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The Cast of Passions

Adrian Bellani as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
Erin Cardillo as Esme Vanderheusen
Amy Castle as Viki Vanderheusen
Nicole Cox as Endora Lenox
Charles Divins as Chad Harris 
Andrea Evans as Rebecca Hotchkiss 
Dylan Fergus as Noah Bennett
Bruce French as Father Lonigan
Galen Gering as Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald  
Bruce Gray as Judge Reilly
Hannia Guillen as Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
Emily Harper as Fancy Crane
Lindsay Hartley as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald 
Liza Huber as Gwen Winthrop 
James Hyde as Sam Bennett 
Phillip Jeanmarie as Vincent
Brook Kerr as Whitney Russell 
Christopher Maleki as Spike
Eric Martsolf as Ethan Winthrop 
Ben Masters as Julian Crane 
Juliet Mills as Tabitha Lenox 
Heidi Mueller as Kay Bennett
Marianne Muellerleile as Norma
Kathleen Noone as Mrs. Wallace 
Cathy Jeneen Doe as Simone Russell 
Blair Redford as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
John Reilly as Alistair Crane
Tracey Ross as Dr. Eve Russell 
Daphnee Duplaix Samuel as Valerie Davis
Danica Stewart as Jessica Bennett 
Melinda Sward as Pretty Crane
Eva Tamargo as Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald 
Kim Johnston Ulrich as Ivy Winthrop Crane 
Rodney Van Johnson as TC Russell 
McKenzie Westmore as Sheridan Crane-Lopez-Fitzgerald 
Silvana Arias as Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
Mark Cameron Wystrach as Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane






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