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2nd Week of March 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!


March 10, 2008
Theresa calls home to the mansion. He mom answers and she says she's alive! She goes on an on about how it's a miracle, she's alive. Of course all Pilar hears is static! Theresa is trying to tell her mom that she's alive and coming home, but Pilar can't hear her. The DEA agent shows up and tells Theresa to put the phone down. Theresa says her mother knows she's alive and they will come for her. The man says she wasn't supposed to tell anyone she was alive. The man tells Theresa that nobody still knows she's alive. The man says they've disabled the line, all her mother heard was static. Theresa says so they still think she's dead. The man says newsflash, she is dead. Theresa wants to know what is going on, why are they keeping her. The man says they are protecting her family. She says they are sick with grief right now. She asks if he has children? Does he know what her children are going through? The man says he's been involved in cases like this before, it's always hard on the families. She says she is Mrs. Alistair Crane and offers to pay him millions of dollars to let her go, she can make all his dreams a reality. She says he can have everything he wants and all the hassle will be gone, people will wait on him and do everything for him. She says if he lets her talk to Ethan then his life will change forever. The man is tempted, but he says no. He says she has to stay right here. The man says if Juanita learned she was alive, she'd track her down and after she killed her, she'd go after her family. He says if she goes home then her whole family will die. Theresa says if she was home she could keep her family safe, but the man says nothing and no one can stop Juanita. She says they are the government, so stop her. He says they are trying but she's slippery. The man says again if she goes home then they will all die. The man says a woman reappearing from the dead will be front page news, Juanita will find her and her family. Theresa says but what if she knows where her family is, her death must have made the news. The man says Mr. Crane kept it out of the papers. He says she must stay dead to protect her family. Theresa asks how long she'll have to stay dead? How long till they capture Juanita? The man doesn't have an answer, they are doing everything they can to find Juanita. The man says there is a good chance they may never capture her, so she stays dead forever. 


Gwen shows up with champagne to celebrate a new start with Ethan. Gwen says he won't regret staying married to her. She knows they've had problems, but they are behind them. She thinks they can finally have the life they've wanted since he graduated, them and Jonathan. Ethan says and Jane. She says yes and Jane. She thinks they need to find a house, they can't stay here. As Gwen is talking about where they could live, Ethan just can't stop thinking about Theresa. Gwen sees he keeps spacing out. She wonders when Ethan will ever put Theresa behind him. Gwen tells Ethan how much she loves him, how things will be perfect. Ethan says he's been thinking and they have to have a serious talk. Gwen hopes he hasn't changed his mind. Doesn't he want to be a family? Ethan says it's not as simple as that. Little Ethan calls for Ethan as he runs in, he had a bad dream. He had a dream that his mom was lost somewhere. He dreamt she was in a creepy building and a bad man wouldn't let her go. Little Ethan thinks he's too big for these dreams, they are silly. Ethan says they happen when they are worried about someone. Little Ethan says it would be dumb to worry about mom, she's dead. He says he does miss her though. Ethan hugs him as Gwen watches. Little Ethan wonders if the hurting ever goes away. Ethan can't answer that. He says in time it will stop hurting, it just takes time. Ethan says Theresa is gone, but she'll always be alive in their hearts. Gwen rolls her eyes and drinks up. Little Ethan is ready to go back to bed. Ethan knows he's too big to be tucked in. He says it would be a favor for him, practicing for Jonathan. Little Ethan says okay. Ethan leaves, while Gwen worries about what Ethan wants to talk about.


