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Who are we?

With Dustin back to school, you're getting two new points of view.
Here's a bit about where Matt and Lori are coming from!

All About Matt: (Matt's Musings!)
Matt began watching soaps at a tender age while sitting at his grandmother's knee. Many years, and several degrees, later, he would be shocked to find himself writing about them after years of toiling in theatres and sundry eccentric and dangerous jobs. He joined Soaps.com in 2006, rejuvenating his affair with afternoon sex and melodrama. Although a Scottish country boy at heart, he makes his home in the weather extremes of Montreal. When not skipping around the eastern seaboard, he cooks, drinks, smokes cigars and, occasionally, does design work.


All About Lori: (Lori's Last Word!)
Since moving to LA in 2005, this lifelong soap fan has enjoyed reporting on the shows and actors she has been following her entire life. After working for another soap opera outlet, she joined Soaps.com in 2007 where she has interviewed numerous daytime personalities, as well as attended many of their events. In addition to Soaps.com, this former Midwestern girl writes for sister sites SoapOperaFan.com and SheKnows.com. When she's not watching or writing about soaps, Lori can be found at the movie theatre, going for the occasional hike, glued to the latest reality TV show or going on weekend trips when she can.




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