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September 7, 2007

At Tabitha's, two demons have grabbed Kay and Tabitha. Another is leading Endora into the basement. Tabitha begs Endora not to go into the basement, come back here. Miguel shows up and thinks he's losing his mind again. Kay says this is happening. Tabitha says stop Endora, she's following a kitten into the basement! Miguel looks at the kitten, it's a demon in disguise and it's eyes are glowing! Tabitha and Kay beg Miguel not to let Endora go into the basement after the kitten. A fire erupts from the basement and hits Miguel to keep him from Endora. Kay manages to cast a spell and zap the demons away. Tabitha gets to Endora, who is safe. Miguel is confused, what is going on around here. Tabitha says Miguel is onto them. Miguel says onto them? Tabitha thanks Miguel for saving Endora. However another demon shows up and grabs Endora. Kay and Miguel try and get her back, Kay and Tabitha both end up shooting sparks at the demon. Miguel is wondering how Tabitha and Kay are doing this. Kay finally says they are witches, Miguel says this explains everything that has ever happened. Tabitha says the dark side wants Endora for her powers. Miguel says Endora is a witch too? The demon manages to get away and runs into the basement with Endora. Miguel follows, fire spits out of the basement and then the door slams shut. Tabitha thinks they've lost Miguel and Endora to the darkside! They try and use magic to open the door to the basement, the door opens but Tabitha thinks something is wrong! Tabitha goes down into the basement, Kay follows. Tabitha says Kay can't be here, it is against the rules. They see nothing is there, everything is gone, it's a regular basement. Tabitha says the brimstone boys have blown this hell hole and taken their loved ones with them! 

At the mansion, Esme tells Fox he's such a great man, she wishes she had realized that ages ago instead of chasing all those lords and princess. Fox says she thinks they have a future? Esme says all the voices in her head agree! He says he still needs to divorce Kay, and he'll probably be fired from Crane with his grandfather back. He'll lose all his charge accounts and bank accounts. He says her new prince is a pauper. He asks if that will be a problem?  Esme tells the voices in her head to stop screaming so she can think! Fox thinks this is a problem for her. She says it doesn't bother her that he's broke. He says but she's broke too. Esme prefers the term short on funds, it sounds more upscale. He says what is upscale about being destitute? Esme says what they are finding together money can't buy. She wonders who said that! Fox says she did. Esme says well she must be growing up now that she has Viki to care for. Fox says sometimes growing up bites, but other times it does have its advantages. Esme agrees. She says Viki adores him and loves the two of them being here with him. Fox asks what Esme thinks about it? Esme says they should go to his bedroom and she'll show her. 

Fox and Esme go to Fox's room, where they kiss and begin to make love. Outside someone watches them! Later they have done the deed, but someone is still outside the window watching. Esme says that was wonderful, that is coming from a woman who has been with a galaxy of footballers and rugby players and curious gay men. Fox says he thought Kay was the one, but he was wrong, it is her. He says she's the woman he's dreamed about his whole life. She says nobody has ever said that to her. Fox goes to get them wine to propose a toast. When he gets up, a shot is fired and Fox goes down! Esme asks what that was? Fox says a gunshot! Esme then sees Fox has been shot square in the chest! Esme begins screaming for help.

At Valerie's, Vincent is slapping Valerie around. We hear Valerie beg Vincent not to kill her. Vincent says he begged Aunt Sheridan to save him and she didn't , so why should he spare her. Valerie says because she loves him. Vincent says someone is coming, hush. Vincent says it is mother, don't tell her that he's alive or he'll kill them both. Eve shows up to see Valerie. She doesn't know how to tell Valerie that Vincent is dead. Eve knocks on her door. Valerie lets her in, Eve asks what happened here? Is she okay? Valerie says someone broke in and trashed the place. Eve thinks that is terrible. Eve asks if she reported it, Valerie did but doubts they'll find who did it. Eve says Sam does have a backlog of unsolved cases. Eve says still, she has her career with Crane to look forward to. Valerie says with Alistair back, she's not holding her breath. Eve says he's back with a vengeance. Eve says earlier tonight, Alistair shot and killed Chad. Valerie says not Chad, no she loved him! Eve says excuse me? Valerie says before she means, when Whitney and Chad thought they were brother and sister. Eve says there was another death tonight, Vincent died a horrible death as well. Valerie says oh. Valerie says she just doesn't care that Vincent fell off a cliff and died. Eve asks how she knew that is how he died? Eve says she didn't tell her that he fell from a cliff. Valerie says there was a report on the radio, they didn't use Vincent's name, just that an escaped fugitive fell off the cliff. She says she guessed it was Vincent. Valerie suggests she make them some tea to calm their nerves. Valerie says to herself that Vincent is alive and he wants Eve dead. Later Eve says goodnight to Valerie and leaves. After she goes, Valerie says she thought she'd never leave, and they could come out now. Valerie speaks with Vincent's voice, saying good job fooling their mother like that! Valerie says thank you! Vincent says no thank you. Valerie then pulls off a mask, she is Vincent! Vincent says Eve's little boy is alive and well and mad as hell! 

On the docks, Spike is walking around when he's hit from behind by Sheridan. Sheridan holds a gun on him and demands to know if he lied to her when he said Marty was alive? She says if he did, this is where he dies. She demands proof that Marty is alive. Spike says he will prove it if she puts the gun down. She does, but warns him not to run or she'll shoot him in both legs and then in the back. She says he'll suffer before he dies. To himself he says no wonder Luis dumped her! She then leads him off. 

