still wants to know why Luis feels he should tell him. Luis says Theresa always said Ethan was the closest thing he had to a father, so he should tell him. 


Little Ethan of course walks in at this point, wondering what they have to tell him. He runs to Ethan and says he's so glad his "Uncle Ethan" is back and gives him a hug. Little Ethan asks where mom is, is she on a later flight? Ethan says says he doesn't know how to do this. He says they are all here for him and love him very much. Little Ethan again asks where mom is? Ethan says she's not coming back, she died. Little Ethan says that's just silly. He looks at Pilar and Luis. Little Ethan says he won't believe it. Ethan says he knows it's not fair, mom is in heaven. Little Ethan says she wouldn't leave him. Ethan says she didn't want to. He says he promised her mom that he will be here for him always. Ethan tells him it's okay to cry. Little Ethan says he won't believe it and runs off. Sam tells Ethan right now he has to be here for him and help him get through this. He says just don't push him and expect too much from him. Ivy says maybe Gwen could help with him, he'll need a strong motherly figure. Pilar says they'll take care of him, Gwen has done enough. 


Luis excuses himself to finally call Fancy. Pretty answers her phone. Fancy is in the shower, she asks to talk to Luis if that is him. Pretty lies to Fancy and says it's not him, just a wrong number. Luis asks if she's seen Fancy. Pretty tells him that Fancy went out partying again. Luis asks if she knows about Theresa. Pretty says yes, she just left for her party anyways. She just hopes Fancy doesn't get too drunk again. She says she's been partying with old boyfriends from Europe. Luis finds this all hard to believe. Pretty says it is, she's back to acting like the old Fancy. Pretty tells him this is what Fancy does, she dumps men and moves on without even telling them.

Fancy comes out of the shower and sees Pretty on the phone. Pretty soon hangs up. Fancy asks who that is? She thought it was the wrong number. Pretty tells Fancy that was Luis calling, he doesn't want to talk to her, he has nothing to say to her. Fancy is stunned. She asks if this is another joke of hers? Why would Luis have nothing to say to her? Pretty says Luis gave her a message, he said he doesn't want her to come down for the memorial. Fancy asks if she's making this up? Fancy can't believe this, she thinks he must really hate her. Pretty says when he was in Mexico with Sheridan, well he must have thought things through. Fancy thinks she's lost Luis and it's too late. 

Pilar talks to Paloma about Noah. Pilar says if Noah loved Fancy still then he wouldn't be fighting so hard for Paloma. Paloma says she just keeps finding him with Fancy and he keeps saying it's nothing or weird forces. Pilar says for a man to use that excuse over and over, he must be stupid or telling the truth. Pilar wants her to talk to Noah. She says she believes Noah and she thinks she's a good judge of character. Noah comes over to talk to Paloma. She agrees to talk to him. Sam then tells Pilar he heard what she said and he really thinks Noah loves Paloma too. Pilar hopes they work things out, she'd like to see someone in her family happy.

Noah and Paloma go into the kitchen to talk. Noah says he can't explain what happened with Fancy, neither can she. However he doesn't feel like that about Fancy anymore. He says what happened on the wharf wasn't real, that is what is a matter with this town, you can't tell what is real. He says he loves her because she is the one real thing he can count on. He asks her to forget what she saw and move on. He says just remember what is important is their love. She says he's good at making pretty speeches. Noah tells her that he loves her, this is from the heart. She says love isn't enough. He says it is, it can conquer all. He says forget what she saw and remember what matters, that he loves her.

Little Ethan returns and tells them he knew they were nuts, mom is alive. Ethan tells Little Ethan he wasn't lying, his mom died. Little Ethan says she's alive and up in her room, he saw her. Ethan says he's wrong, but Little Ethan isn't. He wants them to come up to her room. They all wonder if it is possible?


March 4, 2008

Everyone at the mansion heads up to Theresa's room, wondering if Little Ethan is right and Theresa is alive. They all go into Theresa's room. Behind the changing screen is someone, Ethan thinks it is Theresa.  However it turns out it's just Rebecca! She's been back there listening to her ipod. Rebecca has on a wig that looks similar to Theresa's hair. She asks what they are staring at, the wig of the dress? She's apparently trying on all Theresa's clothes! Ethan asks what she is doing here? Rebecca just wanted first dibs on Theresa's things, it wouldn't fit anyone else here. She of course says she'll have to have them de-liced. Pilar calls her despicable for picking through Theresa's things. Rebecca says she'll pay for them, she'll give them a few cents on the dollar for them. Ethan says Little Ethan saw her, he thinks his mom is still alive. Rebecca says he should have knocked. Pilar tells Rebecca she's a beast. Ethan says she is a sick sick woman! Luis says if she was a man he and Miguel would take her out and knock sense into her She says together or as a tag team? Gwen tells her mother to stop this. Sam thinks he should arrest her for trespassing. Pilar throws Rebecca out of Theresa's room. Sam suggests they all meet downstairs for the informal memorial service. 

