The Cast of Passions: Who's Who

The Cranes

Alistair Crane (Dead, 2006)
Portrayed By: Alan Oppenheimer [voice] 1999-2004, David Bailey 2004-2005, John Reilly 2005-2006
Family: Father of Julian, Sheridan, Beth and Chad; husband to Katherine
Job: Being Dead
Personal History: Alistair was a cruel and ruthless man. The Crane family owns most of Harmony and runs Crane Industries, and Alistair was the head of the family. Alistair had a long standing vendetta with the Lopez-Fitzgerald family due to the patriarch, Martin Fitzgerald, running off with his wife Katherine. Alistair lead everyone to believe Katherine was dead when in reality she was hiding out in Mexico. He also held Katherine's sister Rachel prisoner. Rachel was the sister Alistair loved, when she rejected him he faked her death, held her captive and then forced Katherine to marry him. Alistair, along with his daughter Beth Wallace and grandson Marty are believed to have died in a train explosion in Rome at the conclusion of the Passions Vendetta storyline.

Julian Linus Crane
Portrayed By: Ben Masters
Family: Son of Alistair and Katherine, brother of Sheridan, Chad (half sibling) and Beth (half sibling), divorced from Ivy Winthrop Crane, married to Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane, father of Nicholas Foxworth Crane, Fancy Crane and one unnamed daughter  (with Ivy), father of unnamed son (with Eve), father of Endora (with Tabitha)
Job: Works at Crane Industries
Personal Information:
Julian was forced by his father to marry Ivy Winthrop, so that his father could gain the respectability of marrying into the Winthrop family (Ivy's father, Harrison, was a former governor). Julian cheated on Ivy during their marriage, which ended when he learned Ivy had lied to him about the paternity of their first son Ethan, who was really Sam Bennett's son. After leaving Ivy, Julian married Rebecca Hotchkiss, who he had been having a torrid affair with. However a road trip with Timmy, after he was left for dead after being shot at the cannery, changed Julian. He returned to Harmony a better person and was determined to right his wrongs. Currently Julian is hoping for a future with his first and only true love Eve Russell, but a marriage to Rebecca continues to get in the way as does Eve's former husband TC.

Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane
Portrayed By: Andrea Evans (2000 - present); Maureen McCormick (2000)
Family: Former wife of Jonathan, married to Julian, mother of Gwen.
Job: Socialite.
Personal Information: Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane is known for he sexual antics. She divorced Jonathan Hotchkiss to marry Julian Crane when the chance came along in order to gain access to the Crane name and fortune. Along with her daughter Gwen, Rebecca exposed Ethan's true paternity to the tabloids and framed Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald in the process. Theresa has become Rebecca's number one enemy over the years as she tries to keep Theresa from destroying her daughter Gwen's marriage to Ethan. Eve has also become a thorn in Rebecca's side as Julian seeks to leave Rebecca and marry Eve.

Chad Harris
Portrayed By: Charles Divins (2002 - present); Donn Swaby (1999 - 2002)
Family: Adoptive parents are Mr. and Mrs. Harris, son of Alistair Crane and Liz Sanbourne. Father to Miles Davis Harris/Crane
Job: Currently works at Crane Industry, used to work at the Book Cafe, as  DJ's at local events, formerly T.C.'s coaching assistant.
Personal Information: Chad came to Harmony looking for his family, who had abandoned him in LA when he was 8. He soon learned that he was adopted, and that his mother was black and his father white, and that his father's family disapproved of him. He became involved with Whitney Russell, much to the disapproval of her father. Later Chad learned he was the son of Julian Crane and Eve Russell, making him the half-brother of his love Whitney. Because of this they broke up, but Chad was never able to get over her and even raised their son Miles, whom he adopted not even knowing he was his son (Whitney attempted to pass him off as Fox's child). In Rome during the Vendetta storyline Chad and Whitney learned they were not siblings, that Chad was Alistair's son with Liz Sanbourne, who was Eve's adopted sister. 

Nicholas Foxworth 'Fox' Crane
Portrayed By: Justin Hartley (12/2002 - 2005) Mark Cameron Wystrach (2005-  present)
Family: Son of Ivy and Julian, grandson of Alistair and Katherine, nephew of Sheridan and Chad, brother to Fancy and another unnamed sister,  half-brother to Ethan Winthrop
Job: Works and Crane Industries
Personal Information: Fox returned to Harmony after blowing his trust fund gambling and womanizing in Europe. He soon fell head over heels in love with Whitney Russell when he saw her singing at the Blue Note and became involved with her, not realizing she was using him to pass off her baby which she believed to be her half-brother Chad's. After learning of Whitney's duplicity, Fox broke it off with her and later became involved with Kay Bennett, much to his mother's dismay. Fox proposed to Kay and the two are currently planning their wedding.