Ethan returns and tells Gwen what he has to say will effect their future. He tells her this is about Little Ethan. Gwen fears he knows something. Ethan tells her that he wants to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen is stunned. Ethan says this is important to him. Gwen asks why he wants to adopt him? Ethan says because he wants to. Gwen says she won't pretend Theresa wasn't in their lives, but to bring Little Ethan into their family . . . she'd feel like Theresa was always watching over her shoulder. She also says Julian is Little Ethan's father, how are they supposed to adopt him? He's going to ask Pilar if it's okay with her. Ethan feels like this is the right thing to do, and Gwen will grow to love him. He also promised Little Ethan to be a part of his life forever, he won't break it. Ethan says if Pilar agrees, he'll deal with Julian. He tells her that even though he's with her, Theresa will always be in his heart. She says so she has to share him even now? He tells her to stop this sick competition. He wants to go see Pilar and ask if it's okay with her. Pilar walks in and hears this. She thinks this is wonderful and says it's almost as if he's his real father already. Gwen gives Pilar a look! Ethan thanks Pilar, this is the first happy moment since he came home. Gwen thinks so she really does mean nothing to Ethan. Pilar tells Gwen she's sure if Theresa were here that she'd give her her blessing. Gwen thinks they should ask Little Ethan how he would like this, he might not like it. Pilar says he will be ecstatic. Gwen is worried Little Ethan might resent her. Ethan says he'll grow to love her. Ethan decides to go make some calls and get this process started.


Pilar and Gwen are left alone. Pilar calls Gwen a murdering bitch! Pilar says her heart is leaping for joy that Ethan will adopt Little Ethan. She says Gwen's punishment will be excruciating. She says Gwen will know every day she killed that little boy's mother, and Ethan will see Theresa in him every day. Pilar says she cant think of a better torture for Gwen. Pilar says this will guarantee that what little bit of love Ethan has for Gwen won't grow as Theresa will always be around. She says she can destroy every photo of Theresa, but she'll always see her in Little Ethan's eyes. She says so will Ethan, and Gwen will never forget the monster she is and what she did. Gwen says her daughter tortured her for years, now she'll have Ethan. Gwen also says it was Juanita who killed Theresa. Pilar says she killed Theresa by forcing her to go to Mexico. She thinks raising Little Ethan will suck the life out of her. Gwen says two words, boarding school. Pilar won't allow that, she'll make it a condition of the adoption that he's raised here in Harmony. Pilar wants Gwen to always remember how she killed Theresa. Pilar thinks she'll have to go to church and confess this, she's relishing Gwen's torment too much. Ethan returns, a friend is working on it and he'll be able to adopt Little Ethan almost immediately. He tells Gwen she won't regret this, and he wants him surrounded by the whole family. Pilar assures Ethan that she'll be around day and night. 

Sheridan is setting up a seductive scene for Luis. She has champagne on ice and Luis' favorite chocolates. She then sprays herself and the bed with perfume. She hopes Luis stops by here on the way home. She wants to comfort him after the loss of Theresa, and every night for the rest of their lives. She gets into bed and makes a sexy pose, but Luis doesn't show up. She gets tired of holding it and waiting for him. She wonders where he could be? She says Pretty? How far would she go to sing her hooks into Luis. Sheridan realizes she has to go find him. She tries to call him but only gets voice mail. She then calls Pilar to ask about Luis. Pilar says he went for a walk down by the wharf. Sheridan thinks she better get up and go find Luis and fast.


Luis and Paloma confront Noah and Fancy (who's temporality being played by Crissy Carlson). Pretty spies on them and plans to use her remote to make sure Luis never wants to see Fancy again. Noah tells Luis and Paloma they are just as confused about everything as they are. Fancy says she doesn't know why she's been acting this way. Pretty thinks they are buying this, she has to do something. Pretty gets an idea. She says Luis would never forgive Fancy for killing his only remaining sister. Poor Paloma . . . . Noah talks to Paloma. He tells her that he and Fancy just wanted to talk, they didn't want them to find out and suspect something was going on. Fancy tells Luis she loves him and Noah loves Paloma, they'd never try and hurt either one of them. Paloma still doesn't know if she can trust him. Luis says his mother trusts them both. Fancy tells Luis that she loves him. Luis says give him a second. Fancy walks off for a moment and Pretty uses the remote to make her tick. She picks up an oar. Pretty watches and waits for Fancy to bash Paloma's head in. 