Everyone leaves, but Gwen lags behind as does Ethan. Gwen tells Ethan she is so sorry. Ethan says for a second he thought Theresa had come back to him. Gwen knows Ethan is hurting, but they should talk about the future. He says no, not now. Gwen says his children need him now more than ever. Ethan asks if they can talk after the memorial service. She says she can wait, but the children can't. She says they need to feel safe and loved. Gwen says they are still married, they should be together for the children. Ethan says it's too soon for him to even think about this. Gwen says she's sorry that Theresa died, but they all have a life to live. She says she wants the children to have a mother and father that are together. She wants them to have the family they always dreamed of. Ethan says it's too soon for him to think about it. Gwen knows, but they need to talk about this, the children need them. Gwen says Theresa would want that for them. Ethan says rushing them, if it even happens, is not the answer right now. Gwen says maybe they should go down to the memorial. Ethan then leaves. Gwen says that wasn't the reaction she was hoping for. She says baby steps, hopefully soon she, Ethan and the kids will be a real family.

Everyone gathers in the living room where Theresa's photo is on the mantle. Ivy says she was no fan of Theresa's, but what Rebecca did crossed the line. Rebecca shows up asking if it's safe to come in. They ask why she's here? she wants a drink. She says she doesn't understand the ways of the peasant class. She says she's sorry if she upset Pilar, it's not like anyone died . . . well other than Theresa. Sam asks Rebecca to just go someplace else. She says why, they won't bother her. She grabs a booze bottle to sit down. Kay thinks Rebecca is being insensitive. Pilar says there is a special place in hell for Rebecca. Ivy says she can relate, her poor sweet Fox was murdered. Kay tells Ivy she never wanted Fox dead. Ivy just hopes Ethan can make a life with Gwen for the kids.

The memorial soon starts. Rebecca asks Gwen how she's keeping Pilar quiet? Gwen says blackmail of course. Rebecca is proud of Gwen. Gwen says they do have to try and seem sad. Ethan goes on and on, talking about Theresa, how they don't even have the comfort of her body being found or back here. This cues to the shot of a body bag in a morgue somewhere. Luis tells Ethan not to dwell on the body. Ethan says Luis is right, they are here to talk about Luis' life. Sam begins speaking about Theresa when she was around 7 or 8. He remembers he was working the summer carnival, and there was a greased pig contest and the prize was a porcelain doll. He says Theresa was the youngest contestant. He remembers she launched herself at that pig and wouldn't let go until she won. Pilar says she named the doll Emma. Ethan says she still has the doll. Sam says Theresa wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. Pilar says she was like that with Ethan. Rebecca says until the jaws of death stopped her. Sheridan yells at Rebecca. Kay remembers how Theresa helped her try and play cupid with Miguel once in high school. Luis remembers taking Theresa to the Red Sox. Pilar just can't believe her beautiful girl is gone. She tells Ethan that Theresa loved him with a passion. Ethan says he loved her too, more than anyone in the world. Gwen rolls her eyes. Ehan says he never thought the nervous little girl who spilt all those things all over him would have stole his heart, but she did. He says Theresa was always in over her head, and there were so many reasons he shouldn't have gotten involved with her. However he saw her and wanted her in his life. He says she did cause him so much pain and anger over the years, but he knew everything she did was because she loved him. Ethan says she always loved him. Ethan then has various flashbacks to him and Theresa together. Ethan says Theresa always believed in fate, how it would step in and fix things. Ethan just can't believe she's gone. Kay tells Miguel she'd feel like that if she lost him. Sheridan thinks to herself that Luis will love her like that again one day. Ethan says his reunion with Theresa will have to wait until heaven, where they'll have the life they were meant to have here on earth. Back to the morgue, where we now see Theresa lying in a body bag! Back in Harmony, Ethan makes a final toast  to Theresa. Gwen can't even wait till the end before she chugs. Back in the morgue, Theresa is now on a gurney hooked to a heart monitor. She has a pulse! 

