Kay's Spells


Kays spell from Pregnancy for Witches 101 to put Tabitha back together  3/7/03
Pieces of Witches
Pieces of Moles
Put Tabitha together
So she can be whole

Torn all apart
Pieces of 8
Put Tabitha Together
So she can be great.

Kay's Spell to get rid of Charity 2/28/03  
Forces of evil let me use my powers to blow  my cousin Charity back to Kingdom Come 

Spell Cast for Help - 12/13/01
Shooting stars and moonbeams show me the way,
give me a sign and don't delay!

Spell To Turn Charity to Ice - 12/13/01
Bad Cousin
Good Cousin
Naughty and Nice
Let the former prevail
Let the later turn to ice!

Spell to Break Up a Happy Couple - 12/10/01
Love is patient
Love is kind
My words erase love from their minds
A happy couple they will not be
Their hearts are filled with misery.

To Levitate Objects - 11/21/01
Rise and fall
Old and Tall
I command you All

Spell to Make Someone Lose His Or Her Heart Forever - 11/29/01
Spin to the left
Spin to the right
Spin me into the one miguel loves.

Black Panther Spell - 11/8/01
Beware, the darkwood knows the afford his kind?
To arrive the is large black cat.


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