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Please see the rules below. Upon signing in you agree to abide by all stated rules!


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Chatroom Rules!

1. Do not bash, harass or be rude to other chatters! Not everyone shares your opinions and you need to respect that. 

2. If someone gets on your nerves or you don't like them, put them on IGNORE rather than fight with them. Fighting will only result in you being expelled.

3. If you don't like the conversation going on in the room, leave and try coming back later. Maybe there will be different people in the room.

4. An off-topic chatroom has been added in order to facilitate non-soap related discussions. Please use it if you feel the need to discuss such topics if others in the main areas wish to discuss the soaps.

5. As with any chatroom, you can be expelled or even banned if you are causing problems. Often admins are invisible, you never know when you are being watched!

6. The use of this chatroom is at your discretion and choice. Use common sense when in this or any other internet chatroom. Do not give out any personal information to people you do not know!

7. By entering this chatroom you understand that you are entering a private chatroom and are a guest, you have no resident status and no right to be in the chatroom. Thus you can be asked or forced to leave at any time for whatever reason the owner or admins may see fit.  

8. New rules may be added at anytime, please check frequently. 


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