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3rd Week of March 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!



March 17, 2008
Official NBC Summary with some minor additions.

At Tabitha's, Pilar pokes around in Tabitha's affairs, suspecting that she's a witch! Kay reassures Pilar, telling her she's just one of those eccentrics who likes crystals and stuff. Kay worries that she'll soon discover Kay and Tabitha's secret and refuse to let Kay marry Miguel.

Tabitha remains on alert that the demon elf is around. He even causes some balloons to pop, she knows it's him. Later, Miguel later hears Tabitha and Kay discussing an elf and demands answers from them.

Noah realizes that he and Paloma can't get married afterall! He says she broke off the engagement, they aren't engaged. However he thinks that is fixable. Noah re-proposes to Paloma in a large romantic gesture!

Gwen competes with the memory of Theresa in order to win Ethan over. Ivy presses Ethan to move on, telling him it's what Theresa would have wanted. Ethan however admits to Sam he is settling for Gwen.

Down in Mexico, Juanita shoots the crate, but finds it empty. A woman pulls Theresa out and saves her. She tells her a train is leaving Mexico, to be on it. As she makes her way there, Juanita is still lurking and she has to hide. Juanita is ordering her men to find Pilar and her family so she can kill them all. Theresa is trapped and afraid she will miss the train, her only chance home.


March 19, 2008
Official NBC Summary (without DirecTV the rest of the week)

Theresa escapes Mexico by train and passes the time with her companion, Elena, by telling her about her life and love with Ethan.

Esme and Julian plan a fun romp, since it seems the threat of the murderer is over, but we see Viki is well into stalking her next victim. Ethan knows he will never lose his love for Theresa but resolves to move on with Gwen and goes to talk to Julian about adopting Little Ethan.

Tabitha gets word from her magic bowl that the upcoming double wedding will be a disaster the likes of which haven't been seen... 


March 19,  2008
Official summary (no DirecTV this week)

Luis surprises Fancy with a romantic dinner and makes love to her in the candlelight.

Pretty is furious with Sheridan for ruining her plan to control Fancy. She proposes they join forces and break up Luis and Fancy for good!

Rebecca tells Gwen that the only way to get Theresa out of Ethan's mind is by making passionate love to him! Left alone with Ethan, Gwen proposes renewing their marriage vows so the children feel safe in their new family. Ethan tirelessly awaits word of Theresa's survival, unaware of how close she actually is. 



Copyright 2007 SoapOperaFan.com

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