Songs from the Crane Cabin

Kiss Me Sung by Ethan and Theresa

Let me close my eyes (Let me seeeee)
Give me hope tonight (Give it to meeeeee)
Touch my heart I cry (And I live)
I live alone tonight (And I dream)
Hold me (Give me a place)
Help me (Find my way)
Carry through the night (Carry me)
Be the one tonight (In my dreams)
See Me (Make Me Whole)
Breath Me (Find My Way)
I'm Here (Be With Me)
All For You Now . . . Kiss Me
Wake me (Light the way)
Find Me . . . Kiss me

Angels Fly Away Sung by Whitney

You had a broken wing
You could not fly away
Maybe you will one day
Get well and fly away
I had a broken heart
Loved you right from the start
Wish that you would stay
With me for always
Is it true
Do angels fly away

Lyrics may not be 100% correct.

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