Character Fun Facts

Cars and Boats

Ethan Crane drives a black convertible with the license HRI 814

Sam's boat is named Amazing Grace

Ivy drives a blue convertible mustang

Sheridan drives a red 120 SLK Mercedes Benz convertible.

The Sea Breeze was the Harmony High Prom Boat, which Charity sank.

Miguel drives a motorcycle.

Sam drives a red Ford Explorer.

David told Grace that they had a boat called "The Galla"

Luis drives a Red Ford Taurus

Gwen drives a White BMW sports car, license plate YNQ 639

Charlie drove a 1984 New Yorker Beige 4 door sedan, license plate YNQ 639 (same as Gwen's!)

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Fancy drives a silver late model foreign made car with the license plate  CRG 702

Noah drives a 1965 white 4 door Ford Buick with the license plane CRG 702 (the same as Fancy's!)

Paloma drives a silver four door car (unknown make)

The Cape June is the rowboat Rebecca and Gwen made their way around in during the Tsunami and flood.

When Beth escaped with Marty the first time, she was driven away in a black car with the liscense 624-RVA

Ethan drives a four door silver sedan 624RVA (Another reused liscense)

The Crane Jet is called The Sky King.


Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies, Phobias

Jean-Luc likes Italian sports cars.

Theresa likes provocative pink nail polish

Jessica is a vegetarian.

Theresa's favorite ice cream is chocolate swirl.

Reese is an avid bug collector

Theresa likes lavender and Satin.

Bewitched is Tabitha's favorite show.

Reese is allergic to lobster.

Faith collected crosses and angel figurines around her home to ward off evil.

Grace and Faith both love lobster

Grace loves Lobster Newburg

Blue is Charity and Miguel's favorite color, and they both love the sea and Jennifer Lopez

Sheridan Crane uses Estee Lauder face powder.

Sheridan wears "Forever Mine" perfume.

Charity wears a teddy bear charm on a necklace for good luck.

Theresa's and Gwen's favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.

Butter Crunch is Miguel's favorite ice cream

Jasmine is Ivy's favorite scent.

Martin Fitzgerald loved fishing.

Butter Crunch is Miguel's favorite ice cream flavor.

Secret Pleasure is Grace's favorite perfume.

Tabitha's favorite character on BeWitched is Endora.

Ethan likes to sleep on the right side of the bed and uses one pillow

Sam Bennett is allergic to mangoes

Luis and Sheridan enjoy eating ice cream in the winter. Luis likes chocolate sprinkles, whereas Sheridan prefers multi-colored sprinkles.

Chocolate Ice Cream is Charity's favorite

Sheridan collects miniature horses (the toy kind, not living ones)

Sheridan is terrified of Mice.

Eve drinks white wine.

Chocolate donuts are Charity's favorite.

Sheridan loves Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Ethan and Sam both love baseball. As a senior, Ethan batted 470. Both Sam and Ethan throw right handed and used a left bat.

Ethan can impersonate Elvis.

Les Gros Canard was the name of Sheridan's favorite bistro in Paris.

Toledo is Sheridan's favorite place is Spain, possibly all of Europe.

Ethan loves Pilar's Arroz Con Polo

Daisy's are Sheridan's favorite flowers.

Chad wears Hanes underwear.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald's eat Tony's Frozen Pizza

Ivy's favorite perfume is "Tout Nue" which means completely naked in French.

Snakes scare Kay to death

Chocolate Mint is Luis' favorite Ice Cream.

Sheridan is claustrophobic.

Hecuba hates pizza

The Tin Man is Timmy's favorite Oz character.

Grace loves daffodils.

Grace puts honey in her tea.

Norma wears Old Spice

Tabitha reads Dark Side Magazine

Tabitha's favorite holiday movie is North Pole Chainsaw Massacre.

Sam loves Tuna casserole

Coffee with whiskey is Sams favorite nightcap.

Ethan is an experienced rock climber

Whitney is claustrophobic.

Autumn is Antonio's favorite time of year.

Theresa and Pilar both craved strawberries while they were pregnant.

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Jessica started an N'Synch fan club in high school

"Biker's From Hell" is Paloma's favorite scary movie.

Fox's first pony was named Ablerton's Star, it's also the name of his PC password.

Gwen loves warm milk with cinnamon in it.

Pilar used to make a mustard plaster to help Ethan and her kids beat colds.

Captain Cranium and the Learning Annex is James favorite TV show.

The spa is Rebecca's most favorite place in the world.

Abigail was the named of a stuffed bear Katherine gave Sheridan as a child.


