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4th Week of May 2008 Daily Summaries


All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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May 26, 2008
Don't let my mom die!

In her rom at the mansion, Pretty is modelling her phoney baby bump in front of the mirror. Luis and Fancy are running through the halls searching for her, worried that the baby might have been hurt in the earthquake. As he starts to pound on her door, she starts to panic inside. As she hurries back into her pregnancy outfit, Luis panics at the delay and smashes the door open. Unfortunately, Pretty manages to be back in her outfit by the time he gets through. Suddenly, news comes over the radio that Sheridan was pushed over Niagara Falls. Fancy and Luis are shocked; Pretty wishes it had been her idea. Right now Sheridan is in the hospital and the engaged couple want to hurry over to check on her. They also want to drag Pretty over to get checked out. She protests but to no avail.

At the hospital, Sam is arresting Julian for Alistair's murder. Eve doesn't want him to be punished for a crime that she tried to commit. Esme and Viki suddenly walk through the door. A worried Esme wonders if Alistair is really dead. Although Julian tells her that he killed him himself, she wonders if they should drive a stake through the old man's heart just to be sure. Ivy is repulsed, but Esme is thrilled. All of a sudden, Sam gets a call from the station. To everyone's surprise, he promptly uncuffs Julian and informs them that the gun Julian used was actually full of blanks. Everyone's confused... except for Viki. She flashes back to sneaking in and shooting Alistair at exactly the same moment that Julian opened fire. Using his policeman's brain, Sam assumes that this murder must be connected to the murders of all the other men that Esme has had her way with. Esme worries and wants guards. Sam tells her there aren't enough cops. Butting in, Ivy suggests that they send Viki away to boarding school to protect her. Inside, Viki is furious at this suggestion. Ivy continues to make the case as Viki stares daggers at her. Esme starts to think that boarding school sounds like a good idea and Ivy worries about who could die next. From the look on Viki's face, it may be her.

Back at the mansion, Ethan does his best to revive Gertrude after she was crushed by the falling bookcase. As he performs CPR, Little Ethan blurt out: "Don't let my mom die!" Ethan and Gwen are perplexed. Pilar nudges the boy to keep mum. Gertrude starts coming back to life. Once she's breathing, Ethan asks the boy what he meant by his outburst. Pilar tries covering for him, insisting that he's just been traumatized by losing his mother and Gertrude has been taking her place. Ethan starts calling for an ambulance but the phone lines are dead. Pilar begins praying that her daughter will get better. Ethan is disoriented by all of this, even more than usual. He starts flashing back and forth between Gertrude saying that she was connected to Theresa and him making love to Theresa. He stares at Gertrude, giving Gwen a grimace and the creeps. They both know that something strange is going on. While he tries calling 911, Pilar notices that her daughter's wig has come loose. Panicking, she tries to hide this and slip it back on before anyone can notice. She manages to do so just in time. Theresa opens her eyes as Ethan kneels by her side. He thanks her for saving the boy. It's what any woman would do, she says. Gwen rolls her eyes; she's had enough of this nanny. As Ethan stares at the nanny, he continues to flashback to Theresa for reasons he can't understand.

When Ethan and Gwen go upstairs to bed, she continues mocking Gertrude. He's still bewildered by why Little Ethan called her "mom: and is glad that the boy wasn't sent away. It seems like he needs a lot of attention right now. Gwen turns this around, telling him it's time to get rid of Gertrude. She thinks it's obvious that the nanny is too involved with the children - it borders on obsession and disturbs her. Ethan refuses to get rid of her, insisting that she is a good person but he'll try to keep her from undermining Gwen in the future.

Ethan walks down the hall to Gertrude's room. Looking in, he finds her asleep and sits on her bed. Looking down at her, he wonders what it is about her that draws him in. As he kisses her lips, she opens her eyes. "Ethan," she says, before instantly going back into character and trying to cover.



When Ethan and Little E head down to have milkshakes, Pilar asks Gwen if she's satisfied Theresa's dead. Gwen is, though she again insists she saw her. Pilar again says the vision was just a sign of her guilty conscience and Gwen again wonders how she's still losing fights to Theresa and when she will ever be free of her. "Never," Gert-resa promises silently.

