Ethan's Proposal to Theresa - 12/26/2000

At the Lopez Fitzgerald house . . . . .

Theresa: You have made me so happy, Ethan. I can't believe we're really engaged.

Ethan: Actually we're not. At least not officially. Theresa, will you accept this ring as a symbol of my eternal love and commitment to you and in return give me the greatest gift I could ever have- the joy of knowing that we can spend the rest of our lives together? Will you marry me, Theresa? Will you be my wife?

Ethan shows Theresa the ring he picked out

Theresa: Yes. Yes, Ethan I will marry you.

Ethan slips the ring on her finger and they kiss

Ethan: I love you, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Theresa: I love you too, Ethan Crane.

They kiss again

Thanks to kwantasy and Stavroula P for transcribing this!

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