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Sometimes these dates aren't always 100% accurate, if something doesn't happen on the date printed, it will most likely happen the next day


Monday, August 4     

Ethan and Theresa are reunited!   

Luis and Miguel apprehend Juanita.    

Rebecca tries to get rid of the incriminating video.    


Tuesday, August 5                              

Theresa finally reveals her big secret to Ethan.  

A volcano threatens Harmony. 

Endora and Kay get help from a heavenly source. 


Wednesday, August 6             

Ethan learns the truth about Gwen and Rebecca.

The volcano begins to erupt.  

Tabitha is the key to saving Harmony.    

Ethan and Theresa can finally be together.

Endora reveals Harmony's future.      

Thursday, August 7
Passions concludes its run on DIRECTV!

Friday, August 8: DIRECTVís The 101 Network will re-broadcast the last four episodes in a marathon.







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