Tabitha's Spells

Spell cast in the Bennett's back yard - 7/7/99
Toadstools and hemlock, moon on the wane, magic and mayhem, terror and pain! That little brat has finally arrived. I know you've been here, and I'm going to get you!

Tarot card spell - 7/7/99
Cards of darkness, trouble and woe, turn over turn over, reveal what you know.

Tarot card spell cast on Charity and Faith - 7/24/99
*Chanting* Broomsticks and bees wax, brimstone and mire, mother and Charity into the fire! *Howling*

Tabitha's Oui-Ja board spell - 7/26/99
Oh spirits of the air, work through these gnarled old hands and tell Tabitha if she has anything to fear! Oh spirit board tell me if we are still in danger!"

Tabitha's Oui-Ja board spell cast on Charity and Faith - 7/26/99
Away, Away, Keep far away. No more days like yesterday! Let the darkness take the light!

Tabitha's Oui-Ja board request - 7/27/99
Oh omnipotent spirit, where are the woman faith and her daughter right now!

Tabitha's Scrying Bowl (filled with rainwater collected at midnight leap-year 96) spell - 7/28/99
Oh spirits of the night, your servant Tabitha needs help. Oh master of pain and blood curdling cries, find me the girl with big blue eyes. Oh master of pain and blood, HO I can see her! (Charity appears in Tabitha's bowl).

Another one of Tabitha's Scrying Bowl Spells - 7/30/99
Eye of newt, unholy water, reveal to me the missing daughter. Show me the girl Charity again!

Another Oui-Ja board spell - 8/13/99
Speak to me spirits of the dark! Oh where oh where has Charity gone!

Tabitha's Computer Spell - 8/25/99
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, tremble and shake and delete this stuff! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, tremble and shake and delete this stuff! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, tremble and shake and delete this stuff!

Tabitha's Wind Spell - 9/1/99
Day is night, night is day, wind from below, blow them away! Wind from below, blow them far far away!

Tabitha's Spell against Faith and Grace - 9/3/99
Murder and mayhem, blood and blight, Tabitha needs your help tonight! Sister of goodness hope to reunite, their tie must be severed before the noon day's light! Give me, give me, give me the power!

Tabitha's Fire Spell against Grace - 10/21/99
With darkness, with fire, and with damnation. Let the fire rage and glow, to this room where goodness flows. Help me rid the world tonight, of Grace's goodness and her light. Fire come through me, fire be set free.

Tabitha's Children of the Night Spell - 10/29 - 11/1 - 11/2
Demon powers here my plea, come to me, come to me! Demon powers hearken to me, roam the earth and destroy my enemies! Come to me, come to me deamons of fright, come to me, come to me ye children of the night! Bones of crones, and deamons factions, the power to bring destruction. Oh my deamons, give me the power to destroy Charity. Deamons of darkness, rise up in your might, destroy Grace and her house on this Halloween Night! Flames of green, deamons mean, vaporize my enemies this Halloween!

Tabitha's Levitation Spell - 12/10/99
Powers of the world beneath, come to me, come to me! Here my command, rise up, rise up, rise up!

Tabitha's Spell to Summon Matilda - 1/6/2000
Witches present and witches past, grant me the power I need to last. Forces of the netherworld hear my plea, send the witch Matilda up to me, up to me! Out of your slumber, now awake, my friend Matilda the mean old snake! Out of your slumber, now awake, my friend Matilda the mean old snake!

Tabitha's Spell on the orderlies in the psychiatric ward - 3/18/2000
Hocus Pokus Dominocus, Hocus Pokus Lice and Locust, keep these mortals at bay. Wind and thunder keep them asunder, so that I may get away.

Tabitha's Evil Pendant for Charity Spell - 6/27/00
Persephone and spider's legs, Of these things I beg, Bring the girl to evil, On her own two legs.

Come, Charity's power come to our side. Align with the darkness, pass threw our door. Evil from evil, good no more!

Tabitha's Spell to make Charity's pendant re-appear around her neck - 6/29/00
Prince of darkness, prince of fear, make Charity's pendant re-appear.

Tabitha's Spell to get the Pendant - 9/21/2000
First you rise,
Then you climb.
The pendant will be mine,
In two minutes time!
Leave Charity and be mine once more,
Ccome back to me on the count of four!
1, 2, 3 ,4

Tabitha's Spell to Dispel the Ghosts of the Puritans - 10/3/00
Heckles and witches,
Bed knobs and bones,
Spirits fly back into your old headstones.

Beelzebub, and beetle bum,
Turn these spirits into gum!
Turn these spirits into rum!

Tabitha's Spell to make Charity fall in the mine - 10/13/00
Spirits of brimstone, flame and fire. Stop Charity from climbing any higher!

Dust of Forgetfulness Spell cast on Mrs. Dwyer - 12/14/00
Dirt and Dust, Forget She Must!
None of this can be remembered, or else this witch will be dismembered!

