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Poll ID 0 does not exist.

The Final Poll, August 8-15: According to last week's poll, Passions ended as most of us wanted it to. So...
WINNER: Wow, that was just so dumb. 35.09%
Actually a bit anticlimactic, but it didn't suck. 30.07%
Yes, it was all I hoped for and then some! 29.33%
I was too emotional to judge. What will I do without my Tabby fix?! - 5.51%
Total Votes: 3958

August 1-8: This is it! What are you hoping to see in Passions final episode?
WINNER: A last minute reprieve from disaster, along with a happy ending for Harmony and all its residents. - 87.59%
Locals losing one final surprise battle with a returned Alistair. -4.65%
Locals riding the lava of Mt. Harmony to their death. - 3.58%
Locals riding a tsunami wave out of town to create a life somewhere else. - 3.42%
Locals going out in the blaze of Juanita's bomb. - .75%
Total Votes: 1869

July 25-August 1: Antonio has returned, set on reuniting with 'true love' Sheridan....
WINNER: No, No, No! She belongs with Luis, period. - 56.24%
Yay! Happily ever after for everyone! 25.02%
Eh. I guess this works, but honestly... I just don't care! - 18.73%
Total Votes: 2082

July 18-25: If Salem locals could rescue one Harmony local & bring him/her back to town, who would you choose?
WINNER: Sheridan. Mac Westmore can bring it, whether 'it' means sassy, victim or maniacal biatch! - 29.19%
No one, but I'd love to see the actors show up as brand new daytime characters! - 23.72%
Theresa. Days could use Lindsay Hartley's crocodile tears. - 22.77%
Tabitha. Days can use a touch of Juliet Mills' brand of magic. - 8.03%
Ethan. Without Theresa & Gwen, he could finally discover Eric Martsolf's strength and grow a spine. - 7.49%
Luis. The ladies won't know what hit them when Galen Gering strolls into the studio! - 6.00%
Julian. No one does evil like Ben Masters, and he ain't bad at the romance either. - 2.79%
Total Votes: 1682

July 4-11: Where can I expect to catch the best 4th of July fireworks in Harmony?
WINNER: Everyone knows the wharf is the place to be! 35.82%
The magic happens in Tabby's living room, of course. 27.52%
The Crane BBQ is all bling and fireworks, but no trespassing! The masses must watch from the streets. 19.34%
Anywhere but the church... unless Juanita presses that button! 17.32%
Total Votes: 843

June 27-July 4: Pretty's scar is fake...
WINNER: Who cares?! - 35.32%
Yay, a twist I wasn't expecting (for a change)! - 33.63%
A great twist, but Pretty's spiral into crazy town was even better! 20.40%
Call it ESP, but I saw that one coming from a mile away. - 6.97%
Wait, what just happened? That's a little too out there for my taste. - 3.68%
Total votes: 1005

June 20-27: Who poses the biggest threat to the quadruple wedding bonanza?
WINNER: Juanita and her henchman - 28.22%
Alistair (Like he's really dead!) - 24.96%
No one at all. It's all just a tease... even the wedding! - 17.81%
A pining admirer or ex, like Theresa, Sheridan, Pretty or Roberto. - 11.02%
Vincent and Viki - 9.35%
None of the above: The evil Tabby keeps forecasting has yet to rear it's head! - 8.64%
Total votes: 1134

June 13-20: Best Father on Passions?
WINNER: Sam - 40.21%
Ethan - 23.33%
TC - 19.75%
Luis - 5.55%
Miguel - 3.78%
Julian - 2.28%
Vincent - 0.83%
Alistair - 0.67%
Total votes: 1929

June 6-13: Gert-resa is prepared to die before leaving Ethan's side again...
WINNER: You know that thin line between love and obsession? Theresa sure doesn't! - 40.21%
Let her die or let her have Ethan: Just don't make me listen to her pining and whining anymore! - 32.07%
When true love is on the line, anything goes. I'd stay too! - 27.09%
Total votes: 1425

May 30-6: What's your take on Vincent and Viki teaming up?
WINNER: No Who cares what those two whack jobs are doing? - 68.48%
They're a match made in hell: Watch out Harmony! - 24.94%
This will ruin one of the characters, since the other will surely take over. - 3.63%
Refraining from comment until I see what they get into. - 2.95%
Total votes: 441

