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August 4, 2008
I love you... but there's a bomb!

Tabby, Endora and their house quake as they watch Mt. Harmony erupt via magic cauldron. With her mother's support, Endora tries to zap some magic at the bowl. It just turns to dust, so she tries to stop the shaking. That one does work, but Endora wants to know how to stop the volcano. Troublemaker Tabby only knows how to wake Mt Harmony up. Endora frets over how they can save Harmony when the demon spell on the house has them and her powers trapped in. Tabby can't believe her daughter's worrying about others when they're trapped in the line of the lava. She gets caught up in the "what ifs" that could have saved them from peril, but then realizes the barrier on the house may let help in.  

In the church basement, Theresa is demasked, dewigged, defanged but still in Gert-resa's fat suit as she begs Juanita not to shoot her. Juanita just launches into a diatribe about Pilar, vengeance and the bomb she's going to set off. The ground shake hits them, but not even that can shut Juanita up. Theresa closes her eyes and prays out loud for God to send someone to help her, crying that she doesn't want to die. The ground stops shaking. "Everyone dies," Juanita chuckles. Theresa tells Juanita she doesn't want to commit murder in a church, under God's watch. Juanita rolls her eyes. Juanita is not giving up revenge after decades of waiting, so Theresa says to kill her and let everyone else live. Not so satisfying in Juanita's eye, especially since everyone already thinks Theresa's dead. Theresa turns her back and calls for Ethan, praying, "I know our hearts are one. I know we share this connection. Please listen to me." Juanita scoffs at the idea that he'll hear her, but Theresa is sure he can hear her and goes on to tell him she's alive, but in danger. "I need you to help me," she cries, as an annoyed Juanita levels her gun and applies pressure to the trigger.

Upstairs, Father L again asks (again) if anyone has a reason Gwen and Ethan shouldn't be joined. There are still no objections, so he continues, while Beccs thanks God that Sam's video cam broke before anyone could watch the incriminating video. Ah, but then Little E thinks he has it fixed! He and Sam look at it while Ethan, about to go through the vows, starts hearing Theresa's calls coming to him amid strange tinkling bells. Gwen tells him he can't stop the wedding, but then the ground starts shaking. "Is it a sign to stop the wedding?" Ethan wonders. After the shaking stops, Gwen asks why he stopped and Beccs warns that he better not be backing out. He stutters an apology, but then hears Theresa's prayer from downstairs. "Theresa," he says, to Gwen's horror.

Ivy tells the ladies to calm down, before pulling Ethan aside and demanding to know why he's causing a scene. He swears Theresa was whispering in his ear and he's sure it wasn't a ghost. His mother reminds him Theresa is dead and insists he fulfill his promise to marry Gwen. Watching the scene from the sidelines with Sheridan, Antonio chuckles at how little Harmony has changed. Fancy figures, "All that matters is that you get to the 'I do's eventually," but if you ask Pilar, all that matter is getting the wedding done with so they can get out of town and away from Juanita. Still, she can't help thinking that if Ethan calls off the wedding, one day her daughter may get to reunite with him - after Juanita is caught, of course. Then Sam joins Ivy and Ethan and he too tells his son that he must marry Gwen, as promises, so Ethan sighs, "Okay, I'll suck it up and do the right thing." 

Everyone returns to their position, to Gwen's relief. Father L sounds as though he's about to give a long soliloquies on love and its history, so Gwen tells him to hurry it along. Gwen accepts her vows before the priest even finishes asking her. Ethan looks as though he might throw up, but also says, "I do." Father Lonigan pronounces them husband and wife, and the two kiss. Pilar thinks her daughter's dream is over and concludes, "There's nothing that can make Ethan leave Gwen now." Ah, but Little E is watching the video that can prove Pilar wrong. He just can't hear what Gwen and Beccs are saying.

When Juanita pulls the trigger in the basement, everyone upstairs hears Theresa's scream and Ethan again hears her calls for help. "My God, something's wrong with Theresa!" he cries, even confusing himself. Gwen can't believe he's talking about T on her wedding day. "Do not leave me at the altar," she warns, but he runs down to see what's going on downstairs. Everyone follows.   