Hidden Passions Spell
All you who read these words, a spell is cast on you. To forget in Harmony that every word is true. Like a dream, you won't recall, all my secrets you've read here. They will fade from memory, keeping my neck in the clear.

Tabitha's Hole in the Wall Spell - 3/15/01
Rock and Stone.
Solid and Strong.
Open up,
so that we can run along!

Tabitha's spell to send Hecuba to Hell - 2/14/01
Sulpher and Brimstone of the fiery pit
If Hecuba wants bowels,
it's bowels she'll get!

Tabitha's Spell To Conjure the Face in the Pool - 7/4/01
The past is past,
the present is clear.
What I need to know,
is the future I fear!

Tabby's Warlock Scepter Spell - 8/30/01
Gargoyle and ghoul
weasel and mole
free Timmy and tabby from this hellish hole!

Weapon of old
Scepter of pain
let Timmy and Tabitha
see home again!

Powers of evil
kibbles and bits
spare us our lives
get us out of this pit!

Tabby's 2nd Warlock Scepter Spell - 9/3/01
Oh ancient Scepter of the warlocks, hear my plea
help this witch and this doll from Norma flee!

Oh ancient Scepter lost but now found
carry out my spell this time around
grant this witch the power she lacks
free the doll and me before norma attacks!

Tabitha's Plea for Help - 10/25/01
Ohhhhhhhhh great forces with all the power
find us the way to go to Hecuba's lair, buried deep below!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh show me the way to Hecuba's lair!
Make me invisable, as small as bait! Just get me onto the Crane Estate
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Come in? Come In? Come In? Can You Hear Me?

Tabitha's Spell to bring Kay over to the Darkside 11/01
Spirits of Darkness,
Help Me Bring Kay Bring her to the book
Have her learn our ways!
Learn from the book!
Learn from the book!
Learn from the book!

Read the spell that will take Miguel away from Charity and make him yours, yours, yours!

Tabitha's Spell to save Timmy from Zombie Charity - 5/28/2002
Eye of Newt
Cauldrons of Flame
Shelter the lad called Timmy by name!
Tinder Cinder clash of light
Heart of Darkness
Specter of Doom
Seal my Timmy from Certain doom!
Destruction and strife rise up from below and save Timmy's life!

Tabitha's Spell to Locate Timmy - 6/10/2002
Forces of Darkness,
Hear my plea,
send my Timmy back to my
Eye of newt
head my vision.
Show me Timmy and his location.

Tabitha's spell to save Timmy from Zombie's serpent - 7/9/2002
Water water everywhere
guide my hands from here to there .
Through bogs and marshes
rivers and streams,
help me save the lad who screams.

Creation of evil sent from down under
vanish now
midst lightening and thunder!

Tabitha's Spell To free her and Timmy from the cave - 7/25/2002
Newts and weasels,
adders and bones ,
unleash your fury ,
move these stones.

Tabitha's Prayer to Save Timmy - 8/5/2002
Beelzebub and Lucifer
Your humble servant Tabitha calls upon you
I ask you to save my precious Timmy
Take me if you must, but save my little lad!

Tabithas plea for her powers back 8/9/02   
Forces of Darkness
Give me back my powers, now!

Tabithas plea to destroy Charity 8/9/02  
Forces of Darkness
Destroy the girl charity, do it now!

Tabithas spell to tear apart love 8/16/02  
Down with the lovers, tear them apart.
Send me a knife to shoot straight through their heart!

Tabithas icy curse 8/21/02
Blow blow blow them away
Blow through the lives of the hunted prey
Ravage their hearts and plague their minds.
Tear through them all this very same night
Chill their souls with all your might!

Tabitha's spell to conjures TC's father 9/24/02
Resentments of old
Regrets of the past
Summon the one
who will make all this last!

Tabithas spell to cure Butterfly Hiccups 1/24/03
Buzzards eat gizzards
Reverse the shared cocoon
Laugh at aloopa
You will be very soon.

Tabithas spell to stop Floating (due to being pregnant). 1/??/03
Kites and griffin
unleash your prey! 

Tabitha's Thanksgiving Dinner Spell - 11/28/03
Giblets and Gravy
Turkey and Stuffing
Make a new Dinner
Without any Oven!

Tabitha's Spell to cause Antonio To Come To Her - 5/18/04
Come Antonio, Follow the Cat. He will lead you to my flat!
Come Antonio, come to me do. Follow the cat and Luis will be through!
Come Antonio, follow the cat!

Tabithas Spell to Summon Evil Faith 5-26-04 
One Baby doll . . . Eye of Newt . . . Tail of Scorpion . . . A dish mop . . . And a shot of vodka for good measure . . . Time to face the music Ms. Charity! Time to meet Mommy Dearest! 
Swirls and curls and hair of an eel, what's twisted and cruel will now become real!