Childhood Sweethearts

Gwen and Ethan have been in boarding school since they were children. Gwen and Ethan met at a boarding school mixer

Miguel used to date a girl named Jennifer.

Mindy Torrid was another one of Miguel's old girlfriends.

Luis and Beth Wallace were king and queen of the senior prom.

Theresa has never had a boyfriend because she's always loved Ethan. She did go on a fake date once with a guy named Chuck to fool Ethan and Gwen about her feelings for Ethan.

Ivy and Sam had their own private prom because they were unable to attend their school prom because of their secret relationship.

Charity and Miguel died on the Titanic in a previous life as Manvel Goncalves from Spain and Honora Fleming from Macon County Ireland.

Ethan gave Theresa a doll as a gift when they were children.

Miguel gave Charity his grandmas cross.

Ethan and Gwen have been dating since they were 12.

Julian gave Gwen his grandmother's pearls and diamond brooch as a wedding present

Ethan and Gwen shared their first kiss in the Hotchkiss garden, and Ethan carved their initials in a tree there.

Gwen and Ethan won the country club's sailing championship one year.

Gwen bought Ethan a watch inscribed with their birthdates and "Born to Be Together"

Ethan and Gwen's Alma Matter was the Jupiters

Carroline was Jonathin Hotckiss' original fiance before Rebecca broke them up.

Sinead OConnors Nothing Compares 2 U  was Beth and Luis favorite song in high school. 

TC and Eves first date was at a skating rink

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Jean Flannigan was Noah's Jr. Highschool crush.

Stephanie was the head cheerleader at an opposing school that Noah dated in High School.

  Albert Grimuald is one of Fancy's ex boyfriends.

Armand and Pablo were two men from some of Rebecca's photo collection.

Fox once dated a woman named Carla

Jared Casey claimed to be in love with a woman named Arabella.


Misc Crime Facts

When she was arrested, Sheridan is prisoner 0024

Jack Gallegher is an alias of Hank Bennetts that turned up in some FBI files.

new Everything below this point is new as of 12/00/06

436 116 5402 - This was the code Alistair used for a hidden bank account where he funneled money to Beth.

When Noah and Maya were wanted the APBs described Noah as 62", 180 pounds and blue eyes; Maya as 5'6", 125 pounds and brown eyes

When Sam, Ethan and Noah were arrested for beating up Spike their mugshot/booking numbers were 50108, 50107 and  50106 (respectively)

Kelly Anderson was the alias Beth used on her fake passports to flee Harmony when she thought she would be exposed due to the first DNA tests on Marty

05-8451043 Eves booking number when she was arrested for attempting to murder Liz.

4954 Gwens booking number when she was arrested for kidnapping Jane and stabbing Theresa


Important Dates

July 5, 1999 - Passions Premiers

January 27 is Witches night in Harmony, a night when the kids search the grave yard for witch graves.


Jobs and other Citizens

Miguel worked on a fishing boat one summer.

Ethan works as a lawyer for Gwen's family.

Theresa worked at the Burger Hut and the Cannery.

Whitney teaches kids tennis at the country club.

TC's dad, James Russell, worked at the country club.

Mayor Walter Dimeretz is the mayor of Harmony.

Dr. Samuels is the Crane's Doctor.

Eve Russell runs the Harmony Free Clinic

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is the director of the Harmony Youth Center.

Mrs. Eleanor Crump is the hardest English teacher at Harmony High

Beth Wallace runs the Book Cafe.

Fred Barns owns the lobster shack, but later it was changed to Fred Ferguson.

Charles is the Cranes chauffer.

Chief Burden is chief of Castleton's fire department.

Mrs. Haze is the school secretary at Harmony High.

Mrs. Ramsey is Harmony High School clerk.

Sam and Hank Bennett's dad was Chief of Police.

Howard Sanders was Chad's boss in LA who robbed him of his record producing credits.

Mrs. Jenkins is the biology teacher at Harmony High.

Mrs Crump is the drama teacher at Harmony High.

Martin Fitzgerald once worked at the Harmony AutoBody Shop

George is the guard at the front gate at the Crane Mansion.

Mrs Collette is the French designer who made Gwen's dress

Sheriff Trudeo is the sheriff at mountain/ski lodge.

Nate is the Harbormaster

Both Jessica and Whitney have worked as a Candy Stripers

Darla is the Hotckiss maid

Terrance managed Chad's old building.

Ryan is the Crane Butler

Gill T. Gillian is the name of Harmony's Taxman.

A long time ago, Eve sang at a club called the "Blue Note" in Boston

Abigail is Ivy's personal dressmaker.

Jerry is the head of Crane Security.

Carol Ash is the grief counselor at hospital

Father O'Hara is a priest at the church.

