Speeches at Sheridan's First Funeral

Date: Sept 27-28, 2001

Luis: Ummmmm, I loved Sheridan very much . . . . (Luis breaks down and Ethan takes over so Luis can collect himself. Theresa leads Luis to his seat.

Ethan: I know how Luis feels. I never met anyone so instinctively generous and loving. I guess the irony is that it took her longer than most people to find the one person to love her the way she deserved to be loved. That's the one thing I can hang onto. That I am so grateful she found that joy with Luis before she died. She was the happiest she has ever been this last year. Not many people get the chance to experience that kind of completeness with another person. No matter how old they get to be. Only if your the lucky ones. I miss Sheridan already. My fiance is a great believer in miracles, I just wish we could pull one more out of the hat and bring back Sheridan. I guess that, I guess it doesn't work that way. Sheridan's gone, gone before she ever had the chance to live the loving life she deserved. I always thought Sheridan had the heart of an angel. It makes me feel good to know now she is with all the other Angels in heaven. I love you Sheridan. I'll miss you. Goodbye.

Luis refuses to believe Sheridan is dead, but after being talked to by Ethan, realizes Sheridan is gone and finally speaks.

Luis: What can I say about losing the woman who meant more to me than life itself. It's an unthinkable loss for me. Its an unthinkable loss for everyone. (Looking at her picture) I love you so much Sheridan. What I'll miss most about Sheridan isn't her beautiful or her beautiful smile, and god knows they were beautiful. What I will miss most is Sheridan's beautiful heart. Sheridan grew up feeling unloved and unwanted, but that didn't harden heart. That didn't make her angry and bitter. Instead she welcomed those who felt unloved and unwanted, those who felt less than whole. And even though Sheridan came from money and privilege, that's not how I ever measured her wealth. She uh, she was kind to everyone, rich or poor. And to me that was priceless. Even though they say God works in mysterious ways, for the life of my I just don't understand why they had to take her away so soon. Someone so, so beautiful, with such a beautiful heart. We were so close to getting married and have all our dreams come true. One day I'll join you in heaven and then, with god's blessing, we'll get married, and all our dreams will come true.

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