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new! Gracias, Passions Fans... 
Dear Soap Opera Fan Passions readers,

Soap Opera Fan staff would like to thank you all for coming here since Passions debuted, July 5, 1999 and reading all these wonderful recaps of the show, the teasers, casting information, news etc. Though we purchased the site a year ago, it has been our pleasure to give you the scoop on Passions during the show's last year. It is over now, and will not be returning, so we'll have to hold our fond memories of the zaniness, the hilarity, the campy and mystical times we spent in Harmony all these years, dear. We invite you to stick around and read all of our archived material, for as long as you wish. We'll always have our archives here for you to check out. Because we've got a sister site, and already said a goodbye on there, we invite you to read that... If you want to write up your own article of course, that's just fine!

Passions is over. Done. Finito.
We still receive email from folks, wondering when Passions is going back to NBC. It's not. I'm sorry to say that it's over. All the set props and wardrobe has been sold off, the show was last taped, months ago and the actors have all moved on, since. It was a great run, lasting almost 10 years, but there will never be another episode after today's finale. I write this with a bit of a heavy heart, as it's always sad to see any of our daytime shows hit the road. With Passions, some would argue that the show had it [the cancellation] coming, due to the paranormal and campy nature of it, or due to mediocre acting from some of the actors, others would say, "That's the draw to the show!" I always had mixed feelings about the show. I enjoyed it at times and other times, the unusual way the characters were forced to talk to themselves for minutes on end, irritated me. I will miss many of the actors and enjoyed some of the acting. I found the way they drew out the storylines to be painful to me, and I'm sure it was, even to the most loyal fan. But, it was unique. Where else can you say that you watched Bam Bam (ex-Precious), the trained orangutan, play nursemaid and caregiver to Edna, and have an unrequited love for Luis? What other daytime serial have you seen two lesbians making love? Two gay men, making love? Was there ever another hermaphrodite (Vincent) who became pregnant with his own father's son? How many times have you witnessed a show go where Passions went? I think the zaniest storyline must have been when Julian's penis was reattached, after Viki repeatedly stabbed Julian "in the crotch region" while he and Esme were sleeping, blindfolded. Those are some good times, and we'll miss this old friend.... To read more, click here.

See you on the SOF Days site and at www.soaps.com,

Christine Fix, Deanna Barnert, Matthew Purvis, Lori Wilson and Amy Mistretta.

Kim Johnston Ulrich talks goodbyes!
It's another great exit chat with Lori Wilson! Click here to see how Ulrich's last days went.

Tracey Ross looks back!
With Passions set to go off air in less than a month, soap.com's Lori Wilson (who also writes Lori's Last Word) had the pleasure of interviewing Passions vet Tracey Ross. Click here to see what Ross had to say about her nine years in wacky Harmony.

Watch Passions from the beginning... in Canada!
Passions is set to go off air August 11 in Canada, but fans are in for a treat the very next day when Super Channel begins re-airing the entire series from the beginning! The show will air on the Super Channel from Monday to Friday at 2:00 and 4:00 PM EST. At the same time, there's chatter that USA Network may offer US fans a similar series do-over, but that rumor remains unconfirmed. (Fingers crossed!)

Eric Martsolf Interview
Eric says goodbye to Passions at soaps.com.

Andrea Evans makes her triumphant return to “One Life To Live”! Read more here!

Exclusive Interview with Jean Paul San Pedro! (Roberto)

Site News!

Hello! Some of you are noticing that we're currently under a little construction and I wanted to give all of you a heads up as to what's happening with Soap Opera Fan these days! Dustin has sold Soap Opera Fan, in order for him to concentrate on his studies! In a statement on the message board, Dustin says he has been maintaining this site for almost 14 years and decided to sell the site for various factors, one of which is to focus on graduate school! To quote Dustin: "So all these factors contributed in my decisions to give up the page, and I truly hope you can understand. Again this wasn't an easy choice for me, but essentially for so long I feel I have put the page first and now it was time to put me first." Dustin has stayed with us through the transition for a few months but at this point, he's no longer maintaining the site in any capacity. We've agreed that we both would like to see him posting from time to time as a "guest writer", depending on how much time he has available! We wish him all the best in his future endeavours, knowing that it is never easy to leave a huge part of your life that you've put all your love and hard work into.

