Timmy's Spells

Timmy spells to bring Tabitha back from a fish on 1/31/00 and 2/1/00

Mystical whits of ghost and remains, bring back the flesh, the bones, and the brains.

Winds of Fire from down below, bringers of blood, amounts of snow. Find the grave and fill to the brim, bring forth the spirit so evil, so grim.

Mermaids of strife, bring tabitha back to life!

Oggs, Groggs, and Zoggs!

Sweathogs and toadstools, lightening and light, do whatever it takes to make Timmy's princess right1 2/2/00

Matilda's Spell Cast Upon Timmy on 1/26/00
Fire of darkness, wind of night, blow and blow with all your might!

Timmy's Spells to make Charity Love Him - 6/14/00
Toadstools and bats, deamons from hell, make Charity love Timmy and not Miguel!

Deamons of vengeance, demons of blight, make Charity love Timmy with all her might!

Timmy's Spell on Tabitha to Free her from her Table -9/14?/2000
Magic Crystal, set Tabitha free.
So she can watch the Olympics on NBC!

Timmy's Spell to turn Tabitha into a mouse
Hecuba's lair is, as nice as a house.
But Tabitha needs to get out of here, as quick as a mouse!

Timmy's Spell to turn Tabitha back into a human
Three blind mice,
See how they run.
Change Timmy's princess back,
so they can have more fun!

Timmy's Scepter Spell which conjured the Hurricane - 9/6/01
Mighty Scepter,
Timmy's a little guy,
but he needs a big favor
bring water to drown the bugs!

Timmy's Baby Spell from the Book of Spells of Pain - 11/27/01
New Life
New Strife
A Newborn destroys everyone's life!

Timmy's Demons Horn Spell - 7/24/2002
Oh demon horn, mighty and great ,
Use your strength to eliminate ,
all that is evil, all that is wrong ,
let goodness and kindness ,
keep humans strong.

Oh deamon horn, use your great might ,
save all that is good, all that is right ,
send your powers, send your bright light

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