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December 9 -
The latest rumor sweeping around the net right now is that Passions has been canceled again, this time by DirecTV. The show will stop filming episodes at the end of March. There is no official announcement about this yet though.

August 11 -
Thanks to anonymous for many

Word has it that Eve Russell will be the only Russell to make it over to DirecTV. The rest will be written out or simply vanish (ie we just won't see them onscreen anymore).

Alistair will reveal that Little Ethan is Ethan's son!

Sam gets another call from Grace! 

Word has it that several new characters are being cast for DirecTV, some will be familiar roles/names.

May 10 -
From Victoria
Passions is looking to cast the role of "Miranda," who is said to be a sexy and feisty Latina female, between 24 and 28, who grew up in Central America. Miranda has been living in Harmony for awhile now. Hmmmmm sounds a lot like a current character ?

April 28 -
Word has it the show is looking to cast an actress to play the part of Pretty Crane for a few days in order to explain what happened between Fancy and Pretty. However with the show being picked up it's not known if Pretty will make an appearance sooner or later, or not at all.

Rumor has it that Grace will return near the end of Passions' run on NBC and will be back full time when Passions resumes on DirecTV in September.

April 11 -
From Diane
Jessica is able to turn the tables on Spike and blackmail him when she gets some interesting info on her husband!

March 22 -
Reposted from Thoughts, for archival purposes.
TVGuide.com has that Passions may find a new home on Direct TV. Nothing official has been announced though.

February 21 -
From Gus
There are rumors floating around that various actors or actresses from "Passions" will be joining "Days." Likewise there are rumors that some of the characters from "Passions" may be moving to "Days."

On the rumor about the actors and actresses joining Days, if Passions isn't picked up by another network then yes we can expect them to begin looking for work elsewhere, many probably will end up on other soaps.

As for the characters coming to " Days," due to intellectual property, and the fact that Reilly no longer works on " Days," this one probably won't happen.

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