A little about us! The company who purchased the site is called She Knows LLC. They own and operate various sites on the web including She Knows.com. My name is Christine Fix, I'm Canadian, reside in Toronto Ontario and work as a writer, reporter, senior producer and editor-in-chief of Soaps.com, Reality TV Magazine.com and now, Soap Opera Fan. My writers reside both in Canada and the US and are a wonderful and very talented team. If you've any questions or feedback about the site, myself or my staff, we've got an open door policy. Feel free to contact us at . Our staff will try to get back to everyone but we do ask that you allow our staff time to answer! Thank- you for your patience regarding the delay in our updates. Friday March 28th, we've started posting the spoilers and comings and goings and you can find our updates posted Monday March 31, 2008, for Passions and Days Of Our Lives!

Please feel free to read the updates, spoilers and comings and goings on Soaps.com and we'll be linking to our sister site with any interviews or major news that we feel you want and need to know about! Cheers and thank- you!

Christine Fix
Senior Producer / Editor-in-Chief
Soap Opera Fan Soaps.com Reality TV Magazine.com  


Writers Strike Could Hurt Soaps! 
Writers Now Set To Strike!
Writers Strike Begins!
New Negotiations Scheduled!
Negations Stalled!

Last week the Writers Guild of America voted to strike come midnight, October 31st if new contracts are not agreed upon. Their current contracts expire at midnight on Halloween. At the heart of the strike is the fact that networks are now making more money from the shows through DVD sales, online plays and download sales through iTunes, cellphones, etc . . . In 2001 a strike was averted at the final hours of the night, which could happen again tonight. The last time the writers went on strike was in 1988, and it lasted for 5 months.

Should writers strike again, a lengthy strike could be disastrous for the soaps. Soaps usually only tape 3 weeks in advance, with the final scripts of the show not being delivered too much ahead of the taping of the shows. Should the strike happen and not be resolved quickly, we could see the soaps running out of new episodes by the end of November or early December. The spots would most likely be filled with old reruns of other syndicated shows, news programs or infomercials. Current primetime TV shows would run out of new episodes in early 08. Movies too would be affected as the studios would not meet projected dates for some of their upcoming blockbusters.

Even though several deals were offered, and a professional mediator was brought in, contract talks with the Writers Guild of America broke off last night. Today. November 1st, the guild is set to vote again on whether to strike or continue working without contracts in hopes of negotiating a deal. If they vote to strike, the strike could begin as early as tomorrow, November 2nd.

On Thursday the Writers Guild of America voted to strike, but as of yet no announcement has been made to when the strike will begin. Some news reports indicate it could happen at any moment, others say it will most likely be delayed until Sunday or Monday to allow last minute attempts to resolve the contracts before striking. 

Last minute negotiations fell through, and the writers strike began at 12:01am this morning, Monday November 5th.

The soaps are currently without their writers, but have enough scripts and episodes to get through January, maybe into February. However there may be no interruption as negations to end the strike are set to begin again on November 26th.

In early December, a week after starting talks again, the WGA ceased talks and rejected deals presented to them. There have been no new talks since and the strike has gone on.

Passions Wins Daytime Emmy For Outstanding Original Song

Passions won a 2007 Daytime Emmy for their original song "Love is Ecstasy." The song was written by composer and lyricist John Henry Kreitler and composer Wesley B. Boatman, Jr. The song was featured in the Passions Bollywood spoof.

Not Seeing Page Updates?
I often get emails that the page doesn't appear to have been updated in days, or when trying to get the latest summary one gets the summary from last week. The problem is that your web browser is pulling a cached update off your hard drive rather than the latest update from my server. There are several ways to fix this issue.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to make sure whatever browser you are using (IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera) is the most current and up to date version. The newer browsers are much better at correcting this issue than older browsers are. 

Other ways to correct the issue are to change the settings/options of your browser. How to do this will vary depending on the browser. One option to look for is how the browser checks for new versions of the pages you visit. Options usually include: once per session, once per day, every time I connect to a website. This option is usually found somewhere near the cache/temporary files settings (Firefox seems to not have this option).

If all else fails and the page isn't updating, go into your options and choose to clear/empty your temporary internet files/browser cache. Another option is to simply hold down CTRL on your keyboard and hit your browsers refresh/reload button, which forces an update.


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