Whitney's Songs Performed at the Blue Note

'Turn back time' 
Performed March 5

Wish I could undo 
All the pain hurt in you
Wish I could change what your going through
Help you remember oooo
Once you were fine oooo
Wish I could turn, turn back time
If I can take you there
Make u see I still care 
Maybe you'll find 
Real peace of mind
Once I could hold you oooh
Once you were mine, oooo
Wish I could turn, turn back time

You were the reason
I could make it through the day 
You were the light that could show me the way
Did we both fall from grace
Like an angel that strayed 
I held you up 
When you stumbled afar
And I know you can tell
Even when my words fell 
You were always there on my mind, wish I could turn back time

oooh, wish I could undo 
All the pain hurt in you
Help you remember
Once things were fine
I was yours you were mine
ooooh, wish I could turn, 
turn back 

Performed March 5

Sometimes I can hear you.
In my emptiness seeming to confess.
Ooh, distant heart away it goes words that don't ring true.
Fading just like you & I wonder did you ever find that star that you promised me?
Ooh, sometimes there were words, tell me it was real.
What you made me feel.
You said you'd never give up.
You'd never turn around.
Ooh, but sometimes skies are blue even when the clouds are grey.
You swore our love was sacred but sometimes love lies there beside you just to make it till the morning, the morning light. Ooh

Sometimes I believe, all your lovely words were more than subtle lies. Sometime. (repeats to beginning of song)

'Something about him' 
Originally played April 22, 2003, Re-peformed at the Blue Note

Always had my own plans everything was clear 
He wasn't in the picture, didn't want him too near
Funny how a little love can turn you upside down
And one single kiss can turn your world around

Something about him moves me, the way that he softly speaks my name 
The way his love is such a gentle rush like the quiet morning rain
Somethin' about him shakes me, the way that he always reads my mind
The way he tries to hide his innocence
The way he sees right through my reticence 
I think I might stop wonderin' cause I know that there is somethin'
Somethin' about him. Ooh

Lyrics transcribed by Maria.
Original Song and Lyrics by . . . . .
Something about him - John Henry and Monte Seward, Composers and Lyricists.
Other songs most likely by John Henry and collaborators. 

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