Fancy Crane
Portrayed By: Emily Harper (2005 - present)
Family:  Daughter of Ivy and Julian, granddaughter of Alistair and Katherine, nephew of Sheridan and Chad, sister to Fox and another unnamed sister,  half-brother to Ethan Winthrop
Job:  Socialite, Runs Crane Couture
Personal Information:  Fancy 


The Boothes

Sheridan Crane-Lopez-Fitzgerald-Boothe
Portrayed By: McKenzie Westmore
Family: Daughter of Alistair and Katherine, sister of Julian, aunt to Nicholas and Ethan Martin and other unnamed offspring of Julian, currently pregnant, married to Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald but in love with his brother Luis
Job: Spoiled Princess
Personal Information: Sheridan Crane searched for years to find someone to love her, and she found that man in Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. The two fell in love, and had a rocky romance as Alistair and Julian did everything they could to break them up, fearing Luis would eventually learn their part in his father's disappearance. Sheridan has also seen the light regarding her family, and knows that her father and brother do not love her, and don't care about her happiness. However, that has not stopped them from interfering in her life. Sheridan was killed by her brother in a boat explosion, but this only resulted in her believed death. She ended up surviving, with amnesia, and falling in love with another man, Brian O'Leary, who turned out to be Luis' brother! Upon return to Harmony, Sheridan regained her memory and is currently torn between Luis and a dying Antonio, who just happens to be her husband.

The Winthrops

Ivy Winthrop Crane
Portrayed By: Kim Johnston Ulrich
Family: Daughter of Harrison Winthrop, mother of Ethan (with Sam), Nicholas (with Julian) and two unnamed Crane daughters, ex-wife of Julian.
Job: Currently divorced and on her own.
Former Jobs: Social Snob, heads charity drives and fundraisers, serves on the hospital board.
Personal Information: Ivy was not in love with her former husband Julian when she married him, she dated him simply because he was wealthy and available, and she believed he loved her. When she learned about Julian's deal with her father regarding their marriage. Ivy ran out of the Crane mansion and back into the arms of her former lover, Sam Bennett. She slept with Sam and became pregnant with Ethan. Ivy passed Ethan off as Julian's child, but her lie was found out. Julian divorced her, and her schemes to break Sam and Grace up failed. Ivy is now divorced from Julian, and continues to hope for a future with Sam Bennett. Currently she is blackmailing David Hastings and Eve Johnson into breaking up Sam and Grace, as well as fighting to keep Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald out of Ethan's life and the Crane mansion.

Ethan Winthrop (formerly Crane)
Portrayed By: Eric Martsolf (7/2002 - present); Travis Schuldt (1999 - 2002)
Family: Son of Sam Bennett and Ivy Winthrop Crane, half-brothers Noah Bennett and Fox Crane, half-sisters Kay and Jessica Bennett and two unnamed Crane girls, married to Gwen Hotchkiss, currently expecting first child.
Job: Works for Crane Industries, lawyer on retainer for Ivy Winthrop.
Former Jobs: Lawyer for the Hotchkiss family, Crane liaison to the police force.
Personal Information: Ethan grew up as the heir to the Crane Empire, and believing he was the son of Julian Crane. His world came crashing down around him when the truth that he was Sam Bennett's son came out in a tabloid. Ethan is currently trying to rebuild his life after having his heart broken by Theresa's lies and schemes to marry him. Ethan remained torn between Gwen and Theresa but when he learned Gwen was pregnant he realized that she was the woman he wanted to be with. He remains intrigued by Theresa, and has yet to learn the truth about either of the women in his love life.

Ethan Martin Crane/Wintrhop
Portrayed By: Colby and Grayson Button (2002 - present); Sarah and Thomas Buhl (summer 2002)
Family: Son of Theresa and Julian, grandson of Alistair and Katherine, nephew of Sheridan, half-brother to Nicholas
Job: None
Personal Information: Ethan Martin Crane is the son of Theresa and Julian.