Sheridan soon shows up on the docks and sees Pretty hiding and doing something. Pretty sends Fancy off to smack Paloma with the oar. Paloma goes down and Luis and Noah grab her. She shakes them off and beats Paloma until blood flies everywhere! Fancy celebrates as Noah and Luis realize Paloma is dead. Fancy then snaps out of it, wondering if she did that? Luis calls her a demon . . . a witch! OF course this is all in Pretty's head, she imagined it all. She wants to see if reality will be as good as that. Pretty then makes Fancy pick up the oar for real and approach Noah, Paloma and Luis from behind. However Sheridan shows up and wonders what Pretty is doing. She grabs the remote asking what this is? Sheridan tells her to tell her what it is or she'll throw it in the ocean. Pretty finally comes clean about the remote and the implant Alistair had put in Fancy's head. Sheridan thinks that explains everything and she won't give it back to Pretty. They fight over it. Pretty says if Fancy doesn't kill Paloma then Fancy and Luis won't break up. Pretty says if Paloma doesn't die, neither have a chance with Luis. Sheridan looks at Fancy ready to strike and wonders what she should do.


March 11, 2008

Down in Mexico, Theresa tells the DEA guy that she won't stay dead forever, her family needs her. He says they'll cope. He says if she loves her family then do as he says. He says if Juanita learns she's alive then she'll kill her and her family. Theresa tells him to go capture her so she can  get her life back. She says her family is devastated because they think she's dead. He says he understands her pain. She says he doesn't, and she won't cooperate here. The man says they are doing everything they can to capture Juanita. Theresa again asks how long that will take? He says they don't know. He says isn't this sacrifice worth it to keep her family alive? She says she'd do anything to protect her family. However she heard him mention an ex-wife and children. She tells him to think about how they'd feel if they thought he was dead. The thought alone is devastating. Theresa thinks there must be some way to tell Ethan and her son she is alive, but the man says no. He says they think Juanita is still here in Mexico. He says Juanita is the largest employer in Mexico, she has cops on her payroll, she can walk down the street without fear of being arrested. He says wake up and realize she is up against the devil.  Theresa says so the US government is powerless, that they might never catch Juanita? He says he's not saying that, but Theresa says he is. She says he's saying she has to stay dead forever. He says yes. She says this stinks and she won't put up with it. Theresa wants to talk to his boss, going up to the president if she has to. She says they have done nothing and are doing nothing. She says she is going to stay dead until she dies of old age here. The man says correct! Theresa can't imagine staying here and she says he's unwilling to admit that he and his team are incompetent. She says believing someone is dead when they aren't is the cruelest thing she can think of and she won't do it. The man says he's sick of her histrionics, he's told her the situation and she has to accept it. Theresa says no, she won't accept this. The man says they have a nice safe house waiting for her, she'll be comfortable. Theresa says this isn't about comfort it is about her families pain. He says they don't want her to be miserable and have arranged for her to be a part of her family's life. They know about Alistair's cameras, so she can still watch her family. He says Alistair has only been able to escape punishment because of well placed friends. The man says they've allowed her to tap in and see her family. Theresa says it's still not nearly enough. He gives her a little device so she can tune in and see her family. She sees Little Ethan in bed. Theresa says she doesn't want to watch them live their lives, she wants to be a part of their lives! He says this attitude isn't helping. She says he has children, think how he'd like this. She says this isn't living, it's torture. He admits he'd hate living like this, but there is no way out of this. Theresa says she can protect her family, she can keep her family in her mansion, make it a fortress. She says that he has to let her go. He is sick of listening to this, he locks her up and leaves. Theresa looks in on her family she sees Little Ethan seems to be having a nightmare. She wishes she could hold him. She checks in on Ethan and says she has to get out of here. She says it's a morgue, it can't be that secure. She begins looking for a way out and soon finds one. She finds a window behind a cabinet and it's open! 


Down on the docks in Harmony, Sheridan and Pretty fight over the remote. Pretty tells Sheridan if Fancy doesn't kill Paloma then Luis and Fancy won't break up. Pretty says if Paloma doesn't die then neither of them have a chance with Luis. Sheridan looks out at Fancy, who is holding the oar. Sheridan asks when Fancy had this device implanted? Pretty says months ago. Sheridan says so that is behind all the attacks of rage. Sheridan says she wants Luis back, but to kill? Pretty tells Sheridan to give her the remote, killing Paloma is a small price to pay. Pretty calls this a family tradition, grandfather has had hundred of people knocked off. Pretty says with Fancy out of the picture one of them will have Luis. When Pretty thinks Sheridan will do it, she calls her Alistair's daughter after all. Sheridan says that is the wrong thing to say! They fight over the remote. Sheridan says she knew Paloma was evil, but she won't let her commit murder.


