Hecuba's Spells

Hecuba's Magic Mirror Spell for Julian - 11/2000
Double bubble, toil and trouble.
Cauldren burn, mirror bubble.

Hecuba's sleep spell cast on Miguel - 11/27/00
Even boys with muscles can suddenly tire.
So take to your bed and dream of passion and fire!

Hecuba's Spell to Make The Bennett's Walls Bleed - 1/3/2001
Broken doves,
bleeding hearts,
bleeding walls,
and now it starts!

Hecuba's Candle Spell - 1/8/2001
Hear me candle, burning bright,
flee from me, crush Charity.

Hecuba's Demon Spell - 1/8/2001
Come deamons, come to me!
Rise up and destroy Charity!

Souls of the Damned Spell - 1/9/2001
Spirits of the darkside,
Souls of the Damned.
Rise Up, Help me give birth to my plan.
Help me souls of the damned, help me!
Set them free oh evil one!
Open the door to the firey pit of eternal damnation!

Fireball Spell - 1/12/2001
Fires of Hell,
Souls of the Damned,
I compel you!
(A fireball is conjured in Hecuba's hands)

Hecuba's Scissors Spell - 1/16/2001
Needles and Pins,
Trouble Begins.
Good Girl's alone,
Hecuba wins!

Roses are red,
Violence so nearbye.
Don't look now,
or you'll ruin my goodbe!

Hecuba's Evil Spell - 2/8/2001
Hail to the powers of Evil,
Long live the darkside.
Down with goodness and light, and all things bright!

Hecuba's Spell to Conjure Shadows - 2/20/01
Shadows of Evil,
Shadows of Power.
Gather in force,
Make goodness cower!

Hecuba's Spell To Smoosh The Kids - 2/20/01
Walls of structure,
Walls of stone.
Press in closely,
Crush their young bones!

Hecuba Vs Father Lonigan - /2/23/2001
Father Lonigan: Demons of Hell, in the name of God the father I command you to show yourselves now!

Hecuba: I Hecuba, call on all of the souls of the damned. Fight the exhortations of the priest.

Yes, do not open the doors of hell. Open, show us your fiery flames. Open and let us see Charity!

Hecuba's Spell To Kill Miguel - 2/26/01
Food for demons,
Feast on my toads.
Attack Miguel,
So down he goes!

Hecuba's Spell to Make Julian Evil - 3/3/2001
Julian Crane,
so black with evil.
Kill your sister Sheridan,
you stinking little weasel!

Hecuba's spell to lure Kay and Miguel to her lair - 3/13/2001
Spirits and demons, hear my call.
All those powerful, one and all.
Send your demons into the night,
bring me your minions, with all of your might.

Death, destruction,
sadness and hate.
Fury of fire,
despair and fate.
Unleash your power, unleash them all
so my enemies take a mighty fall!

Hecuba's Hall of Mirrors Spell on Charity and Miguel - 3/14/2001
Charity the Good,
Charity The Sweet.
Call Your Boyfriend,
So You too may meet!

Run Romeo Run!
See If You Can Find Your Love.
See how much you love dying together.

Concretions, reflections, rejections.
Show me Charity, in many sections!

Mirror mirror on the wall,
who's the greatest witch of all?

Spell to Boil Tabitha Alive - 3/20/01
Deamons and devils,
All evil below,
Tabitha Lennox has got to go!

Hecuba's Spell To Shrink Herself - 3/23/01
Timmy is small.
I need to be smaller.
Hear my call, it is me you must coddle.
Make me so small, I fit in that bottle.

Hecuba's Trapped in a Bottle Spell - 3/26/01
Voices of the night,
hear my plight.
I have a fright.
that I must smite!
Power of Darkness, Power of Doom,
come come come!

Spell to Turn Tabitha and Timmy into Hens - 3/29/01
Wrinkles and Warts.
Waddles and Wens.
Turn Tabby and Timmy,
Into Hens!

Spell to make Julian Kill Sheridan and Luis - 4/5/01
Your father will give you your rightful share,
but only when Sheridan is no longer there.
Kill her Julian, kill Sheridan.
Kill Luis, kill them both . . .NOW

Spell to Change Sheridan's Fortune - 4/5/01
Make Sheridan's fortune,
Full of chaos and pain

Hecuba's Spell To Get Out Of The Bottle 4/16/01
Hear my voice,
Hear my plea,
Make tabitha smash the bottle,
and set me gloriously free!

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