Dr. Tim was Katherine and Martins plastic surgeon 

Dr Amaro was the doctor at Harmony hospital who told Theresa that she was pregnant with twins.

Eliana is another maid who works at the Crane Mansion.

Mr Bradley runs a jewelry store where Ethan bought his engagement ring.

Lily was one of Ivy's maid's at the mansion.

Judge McFarlane was the judge who oversaw Luis's hearing for kidnapping Sheridan

Judge Ellis oversaw the hearing Gwen and Ethan had to try and force Theresa to abort their fetus.

Chuck was Kays boss at the Crane Cannery.

Nurse Brown was Gwens nurse who gave her hormone shots when she was trying to get pregnant.

Officer Murphy works at Harmony Jail

Vict Gottis has a talk show called 'Shock Talk'

Larry Winger is a Jerry Springer type show in Harmony.

Judge Clarence Sanders was the judge at Little Ethans custody hearing

Carlos is the cannery foreman.

Dr. Morison is a doctor at the hospital

BEth hired a girl named Cindy to babysit Martin

Nurse Andrews works in the psych ward at Harmony Hospital.

Dr. Culver was Beth's obstetrician, and Nurse Adams and Tagart were his nurses.

Gina is one of Alistairs "girls"

Joe was Miguels boss at the Crane Cannery.

Fox's assistant at Crane Industries is Sienna, and Julian's is Madeline.

Alistair's henchman's name was Nicholas.

Dr. Hanson is another doctor at Harmony Hospital.

Carol Henderson is a news anchor in Harmony.

Dr. Gallagher is one of Sheridans doctors

Officer Kirkman and Murpy work at for the Harmony PD.

Father Rochard baptized Sarah Winthrop in LA after she died.

Lyle Jacksons (Ole Man JAckson) is one of Harmony's fisherman.

Dr Andrews was the  neo natal specialist at Harmony Hospital for Kays baby.

Frank is an orderly at hospital 

Claude works at the Blue Note

Haddie works at the Harmony Doll shop

Judge Conyard was the man who was supposed to marry Luis and Sheridan

Paul O is the Crane chauffer

Mr. Dublanc is the coffin seller in Harmony who sold Theresas family her coffin (when she was supposedly executed).

Bobby works at the Book Cafe

Trish was Theresas assistant when she worked at Crane Industries.

Natasha was one of Alistairs assistants/girls

Dr Anders was the doctor who Kay went to when she was pregnant.

David Kirchenbaum is a reporter for Harmony NBC news station WHMM

Commander Yardly is the Commander of the Harmony Coast Guard.

new Everything below this point is new as of 12/00/06

Alfonso is Theresas personal chef.

Emerald is the name of the Crane Cooks cat

Willy works the front desk at the Crane building.

Dr. Richards was TCs doctor when he had his drunk driving accident and stroke

Captain Olsen is the fisherman that Miguel worked for off an on

Jerry Garage is the place that Ethan worked as a mechanic for awhile.

Dr. Ryan was an ER doctor who once tended to Fancy.

Shane is the assistant to the infamous Judge Reilly.

Noah's best friend in school was named Grey.

Agent Dave Hall was an FBI agent Sam knew working in Harmony.

Eddie is one of the many Crane Nanny's

Phyllis was the Crane maid who was murdered by Spike.

Ben Cratchet is one of the Harmony police officers.

Josephine is one of Fancy's old society friends.

Judge Eden is who oversaw Eve's murder trial.

Mr. Kelly is the manager of the Seascape 

Kaitlin Baley was one of Fancy's boarding school friends who married a Von Arland.

Edgar is the name of Rebecca's "pet" donkey.

Officer McNally was Alistair's cop on the take on the Harmony PD.

Shayla and Marcy are hookers in Harmony.

Mayor Analel  was mentioned as the mayor of Harmony once.

Burt and Kelly are officers at the Harmony PD

Carol is a waitress at the Blue Note.

When Fancy and Noah were in Vegas, Omar was a casino owner where they were staying and Jake was the doorman.

Dottie is Sheridan's old friend from college that she had run some DNA tests on Marty.

Ms. Samms was the social worker in Jane's custody case.

Judge Leigh Weimer oversaw Gwen's hearing when she attacked Theresa.

Mrs. Welesley was the woman who handled the adoption of Miles Davis Harris/Crane.

Tina was one of Alistairs secretaries/assistants.

Captain Arnold runs a fishing trawler, and a guy named Vic used to work on it.

Captain Ladish  was the pilot of the new crane Jet.

Harold is the name of Alistairs Limo driver.