Meanwhile Paloma. Noah and Luis watch as Fancy goes nuts, getting down on all fours and pretending to be a dog! Luis tries to calm Fancy down, but she's screaming. Her nose begins bleeding. Noah says they need to call a doctor . . . Paloma says or an exorcist! Fancy soon ends up passing out. Sheridan and Pretty look and see Fancy has passed out. Sheridan thinks Pretty killed her. Luis says she's not breathing. As Luis tries to save her, Noah calls 911. Of course Noah keeps getting put on hold by 911. Luis manages to save Fancy. She comes too when he says he can't lose her, he loves her. Paloma wonders how he did it? Noah says maybe love brought her back. Fancy wakes up and wonders what they are doing to her? Luis says he thought she was dead. She says he head hurts. Luis says she had another one of her attacks, it was the worst one yet.  Noah says Luis saved her life. Luis says it was standard police training. Paloma doesn't think so, she only responded when Luis said he loved her. Fancy asks what she was doing? They all tell her what she was doing, it was pretty crazy. Fancy doesn't get it, why does this keep happening to her? She says her head hurts and she feels strange. Luis says they will figure out what is wrong and make her better. Luis says he loves her. He says he doesn't know what happened here tonight, but he can't imagine life without her. Noah's phone rings, 911 is calling him back. Fancy says they don't need an ambulance. Luis thinks she needs to see a doctor. Fancy says she's feeling okay, she can go see a doctor later. Luis says when she's up to it they'll go to the hospital and figure out what is wrong. Fancy says what if it's bad like a brain tumor? He says then the doctor will fix it and he'll be there with her. Luis says his mom told him that if he truly loved her, he wouldn't have doubted her, he'd know something was wrong. He apologizes for doubting her. Fancy knows her behavior was bizarre. Luis says he won't doubt her again, he will trust her. 


Noah takes Paloma aside and says Luis and Fancy are so in love, and it makes him think of them. He says his life would be empty if he lost her. Paloma says she's thought the same about him. Paloma saw the look on Luis' face when he thought Fancy was dead, she never wants Noah to look like that. Paloma tells Noah that she loves him very much. Noah smiles and they hug. Noah thinks all Fancy's behavior must be linked to her hitting on him. Noah asks Paloma if he believes him now that she's the only woman for him? He wants to know if she can put this behind them and move on. Paloma says she does believe him. She loves him and trusts him. 

Noah and Paloma check on Fancy and Luis. He knows something is wrong with Fancy, but him too. He doesn't know why he ended up in bed with her. Luis says maybe it's one of those things that happens here in Harmony. Paloma hope's she never hears that excuse again. Fancy again says she's afraid to go to the hospitals, it could be a tumor. Luis says there could be a number of reasons, they should let the doctor figure it out.