Juanita and her henchman pull over at a bookstore. This is the address they traced Pilar's call to. When they go inside, they can hear the news on the radio about the earthquake that's hit Harmony. The cashier worries aloud about Pilar. Juanita's ears perk up. She asks the woman about this Pilar. The woman continues to worry and tries calling her friend, leaving a voicemail. Juanita assumes that she's on the right track and whips out her gun. Threatening, she demands that the woman answer her questions. She refuses. Juanita's henchman searches the store discovering that Pilar's phone was hooked up there before. When the woman still refuses to help, Juanita is outraged and knocks the woman out. They continue to search for more evidence and wait for Pilar to call the woman back.

Back at the mansion, Pilar drifts downstairs and notices that her friend called her. Although she has an eerie feeling, she returns the call. Juanita answers. "Are you prepared to die?" he fiendishly asks.

May 27, 2008
You Always have to Believe!

At the manse, Ethan leans over Gert-resa as if to kiss her. "What are you doing?" he asks himself, but plants the kiss anyway. "Ethan," she whispers, before jumping back into character to ask what he's doing kissing her. He admits he's kissed her and apologizes. She says it's alright, but he gets in a thither over his inappropriate behavior. He calms down to explain that during the CPR, "there was a certain familiarity" about the feel of her lips. She empathizes that he's been under a lot of stress lately, adding that people do strange things when they're grieving. He remembers how Theresa always made his heart beat faster. "No one has ever made me feel that way… until you came along. If I didn't know better, I would just think you were Theresa in disguise," he sighs, clearly still unaware that's exactly the case. She's glad to help him get through this and doesn't want his apologies. He thanks her for saving Little E, so she coos about how wonderful Little E is. Ethan agrees they're close, and wonders if it's because he delivered the kid or maybe just because he loved Theresa so much. Gert-resa is sure Theresa is watching over Ethan, happy for how well her kids are being cared for. When Ethan can't imagine when his "feeling of desolation" will go away, Gert-resa is moved by his love for Theresa. She's wishes she could tell him everything after Ethan admits, "I've had fantasies that [Little E] was my son with Theresa." When she says it's the most beautiful love story she's heard, he counters that Theresa's death was horrible. She hides her face as she finds the words. "She's very lucky she had you," she says, but he talks of the "something" that kept them apart. "Not something, someone," she thinks to herself. Then Ethan reveals losing Theresa has stolen his purpose in life and challenged his faith in heaven, let alone God. "You always have to believe," she insists, adding that love is eternal and Theresa is waiting for him. He's impressed with her fire, which is just like Theresa's. His spirits lift more as he talks of Theresa's kids. She takes his hand and begs him not to doubt himself. "You're a good man," she says. He again thanks her and apologizes for the kiss. When he excuses himself to find Gwen, she thanks him for the CPR and they hug it out.

Gwen is dying to talk to her mom, who shows up in a Wonder Woman costume. Beccs explains she was having a sex party with Pablo, who was the Incredible Hulk to her Wonder Woman. "I thought the Hulk was making the earth move," she recalls, but that turned out to be the earthquake, which sent her stud muffin running scared. When she complains about having to walk home in her boots, Gwen demands she hush up and listen to her troubles with Ethan. Beccs shrugs her daughter will get the hang of it after a few more husbands, but Gwen wants Ethan and is nervous that he seems to be picking Gert-resa over her. "That is absurd," her mother counters, noting only dead Theresa could steal Ethan's heart from her. When Gwen tells her about her dream/hallucination of Theresa in bed with Ethan, her mother loses her patience. Gwen brings the convo back to Ethan's vibe with Gert-resa, grimacing that, "The way he was giving her CPR, it was almost like he was making love to her!" When she admits she had a fantasy Ethan slept with Gert-resa, her mom really think she's off her rocker. Then Gwen gets a call, which completely changes her mood. While Beccs goes to take a ride on the stable boy, she sets out to find Ethan, dying to share some big news. Instead, she finds him in Gert-resa's arms! "I know exactly what's going on here," she says, with a roll of the eyes. She figures that after Ethan gave Gert-resa a talking to about behaving properly and not stepping on Gwen's toes, she was upset and needed a hug. To Ethan's relief, Gert-resa lets that slide. Then Gwen starts to gush about her big news: there's an opening for their vow renewal ceremony! Gert-resa drops her glass in surprise.

