Martin's Message for Katherine

This is a recorded speech/latter that Martin made for Katherine on 9-24-04 right before he went to find Alistair.

It's strange being here in this house, on this estate. Thank God that I was able to convince Katherine to leave me here alone. I don't want her exposed to what's about to happen between Alistair and me. Even if I do manage to kill Alistair, I'll probably not make it off the grounds alive, one of his guards will shoot me on site. I don't want to die, but it's worth my life to get rid of Alistair And, Luis, my boy Luis won't have to risk going to jail for his murder, and mine and Katherine's families can finally be free of that bastard's cruelty. If you're listening to this Katherine, know that I loved you and may God look after our families. I need you to do something for me Katherine, if I don't make it out of here alive, I need you to tell Pilar and the children how much I loved them. Let them know that I never would have left them if there had been any other way to save your life. Over time I did fall in love with you. Now I know that might be difficult for my children to understand, but there was no other way that we could return home with Alistair still alive. Tell Pilar that not a day went by when I didn't think about her and want for her happiness. I can only hope that she and the children will understand and perhaps someday forgive me. You can finally tell Sheridan and Julian that you're their mother. You'll like that. I love you, Katherine. Goodbye.

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