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April 11, 2008
I'll chime in next week. In the meantime, Matt's Musings on Passions this week is going up Monday, and my Last Word on Days is already up! For a bit of he said/she said action, you can also check out Matt's Musings on Days.

April 4, 2008
So Theresa has made it back from Mexico in one piece, but only to sneak around the Crane Mansion in fear of Juanita finding out she's alive. While we give her props for trying to protect her family, how exactly is this helping them? Yes, Gwen has threatened to tell Juanita where Pilar lives, but if Ethan or chief of police Sam find out Gwen was the one to tip Juanita off in the first place, wouldn't that eliminate the threat? Gwen certainly wouldn't have Pilar or Theresa killed if Ethan knew she was behind it. So Pilar or Theresa needs to tell Ethan the truth, including that he is Little E's father, and then Theresa can come out of hiding, Ethan will dump Gwen to be with Theresa, Gwen and Rebecca will possibly go to jail and everyone will get what they deserve!  

That said, I kinda like Theresa's "Gertrude" disguise… but how does a "dead" woman with no access to money obtain that get-up in mere moments? I'll let that one go, as it should be fun to watch Theresa toy with Rebecca and Ivy while longing for Ethan (even though she should just tell him she's alive. Did I already say that?). And the scenes of Rebecca and Ivy interviewing her were a hoot! I'm looking forward to seeing more of these uppity women interact with Ugly Betty "Gertrude."

As for Gwen, let the poor man grieve already! Ethan just lost the love of his life and the day of her memorial service, Gwen demands he put his feelings for Theresa behind him and focus on her. We all know she has an agenda and isn't upset Theresa is dead, but come on!

Once again, Little Ethan is the only grounded and mature person in this whole group. He's already proven he can keep a secret by not telling Ethan they are father and son, so why can't Theresa at least tell him she's alive? Whether that happens or not, the scenes between Little E and Ethan are pretty sweet and quite possible the most real moments on the show. 

This week also brought the return of Roberto. Admittedly, I don't know his history with Paloma, as I only started watching Passions since it came to DirecTV, but I like him already. He is far more interesting on screen and has more chemistry with Paloma than Noah ever has. Noah's a little too bland for my taste and his "aw shucks" demeanor doesn't cut it. I hope the demon elf's plan of breaking up Noah and Paloma works, because I want to see more Roberto and less Noah!

Hot on the heels of a real life transgender man going public with his own pregnancy story, Vincent was back this week. I'm pretty sure the Oregon man didn't get knocked up by his own father, but still, it's pretty interesting that this is the story on "Passions" that somewhat reflects real life. Anyway, the Vincent story is absurd, which is too bad, because I do like the actor. Eve just needs to tell Julian what's going on so they can battle Vincent together.

Of course, Julian's having his own problems this week, since Viki cut his penis off. Sucks to be him! I hope this story wraps up soon and doesn't drag out until the end of the show in August. I don't care about Viki's abandonment issues and am tired of her lurking in the hallways with her bloody knife. In fact, I'm not sure which story I like least: the Viki stalker storyline or the Pretty stalker storyline. At least we got a reprieve from the latter this week!



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