Eve goes to check on her patients, a new mom and baby, only to find Valerie sitting there with "her" son, wanting to register the birth of the newest Crane baby. When Eve asks if Valerie is the one who shot Alistair, she's sorry she can't say yes. She was out of town, tasking care of business. When Ivy shows up, she congratulates Valerie on having Julian's latest - and likely last - child. Then she tells them about Sheridan's accident. "Sheridan survived?" Valerie asks, sounding more annoyed than surprised. After Ivy leaves, Valerie spits, "Vincent failed! He's the one who pushed Aunt Bitch over the falls." Horrified Eve grumbles that she is Vincent, but Valerie continues talking about him in third person. "I swear, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself," Valerie decides. Eve demands an explanation and is shocked when Valerie reveals Vincent wants to be the new Sheridan.

Esme is thrilled Ivy can help get Viki into boarding school right away and thus protect her from the killer. Needless to say, Viki is not thrilled! As Ivy calls in a few favors, Viki thinks, "I already killed Alistair tonight. You're next." Ivy chances only get worse as she explains the school she found is isolated on Lake Superior, with harsh weather, and that Julian may let her take the Crane jet as soon as today. As Ivy raves to Esme about the top notch security at the place, Viki sneaks over to a med cart and takes a vial and syringe. When Esme pushes her to thank Ivy for her help, Viki says she doesn't want to go. Esme promises she can return as soon as Sam catches the killer and sets off to make some calls, leaving her with unsuspecting Ivy. Lucky for Ivy, Esme returns just before Viki takes a stab at her. Esme admits she doesn't want Esme to go either, so Ivy tells her she can send care packages, but warns no gifts from the pharmacy. Esme goes off again, leaving Viki to take another stab. This time, her injection makes it mark and Ivy goes down!

After Luis sends (a suddenly much more) pregnant Pretty off with nurse for a checkup, he spots Sheridan being wheeled in. He and Fancy follow to learn she survived being thrown down Niagara Falls in a barrel. Then Pretty shows up and flinches at the smell. "Algae," explains Fancy. Pretty then whines that with the hospital so packed, she's going to leave, but Luis again insists on taking her to get their baby checked. She thinks she has him trumped when she reminds him Sheridan will want him there when she wakes, but then Sam and Fancy promise to stay with Sheridan for him. As they leave, she insists she's not a timid bulb, but he grabs a doctor and gets her right in with him. When Luis follows, Pretty stops him from coming: It's not proper, considering he's engaged to her sister. She sends him to check on Sheridan and then tells the doc they need to have a talk. Lifting her shirt to show him her fake baby bump, she says, "Looks just like me, doesn't it?" She offers him some cash in exchange for a good report on her "mythical baby." He milks her for a bit more money, and then agrees to do her bidding.

Sheridan seems to be coming to, but doesn't answer or open her eyes when the chief asks who did this to her. When Luis enters, Sam hopes his voice will do the trick. He leans over her and puts a hand to her head. She moans his name, so he asks who hurt her, but then she's out again. Luis is sure she'll come back, while Fancy is worried his feelings for her already are. "I'm here," he tells Sheridan, promising to punish the perpetrator. Then he goes to check on Pretty, who says all is well and the report are being delivered to the manse. "That is a load off my mind," he says, returning to Sheridan's bedside. She comes to again, but this time she struggles to wake up. Finally, what's happened comes back and she recalls who did it. "Vincent, he said he'd just had a baby," she puts together, which just confuses the onlookers.

Pilar asks Juanita why she's answered her friend Carmelita's phone. "Did you think I would never find you?" Juanita asks, cooing that she's near. "Carmelita's about to take a short swim in deep water. For her sake, I hope she doesn't wake up before she drowns." When she reminds Pilar of her vow to kill everyone around her, Pilar asks, "Don't you fear for your soul?" Juanita isn't interested in her "saintly lectures" and cackles that she's coming for Pilar's sons and grandchildren. Spooked, Pilar hangs up, intent on getting the family together to go on the run.