May 23-30: Is Alistair really dead this time?
WINNER: No way. This is Alistair we're talking about! (42.85%)
Yes, this is the beginning of the end! (39.32%)
I don't really care. (9.73%)
For once, I just don't know. (8.10%)
Total votes: 1531

May 19-22: What do you think of Theresa drugging Ethan this week?
WINNER: If Theresa were a man, everyone would be crying rape. 42.91%
No harm no foul. At least these star-crossed lovers were reunited for a moment. 36.77%
I don't care that she's a woman: I'm still crying rape! 13.83%
I don't care. 6.48%
Total votes: 1482

May 9-16: If only one Harmony couple survives Passions final bout with evil, who should it be?
WINNER: Luis & Sheridan: 79.27%
Ethan & Theresa: 17.92%
Luis & Fancy: 1.40%
Edna & Norma: 0.78%
Ethan & Gwen: 0.29%
Miguel & Kay: 0.21%
Noah & Paloma: 0.12%
Total votes: 5127

May 5-9: Julian spent much time fantasizing about his lady loves this week. Which one does he belong with?
WINNER: Eve: She was his first and only love. 62.77%
None of the ladies listed! I don't even care if they fix Little Julian. 12.14%
Esme: The young wacky, oversexed beauty is a perfect fit--and isn't after his money like Beccs! 7.39%
All of his ladies! Assuming he gets back to fighting shape, Julian can handle the whole harem. 7.03%
Rebecca: The mature wacky, oversexed and semi-evil beauty is his perfect counterpart. 6.75%
Ivy: Marriage is forever. Period. 3.92%
Total votes: 1096

April 25-May 2: What would you like to see happen with the Gert-resa storyline?
WINNER: Incognito Theresa should take down both Gwen and Juanita, once and for all! 53.47%
Let's see Ethan fall hard for the nanny, proving love is blind! 29.45%
After a horrifying reveal, Ethan should finally recognize Theresa for the insane schemer she is 6.67%
I don't care! 4.72%
Ditch this story completely now that the REAL Ugly Betty is back on air. 3.83%
Surprise me: This is the most fun I've had in Harmony for years! 1.87%
Total votes: 1124

April 18-25: Which Crane lady has the rights to Luis' heart?
WINNER: Sheridan, of course... But first she has to get back to being her old self! 61.29%
For all her insecurities and all their bad luck, it's still got to be Fancy. 32.36%
Don't care! 4.73%
Not sure! 0.88%
Pretty has the least claim, but she may play the game best and land him anyway. 0.73%
Total votes: 2599

Poll #97 October 18-November 16
What is Pilar's secret? (compiled mostly from reader guesses)
One of her children is the product of an affair. 46.1%
Pilar killed someone! 19.1%
She is in the witness protection program. 12.4%
Something not listed. 11.3%
I have no opinion. 4.3%
Clearly she's involved in something supernatural. 3.9%
She is a spy or a double agent! 2.9%
Total votes: 7463

Poll #96 September 30-October 18
Do you think that is really Gwen and Ethan's child?
I think it it neither Gwen nor Ethan's kid. 46.2%
I think it is Ethan's, but not Gwen's. 21.8%
I think it is Gwen's, but not Ethans. 20.0%
I really think it is Gwen and Ethan's kid. 9.0%
I have no opinion. 3.0%
Total votes: 7140

Poll #95 September 22-30
What did you think of Passions first week on DirecTV? (Either watching or from the recaps)
It was the same old Passions to me, not much has changed. 37.3%
I don't have an opinion. 30.5%
It was okay, but I was expecting more. 17.5%
I loved it! It was exciting! 14.6%
Total votes: 2046

Poll #94 September 9-22
What did you think of the final episode on NBC?
I hated it, after 8 years nothing was resolved! 47.8%
I felt it was pretty predictable, I wasn't that surprised at all. 26.2%
I thought it was well done and the cliffhangers were great. 20.7%
I have no opinion. 5.3%
Total votes: 6551

Poll #93 August 29-September 9
Was killing Chad off a mistake?
Yes! The character should have been kept, even with a recast. 52.4%
No, the character had played its course. 42.7%
I have no opinion. 4.9%
Total votes: 7179