Spell to keep Evil Faith from exposing herself to Charity - 5/31/04
Faith of the Darkness,  cease and desist
Be Charity's sweet mom and she wont resist
Hear me and heed me or turn to black dust
Let darkness take you, let your spirit be crushed.
Remember your goal is to banish Miguel,
Make Blondie forget him or answer to our friends in hell!

Tabitha's Spell that turns Kay into the Evil Dog - 6/1/04
Dark forces I summon you. 
Help cast my spell, to her conscience let this mortal bid fond farewell. 
Numb her will make it mine so she follows my cue & happily acts as I want her to
(Tabitha puts her finger on Kay's forehead, there is a flame from Tabitha's hand)
Until this spell is removed you will do exactly as I say Kay. 
You will be unable to refuse any order I give you. 
No matter how morally repulsive it might be. 
You, Kay Bennett, are completely and utterly under my control.
(Tabitha zaps her with a lighting bolt- turning her into a dog)
Ready Kay?
One, Two, Three!
Go Kill Charity!

Tabitha's Spell on Luis and Sheridan to make them remember their past lives - 5/18/2005
In a time of crisis
A time of pain
Look back through the years
On your love again
Through war, through grief, through famine and disaster
Your love endured in spite of my master
But now the end has come Sheridan Crane
As your name is now.
Remember, Remember your past lives with Luis.

Tabitha's Spell on Sheridan re DNA tests-5/24/05
Sheridan , dont talk to Luis, talk to Dottie.
Find the Truth in the DNA!
Sheridan , dont talk to Luis, talk to Dottie.
Find the Truth in the DNA!

Tabitha's DNA spell on Dottie, Sheridan and Luis - 5/25/05
Double Check the DNA
Check to see if Beth is Sheridans Half-Sister

Anger and Fear
Trouble and Pain
Let this spell not be in Vain
Sheridan is right
Shes gotta to have Proof
Check the DNA
Find Dotties Goof!

Incantation, Connection achieved!
Go See Dottie, the proof is in the DNA!

Tabitha Conjures Fog to Stop Luis and Sheridan from catching Beth - 6/10/05
Warlocks and Worms
Poison and Pests
Keep Sheridan and Luis from completing their quest!

Tabitha's Makeover of Mrs Wallace - 7/18/05
With a zap of my hands and a stomp on the floor, this dried-up old turnip will morph into Eva Gabor

Tabitha's Rats into Hunks Spell - 7/18/05
400 pounds of muscle arrayed on manly bone. 
Oh magic wind let loose a flood of souped-up testosterone

Tabitha's Spell To Cause Fox Pain - 8/23/05
Pestilence, panic, stones and rocks, bring pain and heartache to unsuspecting Fox.

Tabithas Spell To Cause Pain - 9/23/05
Sheridan , Fancy and Noah, Julian, TC and Eve
The pain that is coming your way you simply wont believe!

Tabitha's Spell to Sway the Jurors At Eve's Trial - 9/26/06
Ecouter, the jury on Eve is out!
Here comes the verdict, life in the big house!

Tabitha's Success Spell on Fox - 10/13/05
Belly of the Beast
Moveable Feast
Get Fox the Power
No Matter How Sour
Let Him Reign at Crane and feel no pain.

Kays made her choice
Give Fox the Voice
He will be king
The others nothing.

Tabitha's Attempt To Undo The Fox Success Spell - 10/17/2005
From Rich To Poor,
Success No More
Fox and Kay?
Hooray Olay!

Boys of Darkness
Boys of Old
Reverse the Spell
Or well all be out in the cold

Tabitha's Second Reversal Attempt - 10/18/2005
Hear the entreaty of your servant above
Reverse the spell and  . . . drat Im so frazzled I forget the bleeding words.

Hocus Pocus
Bipaty Bapity Boo!

 Lets go dark side , arbiters of pain.
Lift that spell on young Fox Crane
Gimme an R E V E R S E
What does it spell, Reverse!
Reverse that spell!

Tabithas Love Spell (On Kay and Fox I think) - 12/16/06
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Love that was severed
Make good as new!

Tabithas Crane Mansion Punch Bowl Bowlovision Spell - 1/2/06
Bowlovision, Bowlovision
You Must Work Here
Show Me Whats Happening Loud and Clear!

Tabithas spell to help protect Kay and Fox 1/16/2006
Love of all ages
Love strong as a rock
Protect Kay and Fox
Dont let them get socked!

Tabitha's Love Spell  on Miguel and Kay -  3/28/06
Man and woman born of sweat
Give into your feelings of lust my pet
Like stallions and mares with whinnies and neighs
Sink into the feeling of a purple haze

Tabitha's Failed Spell To Keep Fox at the Office - 4/10/06
Garlic and Onions
Dirty Socks
At the office please keep Fox!

All these spells were collected by Dustin. If your going to swipe them for your page than please give me credit!

SunsetDool for Tabitha's levitation spell

Samantha K for Tabitha's Hidden Passions Spell

Thanks to Maria B for some of Tabitha's Spells to Conjure Eve and the spell to turn Kay into a Dog

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