Spike takes Sheridan to some room filled with computer, he claims he's used them to stay in touch with Alistair since everything that went down in Rome. HE says he has to use the computer to show her Marty. He taps into some network and shows Sheridan a room on a camera. Marty is playing with a train. Sheridan is in tears, he's grown so much. Sheridan is saying she loves him so much. Spike says touching, he's given her the proof so now he needs to leave. She aims the gun at him and says he's going no where! Spike says now what? Sheridan asks how she knows when the video was taken? HE says it's not a video, it's a live feed. He doesn't know where it's from. She says find out or she'll shoot him! Spike swears on his porn collection that he doesn't know where Marty is. She says say she believes him, prove to her that this is not prerecorded. Spike says okay piece of cake. He uses the computer to try and show her something, but the computer camera isn't working as it's supposed to. He's trying to show her a calendar in the room. Sheridan says get her a close up shot of the calendar in the room, or she'll shoot him close up! He finally gets the camera to zoom in on the calendar, showing today's date. Sheridan begins to cry. She says for once he told the truth. She says her son with Luis is alive. She tells Spike to go as she looks at her son. She says Luis will help her find him, then they'll be a family like they were supposed to be . . . no Fancy. 

Luis shows up in Fancy's room at the mansion, Pretty is still there. He asks how it is going. Fancy says okay, though she drank a little too much. Luis says Pretty spiked the lemonade? Pretty thought it would help them be less tense around each other. Luis says good thinking! Pretty leaves them alone, Luis says Fancy and her sister seem to be in a much better place. 

Pretty returns to the secret room where Alistair is , she asks how she did? Alistair tells himself she's so clingy and needy, no wonder men avoid her like the plague. Alistair tells Pretty she did marvelous. He laughs that soon Pilar may end up with two dead sons on her hands. Fancy and Luis are getting it on, Alistair is trying to use his remote to make Fancy slap Luis and call him names. However it isn't working. Suddenly something happens to Fancy, she grabbing her head and crying. Alistair says no this isn't supposed to happen, not to her beautiful sister no! Pretty says make it stop, he's hurting Fancy! He can't stop it.

Back in Fancy's room, she says her head is killing her, but then it stops. She swears to Luis she's fine now. He says she should go to the hospital, this could be a blood clot. Alistair, still spying, says Fancy can't go to the hospital as they'll find the device. Alistair is still trying to get the remote working, he thinks he knows what he did wrong. Back in her room, Fancy assures Luis she's okay. Luis gets her some water, then he sees blood coming out of her nose! Luis decides to call 911 and blood begins pouring out of her nose. Suddenly she collapses! 

Julian and Ivy arrive at the hospital to find out about Ethan. The doctor tells them how Ethan is getting better, with Theresa's unflinching love and the love of his parents, it is no wonder how he's hung on. Sam shows up, he seems hurt that the doctor assumed Ivy and Julian were his parents. Julian says that he thought they were his parents for some time, twenty some years actually. Later Sam brings them all coffee. Sam says the doctor wants to limit Ethan's visitors, he feels it's best Theresa stay with him. Ivy rants about Theresa, saying Alistair should have poisoned her but now thanks to Theresa she can't even see her own son. Ivy says all she can do is hope and pray that Theresa rots in hell for all the pain she's caused. Ivy storms off. Sam asks Julian if he shouldn't go get her? Julian says no, Sam should. 

Theresa is still in with Ethan, she says after 8 years their dream is finally coming true. The doctor tells Theresa that Ethan should be coming to any minute now. Pilar decides to wait outside. She wants Theresa to be the first face he sees. Ethan finally wakes up fully. She says he'll be okay, she couldn't live without him. He says she won't have to worry about that. The doctor needs to examine Ethan, so Theresa leaves the room. 

Theresa tells Julian, Sam and Pilar that Ethan's awake! Sam says Ivy will be ecstatic. Theresa tells Pilar this is it, her dream will finally come true. Pilar tells Theresa how happy she is for her. She says after all the miss steps, mistakes, missed opportunities, they'll finally be a family. Theresa says this is the start of a whole new chapter for them. 

Sam goes to see Ivy, who is crying. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She says oh Julian, I knew I could count on you. Sam says it's him. Julian says she's sorry, she assumed Julian would come find her. Sam says Ethan is going to be just fine. Ivy hugs Julian. Sam wonders if maybe he and Ivy will be okay too. Ivy thanks Sam for coming to tell her this. She again feels bad for keeping the secret about Ethan, how if she had told the truth his life would have been so different. She thinks all their lives would have been perfect. Sam says well pretty darn close. Sam ends up pulling ivy into a kiss!

Theresa goes in to see Ethan. He is happy she is here with him. She says she never left his side. He asks if she was talking to him the whole time? She was, he was responsive too. He remembers her being here. She says she's glad. She asks if he remembers anything else? He asks if he's supposed to? She says it would be nice if he did. He says he remembers her saying something wonderful. HE remembers squeezing her hand when she asked if he still loved her. HE says then he remembers, she said he has a son. She says yes he does. Pilar is watching and thanks God for this moment. Ethan can't believe he has a son. Theresa says he does. Ethan asks where is he? Pilar says just a moment and leaves to get Little Ethan. Ethan realizes this is the secret Theresa had. Unfortunately  before Pilar arrives with Little Ethan, Gwen walks in holding a baby boy, she says this is his son! This is our son, yours and mine! He hands her to Ethan! 


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