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About Harmony

The Cranes own most everything in town and have been in Harmony for over 300 years.

The Village of Harmony was established in 1646

Castleton is a neighboring town, and is home to Faith and Charity.

Harmony is located in Clay County.

Dansville is a town near Harmony.

To get to Castleton from Harmony get on highway 28 and just keep on heading straight down the road.

Bridgeton is a town near Harmony

Fireworks are illegal in Harmony.

Airo Sombraro is a cheap airline that flies from Harmony to Mexico. Martin was to take flight 232 back to Harmony.

North 22 and 137 are highways near Harmony.

Skycom is the car emergency system Harmony residents have in their cars.

Blondie Dolls are Harmonys version of Barbie.

Sly Vodka is a brand of vodka served in Harmony

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WHMM is the NBC station in Harmony

Richville is a town near Harmony. This is where the asylum Norma and Edna were held in was.

WHAR 92.3 FM is a radio station in Harmony.

Daily Private Lives is a tabloid in Harmony, the one that exposed Ethan's paternity.

Aimsville is a  town near Harmony.

WPQD is a radio station in Harmony.


Places in Harmony

Dune Point is the town make out spot

The Burger Hut is the local fast food joint.

Harmony High School is the name of the town high school

Lowels is a dress shop for the upper class that Theresa tried to get a job at.

The Book Cafe is a Borders like store in Harmony. Beth Wallace runs the Book Cafe.

The Lobster Shack is the local sea-food joint. Fred Barnes runs the lobster shack, but later it was changed to Fred Ferguson.

The Harmony Country Club was established in 1900

Lighthouse Park is a teen hangout in the summer

Eve Russell runs the Harmony Free Clinic

Father Lonigan is head of Saint Mary's of Margaret's Church

The Harmony High School team is the Harmony Hellcats. Their rivals are Vineyard Vipers.

The Chicken Coup is a restaurant which went up where Burger Hut was. The waiters and waitresses are required to wear chicken hats.

Jack's is the local pool hall.

Seascape Restaurant is an expensive restaurant.

Grace and Sam's special getaway is Devil's Mountain Ski Lodge, which was bought by the Cranes and turned into Snow Mountain.

Harmony Hills is a the nursing home in Harmony.

The Funeral Home in Harmony is called the Will Meet Again Crematorium and is run by Henry Deblanch

You can buy "Liberty and Sexuality" at the Book Cafe!

Potter's Field is where people are buried who have no family.

Lowell's is the department store where Luis bought Sheridan's compact.

The Harmony Herald, Harmony's newspaper, costs 35 cents.

McFarland's was an ice cream shop Sheridan and Luis went to as children.

Hank went to Dairy Delight, an ice cream shop, as a child.

Nell's is a clothes shop in Harmony

Poisonous mushrooms grow at lighthouse park.

Even Keel is the name of a coffee shop in Harmony.

Sally Chin's House of Noodles is a Chinese restaurant in Harmony that has a love noodle test.

National Media is the name of a tabloid in Harmony.

The Daily Private Lives is the tabloid that exposed Ethan's paternity.

 The Radio Barn is an electronics store in Harmony.

Sheridan books vacations through Diana's Travel Agency

 Harmony High school's colors are purple, white, and grey

The Crane's have a skybox at fen way park

Quahog Car Rental was a place David rented a car from.

"Grace's Treasures" is the name of Grace's antique shop.

There is a parking garage at Evergreen and Ravenhill road

Casa Incantata is the name of Tia Maria's Inn in Puerto Arena, Mexico

The Munsens  where the original owners of the Seacliff Inn, which Fox was looking to purchase.

South Side Homeless Shelter is the homeless shelter in HArmony.

WJER  is the talk radio station in Harmony

WHMM is the news channel in Harmony

Shady Elms and Shenandoah Village are communities in Harmony

Regency is a  casino outside of Harmony that Aunt Irma asked Liz to take her to.

There is a rest stop on Route Nine in Harmony.

The Route 7 Bridge is the bridge Charlie drove off of supposedly with Sheridan and Luis' baby in her car.

A1 movers are who Kay called when she wanted to move out of her parents house. 

A1 Nursing is who Beth called for a nurse for her mother.

Satin Garden was one of the Night Clubs Eve sang at as a teenager in Boston, it was off of Rt. 6

The Cliffside Inn was where Sheridan and & Antonio, and Pilar & Brian (the name of her husband at the time, Martin being his first name?) also spent there Honeymoons.

At the Honeymoon Resort, Room 9 was Antonios and Sheridans room and 11 was Luis and Beths room

Pelican Harbor is where Antonio suggested to Sheridan where they go to elope.