Viki and Esme are having dinner with each other. Viki says it's delicious. Esme says she told the chef what to make  and they took it from their. They are eating in the kitchen as everyone is crying in the dining room. Viki says Theresa's family are devastated. She hopes Theresa's children have someone like Aunt Esme to look after them. Esme says Theresa's death makes her realize she has to find a husband, she needs someone to take care of Viki if anything ever happened to hear. She thinks Julian, dear sweet rich Julian, is the best choice. She decides to call him and see if he wants to join them for dinner. Julian is in his office boozing it up. Esme asks him to join them for dinner, after she'll serve him desert in bed. Julian says he can't, work is piled up at the office. Esme asks if Crane is still making money? He says yes. She tells herself "Thank God!" Esme tells Julian he sounds grim, is everything okay? Julian says he's been thinking about Vincent and Valerie lately. He thought Vincent might be alive and was Valerie, but he was just confused. Esme says she could come over and give him a full body massage. He tells her to feel free to drop by. Esme gets back to the table. She says she could see herself married to Julian, can't she? Viki is grabbing her streak knife like she is going to kill. Viki asks if she's serious? Esme says it's about time she settle down. She says Prince William is almost engaged, so she's running out of options. She says Viki can be her maid of honor and then they'll take her to the first day of boarding school. Viki drops a crystal glass. Esme asks the help to clean it up, telling Viki to leave it. She says their callus hands don't get cut as easily as theirs do. Viki asks about boarding school. Esme says Julian could afford to send her to any school she wants. Esme says she'll make lots of friends like she and Fancy did. Viki thought she hated boarding school. Esme says no she hated classes, tests and those teacher people. She says she liked the ones she dated though. Esme thinks Viki will love boarding school, if she doesn't then there is a pill for that! Esme begins having some "Leave It To Beaver" inspired fantasy, only they are rich. Esme asks if she'd like having Julian as a step-father? Viki has her own fantasy, Esme is only focused on Julian it in. Esme wonders where he is and why he's not home. Viki has killed him and stuck him in the freezer! Viki says if she marries Julian and she goes to boarding school, when will she see her? Esme says in the summers and on holidays. Viki says she won't be sent to camp or other places like she was? Esme says of course not. Esme then decides to go find the cook and have them prepare a meal to take to Julian. 

Esme shows up at Julian's office with a picnic basket. He says it's so nice of her to bring him something to eat. She says he could do it all the time, if he would be exclusive. Julian says he does have a child with Valerie on the way. Esme thinks a child isn't a good enough reason to be with someone, what about love and passion? She takes off her coat, she has a nightgown underneath. Julian says she makes two excellent points. Viki is outside listening in and thinking how she won't let Julian keep her from Aunt Esme. Esme and Julian kiss, but he says he can't do this now. He had a rough night last night. Julian continues saying how Valerie threw herself at him, and there was a point she thought he was kissing Vincent. He says it's still in his head. Julian assures Esme it's not her, it's him. Esme says okay and she'll get him his dinner. Julian eats up and says this is dinner. Esme says she had a scrumptious idea herself, she'd like them to get married to provide a stable life for Viki. Julian says he's a pretty terrible parent. Esme says Viki would be in boarding school, they'd spend the fun times with them like summer and holidays. Viki is listening and says she's okay with that. Julian however thinks Harmony is too violent, she'll be better off traveling with friends. Viki says that was the wrong answer, she was willing to share Esme with him. Esme tells Julian that she really wants Viki to come home and spend time with them. Julian just thought it would be better if she was off having fun. HE says there is violence in Harmony, even in the mansion with people being shot, stabbed and poisoned. Julian he must get back to work now. Esme asks if he's sure he doesn't want dessert? Julian says the Vincent and Valerie thing has put him off sex. She thinks he needs to get back on the saddle, this filly likes to ride. Julian takes some little blue pills and says giddy-up! Later they are dressed up in various outfits playing kinky cowboy sex games.  Afterwards they still talking about Viki. Julian assures Esme that Viki will love spending holidays on her own. Still spying, Viki vows to kill Julian first. 