The Russells

Thornton Chandler 'T.C.' Russell
Portrayed By: Rodney Van Johnson
Family: Son of James Reginald Russell, husband to Eve, father of Whitney and Simone.
Job: Athletics coach at Harmony High, tennis coach.
Personal Information: An only child, T.C.'s mother died when he was just a small boy, and his father of a broken heart when T.C. was a teenager. TC was once an inspiring Olympic Tennis pro until an accident to his leg cost him everything. TC's rival was Julian Crane, and he is positive that Julian was behind the car accident which injured his leg. TC is determined to see his daughter Whitney make it to the Olympics and will do whatever is necessary to get her there! TC is hiding a secret in his family's tool shed.

Eve Johnson Russell
Portrayed By: Tracey Ross
Family: Daughter of Warren and Tanya Lincoln Johnson, sister of Liz Sanbourne, wife of T.C., mother of Whitney and Simone, wife of unnamed baby boy with Julian (presumed deceased).
Job: Doctor at Harmony Hospital, County Medical Examiner, runs the Harmony Free Clinic, former jazz singer.
Personal Information: Eve is married to T.C. and mother to Whitney and Simone. Eve runs the Harmony Free Clinic and is best friends with Grace Bennett. Eve, however, is living a lie. She has told her daughters that she was raised a debutante by two maiden aunts, but in reality, was a debutante raised by two parents, a grandmother, and a sister (Liz, four years younger). She is ashamed of her past because it involved drugs, posing for pornography, and an affair with Julian Crane that led to a child out of wedlock, a child Eve was told died after birth.

Whitney Russell
Portrayed By: Brook Kerr
Family: Daughter of Eve and T.C., niece of Liz, sister of Simone, lover to Chad.
Job: Tennis instructor at the country club, aspiring tennis champion.
Personal Information: Whitney is the oldest daughter of TC and Eve. She's aspiring Olympic Tennis Champion and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald's best friend. Whitney has never been into dating or guys as she has always been so busy practicing her game, but recently she has fallen for Chad Harris. Unfortunately, her sister Simone also loves Chad and thinks he is her boyfriend. After Simone found Whitney and Chad in bed together, she exposed the truth to T.C., who is now forbidding Whitney to see Chad.

Simone Russell
Portrayed By: Chrystee Pharris (2001 - present); Lena Cardwell (1999 - 2001)
Family: Daughter of Eve and T.C., niece of Liz, sister of Whitney.
Job: Presumably attends the local college.
Personal Information: Whitney's younger, and spoiled, sister. Simone is best friends with Kay Bennett, and the two are always getting in trouble together as they carry out Kay's crazy schemes. Simone has fallen in love with CHad Harris, a young man who came to Harmony searching for his past. However, unknown to Simone, Chad has fallen in love with her sister, Whitney. Chad told Simone on two separate occasions that he loved her and even pretended to be her boyfriend in an attempt to get Whitney to reveal her true feelings. Simone was heart-broken when she learned it was all a lie, and blasted both Chad and Whitney to her parents.

Liz Sanbourne
Portrayed By: Amelia Marshall (2001 - present)
Family: Daughter of Warren and Tanya Lincoln Johnson, sister of Eve Russell, aunt to Whitney and Simone, formerly involved with Tom Joyner and Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald
Job: Owns a hotel on an island near Bermuda named St. Lisa's.
Personal Information: Liz blames Eve for leaving their family nearly thirty years ago when she was a teenager, something she claims resulted in their father sexually molesting her. Her goal is to destroy Eve and her family as payback for her own life being ruined. She is deeply in love with Antonio, but wants him to be happy, so she stands aside while he plans a future with Sheridan.

The Bennetts

Sam Bennett
Portrayed By: James Hyde
Family: Brother of Hank, husband to Grace, father of Ethan (with Ivy), Noah, Kay, and Jessica (with Grace), legal guardian of Charity Standish.
Job: Chief of Police.
Personal Information: Sam rescued his wife Grace from a fire in Boston over twenty years ago, which caused her to lose the memory of the first twenty years of her life. Sam and Grace's storybook marriage was shattered when the truth about Sam's past with Ivy became front page news, and he learned he was the father of Ethan. After many months, Sam and Grace finally found their way back to one another, only to learn of a threat from Grace's past. A man named David Hastings has come forward claiming to be Grace's husband, and he has caused problems for Sam and Grace, especially when he produced a son named John, which DNA tests 'proved' was also Grace's son.

