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As you've surely noticed,
Danny Woodburn returned as the Demon Elf on July 23 and he's already causing trouble in Harmony!

As you may have noticed, Danica Stewart was back as Jessica July 16. Li'l sis wouldn't dare miss giving the bride to be love, rehashing their past and sharing an update on Little Sam, Simone and Whitney and her own reunion with Reese. Unfortunately, (and apparently) rehab doesn't mix with weddings, so the youngest Bennett wasn't around for the main event. Dad took her straight back to rehab, where she's getting her life together. Kudos Jess, and nice to see you, Danica! 

Christopher Douglas
will return as Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald around July 23
! Long presumed dead, Sheridan's first hubby and the oldest Lopez Fitzgerald once returned for a ghostly jail visit, but there's no word yet on whether to expect a ghost or a Harmony-esque return from the dead this time. Perhaps Sheridan will get a happily ever after we never even expected! Read more about the returning character here.

Roberto ran scared, crashing through the window to get away from Noah last month, but he's headed back to the canvas on July 23 (and we're assuming Jean Paul San Pedro is still in the role). Could this spell trouble for the big wedding?

You may have already noticed Kam Heskin is playing Sheridan in the coming attractions for the week of July 7, but never fear: the real Sheridan will be returning! Heskin, who fans may remember from McKenzie Westmore's maternity leave, was kind enough to stand in as Sheridan again recently when Westmore was out sick for a few days. 

Turiya Dawn resumes her Passions role when Endora pops out of hiding as a teenager on July 16.


Fans can expect a few more visits from Marianne Muellerleile (Norma) and Kathleen Noone (Edna) before the show bows out in August. Harmony's wacky duo is back again July 21 and this time, they're hearing wedding bells! Stay tuned for more dates.



Silvana Arias (Paloma) will leaving "Passions" after it ends airing on NBC on September 7th. She posted a message about leaving on her myspace. Based on a recent casting call for "Miranda" (in the rumor mill) it is believed that the show is in fact looking to recast the role of Paloma.

Adrian Bellani (Miguel) posted on his official message board that he will not be renewing his contract with "Passions" when it moves to DirecTV. Adrian has chosen to pursue other opportunities instead. Best of luck to Adrian in the future!

James Stevenson (Jared) will be leaving "Passions" when is ends airing on NBC in September and moves to DirecTV.

Cathy Jeneén Doe (Simone) and Brook Kerr (Whitney) will not be moving to DirecTV. Whitney's character will be written out, while the future of Simone is unknown and will depend on whether there is a recast in the future.


New! As noted above, McKenzie Westmore is not going anywhere, though she will be off canvas for a few days due to illness.

NBC has released a list of the first actors to sign new contracts and stay with the show when it moves to DirecTV in September. These include Eric Martsolf (Ethan), Ben Masters (Julian), Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy), Dylan Fergus (Noah), Galen Gering (Luis), Emily Harper (Fancy), Lindsay Hartley (Theresa), Liza Huber (Gwen), James Hyde (Sam), Juliet Mills (Tabitha), Heidi Mueller (Kay), Tracey Ross (Eve), Eva Tamargo (Pilar), McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) and Erin Cardillo (Esme).

Andrea Evans (Rebecca) will be staying with the show when it moves to DirecTV.

Nicole Cox (Endora) will continue the role she originated when the show moves to DirecTV.

Danica Stewart (Jessica) will be staying with the show when it moves to DirecTV.

Bad guys and gals Christopher Maleki (Spike), Daphnee Duplaix Samuel (Valerie) and Phillip JeanMarie (Vincent) will be staying with the show when it moves to DirecTV.



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