Sheridan's Diary Entries

I have more of these on tape I need to transcribe . . . 

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of the same tall, dark stranger who would come into my life, sweep me off my feet and love me with a passion beyond words. Luis is that man. My dream came true. Hes as strong as he is gentle. So tender and romantic. Mmmm, and talk about gorgeous: his eyes, his smile, his body, wow! I know our future together will be incredible. . . . . .

Some things are eternal. The sun, the moon, and my love for Luis. Is believe what the fortune yeller once told me, that Ive loved luis through all of time and that I always will. Luis is my rock, my champion, and my protector. His strength and his love make me feel safe, secure. I know no matter what happens to me: an illness, an accident, whatever, Luis and his love will save me.

I love Luis so much, and being apart from him because of the mess with Antonio is too much to bare. I feel as if I lost a part of my heart and soul.

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