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Theresa's Goodbye Letter to Pilar
Ivy's Love Letter to Sam
Ivy's 2nd Letter to Sam
Sheridan's Letter to Luis upon her death
Sheridan's DVD/Taped messages to Luis
Sheridan's Diary Entries
Martin's Recorded Message to Katherine  
Maya's Letter to Noah

Ethan's poem to Theresa and Gwen
Ethan's Valentine Poem for Gwen
My Ethan by Theresa
Miguel's Poem for Charity  
Harry and Patience's Poem  

Wedding Vows
Grace and Sam's Wedding Vows
The Vows Luis Wrote for Sheridan
Sheridan and Theresa's special words for Ethan and Luis
Luis and Sheridan's Commitment Ceremony  

Gwen's Proposal to Ethan
Ethan's Proposal to Theresa
Luis' Proposal to Sheridan
Beth's Proposal to Luis  
Ethan's Proposal to Gwen  
Miguel's Proposal to Charity  
Luis' 2nd Proposal to Sheridan
Luis' Proposal to Beth  
Brian/Antonio's Proposal to Sheridan/Diana  
Luis' Proposal to Sheridan in the Hospital
Chris' Proposal to Sheridan
Fox's Proposal to Kay
Julian's Proposal to Eve
Sam's Proposal to Ivy  

Theme Song 
Theresa and Ethan; and Whitney's Songs from the Crane Cabin
Imagine: Luis and Sheridan's Theme Song
Whitney's Songs Performed at the Blue Note
Eve's Songs Performed At The Blue Note  
The song Katherine Sang To Sheridan
Edna and Norma's Christmas Songs  
Edna's Christmas Pageant Performance  

Prayers said by Grace and Faith
Tabitha's Curse on the Standish Clan
Grace's Curse on Ivy
Father Lonigan's Exorcism
The Garden Maze Plaque 
Speeches given at Sheridan's 1st Funeral 

Tabitha's Spells
Dr. Bombay's S pells 
Timmy's Spells!  
Charity's Spells!
Hecuba's Spells

Kay's Spells  

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