Sheridan tells Pretty she's a monster. Pretty says Fancy took her life from her, she's returning the favor. Pretty says with any luck soon Luis will be Fancy free. Sheridan says she may hate Fancy, but she doesn't want her to die. Pretty says she just wants to steal Luis away and make Fancy's life miserable. When Fancy ends up surviving, Pretty tells Sheridan she's ruined everything! Pretty says Fancy and Luis are closer than ever now. Sheridan says she's done a lot, but murder she won't do. Pretty calls her a hypocrite, she lives a life of luxury because Grandfather and their ancestors had no issues with rubbing out the competition. Pretty says this was a mistake and she'll pay for it. Sheridan says she thinks Pretty is insane. Pretty knows Sheridan is no angel, she's done some horrible things to get her way. Pretty threatens that she will tell Luis, watch her. Sheridan says Luis wants nothing to do with Pretty. Pretty says Luis is beautiful and he can love her. Sheridan realizes Pretty is the one who made Fancy hurt Marty. Sheridan says she's no angel, but she will not let her or Alistair hurt people anymore. Pretty says she's said that before, but nothing ever changes. Sheridan says she can show the remote to Luis, she'll tell him everything. Sheridan says Pretty's dream will be over in a heartbeat. Pretty tells Sheridan to go do it them. Sheridan watches Fancy and Luis kissing. Pretty says maybe they'll ask her to be the matron of honor at their wedding. Sheridan knows Pretty is right and she can't tell what has happened. Pretty gloats when Sheridan admits she can't tell Luis the truth. Pretty says the only way to get rid of Fancy is to kill her. Sheridan says she draws the line there. Pretty thinks killing Fancy and the two of them going after Luis could be fun. Sheridan says there must be some way to break them up without killing Fancy. Pretty says Fancy ruined her face and her life, this is payback. She says Luis is the only man who treated her right, who ever loved her. Sheridan says the only reason Luis made love to her was to get out of that basement. Pretty says no Luis did love her . . . or he will. She says Luis will either be with Fancy or one of them, her opinion is Fancy has to go. Sheridan still won't do it, and she won't give Pretty the remote back, saying it's broken anyway. Pretty warns her that grandfather only gave her back MArty to break up Luis and Fancy, he could take Marty back if she doesn't do it. Sheridan says Luis will protect Marty. Pretty says if she wants to make grandfather happy then help her break up Luis and Fancy. Pretty says give her the remote so she can fix it and kill Fancy. Sheridan ends up throwing it into the ocean. Pretty can't believe it, they've both lost Luis forever. Suddenly Fancy begins to cough uncontrollably. Pretty says it's shorted the remote and is making her act nuts, if she doesn't stop coughing then she could dislodge the device.

Fancy ends up coughing the device right out of her nose. Noah sees it, picks it up and asks what this is? He says it's like alien technology from a sci fi movie. Fancy says it looks dirty, get rid of it. Noah says maybe it was in someone's ipod. He ends up throwing it into the ocean. Luis meanwhile tells Fancy to stop worrying, he's with her and together they'll find out what is wrong with her. He tells her that he's never felt the way he does about her with anyone. He wants her to be healthy, happy and with him always. Fancy says she loves him and they hug.

Pretty meanwhile tells Sheridan she's done it, now they've both lost Luis. Sheridan says Luis is destined to be with her. Pretty doesn't want to be bored with another past life story. Pretty says she wants Luis too. Sheridan says well may the best woman win.


March 12,  2008
Tabitha tells Endora that have to be watchful, that elf is still around. She says he's ten times as powerful as he was and is out for blood, hopefully just human blood. The elf, in his black blob form, shows up. Meanwhile, Kay and Miguel talk. Apparently Paloma has some news for them. They are shocked when Noah and Paloma show up together. They announce they are back together. Kay is glad. Endora thinks true love always wins. Tabitha says not always, true love can turn into obsession in the blink of an eye and make people do horrible things. Noah and Paloma explain what happened and how Paloma is giving Noah another chance. She says the last chance. Kay says so the double wedding is back on. Kay is glad, it took forever to settle on that date and the church. Paloma and Miguel don't seem so sure anymore. Miguel says they have to talk about something. Miguel says Theresa just died, it's too soon. Paloma feels if they go through with the wedding then her mama might think they are being disrespectful. Noah and Kay understand and they'll postpone it.  Endora thinks everything is okay, but Tabitha says only for the moment. She still remains worried about the elf. Kay says they could do a Christmas wedding, or maybe spring of next year. Kay says the only important thing is they get married. Noah would prefer to get married now, but he understands why they have to wait. 