It turns out Juanita's gun misfired, exploding in her hand. She is on her knees, crying over the pain, so Theresa promises to get her help in exchange for directions on how to disarm the bomb. Instead, Juanita wrestles her away from the bomb and speeds up the timer. "You cannot stop the bomb," she gasps happily. Theresa turns to run, so Juanita whacks her on the head and handcuffs her unconscious body to a column. When the "nun" hears Ethan's footsteps approaching, she goes to make a quick escape, but opens the door to Miguel, Luis and everyone else. "Don't let her go," Theresa moans from the ground. Ethan does a double take and after staring into his true love eyes, runs to her side. "Oh my God, you're alive," he cries, but Juanita warns that won't be true for long. Ethan turns to ask what she means, but Theresa grabs his collar. "Ethan, I love you... but there's a bomb!"

Miguel holds Juanita, while Ethan and Theresa make out and reunite. Then Ivy notices Theresa is wearing Gertie's clothes, so Pilar tells them her daughter's been Gertie all along. The chief is shocked, so Paloma explains they had to keep Theresa's life a secret for fear of Juanita. With the clock closing in on five minutes, Ethan and Theresa can't stop making out. Beccs figures she and Gwen should call Juanita now, so she can kill Theresa. When the priest marvels, "Two Lopez Fitzgeralds back from the dead in one night," Antonio breaks up the make out session to say he and his little sis have a lot of catching up to do. She suggests they take care of the bomb first. Juanita gets excited by talk of the bomb, but Luis shuts her up and calls the nun out for being Juanita. Everyone is shocked - at both her identity and the fact that Sam has another case solved. Pilar is thrilled Juanita is caught, but Juanita cries that the threat isn't over and they're all going to die. Theresa tells them they must get out immediately.

That's when the guys finally take a look at the bomb, with Ethan front and center. Beccs tries to leave, but Father L "accidentally" blocks her in. Ethan leaves his father to the bomb so he can find Juanita's handcuff keys. They're not on her, so Sam calls him back over to diffuse the bomb. Ethan insists they must get Theresa out. "How we going to get her out of here: Cut off her hands?" Sam asks. Theresa orders her family to leave, but Ethan runs over (with the timer counting) to say he'll diffuse the bomb. Gwen reminds him he knows nothing about bombs and insists they leave, but he refuses to leave Theresa to die alone. "All we gotta do is stop the clock without the bomb going off, right?" he asks. Gwen again demands they leave. Instead, he tells her and everyone else to leave him and Theresa (still not dealing with the bomb). Sam tells everyone to follow his son's orders and leave the three of them, but everyone else refuses to leave too - either to be with Theresa or the men they love. Theresa reminds them of the kids, but Ethan swears they won't die. After Beccs offers to save the children and runs out, Ethan starts working on the bomb with his father. "Careful, Ethan!" Ivy says, scaring him so he jumps. Ethan doesn't know what all the wires do, but promises his father he's going to figure it out. "There is still time to run," Gwen groans, but the timer is now under a minute!  

Upstairs, Beccs has found Little E with the video camera. He doesn't believe there's a bomb and asks where Sam is. She is not happy to hear the camera is fixed, but focuses on trying to get him out of the church in time. "Forget about the camera," she scolds. "The bomb is going to destroy the evidence!" She gets him out, but not before realizing he knows about Theresa.

Ethan still doesn't know how to decide which wire to cut. "Trust in God," the priest instructs. "God never built a bomb, Father," Ethan responds, but the priest responds, "God has never let you down." As Sam starts the 10 second countdown, Ethan says, "Theresa, whatever happens, I love you." Then he pulls a wire and the clock stops with 2 seconds to spare. Everyone is rejoicing, but Gwen's smile fades as she watches Ethan run to kiss Theresa. He can't believe he didn't see through her disguise, but now understand why the nanny made him think of her. She recounts how hard it's been for her, but he understands why she had to hide. Juanita threatens she'll be dead soon, but Kay tells her to shut it. When Fancy realizes they don't have to go on the run now, Paloma notes the big family trip might still be fun. Luis gets in Juanita's face, telling her she's going to rot in jail. Juanita spews her usual vengeful threats, but no one cares.