Grace Standish Bennett
Portrayed By: Dana Sparks
Family: Sister of Faith, aunt and legal guardian of Charity Standish, wife of Sam, mother of Noah, Kay, and Jessica.
Job: Owns the Bennett B&B, owns a craft shop.
Personal Information: Due to a fire, which she is unaware was caused by her neighbor Tabitha, Grace has no memory of the first twenty years of her life. She spent years looking for her family, and finally connected with her twin sister, Faith, via the Internet, but Faith died before she and Grace could meet, and Grace and Sam took Charity into their home and think of her as a daughter. Grace has premonitions, though not as strong as Charity's, she shares a special type of ESP with Sam that allows her to sense when he his in danger, and she has the power to curse people. After the truth about Sam's past with Ivy came out, Grace lost the child she was carrying and was furious with Sam. However, she and Sam reunited, only to have a man name David Hastings enter her life and claim he is her first husband. Currently Grace and Sam are sleeping apart as they believe Grace is married to David Hastings, a marriage she also believes resulted in a child named John. Grace is torn! between David and Sam, and is angry that Ivy is not only still interfering in her life with Sam, but living in the garage apartment they had set aside for Noah.

Noah Bennett
Portrayed By: Never seen on-camera
Family: Son of Sam and Grace, half-brother to Ethan, brother to Kay and Jessica, nephew of Faith, cousin to Charity.
Job: University Student (was going into his second year of university in 1999)
Personal Information: Noah is the eldest of the Bennett children and the only son. Noah is currently away at university. He did come home the Christmas of 1999, but viewers never actually saw him.

Kathleen Elizabeth 'Kay' Bennett
Portrayed By: Deanna Wright (2000 - present); Gina Marie May (summer 2000); Taylor Anne Mountz (1999 - 2000)
Family: Daughter of Sam and Grace, half-sister to Ethan, sister to Noah and Jessica, niece of Faith, cousin to Charity.
Job: Presumably attends the local college.
Personal Information: The middle Bennett child, tomboy Kay is constantly fighting with her sister Jessica. Kay is best friends with Simone Russell, and together they are constantly scheming. Kay is in love with Miguel, who has been her best friend since they were kids, and is determined to have him. Unfortunately, Miguel is in love with Kay's cousin Charity, but that hasn't stopped Kay from trying to do everything possible to break them up, including bringing a Zombie Charity to Harmony while the real Charity was frozen in a block of ice and disguising herself as Charity in order to make love to Miguel. Kay has also learned of Ivy and David's scheme, but has not told her parents as she feels they deserve to be punished for always putting Charity ahead of her. Kay recently used Charity's essence to make Miguel believe she was Charity and she slipped into his bed. Miguel was horrified to realise it was her, but Kay was thrilled to learn she was pregnant. After Grace tri! ed to get Kay to straighten up, she left home, and moved in with Tabitha.

Jessica Bennett
Portrayed By: Jade Harlow (2000 - present); Mary Elizabeth Winstead (1999 - 2000)
Family: Daughter of Sam and Grace, half-sister to Ethan, sister to Noah and Kay, niece of Faith, cousin to Charity.
Job: High-school senior, works at the B&B and craft store, candy striper.
Personal Information: Jessica is the youngest Bennett child. She loves her older sister, but Kay's misdeeds often send Jessica to Grace and Sam. For years now she has kept secret that Kay knew Faith was their aunt but kept Charity, Faith, and Grace from learning the truth to keep Charity and Miguel apart. A true goody-two-shoes, Jessica currently dates Reese Durkee.

Hank Bennett
Portrayed By: Ryan McPartlin (2001 - present); Dalton James (1999 - 2001)
Family: Brother of Sam, uncle of Ethan, Noah, Kay, and Jessica.
Job: Does odd jobs around Harmony. Formerly worked with the FBI. Formerly a criminal.
Personal Information: When Hank came to town he was running from something in his past, and trying to forget a woman he loved dearly, but whom he blew his chances with. He got involved with Sheridan Crane, but soon learned that while she was dating him, she was lusting after Luis. Hank mainly exists to reassure Luis. Hank has resented Sam, who is old enough to be his father and has often acted like one, but loves him anyway. He hopes to be a cop like his brother is, and like their father was.

The Lopez-Fitzgeralds

Martin Fitzgerald (killed by Sheridan in the mid-eighties)
Portrayed By: Bill Bumiller [flashbacks]
Family: Son of Brian Fitzgerald and Ms. O'Leary, husband to Pilar, father of Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma, grandfather of Ethan Martin.
Job: Formerly employed by Crane Industries.
Personal Information: Martin is Pilar's husband who disappeared years ago. According to the Cranes, Martin stole money from Crane industries and skipped town to avoid being arrested. However, Pilar refuses to believe her husband could do such a thing. A man claiming to be Martin Fitzgerald returned to Harmony in the fall of 1999, only to die on New Years Eve after falling to his death through a restaurant skylight. DNA tests were conducted on the man and proved he was an imposter. What the Cranes are really hiding is that as a young girl, Sheridan killed Martin.

Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed By: Eva Tamargo Lemus
Family: Son of Antonio Lopez, sister to Francisco and Maria, wife to Martin, mother of Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma, grandmother to Ethan Martin.
Job: Formerly head housekeeper for the Cranes.
Personal Information: Pilar was brought to Harmony by the Winthrops when Ivy was a little girl. She then went with Ivy to the Crane house when Ivy moved. For years she kept Ivy's secrets, including the fact that Ethan was actually Sam Bennett's son, and when she learned Theresa was in love with Ethan, she kept her secrets as well, and was often a silent partner in Theresa's attempts to get Ethan to notice her. Pilar has never given up hope that Martin, who disappeared when their five children ranged in age between infant (Paloma) and 10 (Antonio), will come home. It had broken her heart when Antonio disappeared a few years after Martin, but his recent reappearance has strengthened her belief that if he could come home, so could Martin.

Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed By: Christopher Douglas (2001 - present)
Family: Grandson of Antonio Lopez and Brian Fitzgerald, son of Martin and Pilar, brother to Luis, Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma, uncle of Ethan Martin, married to Sheridan.
Job: Professional racecar driver, ship captain, fisherman, handyman at Liz' hotel on St. Lisa's.
Personal Information: Antonio is the eldest son of Pilar and Martin, who disappeared a few years after Martin, something having to do with Julian Crane. Antonio used his middle name Brian and assumed the last name O'Leary (Martin's mother's maiden name) and became a racecar driver to support himself, but an injury ended his career and almost his life. He moved to an island called St. Lisa's to seek radical treatment that was offered there, and while recovering fell in love with the owner of a hotel named Liz. Years later, he rescued Sheridan Crane from the ocean and fell in love with her. She believed her name was Diana, and due to a spell Tabitha placed on them all in their former lives, he fell madly in love. Sheridan and Brian/Antonio learned that after Sheridan's former love (Luis) died on the titanic, they met and fell in love, married, and had children together. Brian was forced to race again in order to pay a debt Sheridan racked up, and his car exploded as par! t of a scheme an old enemy of Brian's cooked up to kill him and take Diana because he knew her true identity and that she was worth millions. The scheme failed, and Brian lived, but not without suffering severe head injuries. Upon returning to Harmony, Sheridan regained her memory, and it was learned Antonio's injuries could lead to his death if he is upset enough. Due to this, he has not been told the truth, that his wife was is in love with his brother, Luis!

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed By: Galen Gering
Family: Grandson of Antonio Lopez and Brian Fitzgerald, son of Martin and Pilar, brother to Antonio, Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma, uncle of Ethan Martin.
Job: Harmony police officer, director at the Harmony youth center.
Personal Information: Luis cut his dreams of being a lawyer short in order to go to work as a cop to earn money to take care of his family after his brother mysteriously disappeared. Luis' highschool sweetheart was Beth Wallace, the two were crowned king and queen of their prom, but Luis broke it off with her to put his family first. Luis hates the Cranes and is convinced they were involved with his father's disappearance. Luis has fallen in love with Sheridan Crane, and the two plan on marrying. He also proved to SHeridan that her family was up to no good when he exposed their scheme to break them up by hiring an imposter of him to convince Sheridan he was being unfaithful to her. After a year apart due to a boat explosion caused by Julian in an attempt to kill Sheridan, Luis and Sheridan have reunited only to be torn apart by the fact that Sheridan fell in love with Luis brother while away with amnesia, and they cannot tell him the truth because he has a medical con! dition which could kill him if he loses his temper or is dealt a blow. So now Luis loves Sheridan, but she's married to his brother...and she has no idea which one of them fathered her unborn child.