May 28, 2008
Lots of Things can Kill you, Mija

Pilar paces the manse living room, gearing up to a panic over Juanita, who is just up the coast at her friend's bookshop. "We have to run," she decides. "This entire family has to disappear!" When Gert-resa, Ethan and a bubbly Gwen enter, Pilar barely has the patience to hear what she has to say, which is that she and Ethan have a date set to renew their vows. Gert-resa mutters to her mom that the renewal will kill her, but Pilar only warns, "Lots of things can kill you, mija." Gert-resa explains that once Ethan takes his vows, he will never break them again. Pilar can't imagine why Ethan would tell her this, so she reveals they've had some heart to hearts of late. "He's drawn to me," she shrugs and then has a fantasy about living her life without Ethan. An old, battered Theresa sits by the fire when a distinguished Gwen and Ethan come downstairs. Old Ethan wonders why he keep her around instead of sending her to a home, but Gwen says to be kind and says having her around reminds her of what she almost lost. Theresa needs a contraption to hear, but Ethan doesn't need a little blue pill to go all night. She flashes back to now and tells Pilar she must fess up to Ethan. She finally admits that Ethan loves Gwen too, but "It's not the kind of love we have" and she doesn't want it to become that! Pilar can't imagine it will, but Gert-resa is stuck on imagining her life without Ethan. This time Old Gwen is raving about the kids coming for a visit, which excited Theresa, so Old Ethan mutter that perhaps they should ditch Theresa since the kids don't like her. Then the couple starts making out like kids. "I won't let that happen," Gert-resa insists.  

Meanwhile, Gwen continues to gush, noting how folks will stop talking and pointing at them once they're official reunited. She wants to find a good love poem, but he says "nothing mushy," reminding her they're still married. She also wants to invite his old fraternity buddies, but he warns that will devolve their special day into a drunken extreme Frisbee tournament and insists he's happy with whatever she plans. They toast to "riding off into the sunset together" and then Gwen starts the guest list. Ethan steps aside to ask Pilar how she feels about the ceremony. She won't deny she feels it's too soon, which makes him suggest to Gwen that they wait. Gert-resa suggests they wait a year or so, so Gwen reminds her again to stay in her place. Gwen reveals that they're just joining the double wedding already planned and "if it's not too soon for Theresa's brother and sister to get married, it's certainly okay for us." Ethan agrees theoretically, but wants Pilar's okay first. "Just say the word, and it's postponed," he says. Gert-resa is horrified when her mother congratulates him and tells him to find happiness with Gwen. Even Gwen is confused. "Theresa would never stand in the way of your happiness," she tells Ethan and gives her blessing. While a thrilled Gwen gets Ethan to talk guest list, Gert-resa asks her mother how she could betray her. She insists Ethan was looking for a way out and can't believe her mother didn't give him one. Pilar explains Juanita called her cell phone and is closing in on them. Gert-resa wonders if Juanita lied about Carmelita, but Pilar insists the entire family must go on the run, including Little E, Jane, Maria and Marty. Gert-resa doesn't think that's a solution and suggests they count on the FBI and DEA to protect them and find her, but Pilar knows it's time to run.

Gwen wants to invite her girlfriend Bitsy Leland and after they discuss her many marriages, Ethan reflects on how odd it was to get Pilar's blessing. "I'm not a fool here," he says, referencing the tension between Pilar and Gwen of late. He doesn't want to hurt Pilar, but Gwen wonders if he's trying to find a way out of the ceremony, and why he cares what Pilar thinks. Then she accuses him of running hot and cold, so he backtracks and again says he was just curious about Pilar's change of attitude. Gwen shrugs that Pilar must have realized that her grandkids need a strong family and tells him to let Theresa go. Then they tell the ladies they're going to get more champagne. Pilar sees this as their opportunity to make a get away, but Gert-resa says they'll think Gertie kidnapped the kids and refuses to run. Pilar demands she do as she says, but Gert-resa can't imagine her brothers or Paloma will agree to the plan. What more, she'd rather die than walk away from Ethan. "What about the children?" Pilar demands, but before she can answer, Ethan and Gwen return. Ethan toasts his upcoming marriage and a happy life for them all.