Peggy Aimes was the doctor who almost performed an abortion on Theresa.

Mr Hobby was a florist who liked Pilar for years.



Tim Tim and Dollface are Tabitha's nickname for Timmy.

Tabby and Timmy's Sweet Princess are Timmy's nicknames for Tabitha.

TC calls Sam, Sammy; and Ivy, Poison Ivy.

Surgarbear is TC's nickname for Simone

Hanky is Luis' nickname for Hank

Hank and Luis sometime refer to once another as "best bud"

Luis and Hank call Ethan "Choir Boy"

Officer Tina nicknamed Luis "Sex on a Stick"

Tabitha once called Charity "Pasty Face"

Tabitha refers to the angel girl as "Angel Brat"

Evil Charity referred to Timmy and Tabitha as "Doll Baby" and "Old Bat."

Gwen's sorority sisters call her Gweny.

Tabitha's nickname for Grace is "Gracie"

Pilar often calls Theresa "Theresita"

Princess is Rebecca's nickname for Gwen.

Theresa calls Whitney "Whit"

Evil Charity called the angel girl "Goldielocks."

Dim-Tim was an insulting name Tabitha once called Timmy.

Julian calls Ivy "The Ice Queen"

TC calls Sam "Cowboy."

Julian's nickname for Rebecca is "Bec."

Julian's nickname for Suzanne is Crepe Suzanne. He has also called her Sexy Pants.

Rebecca calls Julian Pookey.

Rebecca called Theresa the Taco Queen.

Tabitha refers to Reese as "Ross" and geekboy.

Tabitha calls Grace Gracie.

Tabitha referred to Miguel, Kay, and Charity as the Von Trap Trio

Reese calls Grace Mrs. B.

Both Hecuba and Timmy refer to Father Lonigan as Padre.

Timmy calls himself "Yours Truley" around Father Lonigan.

Chad refers to Tabitha as the Nutjob.

Hecuba refers to Timmy as Elfman, Mini-Me, Toy Boy, Ken Doll, and Garden Gnome.

Hecuba called Charity Miss Mystical and Cousin Pain in the Keaster.

Tabitha calls Hecuba Mrs Holier Than Thou and Hec.

Tabitha calls Father Lonigan Father Buttinsky and Father Failure.

Tabitha referred to Timmy as Drama Doll.

Hecuba calls Julian and Rebecca Richie Rich and Flashy Flousie.

Chad refers to Julian as Master of the Universe

Julian calls Tabitha Old Woman and Timmy Gnome.

Timmy refers to Hecuba as Heccy.

Ivy calls Grace Saint Grace.

Kay calls Evil Charity Demon Girl.

Evil Charity refers to Miguel as Pretty Boy.

Hecuba calls Father Lonigan Father Dreary Drawers, Heaven's Little Helper, and Father Bright Eyes.

Luis once referred to Sheridan as Hot Lips.

Tabitha called the angel girl God's Little Party Pooper.

Whitney once referred to Chad as Reverend Chad.

Tabitha called Norma Nasty Norma.

Pilar calls Theresa "Mi hija" which means daughter, and Miguel and Luis "Mi hijo" which means son.

Ivy once referred to Julian as Porky

Tanitha calls the Bennet's "The Bennet Bunch"

Norma's dad called her buttercup.

Cuddlebear and Snugglebear were Reese and Jessica's nicknames for one another.

Puppy Dog is the nickname Syd Valentine called Puff Dog

Serial Mom  is what Mrs. Wallace called Beth

Helluba is Tabithas nickname for Hecuba

Girlfiend is what Tabitha called Kay

Miss Tamale toes was what Ivy once called Theresa

Nurse Crab Ass is what Tabitha called Nurse Cravitz

Rebecca once called Theresa Seniorita Tackey

new Everything below this point is new as of 12/00/06

Noah often called Fancy "Fancy Pants"

Edna calls Norma "Normy" and Beth "Bethypoo"

Beth calls Sheridan "Sher Sher"


Family/Character Histories

Ethan and Sheridan are more like brother and sister than aunt and nephew because they are only 2 years apart age wise.

Sheridan Crane and Princess Diana were good friends.

Tabitha is unnaturally old, Sam has known her his whole life and said she was old when he was a boy.

Luis wanted to study law.

TC Russell and Sam Bennett went to school together at the local high school where TC coaches.

Luis was a Don Juan at the local high school and is now a legend.

The Bennets have been in Harmony for 100 of years, and their grandfather lost everything in the depression, to the Cranes.

Ivy has a mysterious old locket which Sam gave her.

Grace has two left moles on her shoulder, Faith does not.

Kay plays baseball for the high school team.