Poll #92 August 22-29
Ethan and Theresa's wedding? Great or big let down?
Eh! At least they finally said "I do" after all these years. 46.7%
Big let down! We waited all this time for this? 31.8%
I loved it and thought it was great! 13.4%
I'm a Gwen fan, I could care less. 4.7%
I have no opinion. 3.5%
Total votes: 5067

Poll #91 August 15-22
Your thoughts on Alistair's return?
Alistair should have just stayed dead. 69.6%
I can't wait! He's been gone too long! 27.3%
I have no opinion. 3.1%
Total votes: 4890

Poll #90 August 7-15
Is Gwen's "new man" a man . . . or a child?
Gwen really does have a "new man" in her life. 47.5%
I think Gwen has a kid when she was gone. 45.0%
I have no opinion. 7.5%
Total votes: 6952

Poll #89 July 29-August 7
Given recent events, do you think Vincent and Valerie are the same person?
Yes, it's a split personality thing going on with them. 62.8%
No, Vincent and Valerie are two different people. 34.7%
I have no opinion. 2.5%
Total votes: 5861

Poll #88 July 21-29
Who will expose Theresa's secret?
Theresa herself 49.9%
Gwen and/or Rebecca 25.6%
Jared 10.3%
Vincent 7.4%
I have no opinion 2.6%
Pilar 1.4%
Julian 1.2%
Whitney 1.1%
Chad 0.5%
Total votes: 5468

Poll #87 July 14-21
Should Julian, Tabitha and Endora be a family?
Yes! They are so cute together! 42.8%
No! Julian belongs with Eve! 33.3%
No! Julian should be with Ivy! 14.3%
I have no opinion. 5.9%
I miss Julian and Rebecca. 3.7%
Total votes: 5221

Poll #86 July 5 - 14
Both Whitney and Chad threateded to lose custody over their dead bodies. Do you think one will die?
I don't think either will actually be killed. 56.9%
Chad is going to die. 29.9%
I think Whitney is going to turn up dead. 11.1%
I have no opinion 2.1%
Total votes: 5466

Poll #85 June 28-July 5
Who is, or would you like to see, as Gwen's new man.
Someone totally new 29.1%
Eve and Julian's son (new character) 17.4%
Chris Boothe 16.7%
Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald 14.5%
Hank Bennet 14.3%
I have no opinion 6.2%
Gwen should be with Ethan 1.8%
Total votes: 6380

Poll #84 June 14-27
Given the latests twists with the blackmailer, who do you think they are now?
Julian and Eve's kid, who will be a new character. 28.2%
Vincent and Valerie together. 20.4%
Pretty 17.8%
Vincent 11.4%
Beth 10.3%
Alistair 5.0%
I have no opinion 5.0%
Valerie 2.0%
Total votes: 7910

Poll #83 June 6-14
Do you want to see Jessica get her Standish powers as well?
Yes! 44.0%
Maybe just temporarily, long enough to kick Spike's butt. 38.2%
No, that would be overkill. 16.8%
I have no opinion. 1.0%
Total votes: 4711

Poll #82 May 30-June 6
Should Tabitha be a good witch or a bad witch?
I think Tabitha should be a good witch. 51.3%
How about a neutral witch? 29.9%
Tabitha is a bad witch through and through! 17.8%
I have no opinion. 1.1%
Total votes: 5215

Poll #81 May 27-30
One year ago a poll on who Kay should be with was taken. Who do you think she should be with now?
Miguel! 57.4%
Kay shouldn't be with either one. 22.6%
Fox! 18.3%
I have no opinion. 1.7%
Total votes: 4166 Poll #80 May 23-27
What is going on with Gwen?
The blackmailing peeper has her. 43.7%
Alistair or Beth are back and have her. 17.5%
Maybe Gwen got involved with the wrong person? 15.2%
I have no opinion. 11.8%
Maybe Jared has her hostage? 7.7%
Chris suddenly left town, maybe he has her? 4.1%
Total votes: 5161

Poll #79 May 17-23
Vincent is . . .
The son, the peeper/blackmailer/killer AND Valerie 32.9%
Both Eve and Julian's son and the blackmailer/peeper/killer 29.8%
None of the above, we are being duped 15.4%
Eve and Julian's son only 13.7%
The blackmailer/peeper/killer only 5.1%
I have no opinion 3.1%
Total votes: 6524

