Luis' Proposal to Beth

Luis: While I was gone I was thinking. Theres something very important I want to talk to you about.

Beth: Yes?

Luis: Its about us and its about our lives together. I think we should start making plans for the future. I know the timing seems really strange right now, especially with everything that is going on. But it also seems to make more sense.

Beth: What makes more sense?

Luis: I cant stop thinking about you and my feelings for you. So much is gone on, and Ive experienced so much and learned so much, and Im just trying to deal with my feelings you know. The pain of losing my sister and just the realization that I couldnt protect her.

Beth: Luis, there was nothing you could have done.

Luis: I still feel like I let her down. And I feel the same way about Sheridan, that somehow I should have been able to save her, but I didnt. I lost them both.

Beth: Hey, there was no way you cold have saved Sheridan or Theresa.

Luis: Yeah, I know that in here (his head), but not in here (his heart). This (his heart) is where I am speaking from right now. I love you.

Beth: I love you too Luis, and I always have.

Luis: Like I said before, I know that the timing seems really weird right now, but it also seems to make a lot of sense. And Im really making no sense.

Beth: (Laughs) Hey, you are doing just fine.

Luis: Bottom line is I want to protect you, I dont want to lose you the same way I lost Sheridan and Theresa. I dont want to lose another day with the woman I love.

Beth: What are you getting at?

Luis: (Getting down on his knees) I love you and I need you, and I want to know if you will make me the happiest man in the world and marry me? Well, will you marry me?

Beth: Yes honey yes!

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