Pilar soon shows up. She asks what is going on? What is wrong? Has something bad happened again? Tabitha thinks something is about to. Tabitha tells Pilar that these sweet lambs are talking about the double wedding again. Pilar says that is good news, why don't they look happy? Pilar asks what they are hiding? Miguel says they want to have the double wedding, but it's too soon with Theresa. They wanted to give her time to heal. They want to be able to focus on an occasion that should be happy. Tabitha keeps looking around for the elf and what he might be up to. Pilar hugs all the kids. She says it is nice to know their hearts are in the right place. However she realizes now how short life is. She says the person you love can be snatched away from you. She says they have to enjoy every second they can with the ones they love. She says Theresa would not want them to postpone this, she'd want them to go ahead with the wedding. Pilar wants that too. Pilar keeps talking about losing Theresa. She knows she's gone, but she feels so close to her, like she's in her heart still.


Suddenly a yellow toy car comes into the room. Tabitha screams everyone down, elf attack! Pilar asks what is wrong with her? Noah says that is his fault, he sat on Endora's remote control toy car thing and made the car drive. Pilar says she was terrified, why did she say elf attack? What did she think was going on? Tabitha turns to Endora, but Endora says she's on her own. Tabitha says it was just a game she and Endora play. She says Endora races the car and they pretend an elf is chasing it. She says Endora has been enchanted with elves since Christmas. Tabitha then asks if anyone would like some tea? She offers to put a little extra something in Pilar's tea to help her forget about how her daughter was eaten and ended up in the belly of that nasty fish. Paloma is stunned, but Pilar says Tabitha has never been known for tact. Pilar would rather get back to this game, she thinks it's odd. Noah says it's not the only odd thing that happens here. Tabitha knows she has a reputation for being eccentric. Pilar says for years she heard rumors about her house and she's heard the whispers about Tabitha. Kay says people don't know Tabitha, but if you get to know her she's very sweet. Paloma says it's not just Tabitha's house, this town is like Halloween every day. Pilar says so many strange things happen here, like there is an aura around an entire property. Tabitha says it is an old house and Sam say it is built on a fault line. Pilar asks how long has she lived here? Tabitha says so long she can't remember. Pilar says Tabitha was here when she moved here, and she hasn't aged since she met her. Pilar says she gets older and Tabitha looks just the same. Tabitha can't give away her beauty secrets. Kay tries to switch the topic to the wedding and get Pilar involved in the plans


Later Endora tells her mom that she almost blew it. Tabitha says she knows it. She also wonders where the car came from, she never saw it before. She thinks Endora magicked herself a new toy. The elf remains lurking about and spying. Meanwhile Pilar pulls Kay aside. She says she doesn't want to be a mother in law who butts in, but does she think it's okay for Maria to be living here with Tabitha? Kay says Tabitha is her closest friend and Maria loves Endora.  Pilar knows she shouldn't listen to gossip, but something isn't right with Tabitha. Pilar says they are so used to it, but they don't think about it. She says for a woman to her age to have a child is strange. She's also been here since before Sam was here. Pilar thinks the rumors might be true, Tabitha is a witch.

Rebecca and Theresa are packing up everything related to Theresa in the mansion. Rebecca sees Gwen throwing away jewelry, which she claims is costume jewelry. Rebecca spots something that speaks to her, a real piece that she says is worth about 40 thousand dollars. Rebecca sticks it between her boobs and says it is her keepsake to remember Theresa by. Gwen thinks they don't need to get rid of everything, she's not a threat anymore. Rebecca says she is, her memory is a threat. She says Gwen has to get rid of her things. Suddenly Ethan walks in wondering what they are doing? Gwen says she knew it would be hard for him to do this on his own, so she took the initiative herself. Ethan guesses she's right, all this stuff is breaking his heart. Rebecca says me too as she tries on her jewelry. Ethan lashes out at her knowing this isn't painful for her, she spent her life trying to ruin her. Ethan says they all know she wasn't close, she called her Terror-cita, Cucaracha, slut and tramp. Rebecca says they were temrs of endearment and she has had to make sacrifices since Theresa's death. She says she loves seafood, especially shark. She says she couldn't eat it now, she could end up eating the one that ate Theresa. She also says she can't watch her favorite movie Jaws anymore either. Gwen tells her mother that is enough now. Ethan says she is appalling. Rebecca says she's just trying to show him that he's not the only one hurting. Ethan thinks she is the most insensitive woman, this might be a joke to her but it's not to Theresa and her family. Ethan storms off. Rebecca tells Gwen that Ethan can be so rude, what does she see in him. Gwen says for once just shut her mouth. Gwen goes to talk to Ethan. He says her mom really means no harm . Ethan knows, but she won't be babysitting in the future. Ethan asks for some time alone with Theresa's things before they are carted off. Gwen and Rebecca leave.