Gwen had a nanny Bridget.

Faith uses the nickname seeker on the internet.

On the school softball team, Kay is number 20, Miguel is number 5.

Kay's full name is Kathleen Elizabeth Bennett

Ivy has Louis XVI chairs which are family heirlooms

Mindy and Trever are the school gossips.

Ivy and Sam and Grace's song is Billie Joel's "Just the Way You Are." Also, Grace heard it when she first saw Sam in Boston in an Italian restaurant.

Sheridan Crane went to college with Eleanor Goodwill, who was her sorority sister and now heads the Harmony Woman's League.

Hank became a pool shark while out of harmony.

Father Lonagin lost his eye sight saving the statue of the angel from a fire.

Whitney is the Tennis Team Captain

A fun fact about the Standish family. Since the Standishes were fighting Tabitha back during the Salem Witch trials, it is obvious that they have been in this country in the early days of its formation. Interestingly enough, the captain of the Mayflower was Miles Standish!

Sam was voted the coolest guy in his school class.

Sheridan played Lacrosse in boarding school

Ivy has prize winning orchids

Star Avenger is the videogame Charity beat Miguel at.

Sam gave Grace a "mother ring" for Christmas which has a stone for each of their children.

Prudence Standish is Charity's ancestor who was cursed by Tabitha.

Chad's birthmark is on his butt and is oval/tear shaped and is strawberry in color.

Saint Michaels is the church in Boston where Sam and Grace married.

Pilar gave Martin an pocket knife with his initials inscribed on it.

Martin Fitzgerald had a scar behind his ear.

Ivy was a Winthrop before marrying Julian Crane.

Kay makes Pancake Omelets

TC's grandfather was an escaped slave

Alistair has a pet tarantula

Sheridan was a dart champ 2 years running at a pub outside of London.

Gwen keeps a picture of Ethan in her briefcase.

Charity and Miguel were voted best dressed and Prom King and Queen of Harmony High's 2000 Prom.

TC and Eve, and Sam and Grace are the godparents of each others children.

5798 is the combination to Ivy's attach case.

Edith Spurierer was the nurse who delivered Ethan.

Hank taught Kay and Jessica how to play poker.

Bailey, Gwen's original maid of honor, and Gwen have been friends since her first year of boarding school.

Alison Bradville is another friend of Gwen's.

Grace and Faith Standish were born at 11:11AM

In the Crane family, the father of the groom is always the best man at Crane weddings.

Gwen's is a Epsilon Gamma Pi and her sisters are Bunny, Buffy, Robin, Squeaky, Muffy, Shannon.

Princess Caroline gave Ethan and Gwen a vase for their wedding.

Rebecca was Ivy's Maid of Honor.

Theresa's flight to Australia was 101

Pilar gave Ethan and Theresa stuffed bears as children, and Ethan named his Raggs.

Ethan and Gwen went to school with Sharon and Robert.

Sam gave Grace a diamond cross for Christmas 2000.

Julian hired the Boston Red Sox' batting and pitching coaches to help a young Ethan improve his game.

Eve graduated from the University of Michigan.

Miguel's basketball number is 05, and he played for the Rockin' Lobsters.

Ethan pitched for his baseball team in 4th grade, was a rowing champ in college, and was Team Captain of his Lacrosse team.

 Hank always sings the song "Love the one your with"

Jessica dressed up as as a ballerina for her first Halloween.

Sheridan has a magic 8 ball that she's had since college

Grace wanted to name her baby boy Jack.

When Jessica was little she had a stuffed toy named Mr. Fuzz.

Noah had a blue blanky he loved when he was younger.

Whitney took second at the Juniors Tennis Competition in Orlando

Pila'rs phrase for something is wrong and she wants to talk to one of her children is "The dishes need cleaning"

Ethan Crane's Employee number at Crane Industries was - 145-634

Martin and Katherine gave Paloma a stuffed bear named Rodrigo when she was a kid

Scott was one of Miguel's friends from High School.

Sheridan has a black belt in Karate

Sky King is the name of the Crane Jet.

Gwen and Ethan flew National Airlines flight 463 to LA

Living Smooth was the name of Eves one and only album

new Everything below this point is new as of 12/00/06

Luis and Sheridan planted Hiaasen bulbs and named it their flower.

Treasure Island is the password to AListair's PC.

9696 is the code to Sams house alarm.

3-4-59   is the combination to Rebecca's safe.

When Fancy first came to Harmony she had a gender changing dog named Preston/Prestine. The dog vanished and hasn't been see again.

Inquisitor and the News Weekly where the national tabloids that leaked the story on Chad and Whitney incest.




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