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Monday, August 4 - Thursday, August 7:

Juanita's bomb has been defused and everyone is joyous over the revelation that Theresa is alive and has been posing as Gertrude. Ethan is torn between his true love for Theresa and his wedding vows to Gwen...  he can't break what he has sworn to in the church. Theresa begs Ethan to be with her. A captured Juanita gloats that she is still able to see the Lopez-Fitzgerald family in pain.


Rebecca tries to hide the camcorder and get rid of the incriminating video that will blow Gwen and her out of the water once and for all. Little E fights her for it.


Another event rocks Harmony when the volcano begins to erupt over the town. Tabitha, without her powers, is trying all she can do to save Harmony. Endora then reveals Harmony's true future.






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