Ethan looks at a photo of him and Theresa. He wonders why he left her.  Ethan looks through a shoebox of things Theresa kept, mementoes of all the times they shared together. Ethan starts having memories about when they went to the Harmony Carnival together. He remembers Theresa talking about how she wanted to go to Mexico as it's where her mom was from. They kiss and Theresa dropped her stuffed dog into the water. Ethan feels bad, he offers to get her another. She says no, he won that and she wanted to keep it forever, it meant a lot to her. He joked she was one of those girls who keeps mementos. She says she has anything and everything he gave her, they are important to her. She thinks she won't have anything to remind her of this night. He said she didn't need a souvenir, she had him. Later that day he ended up finding a ring in the bottom of a cracker jack box which she kept as her souvenir. Ethan thinks about Theresa, how hey were supposed to be together forever.


Gwen and Rebecca spy on Ethan. Gwen thinks Ethan looks sad. Rebecca says of course he is, but it's Gwen's job to make him forget. Gwen says  but they don't miss her. Rebecca says in an odd way she does, she was the perfect target for her anger. Gwen says well her blood is on their hands. Rebecca says blood washes off. She says Theresa is dead and not here. Gwen says she is alive in Ethan's heart. Gwen says they have to pretend to be sad and whenever Ethan is around she should just not talk about Theresa from now on. Rebecca tells Gwen she needs to get in there, find out what Ethan is playing with and perhaps throw it out. Gwen goes in to check on Ethan. Gwen says wow Theresa was a pack rat, she'll have this junk packed up and put away. Ethan says it's not junk. Gwen knows this is hard for him, but he can't dwell on this. Ethan decides to keep the box Theresa kept, all the mementos she kept. He won't put this in storage. He tell Gwen he's trying to be honest with her, he still loves Theresa. He says they could put all the stuff away to help the kids, but it won't work for him. He says she'll always be alive in his heart. Gwen tells herself nothing lasts forever and she'll make him forget her.  


Down in Mexico, Theresa is running around trying to figure out how to get home and avoid being caught by Juanita. She thinks maybe Juanita is so afraid of being caught she's gone into hiding. No such luck as Juanita is walking around free as a bird! Theresa ends up running and hiding from Juanita. She hides in some crates. Juanita ends up seeing something she doesn't believe. Of course all she's spotted is a cop on her payroll. Theresa is spying thinking she is about to be arrested. The cop tells Juanita every security force in Mexico and the Americans are after her. He asks for what is in her hand. Theresa again thinks it's over, the cop must have taken her gun. What he's taken is payment from her. He thanks her and tells her she is safe, there are more cops on her payroll than there aren't. He says she'll never see the inside of a jail cell. Theresa listens and realizes the DEA guy was right, Juanita will never be captured.  Theresa  thinks she's trapped. Juanita asks the man about Pilar and her family. He says not much is known, the DEA helped them leave Mexico in a private plane. They don't know where they went. Juanita says she is right back where she started. She wants them found or the remainder of his life will be unhappy and short. The man says didn't one of them die? Juanita says yes, the sharks must have digested her by now. Juanita says it's not enough, she wants Pilar and her whole family wiped out. She wants to spit on Pilar's grave. The cop asks how she manages to escape? Juanita says Gwen, one of the Americans set her free. Theresa hears this and says "that bitch!" She realizes she has to get home and save Ethan from Gwen. She unfortunately makes a noise which Juanita and the cop hear. They think someone is hiding in the crate. Juanita says whoever was in there heard too much. The man says come out of the crate with your hands up! Juanita tells him to stop wasting time, do what he has to do. He won't so Juanita takes the gun from him and fills the crate with bullets! Juanita says whoever was in there won't be speaking to anyone.



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