The Letter Sheridan Wrote To Luis Upon her Death

Sheridan's Letter to Luis - 12/12/2001

My Darling Luis,
I hope you never get this letter, if you do it will be because I'm gone. As I write this my darling, you are asleep in my bedroom. I am so happy, so much in love, that I cannot sleep tonight. I am bursting with excitement for out life together. Oh luis, I know our future is going to be filled with such joy, but for some reason I was struck by the need to write this letter. I want you to know how deeply I love you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, the only one I am meant to be with. I had to put this down on paper so if that anything ever happens to me you will know exactly how i feel. But there is something else I want you to know my love. If you are reading this it means that I am gone. I know it will be hard, but I do not want you to grieve for long. I want you to move on, to find someone else to share your life with. You deserve that Luis. I remember a song your mother once sang, it was an old song from her country about losing the one you love. She explained that it means that true love never dies, that even if you move on the one you onced loved stays in your heart forever. I hope you will listen to the message of this song. Remember that it is okay because I will still be in your heart forever. More than anything I want you to find happiness again. Carry these words with you my darling, and please know I love you with all of my heart and soul.

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