Charity's Spells

Evil Charity's Spell to turn Twigs to Snakes - 9/7/2000-9/8/2000
5, 6, pick up sticks.
7, 8, make them hate.
9, 10, send them in!

Twigs and Sticks,
Slither and Coil.
Spread Your Venom,
and Make the Blood Boil!

Charity's Spell to Help Her Friends - 9/25/01
Hear me mighty winds and rains
Leave us, spare my friends
Help them swim to safety.

Evil Charity's Spell On the People of Harmony 3/16/-3/19/01
People of Harmony,
Darken your hearts.
Reveal all of the evil in all of your parts!
Revenge is the way, revenge is all pain,
kill your tormenters as you all go insane!

Evil CHarity's Spell on On TC 3/19/01
Evil take hold!
Come evil, make your way into Harmony .
Take control of this man.
Remind him of his hatred.
Remind him of what his enemy has done to him.
See that he destroys his foe.
Darken his heart, fuel his rage, see that he murder's his enemy!
Remember what he did to you!
Remember what he did to your father!

Zombie Charity's Spell to Create a Distraction - 2/1402
Now is the Time
Now is the Place
Create a Distraction
No Time To Waste

Zombie Charity's Raven Spell 4/23/2002 
Ravens of the blackest night, vultures of the evil flame 
I summon the great one whose only gift is pain.
Rise up rise up from the land of dark and search throughout this land of simps, 
find the one with tabitha's mark and crush the irritating imp 
Mordrid Mordrid Mordrid!

Zombie Charity's Spell To Make Miguel Hers 5/22/02
Shadow of a deamon 
shadow from hell 
hang out here while 
I jump miguel! 

Zombie Charity's Spell For the Scarecrow 6/18/02
You, without a brain 
Heed my call 
Go after Timmy 
He needs to fall 

Zombie Charity's Spell to summon The Woodsman 6/19/02 
Searching for a heart 
causing great pain 
tear open Timmy's chest 
and to Julian do the same! 

Zombie Charity's Spell To Keep Charity Frozen 7/2/02 
Heathens of dark heathens of old help me keep the pure one cold! 

Zombie Charity's Spell to Destroy Timmy by Summoning the Snake 7/3/02
Minions of Darkness 
Servants of Sin
I command you 
To do timmy in! 

Zombie Charity's Spell to destroy Charity - 7/24/2002
Brothers in Evil
Brothers in Clarity
Come to the Surface
Help destroy Charity

Brothers in Evil
Demons from hell
Finish the job
break their spell

Destroy them now
keep me strong,
let evil reign
forever long

Let evil reign forever more

Zombie Charity's Earthquake Spell - 7/24/2002
Damn you charity
Damn you timmy
Damn you to hell.
Damn all the people of harmony to hell!
Damn you all people of harmony
damn all the people of harmony to hell.
Damn all of harmony to hell.
Damn you all, damn the whole of harmony.

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