Poll #79 May 9-17
Will Theresa Get Pregnant?
Yes, and it will be Ethan's baby! 80.9%
Yup, and it will probably be Jared's to add another obstacle. 12.7%
No, I don't think she'll get pregnant. 5.0%
I have no opinion. 1.5%
Total votes: 6423

Poll #78 April 25-May 9
Will You Get DirecTV To Keep Passions
I have no intention on getting DirecTV. 49.6%
I already have DirecTV. 17.7%
DirecTV is unavailable where I live. 13.6%
I have not made up my mind yet 10.8%
I will be signing up this summer. 6.5%
I have no opinion. 1.8%
Total votes: 6518

Poll #77 April 21-25
Who should Gwen be with?
Gwen deserves to be alone. 31.7%
Gwen and Jared would be fitting. 29.0%
Another man/new man. 21.9%
Gwen should be with Chris. 11.5%
Gwen belongs with Ethan! 3.0%
I have no opinion. 2.9%
Total votes: 5714

Poll #76 April 14-21
Will Luis Be Able To Forgive Sheridan?
I think Luis and Sheridan might be officially over. 62.9%
Of course! Luis and Sheridan will reunite! 34.9%
I have no opinion. 2.2%
Total votes: 4513

Poll #75 April 7-13
Given their current relationships, would you like to see Fox and Whitney back together?
Yes! Foxney all the way 47.8%
No! They were bor-ing! 47.2%
I have no opinion 5.0%
Total votes: 4961

Poll #74 March 22-April 6
Who is Julian and Eve's kid?
Vincent 37.1%
Spike 25.0%
Valerie, they had a girl! 12.9%
The Peeper (should they not be one of the listed) 8.9%
Jared 8.7%
It will be some unknown character they bring in. 3.5%
I have no opinion 2.5%
Chris 1.3%
Total Votes: 9162

Poll #73 March 16-21
Are Vincent and Valerie the same person?
They are working together / are brother and sister! 53.7%
Yes! 24.9%
No! 17.6%
I have no opinion. 3.7%
Total Votes: 4838

Poll #72 March 6-15
If the show were to cast Pretty, who would you like to see play her?
I think they should get someone new to play Pretty. 48.0%
Emily Harper (Fancy) in dual roles. 24.5%
Pretty needs to stay lost. 19.4%
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) in dual roles. 5.4%
I have no opinion. 2.8%
Total Votes: 7115

Poll #71 February 17-March 5
How many people actually in on this plot to terrorize Harmony?
Two, a man and a woman are working together. 80.3%
I think there is only one person doing it all. 16.8%
I have no opinion. 2.9%
Total Votes: 4723

Poll #70 February 2-17
Who is Chad's male lover?
Vincent the tabloid reporter 38.3%
A new character we've never seen 16.7%
A person not listed (past or present) 13.7%
The Peeper/Rapist 13.1%
Spike 12.9%
I have no opinion 5.3%
Total Votes: 9354

Poll #69 January 7-24
Who is Chad's Lover? (Choices pooled from most speculated)
Dude, it's a dude! 60.4%
I think it's a woman not on the list. 15.8%
Rae. 9.7%
Simone. 7.6%
I have no opinion. 3.3%
Jessica. 3.3%
Total Votes: 8861

Poll #68 December 22-January 7
Would you like to see Julian and Ivy back together?
No, Julian needs to be back with Eve! 68.8%
Oh yeah, Julian and Ivy were always great together. 26.7%
I have no opinion. 4.6%
Total Votes: 9236

Poll #67 November 26-December 22
Are you liking the new Sheridan?
No! This is going to ruin Shuis! 63.1%
Yes! Crazy Sher Sher is great! 32.2%
I have no opinion. 4.7%
Total Votes: 6355

Poll #66 October November 7-26
Noah and Paloma . . . . Hot or Not Hot?
Hot! I love Noah and Paloma together. 55.5%
Not! Noah and Paloma just don't work. 37.5%
I have no opinion. 7.0%
Total Votes: 5606