March 5,  2008
Ethan still can't believe Theresa is gone and that he'll never see her again. He can't believe they won't live out their dreams and have that happily ever after. Gwen shows up. She says she doesn't mean to bother him, she knows he's grieving. Ethan says he just can't believe she's gone. Gwen says she knows it will take time to get over losing Theresa, but it will happen. Gwen says she's in a different place now about losing Sarah than she used to be. Gwen says she came to see how he was doing, but she also really wants to talk about the kids. Ethan says it's only been ten minutes since the memorial ended, and she hasn't wasted much time. Gwen says this is about the children and their future. Ethan says he will take care of them, leave it at that now. Gwen says okay it's about her too, she needs him too. Ethan says it's too soon to think about that. Gwen says she still loves him, she never stopped loving him. She says her greatest wish is that they can be a family with the children. She asks if he'll ever put Theresa behind him and be with her? Gwen says she loves him and wants the life they used to dream about before Theresa. Gwen says Theresa is gone, but she is hoping that they can get back to that place they were. She says they were once so happy together and so sure they always would be. Gwen says it's just them now and those children. She says they can have that happy life if he doesn't let Theresa's ghost come between them. Ethan says he's still not over her. Gwen knows, but Theresa is gone yet she is still here. Ethan says it's too soon to close his heart to Theresa, he has to make sure she rests in peace before he can move on. She asks how he'll do that? He says he will find everyone involved in her death and punish them. Gwen keeps telling Ethan how his children need him right now. Ethan says he's not ready to talk about their future and her pushing him is making him  . . . . Gwen says she doesn't want to push him, but she wants him to think about the future. Gwen says she just wants him to think about it. Ethan says he'll think about it. Gwen says the children love him and she loves him. She always has and always will. She hugs Ethan.


Luis, Paloma and Pilar are all together at the mansion. They can't believe Theresa is gone and they'll never see her again. Pilar asks Paloma if she's given thought to getting back with Noah? Paloma doesn't know, she still has issues getting past what happened with Fancy. Luis says Fancy did admit she came on to Noah. Luis says Fancy has been the one causing problems lately, even for him. Luis says Fancy was too busy nursing a hangover to come pay respects. He also says she left to go partying during the memorial according to Pretty. Pilar says this just doesn't sound like the Fancy she knows at all. Pilar says this change in her behavior is making her think of what Noah said, that there is so much evil in this town. Pilar says they have witnessed a lot of evil in Harmony. Pilar says it's not only possible but probable that the change in Fancy is because of evil. Pilar says don't give up on love, otherwise evil will win. She begs her children to give Noah and Fancy another chance. Luis asks how they can trust them? Pilar says learn from Theresa and Ethan, learn what trusting in their love got them through. She asks them if they trust Noah and Fancy enough to know they love them. Neither says a thing, Pilar thinks that she has their answer. Paloma says she used to trust Noah, she wants to again, but it's hard to after she saw him with Fancy. Luis feels the same way. Luis does think Fancy loves him, but something else is going on. Pilar says if he loved Fancy beyond a shadow of a doubt, he wouldn't be this upset. Neither would Paloma. Luis says she's given them a lot to think about and thanks for trying to help. Paloma and Luis decide to take a walk and think,

Pretty calls Alistair, who is apparently now in jail thanks to Sam. Pretty tells him she hasn't been ignoring him, she's been busy winning Luis away from Sheridan and Fancy. Pretty says her grandfather can't stop her from controlling Fancy, if she has to make Fancy's head explode then she'll do it to get Luis. She says she's a Crane and will do what she want to get it, and she wants Luis.

Noah is on the docks thinking about Paloma when Fancy shows up. He tells her to just stay away from him. She wonders what is wrong with him? Noah doesn't want anyone to see them together and have it get back to Paloma. Noah says if she came onto him again and Paloma found out, any chance at a future with her would go out the window. Fancy tells him that she doesn't know why she came onto him. She doesn't know why she's getting so angry either. She says maybe she has a brain tumor or something. Noah tells Fancy that he thinks someone is controlling her. He says he's not talking about a chip in her brain, but he does suspect the cause of all their problems is evil. She says evil? He says she's heard the stories about the warlocks and zombies in Harmony. He thinks if evil has gotten a hold of them then it's jeopardizing their relationships. Fancy says it's working then, Luis didn't want her to come down to Theresa's memorial. Fancy asks if there is evil messing with their lives, what do they do if it comes back? Noah says they have to love them so much that nothing interferes. She thinks that evil has more to worry about than causing them problems. Noah says he did suspect Alistair at first, but there is no proof to back that up. On cue Pretty shows up and spies on them. She says what a waste, Fancy and Noah are together and Luis and Paloma aren't here to see it. She thinks maybe she can arrange for that. 


