Important Dates of Harmony Residents


March 22, 2005 - Miles Davis Russell
July 9th, 1999  Timmy the doll
May, 7, 19XX Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald's Birthday.
May, 8 19XX Charity Standish's birthday.
21, 2002  Ethan Martin Crane is born
July 21
/22 2003 Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald
28/29, 2003 Endora Lennox/Crane
August 13th, 19XX - Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
August 14th, 19XX - Date Chad Harris celebrates his birthday
December 2, 2004 - Jane Lopez-Fitzgerald Winthrop


1/9/2003 Brian Antonio Lopex-Fitzgerald and Sheridan Crane
2/26./2006 - Christopher Boothe and Sheridan Crane
3/27/06 - Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Sheridan Crane (Invalid, Sheridan was already married to Chris)
8/14/01 - Theresa Lopez-Fizgerald and Julian Crane (invalid, wedding was a joke!)
10/3/2005 - Alistair Crane and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.
12/07/01 - Julian Crane and Rebecca Hotckiss (invalid because of the above wedding)
12/19/2002 Gwen Hotckiss and Ethan Winthrop



7/9/2002 - Theresa Lopex-Fitzgerald Crane is "executed"
8/5/2002 - Timmy and Josh Ryan Evans pass away.
8/7/2002 - Charity Standish dies, but is brought back to life.
10/11/2005 - Luis Lopez Fitzgerald's body is identified (it turns out to be an Alistair trick)
Sheridan's Death Dates to be added

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