Poll #65 October November 7-26
Even if Gwen's secret finally comes out, do you HONESTLY think Ethan will leave her?
Yes I think Ethan will leave Gwen, but Theresa's secret with keep them apart 35.6%
Heck no! Ethan will never leave Gwen no matter what he says. 32.0%
Yes I think Ethan finally will leave Gwen for Theresa! 31.1%
I have no opinion. 1.2%
Total Votes: 11043

Poll #64 October 12-November 7
Tabitha claims someone close to Kay will die. Who do you think it will be?
Jessica 31.5%
Someone not listed 23.3%
Grace 15.7%
Tabby got her prediction wrong, nobody will die 11.0%
Fox 7.5%
Miguel 4.6%
I have no opinion 3.5%
Noah 1.7%
Sam 1.2%
Total Votes: 6923

Poll #63 September 22- October 12
Is Jared too good to be true?
Definately, Jared is up to no good. 59.1%
Jared is the real deal! 36.0%
I have no opinion. 4.9%
Total Votes: 6470

Poll #62 September 9-22
Chad is definitely up to something behind Whitney's back. What do you think is going on?
I think it's something innocent and we are being duped. 38.9%
I think he's cheating with a woman. 32.2%
I think he's cheating with a man. 26.9%
I have no opinion. 2.0%
Total Votes: 6949

Poll #61 August 20-September 9
Which man should Theresa be with? [8383 votes total]
Theresa should be with Ethan of course! (4253) 51%
Theresa and Jared all the way! (3867) 46%
Theresa deserves to be alone. (201) 2%
I have no opinion (62) 1%

Poll #60 July 9-August 20
Tabitha has been mentioning Charity a lot lately. Would you like to see Charity return? [7462 votes total]
Yes, but only if it is Molly Stanton (2269) 30%
Yes, I'll accept a recast too (1967) 26%
No not really (3046) 41%
I have no opinion (180) 2%

Poll #59 June 13-July 9 
Is it time for Theresa to give up on Ethan? [8781 votes total]
No! Theresa and Ethan are destined to be together. (4829) 55%
Yes, Theresa and Ethan are so yesterday. (3628) 41%
I'm a Gwen fan, I don't care about The Terror (244) 3%
I have no opinion (80)

Poll #58 May 9-June 13 
The show is hinting at a Fancy and Luis pairing, what are your thoughts? [6837 votes total]
Uhg no way! Sheridan and Luis forever! (3428) 50%
Hot! Sheridan and Noah had their chances. (3165) 46%
I have no opinion. (244) 4%

Poll #57 April 15- May 9
Which man do you want to see Kay with? [4797 votes total]
Fox (3584) 75%
Miguel (1068) 22%
I have no opinion (145) 3%

Poll #56 March 21-April 15
Who do you think the Passions Vendetta Monk is? (Based on the voice, we will assume the Monk really is a man) [5763 votes total]
Antonio (964) 17%
Julian and Eve's real son (2295) 40%
Alistair's brother (never mentioned) (479) 8%
Rachel's long lost love (202) 4%
Gwen's father Jonathon (180) 3%
Liz's child with Alistair (if she had one) (174) 3%
Another character not listed (1119) 19%
I have no opinion (350)

Poll #55 February 24-March 21
Which major past Passions character(s) would you most like to see return? (This poll doesn't count recurring characters like Mrs Wallace or Norma or characters mentioned but never seen, ie the other Crane sister) [5938 votes total]
Grace (John and David) (2212) 37%
Faith (152) 3%
Charity (1165) 20%
Hecuba (290) 5%
Hank (448) 8%
Beth (749) 13%
Antonio/Brian (383) 6%
A character not mentioned here (396) 7%
I have no opinion (143) 2%

Poll #54 January 20-February 24
Who do you think the person stopping Kay and Fox's wedding in her vision is? [7458 votes total]
Miguel (4445) 60%
Ivy (601) 8%
Valerie (341) 5%
Charity is some form or another (Evil, Zombie, etc) (171) 2%
Grace! She's learned the truth David (1263) 17%
Sam, he's learned the truth about Kay's secret. (123) 2%
Someone else in town (91) 1%
Someone new to the show (278) 4%
I have no opinion (145)

Poll #53 December 22-January 20
Sheridan and Chris . . . . [5631 votes total]
Hot! I like them together. (602) 11%
Not! Bring back Luis now! (4823) 86%
I have no opinion (206) 4%

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