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed By: Lindsay Korman
Family: Granddaughter of Antonio Lopez and Brian Fitzgerald, daughter of Martin and Pilar, sister to Antonio, Luis, Miguel, and Paloma, mother of Ethan Martin (with Julian).
Job: Unemployed.
Former Jobs: Crane Vice-President, Gwen and Ethan's wedding planner, Ivy Crane's personal assistant, Chicken Coop, Burger Barn, and Crane Fishery Employee.
Personal Information: The middle L-F child, Theresa is best friends with Whitney Russell, and in has been love with Ethan Crane for as long as she can remember. Theresa eventually won Ethan away from his former fiancee, Gwen Hotchkiss, only to learn he was Sam Bennett's son. Theresa kept this knowledge a secret, but when Gwen learned about it, Gwen and her mother Rebecca sent documents about Ethan's parentage that were on Theresa's computer to a tabloid, framing Theresa. The day of her wedding to Ethan, Ivy exposed the truth. Even though Ethan didn't blame her, Theresa felt the only way to make things right was to go to Bermuda and beg Julian to adopt Ethan. Unfortunately, both Julian and Theresa had too much to drink that night, and she woke up with a wedding ring on her finger. She soon moved into the mansion and declared herself Mrs. Julian Crane, and when Ivy tried to frame her for murder, she decided to start giving away the Crane fortune to get revenge. But Juli! an, made desperate at the thought of losing his fortune, offered a million dollars for dirt on her, which he found. He proved that they were never married, so Theresa had no rights as a Crane at all. 

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed By: Jesse Metcalfe
Family: Grandson of Antonio Lopez and Brian Fitzgerald, son of Martin and Pilar, brother to Antonio, Luis, Theresa, and Paloma, uncle of Ethan Martin, in love with Charity, fathered a child with Kay.
Job: Presumably attends the local college.
Personal Information: The youngest L-F child, he is best friends with Kay Bennett and Reese Durkee. He has known Kay ever since they were kids, and is unaware that she is madly in love with him. Miguel is in love with Charity Standish, and the two plan on marrying when they turn 18. On their wedding day, it was discovered that Kay was pregnant, and because she had tricked him into believing she was Charity, it was Miguel who turned out to be the father!

Maria II

Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
Portrayed By: Seen only in flashbacks
Family: Granddaughter of Antonio Lopez and Brian Fitzgerald, daughter of Martin and Pilar, sister to Antonio, Luis, Theresa and Miguel, aunt of Ethan Martin.
Job: High-school senior.
Personal Information: Paloma is the youngest child of Martin and Pilar. Martin disappeared when she was an infant, and she was immediately sent to Mexico to live with Pilar's sister, Maria. She has been often mentioned, but never seen on-screen. Presumably she hasn't been to Harmony since she was a baby.

Maria Lopez
Portrayed By: Never seen on-screen
Family: Daughter of Antonio Lopez, sister to Francisco and Pilar, aunt to Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma.
Job: Paloma's caregiver.
Personal Information: Maria is Pilar's sister, whom she entrusted with the care of her infant daughter Paloma after Martin disappeared.

The Standishes

Faith Standish (killed by Tabitha in 1999)
Portrayed By: Dana Sparks (summer 1999. 2002)
Family: Sister to Grace, mother of Charity, aunt of Noah, Kay, and Jessica.
Job: Unknown.
Personal Information: Faith was Grace's extremely paranoid twin sister. She kept herself and Charity permanently on the move, terrified that the evil would get them. She had searched continuously for her sister over the years, and it was pure chance that she and Sam were in the same chat room at the same time. Even more luckily, Faith and Charity were living in Castleton, a small town about an hour away from Harmony. Faith never got to meet her sister thanks to Kay's interference. On the night they were to meet, Faith died in a fire set by Tabitha. Her spirit has appeared since then to advise her sister and daughter.

Charity Standish
Portrayed By: Molly Stanton (1999-
Family: Daughter of Faith, niece of Grace, cousin of Noah, Kay, and Jessica.
Job: Presumably attends the local college.
Personal Information: Faith's teenage daughter, Charity moved to Harmony to live with her Aunt Grace after her mother was killed in a fire. Charity lost her memory as a result of the fire, but is slowly regaining it. Charity has special powers, which she has become aware of, but doesn't understand how to fully control. Charity is often having visions of horrible events happening to those she loves or cares about. Charity is in love with Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, and the two plan on marrying when they turn 18. Charity was heart-broken to learn that her cousin, Kay, was pregnant with Miguel's baby.

The Hotchkisses

Jonathan Hotchkiss
Portrayed By: Never seen on-screen
Family: Former husband of Rebecca, father of Gwen.
Job: Runs Hotchkiss Industries.
Personal Information: Married Rebecca for her money. He put a lot of pressure on his only child Gwen to succeed. Supported Rebecca's marriage to Julian to merge the Crane and Hotchkiss families.