Greystone Inn is a place outside of Harmony where people stay in the fall to see the leaves.

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Saint Lisa's was the island Liz and Antonio/Brian lived on and where Liz owned a hotel.

Safari Motel is a cheap motel in Harmony where Chad went to have his affairs.

Fluff-n-Fold is the name of the Laundromat in Harmony.

Lyndon Hill Nursing Home is where Alistair was taken after his supposed stroke and when he was in a coma, thought it was an imposter.

Polters Oyster Bar is a restaurant in Harmony.

  Falcon Bridge Psychiatric Hospital is where Norma was often held.

The Bayside Arms is a classy hotel in Harmony and is were Esme stayed while in town.

The Starlight Hotel was a hotel where Jessica killed a john at.

Nancy s Bottle Shop is a wine and basket shop in town.

Hernandos Hideaway Hut is a motel in Mexico that Miguel was staying in while looking for Charity.

Couture De Jour is the clothing store Enda went shopping at after Tabitha gave her a new body.

Chatnum and Penn Adoption Agency is the agency Whitney used to give her baby up for adoption. 


Special Room Numbers

351 - Tabitha's room in the psych ward.

353 - Charity's room in the psych ward.

115 - Miguel's room at the ski lodge.

Charity was in ICU 4 at Harmony Hospital.

Orville was in room 220 at the hospital.

327 - Chad's room at the hospital.

357 - Hank's room at the hospital.

12 Luis and Sheridans room at Casa Incantata.

360- Pilars room at the hospital while she recovered from her blood disorder.

Whitney and Chad stayed at the Harbor Suite at the SeaCliff Inn

Theresas abortion hearing (Gwen and Ethan's fetus) was in Courtroom 103

Cubicle B was where Whitney was treated for her gunshot while in L.A.

The Marina was the name of the beach club that Syd and Mia performed at in LA.

1145 was Gwens room number at the hospital in LA.

ICU 1 was Antonios room in the hospital when he collapsed from his head injury and later went blind.

327 was Charitys room at the hospital while she recovered from heart surgery.

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Room 538 Gwen and Ethan's room at Seacliff, which Ethan forgot.

Room 438 Jared and Theresas room at the Seacliff in, Ethan stumbled in here by accident and made love to Theresa.

Room 245 - Kay and Miguel ended up in this room at the inn one night.

Room 624 - Fancy and Luis suite in Rome at their hotel.

Room 321 at the Willard Motel is where Jessica killed a john,

2647 is Fox's office in the Crane Building.

Eve was tried for Rebecca and Liz's attempted murders in courtroom 101.

Paloma was in cubicle 2 at the hospital after she took drugs at Spikes club.

Theresa was in room 350 at the hospital after she had complications from her pregnancy.


House Fun Facts

Grace's shop and bed and breakfast are located next door to her house.

Tabitha's fireplace screen is shaped like the NBC logo.

Eve burnt down Orville's home.

The Crane Mansion is built on TC's family's old farm Twin Oaks.

The Crane Mansion sits on Raven Hill

At Jean-Luc's country house in France, Jean-Luc had a plaque which read "Un Bon Marriage Fait Naufrage Sur La Duplicite"

Both the Bennett home as well as the Lopez-Fitzgerald homes have been rebuilt.


Harmony Addresses and Phone Numbers

Faith's phone number is 555-0134

The Lopez-Fitzgeralds
462 Railroad Street
Harmony, ME

The Harmony Youth Center
Building 137
Harmony, ME.

O'Carols Hats telephone number is 555-0123

Grace's Shop
#57 Ridge Street.

Gwen's cellphone number is 555-0193

The phone number at the Crane Cabin is 555-1043

Harmony Hill's Nursing Home
Located off of Willow Road

Crane Mansion
14 Raven Hill Road
Crane Mansion Phone Number 555-3821

Chad lives in apartment 306.

Ethan's phone number is 555-0101

860 is Hartford's (town near to Harmony) Area Code

555-4242 is the number of the Harmony PD

Mr. Eubanks - The Headhunter Ethan went to for a job
1078 Helm Crest Drive

Sheridan's cellphone number is 555-1019

Apartment #12 is the Crane Condo at the Crane Apartment Complex in LA

new Everything below this point is new as of 12/00/06

555-1717 is JT Cornels cell number

  555-8621 Phone number of Grace's B&B.

The Willard Motel is located at  555 Sycamore

555-1437 the phone number to Sherdian's cottage.

Spikes 1st Club was called The Basement and was located on Magnolia Street



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