Sheridan's DVD/Tape Messages to Luis


This is the fake DVD Beth forced Sheridan to make claiming she was in Paris (July 29,2003) 

I wanted you to see that I'm really alright that's why I'm sending you this DVD. As you all know Paris has been a second home to me and I've missed it. I've had some wonderful times here, some painful times as well. But I've always loved this city. So that's why when I was feeling stressed and scared that someone was trying to kill me all I can think of was running away to the place that I love most. I was worried about you Antonio, about everyone that I love. I know I should have left a note but I just wasn't thinking and all I could think about was getting away as fast as I could and I'm sorry. That's why I sent you the e-mail to let you know that I was safe. But then I got to thinking that you might still be worried so that's when I decided to make this DVD.

Antonio, Luis, and everyone else who might be watching please accept my apology for not calling. I hope you at least got the e-mail I sent. I know the way I left must have been cause for concern, and I'm sorry but I just had to get away from all the tension I was under without everyone getting worked up about me going away by myself. That and I was worried about the baby. About what all the stress I was under would do to him or her. But the baby's doing fine. I'm under the care of an excellent doctor now, and as soon as I feel strong and healthy I will return to Harmony. But until that time I hope that you all understand why I did what I did and respect my wishes to be left alone. I love you all so much. I'll see you soon.

Sheridan's tape for Luis, played August 22, asking her not to come searching for her.

*Hank and Luis are listening to a tape recorder at the Harmony's Police Station*

Sheridan's voice: Luis, I was going to write a letter but I thought a tape would be more personal. I wanted you to have fond memories of me.

Luis( talking to himself): Why would she think I wouldn't

Sheridan's voice: I've decided to stay in France

Luis: What?

Sheridan's voice: Being here made me realize that I need to move on with my life. I just can't take the stress any longer. I've decided to start a new life for me and my baby. Looking for me would be an absolute waste of time so don't even bother trying to find me. I've made my decision so please respect my wishes. I'm also returning your grandmothers ring. Hopefully someday you'll find someone special to give it to. I'm just not that person. It's goodbye Luis, goodbye forever.

Hank: I'm sorry buddy. I know how much this must hurt you.

Luis: There's nothing to be sorry about. I don't believe it

Hank: What?

Luis: I don't believe a damn word she said. It's fake Hank.

Both transcribed by   ~Maria~

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