Pilar is on cloud nine at seeing her last child happily matched with soul mate. "Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?" Gwen asks Theresa, reminding her Ethan won't leave her now that they've renewed their vow. Ethan argues the wedding was interrupted, but Gwen smiles, "Not this time." She touches him lovingly as she calls him, "my husband through thick and thin." He stutters, not sure how to argue, but she just smiles that he took vows and can never leave her for Theresa. Ethan begs her not to do this and Theresa says, "Ethan is mine." The new bride's smile remains, especially after Ethan admits he promised Gwen. "After everything that I've been through?" Theresa gasps, but he apologizes that he made a vow to God and is married to Gwen. Juanita cackles from the sidelines, glad to have "some sort of revenge" and Theresa can't help thinking this is in fact worse than dying. Upstairs, Beccs and Little E wrestle over the video camera that can change everything.

Meanwhile, having heard her mother's new plan, Endora zaps Julian and Ethan out of the wedding madness and over to their house. As if the magic alone isn't crazy enough, Eve is floored when Endora calls Julian, "Daddy." Julian's even more confused, until Endora explains her self-induced growth spurt. Eve wonders if she's accidentally dosed herself. She covers her eyes and recites the Serenity Prayer, but that doesn't change anything. She freaks, but Endora, for her part, is just thrilled to be with Daddy and Mommy together. Tabby immediately explains that with disaster on its way, their daughter's powers are out of control. "A parent's influence on their children has a stabilizing affect," she says, theorizing that if they focus all their love on Endora, it will give her a "firmer magical foothold." Eve is still totally freaking out over the magic talk. Tabby insists they don't have the time to explain, but Julian does it anyway. Eve thinks Tabby's mad, so Endora explains how her heroic mom gave up her powers to save them all. As Julian apologizes for Tabby's loss, Eve suddenly realized Tabby and Julian must have done the deed to create Endora. "It's amazing she got through medical school," Tabby scoffs. She's not proud of being a notch on Julian's belt and he recalls there was booze involved, which Eve says is always his excuse. "Can't you see the man loves you, you silly nincompoop?" Tabby asks and then, desperate to get things going on the saving Harmony front, she shows them the show in the magic bowl. "The lava's heading straight for us," Endora tells her father. Tabby says her plan is "a long shot," but hopes their love will give Endora enough oomph to stop the volcano.  

As the trio takes hands, Eve wonders how anyone is expected to stay sober in this place. Tabby tells her daughter to tap into their strength. Endora says a reversing spell and it hits the cauldron, while Tabby mutters negatively and Julian tells her to be positive. "Focus on the love," she reminds him. Then she asks Eve to check the bowl and Eve reports the eruption has only grown. Endora is angry, grumbling that she never fails. "Uh oh, type-A personality," Julian chuckles. Tabby mutters that comes from his side of the family. Then she tells her daughter not to be so hard on herself and again wishes she had her powers. Endora notes there was a boost from the handholding session and suggests they need more hands. "We could bring Kay here," she realizes. Eve is floored to hear all the Standish women have powers and that Kay saved them from something called "The Dark Side." She is thrilled her kids are in New Orleans, away from the danger. "That's is!" Tabby realizes and brings Eve into the circle, ordering her to think of her love for her children. She hopes adding "another mother's love" will do the trick. As the magic light shoots out of their hands, Tabby cries that it's working. But it's not! Endora's sparkly magic is swallowed by flames. "It's going to come right out of the bowl," Tabby frets, but she has to admit the smell of sulfur brings her back to the good times.  

On the Next Passions

Tabby cries that Mt Harmony is going to erupt in her very living room.

Theresa tells Ethan that Little E is his biological son.

"You've got to see what's on this camera," Little E cries as he barges into the room with Beccs on his tail.

Kay says she knows what to do. "Timmy told us how to save Harmony," Endora explains.

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