Luis and Paloma are spotted by Pretty on the docks. However they aren't near Noah and Fancy. She knocks over a brick to make a sound and get their attention. They go to investigate and see Noah and Fancy hugging. Luis and Paloma can't believe this. Pretty thinks grandfather would be so proud. Paloma and Luis confront them and ask what their excuse is now? Pretty meanwhile plans to use the implant to make Fancy do something terrible. 

Ethan goes for a walk on the docks. He begins thinking about what could have been for him and Theresa if she had lived. In his fantasy they are  married and had added to their family. Ethan knows he'll never be that happy without Theresa.  Gwen ends up intruding on Ethan's fantasy. She says she knows this is his dream, but the reality is that Theresa is dead. Gwen says the children need Ethan and he knows it's time to move on. Ethan says he does love Theresa, but he has to accept the way things are. He says he loves her, but goodbye. Theresa vanishes. Gwen says now that he's let go of Theresa, is he ready to move on? Back in the real world, Ethan calls Gwen up. He says he thought about what she said. He says he is going to come and give her an answer. 


Ethan returns to see Gwen. Gwen asks Ethan what he wanted to talk about. Ethan says he has decided about the future and where he wants to go from here. Ethan says he's thought about what she said, about the children. Ethan tells Gwen that he will never stop loving Theresa, she is a part of him. However Gwen is right, Theresa is gone and he has to move forward. Ethan says they need to move on with their lives. Ethan says they should be together as a family for the kids. Gwen goes to hug him as he gets a call. He looks at his phone and says someone must be dead. It's just his office, he knows they wouldn't call this late unless someone is dead. Ethan takes the call and says this will just have to wait till morning. Ethan returns to talking to Gwen. He says he does love her, he wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Gwen says she'll be the best wife he could hope for. He says and he'll be the best husband. They hug. Gwen is so happy about his. She suggests she get champagne so they can celebrate. Gwen tells Ethan this feels right because it is right. Ethan says he's onboard 100 percent. Gwen leaves and Ethan looks at a photo of Theresa. He says he'll never love Gwen like he loved her. He says she's gone, but he still feels her with him. 


Theresa is in a morgue on a gurney hooked up to machines. She has a pulse and is alive. A man with a gun stands guard. She soon wakes up wondering where she is. The man says she's weak, just rest. She asks who he is? He says her guardian. She asks if she's in prison? He says no, she's dead. Theresa says the monitor says she has a heartbeat. He says she's dead to the world. He says rest and he'll answer more questions later. Theresa wants answers now, who is he? Who made him her guardian? Is she being held prisoner? He says no, but she's not free to leave. The man tells Theresa they are here to help her. He says she was rescued from Shark infested waters by the US government, the DEA. Theresa doesn't understand? The man says all she needs to know is she is safe from Juanita. Theresa says they know about her? Theresa asks if her family knows they are safe? The man says no, and she can't call them about this. He says if she talks to her family then they'll be killed. He says Juanita is looking for her family and is out to kill them all. He says that is why she's being hidden. As long as everyone thinks she's dead, her family is safe. Theresa says but he just said Juanita is looking for her family and she thinks she's dead, so how is not talking to her family protecting them if Juanita is still looking for them. She wants an answer. He keeps asking her to rest, she's not thinking straight. She knows he's being evasive. Theresa knows her family thinks she's dead. The man says and it has to stay that way. Theresa says she has to call them, but the man says it's too risky. She says Ethan can't go on thinking she's dead. She begs the man to let her call Ethan. She gets up and tries to get to the phone, but the man won't let her call anyone. Theresa says Juanita is out there still. He says he'll explain after she gets rest. She sees his gun in his holster and grabs it from him. She says thank you for saving my life, but it's not worth living if she can't call Ethan. She says if he moves then she will shoot him! The man explains there is more going on than she knows. Theresa becomes weak and begins to faint. He says she needs to rest and takes her back to the gurney. Theresa later wakes up again. She wonders if this is real or not. She remembers the man wouldn't let her use the phone. She looks around and thinks this is all real. The man is gone, so Theresa tries to get to the phone and call Ethan. She makes her way to the phone, but faints and falls to the floor. Theresa soon wakes up again and attempts to make the call.  


Back in Harmony, Pilar looks at a photo of Theresa. She hopes she has found peace in heaven. Suddenly the phone rings. Pilar answers it saying Hello? We then see Theresa on the phone saying "Mamma it's me and I'm alive!"


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