An anxious Juanita and her henchman can't find any clues to Pilar's location at the bookstore. She plots that she wants to find out everything about Pilar's life, "so I can tear it down in the most excruciating way." She curses having killed Pilar's friend Carmelita before learning Pilar's whereabouts, but then realizes Carmelita's private quarters may be the place to look. She sends her henchman upstairs to search and paces until he returns. Ironically, she finds a book called "Finding Harmony", but there's nothing in the box her henchman brings downstairs… except a photo of Luis in his Harmony PD uniform! "I found the key to making Pilar suffer," she says, planning to kill the kids one by one in front of Pilar.  

At the hospital, Esme listens in as Sam and Luis question Eve and Julian about Vincent. They pretend they know nothing, so Sam informs them Sheridan has pointed the finger at Vincent for throwing her over Niagara Falls. Julian laughs it off, but when Luis pushes, Eve cries, "It's a miracle… our son may be alive!" Julian follows suit and they pretend to gush together, while he pulls her aside to tell her they're in trouble. Julian asks them to be sure and Eve says she loved him, no matter what he did. "Including rape, arson, serial murder?" Luis asks, but Eve just wants to know how he could have survived. Sam reminds Eve's that only recently she'd sworn her son was alive, but she just blames the booze and drugs, insisting she's clean now. Sam asks them to give an on the record answer and starts his tape recorder. He again asks if they knew Vincent was still alive. After some stalling, they give statements that Vincent is dead and they don't believe Sheridan. "Lord knows when you think of Sheridan, you don't also think of stability," he chuckles. Luis chimes in to say Sheridan was sure of herself, so Eve leans in to tell the tape recorder she's treated Sheridan as a psychiatrist and says she's "prone to flights of fancy." Then she again asks how Vincent can be alive, which Sam intends on finding out. He and Luis head back to talk to Sheridan and after Esme asks why she moved back home where even the dead can kill, she goes to search for Viki, leaving the couple to freak out over what to do next about their out of control son. Then Eve tells him Valerie is there to get the baby registered and was not involved in Alistair's death, but that Vincent wants to kill Sheridan and become her. "He wants to be my sister now, as well?" Julian gasps, asking what happened to him not killing folks anymore. Eve counters it's just Vincent's parents who are safe now.

When Luis and Sam return, they report Sheridan is sleeping and unavailable for questioning. The couple is relieved and again talk about how crazy Sheridan is, which Luis doesn't like. "People come back from the dead all the time," he shrugs. "I've done it, as has Julian," but Julian insists they're wasting their time at the hospital and suggests they go out and find the real culprit - probably the same baddy who maimed Little Julian.

Of course, that would be Viki, who is struggling to drag or push her newest victim, Ivy, out of the way, not knowing that Valerie is watching with pleasure. Viki mutters that it's Ivy's fault for trying to separate her from Esme, "like all of the others" she's killed. After she has her newest victim shoved behind the door, she dumps her purse, revealing her gun. An impressed Valerie surmises "cool as a cucumber" Viki is the one behind all the recent murders. Then Ivy's body falls out, just as Esme calls for her. "The killing is the easy part," Valerie thinks, anxious to see how Viki handles herself now. Viki manages to hide the body just as her aunty arrives. Esme assumes her niece was searching for drugs, which makes Viki say she wishes Esme would cut back on the pills. "I worry about you," she says, but Esme insists her prescriptions are prescribed by docs. After Viki notes some of those docs are in prison, Esme redirects the convo. With a killer on the loose, she wants to keep an eye on Viki until she leaves for boarding school. When the duo walks away, Valerie comes out of hiding and tells her baby she can use Viki's talents. Then she follows Viki and Esme to Eve, Julian, Sam and Luis and introduces everyone to her new baby with Julian. Sam suddenly realizes Ivy is missing. Viki "hopes" nothing bad has happened, while Esme says she doesn't know where Ivy went after helping with them out with a boarding school. The group splits up, until Julian spots blood. Sam follows the trail to the stuck door and calls for Ivy. He finally pulls it open and Ivy falls out. Eve rushes to check her pulse, while Sam begs her to help and asks if Ivy is alright. Eve's silence says everything.  "No, she can't be dead!" Sam begs.

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