Actor Fun Facts

Lena Cardwell
Lena appeared in the film "The Object of My Affection"

Chea Courtney (Angel Girl)
new Chea is the daughter of Pete Rose.

Josh Ryan Evans
Josh played the bratty child prodigy attorney on Ally McBeal. He also played Tom Thumb on A&E's PT Barnum Mini Series.

new Josh appeared in an episode of 7th Heaven as a hospitalized boy.

Bernard Fox
new Bernard played Dr. Bombay on BeWitched. He has also been in the movies Titanic and The Mummy.

Bruce Michael Hall
Bruce has made appearance in numerous soap operas, including Sunset Beach and Bold and the Beautiful.

Liza Huber
Liza Huber is AMC's Susan Lucci's daughter with Helmut Huber.

James Hyde
James Hyde played Neil Johanson on Another World

new James Hyde was a backup dancer for the group Dead or Alive back in the 80s.

Dalton James
Starred in the movie "My Father the Hero"

Dalton James also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210. He was David's roommate.

Dalton James played MacGyvers' son on the series finale.

Brooke Kerr
new Brooke has appeared in such shows as The Wayans Brothers, The Steve Harvey Show, Smart Guy, City Guys, Saved By The Bell, and Hang Time.

Ben Masters
new Ben appeared in the romantic movie Key Exchange.

new Ben appeared as a lawyer on an episode of Murder She Wrote.

new Ben appeared in the HBO movie "The Second Civil War"

Kelli McCarthy
Kelliwas Miss USA in 1991.

Juliet Mills
Juliet is best known for playing the nanny in "The Nanny and the Professor"

Juliet Mills sister is Hayley Mills, the child star who appeared in numerous Disney films.

new Juliet appeared as the maid in the movie "The Other Sister"

Tracey Ross
Tracey has starred the soap operas in All My Children and Ryan's Hope.

Tracey Ross was a Star Search spokes model WINNER in the 80's.

new Tracey played a lady who hit on Theo and Dr. Huxtable on an episode of the Cosby Show.

Dana Sparks
Starred as Vicki Giobertti in Falcon Crest.

new Appeared on several episodes of JAG.

new Dana appeared on Melrose Place back in 1992.

new Dana appeared on an episode of Full House.

Donn Swaby
new Donn appeared in the movie GI Jane.

Kim Johnston Ulrich
Kim played Diane McCall on As the World Turns.

new Kim appeared on a few episodes of Who's The Boss as a secretary who tries to steal Tony away from Angela. She's also appeared on Matlock, Wings, Diagnoses Murder, 3rd Rock from the son, and 7th Heaven (as a woman trying to seduce Eric Camden).

new Kim starred as Shelley, the main character, in the movie Rumplestiltskin.

Rodney Van Johnson
Rodney played Sebastian Dupree on the soap Port Charles

McKenzie Westmore
new McKenzie played on Days as a member of Taylor Walker's Bible Study Group.

new McKenzie appeared on an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and in the movie Star Trek: Insurrection.

new McKenzie played Robert DiNero's daughter in Raging Bull.

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