Gwen Hotchkiss Crane-Wintrhop
Portrayed By: Liza Huber (1999 - 2000; 2002 - present); Natalie Zea (2000 - 2002)
Family: Daughter of Julian and Rebecca, currently pregnant with Ethan's baby, Ethan's wife.
Job: Businesswoman.
Personal Information: Gwen was in love with Ethan from the time they first met as 12-yr-olds when their boarding schools had a joint dance. She was heartbroken to learn that he was cheating on her with Theresa, a woman who was their wedding planner and supposed to be her friend. Gwen then wanted to expose Theresa's lies because she knew Ethan didn't know. Gwen and Ethan eventually found their way back to each other when Ethan learned of some of Theresa's lies, but Gwen knows he is still interested in her. Gwen once tried to confess to Ethan that she knows her mother, and not Theresa, sent the documents to the tabloids, but Ethan has told her to keep the past in the past.

The Hastingses

David Hastings
Portrayed By: Justin Carroll (2001 - present)
Family: Father of John.
Job: World-famous photojournalist.
Personal Information: David is a photo journalist who came to Harmony upon seeing a photo of Grace in a magazine. David claims to be Grace's long lost husband, but he is anything but. David is working with Ivy in a scheme to break up Sam and Grace because he has fallen in love with her. At first Ivy was blackmailing David with some secret from his past, but now that he is in love with her, he has two reasons for wanting Grace to be his. He wants to tell Grace the truth now, but he's too afraid of Ivy's threats, and of what learning the truth will do to his son, John.

John Hastings
Portrayed By: Jack Krizmanich (2001 - present)
Family: Son of David.
Job: University Student, on the Dean's List.
Personal Information: John was brought to Harmony by Ivy is an attempt to force David into helping her break up Sam and Grace, as well as putting David in a hard place because John thinks Grace is his mother and he doesn't want to hurt John by revealing she is not, and he has been lying to everyone as Sam suspects. John is falling for Charity, who he believes is his cousin.

The Wallaces

Mrs. Wallace
Portrayed By: Kathleen Noone (2002 - present)
Family: Daughter Beth, unnamed son, numerous lovers.
Job: Former prostitute.
Personal Information: You wouldn't know it to look at her, but once upon a time, Mrs. Wallace slept with pretty much any man who would give her a second look. Over the years, some of her johns even sexually molested her daughter, Beth. Mrs. Wallace is very verbally and emotionally abusive to Beth, and blames Beth for whatever accident put her in the situation she is in now. Although she lived with Mr. Wallace (who owned the Book Cafe before selling it to the Cranes) for many years and took his name, she was never married to him. She is desperate to tell Luis and Sheridan that Beth is trying to kill Sheridan, but Beth is keeping her in the house with only Precious (her orangutan nurse) to help her.

Beth Wallace/Crane 
Portrayed By: Kelli McCarty
Family: Daughter of Mrs. Wallace, unnamed brother, former lover of Luis.
Job: Manages the Book Café.
Personal Information: Beth is Luis' old girlfriend from High School and currently manages the Book Cafe. Though her 'father' used to own it, he had to sell it to the Cranes to pay for her ailing mother's health care. Beth and Luis were high school sweet hearts, as well and the prom king and queen, and Beth is still in love with Luis. Recently she became engaged to Luis again, when he thought that Sheridan was dead, but the engagement was called off as soon as Sheridan returned to Harmony. Beth is hell bent on getting Luis back, and has turned into a scheming master manipulator to get him back! The man Beth always refers to her father was in fact only a long-time boyfriend of her mother's. Beth seems to have been irreparably damaged after being sexually molested by some of her mother's johns as a young girl.

The Dark Side of Harmony

Tabitha Lenox
Portrayed By: Juliet Mills
Family: Currently pregnant with Julian Crane's child.
Job: Local witch, town eccentric, best-selling author.
Personal Information: The Bennetts' eccentric neighbor, Tabitha appears to be the town's nice old lady, but underneath she is an evil witch. Tabitha kept sisters Grace and Faith apart for nearly twenty years, and managed to kill Faith by setting fire to her house. Grace nearly killed Grace in the same way twenty years ago. Tabitha had her powers taken away from her by the evil beings which live in her basement as punishment for her failure to kill Charity, but recently came back into them when Charity momentarily died. Tabitha has a long standing feud with the Standish Clan as they are the ones who put her to death by fire centuries ago. Tabitha, like many others, has a hatred for the Cranes, whose ancestor was the one who sentenced her to burn at her trial. Tabitha's immortal nemesis is the witch Hecuba.


Timmy Lenox
Portrayed By: Josh Ryan Evans (1999 - 2002)
Family: Claimed to be Tabitha's nephew.
Job: Tabby's sidekick.
Personal Information: Tabitha's companion was Timmy, a doll which Tabitha brought to life to help her plot against the citizens of Harmony. Unlike Tabitha, Timmy was not naturally evil and was in love with Charity. Timmy's wish to become a real boy was granted (at which point he took the surname Lenox), but in his attempt to save Charity's life, Timmy lost his own. Timmy lives on in Charity, who received his heart after hers was badly damaged.

Portrayed By: Robin Strasser (2000 - 2001; 2002)
Family: Claimed to be Tabitha's nephew.
Job: Tabby's arch-nemesis.
Personal Information: Hecuba, like Tabitha, was a three hundred year old witch, and Tabitha's nemeses. Hecuba believed she could replace Tabitha as the resident witch in Harmony by killing Charity, but like Tabitha, she failed to kill Charity several times. Hecuba was eventually defeated by Tabitha, who tricked her into shrinking herself and climbing into a magic bottle in order to escape to safety, only to wind up trapped inside of. However, Hecube has been recently released by Cracked Connie" a pyschotic doll created by Zombie Charity.

Zombie Charity
Portrayed By: Molly Stanton (2001 - 2002)
Family: None.
Job: To destroy Charity and kill Miguel.
Personal Information: Zombie Charity was a sucubbus brought to Harmony to impersonate Charity while the real Charity was trapped in a block of ice. Kay, however, didn't realize her Zombie had a mind of it's own. Zombie attempted to seduce Miguel, which would have killed him, but was defeated by Timmy and the real Charity. Zombie was forced to return to hell, but has reappeared in town as a ghost Zombie and recently created an evil new doll for Tabitha named Cracked Connie.

Cracked Connie
Portrayed By: Kacie Borrowman (2002)
Family: None.
Job: To cause mayhem and pain in Harmony.
Personal Information: Cracked Connie is a scarfaced doll brought to life by Zombie Charity and Tabitha's friends in the basement as an attempt to help Tabitha move on. Cracked Connie, however, has an evil and twisted mind of her own and listens to nobody. She has recently become involved with Hecuba, who has asked Connie to free her from the bottle in Tabitha's basement.

Portrayed By: Arturo Gil (2002)
Family: None.
Job: To cause mayhem and pain in Harmony.
Personal Information: Cecil was created by Cracked Connie to be her boyfriend. After spreading a little havoc in Harmony, the two stole money from Tabitha and disappeared from town.

Miscellaneous Characters

Reese Durkee
Portrayed By: Bruce Michael Hall (1999 - 2003)
Family: Father is a local accountant.
Job: Presumably a student at the local college.
Personal Information: Reese was Miguel's best friend, and had an incredible crush on Kay Bennett. To keep her obsession for Miguel hidden, Kay pretended to be his girlfriend. Reese was the only one in town who suspected Tabitha's witchiness. While Kay was pretending to be Charity to get Miguel into bed, Reese was falling for Jessica.

Little Angel Girl
Portrayed By: Chea Courtney
Personal Information: The angel girl is the living embodiment of the angel statue at St. Mary Margaret's. She has protected the Standish family for many years, and has often appeared to warn Grace of danger. She has also been trying to convince Tabitha to give up her evil ways, and it was the angel girl who granted Timmy's wish to be a real live boy.

Father Lonigan
Portrayed By: Bruce French
Family: None.
Job: Parish priest at St. Mary Margaret's.
Personal Information: Father Lonigan has been the priest in Harmony for as long as anyone can remember. He lost his sight years ago, when the Church burned down and he rushed in to save the statue of the little angel girl. He is distressed at the confessions of Kay and Theresa, but is unable to say anything because of the seal of the confessional.

Norma Bates
Portrayed By: Marianne Muellerleile
Family: Norman Bates.
Job: Owns the Bates Motel.
Personal Information: Norma is a "Psycho" who owns a hotel where Tabitha and Timmy stayed while on the run from the press after the book "Hidden Passions" was published. Timmy and Tabitha disturbed Norma's dead father's rest, so she has taken it upon herself, directed by her dead father, to kill them. Eventually she ended up in the psych ward of Harmony Hospital.dead father, to kill them.

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